BLACK DIAMOND (Shugo Chara! Character Single)

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So, my last birthday present finally arrived. It feels a little weird getting a present that I’ve already kind of been using for…a week. I completely lack the ability to wait for a single this awesome.

So, to make this clear, this is a song from Shugo Chara!, sung by Nana Mizuki, who plays Utau. This may be a “review” but it is the most biased review you will ever read. I’ll automatically love any song that Nana-sama sings anyway (because I love her voice~!). So yeah…biased.

Oh yeah also…violin and violin “played by” Ikuto. More bias.

Artist: Nana Mizuki
Anime: Shugo Chara!
Insert Song

  1. BLACK DIAMOND (Major Version)
  2. BLACK DIAMOND (Indies Version)
  3. BLACK DIAMOND (Major Version) Vocal Off
  4. BLACK DIAMOND (Indies Version) Vocal Off

Release Date: August 6, 2008


This CD gets 5000 out of 10. (I told you I was going to be biased)

Really though. Even if I take off my fangirl glasses (halfway), it really is a great song. Specifically, it’s a great song for Nana Mizuki.

The Major Version of BLACK DIAMOND is probably now my favorite Nana Mizuki song now. Before it was “Dancing in the Velvet Moon,” the only good thing to come from the waste that is the Rosario to Vampire anime.

Now, to go on a fangirl stint for a moment, Nana Mizuki has been my favorite seiyuu for a couple of years now for two main reasons. One is the fact that the’s just a good voice actress, the second is the fact that she can be a good voice actress while singing. This song is a great example of my second reason for my absolute Nana-sama love.

To give some background on the song for anyone unfamiliar with it, BLACK DIAMOND is a song that’s used to lure little kids from their homes in the middle of the night and steal the egg that basically holds all their dreams. And I think the song fits that very well.

The lyrics at the start, “Ichiban no negai goto Oshiete” (Tell me your greatest wish) already get that point across nicely. And it’s the way Nana Mizuki sings those lyrics that makes it seem so wonderfully villain-ish. Especially in the Indies Version. You’re too distracted by, “Oh pretty music~!” in the Major Version for Nana Mizuki’s luring voice to catch you in the same way.

The whispering during certain parts, (Anata no hoshii mono), really helps sell the “Muahaha! We’re stealing all your eggs in our sneaky way” part too. Though…much more subtly than, “Muahaha” of course.

That certain Utau-ness also comes through in the song. Or as I started calling it once BLACK DIAMOND made its first appearance in the anime, Utau’s rockstar personality. Really, that Utau-ness is really just code for awesomes. Which is what Nana Mizuki has all on her own anyway. But with the rock-ish music the awesomeness really gets across.

Now then…I feel I’ve fangirled for Nana-sama enough, so let’s move onto the Major Version of this song. Because that’s what really got me all excited about this CD. Complete awesomeness.

I love the Indies Version because it has less instruments and I can just focus on pure Nana Mizuki love, but the Major Version is even better. Why? Because violins are awesome.

No one believes me anymore, but I was into the violin way before I became an Ikuto fangirl. Really, it’s something that encouraged my insane fangirling. “He plays the violin? Hell yeah!” is the kind of reaction I had. I even tried playing the violin once, but I’m clumsy and silly so it didn’t work. But the violin is my favorite instrument (followed by the piano).

So, I really liked the violin in the Major Version. Especially at the beginning (oh that was so cool!). All the other music in the Major Version is really cool too and it really turns it into something like, “Oh! So cool!” while the Indies Version was more, “Oh! Cool!” See…there’s a small difference.

And both of the “off-vocal” (meaning karaoke/instrumental) versions of the song are fun to listen to also. I obviously prefer it with Nana-sama singing, but the instrumental versions are worth a listen, even if it’s just once.

I just wish their inclusion didn’t mean that dozens of kiddies out there will make their “fandubs” in the original Japanese (why bother), thinking that somehow they’ll get compliments even though they aren’t a professional singer. Nana-sama vs. some twelve-year-old using their webcam microphone and WMM. I wonder who sounds better?

Ah, this is turning into incoherent rambling, so let’s move on.


The packaging.

Yes, the packaging. The wonderful, wonderful CD art.

I’ve been listening to BLACK DIAMOND since the day the torrent came out. I saved my review for when I got my late birthday present CDs in the mail. And I am so glad that I did.

I don’t have a scanner, so I used those scans that came in the torrent and just brightened them up a little. They really weren’t very great scans. I’m really glad I bought the CD so I could look enjoy the cover the way it’s meant to be enjoyed.

I feel a little stingy about sharing my enjoyment in the art with anyone who didn’t buy it, because I’m kind of like that. I can’t accurately describe it anyway…but I will try.

Basically, when I first got the torrent I saw that the cover was kind of darkened. I thought it was supposed to be like that to go with the idea of it being a free bootleg copy or something. But the image of the CD inside didn’t look like the x-egg CD from the anime, so I quickly threw that theory out the window.

Really, it’s just a poor quality scan. In order to see the real beauty of the CD you have to get it (lol, I can just imagine all those Shugo Chara fans desperately hoping this anime never gets licensed, forking over some cash to pay for a CD).

But it really is some beautiful CD art. It’s all shiny (or, someone please give me a better work) and the light really makes it look nice. And of course, you’ve got the Tsukiyomi siblings being their awesome selves on the cover so that’s definitely a bonus. All the images of diamonds on the back and inside the case are really nice too, especially the big one inside.

But of course…you just don’t get it unless you have the case yourself.

As for the CD itself, it’s really just the art printed on the CD. But it still deserves a mention for the fangirls, because we get to see more of Ikuto.

And this is just the Limited Edition version of the CD. I’m not sure what makes it any more special, just the difference and art and a difference in the case I’m assuming, but I’m glad I bought it. I’m going to pick up the other version too. But it’s not really on a rush since I know it’ll be around for a while (I just got the regular version of Meikyuu Butterfly with this CD).

But for those curious about what the other CD case looks like…

I found an image and cleaned it up a little (just barely to avoid some of the pixelation) to let everyone see. It’s more Ikuto…so I’m buying it. That’s all it really comes down to.

Now then if you’ll excuse me…I have a CD I need to put on repeat for an hour.


  1. You know what’s better than getting a CD sung by Nana-sama with Utau and Ikuto on the cover that has awesome shiny font and all that good stuff? Getting it the moment you wake up and listening to it while you’re eating breakfast. That seriously made my morning. xD I didn’t expect to get it exactly on the release date so early (even if it was shipped out from Japan two days before) but when the mail lady came I wanted to scream. I also got Nana-sama “Great Activity” album in the same order so yea…awesome.
    Nana-sama is now officially ranked as my #1 singer (I have reason for this! I’ll explain! xD;; ) It previously belonged to Utada Hikaru, who I love to bits, and I was being stubborn about it but Nana-sama’s brilliant performance as Utau just told me she had to move up. Beautiful voice, superb voice-acting skills. I couldn’t make up anymore excuses but Hikki, I still love you!
    Not to mention, I broke ALL my swimming records within the same week right after I listened to both the CDs I got. O.O That’s crazy! I never did that before! I just found my life’s inspiration! Nana-sama’s voice! *builds a shrine for her* xDD;;
    That being said, BLACK DIAMONDS was wonderfully executed in both Major and Indies version. With proper credit to the awesome seiyuu, of course, but the lyrics were so fitting. Wonderful job, Peach-Pit. And the versions themselves…I love both of them. I’m leaning more towards the Major version because of, duh, Ikuto and his awesome violin but they were both really great. Hmm, maybe I’ll use the off-vocal for an AMV opening or something. That’d be cool.
    And the CD…*squeal* It’s so shiny and purdy~! xDDDD I only got the LE one and took it out only once before putting it back into the plastic case-thingy it came in (I kept that side advertisement, too) and just continued listening to the songs from my mp3 player. Yes, I’m paranoid but I don’t want it to be scratched or damaged in any way so I’m locking it up in my box- safe.
    *sigh* But I was actually hoping that there would be some kind-of special DVD or extra video that came with the LE one…since it was LE and all. Hmm, guess not. It was the same price as the RE. Silly companies, tryin’ to get all our money by using the Tsukiyomi siblings’ image on both. You’re no better than Easter, you meanies! xDD;;
    *sigh*…Well, since we already got Meikyuu Butterfly and Black Diamonds (both of which are Iru and Dia-inspired, respectively), I want the next Utau CD to be Eru-inspired and the extra track to be her childhood song, “Yume no Tsubomi” or however it’s poppin’ up these days. Yea…And I want a Amu CD, too~! && her singing to Ikuto’s violin! IwantitIwantitIwantit! x3
    Now that I think about it, I want Ikuto to compose a song for Amu. And that will be their new duet together. 8D *adds that to Amuto wish list*

  2. Well hey! I’m actually seriously watching Shugo Chara! now … I went up like ten episodes yesterday. I’m getting somewhere. And since you kept on talking about BLACK DIAMOND, I finally checked it out yesterday and wow … it really is great. I’ve always been a fan of Nana Mizuki’s singing ever since I first heard it in Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha (I downloaded every song I could get of her >< …

  3. haha! The last image is the version I’m gonna buy! xD

    Because, well…anything with Ikuto on it MUST be bought o.o

    Also…Utau looks damn cool! Ikuto looks better though xD


  4. Thank you for your nice comment. And I see you’ve written a post on the song too! :D

  5. xiao_Jie88: That is better. I got it when I woke up in the morning, but I had to go out and do stuff first…and mine didn’t arrive for a while.

    Ah. Utada Hikaru. She’s a good contender for #1 singer, so I really can’t fault you for that.

    All of them? How many were there? If it’s three or more that’s…pretty amazing. It’s official then! Nana-sama’s voice is goddess magic!

    Yes, those lyrics. Really, it seemed like everything was just perfect for that CD. So much awesomeness.

    I’m using the off-vocal Major Version as a ringtone (once I get my new cellphone anyway…)

    I listened to the CD once on my computer, but now it’s tucked away on my shelf. Or rather, it’s put up on this little wooden easel thing that’s on my shelf. It’s got the spotlight.

    *sigh* Yeah…last time at least the limited edition was the one they used in the anime so everyone could feel special, “I got the same CD as people from the anime.” But not this time. It’s still worth it though.

    *gasp* OMGYES! Eru-inspired CD yes! If there’s going to be an arc between now and Ikuto’s anyway, they’ll need to have Utau come up with a non-Easter song they can use at Sanjou Productions anyway. So Eru song yes!

    *gasp again* Ikuto composing a song for Amu….yes! WHy can’t Satelight come up with these awesome ideas too?


    saimaisama: Yay! You’re catching up. Are you being a good girl and sitting through all the fillers or is Fast FOrward coming in handy?

    Yup, it’s a great song. Almost any Nana Mizuki song is, but this one feels like it really, really suits her. I became a fan of Nana Mizuki after Nanoha, but I’d downloaded one of her songs once and was already a fan of her singing. Then I went all crazy when I found out she did voice acting from Nanoha too.


    lol2728: I’m going to purchase that one as well (once I have the money to throw around). You’re right anything with Ikuto must be bought.


    chiisai: Well, I really liked the job you did translating. And yes~! I had to do a post on this song. I just love it so much.

  6. Oh, God help me now. xDD. It’s eleven at night, and I’m dragging Nana-sama CDs off my shelf, thanks to this post. LOL. My favourite song by her is probably Heart-Shaped Chant or Thermidor (Dancing in the Velvet Moon was amazing though – Nana’s got serious writing skills). Personally, I felt let down by this single after Meikyuu Butterfly (and dare I mention Blue Moon?) :(. The lyrics aren’t that great, either, because there’s no fancy engrish apart from the Black Diamond bit and “volume”. It’s kind of strange, because I usually prefer her more powerful songs, but it’s not Nana’s singing that’s letting me down (how can I complain when she puts 100% into everything she does? When Nana-sama touches something it turns to gold). I don’t really like the artwork, either (I say it again: compared to Meikyuu Butterfly, it seems so plain) My excitement for this song was short-lived, anyway, after all that time I spent waiting for the full version. When Shugo Chara ends, I’ll probably regret saying something like that, since Utau won’t get another single, by the looks of things (unless they plan to release the song she’s been singing in the past few episodes). Anyway, I’m looking forward to Nana’s next release (which, unfortunately, seems to be for Rosario + Vampire xD). And sorry for complaining about the single here… I haven’t actually had time to talk about it on my own blog (and now I’ve said all that, I probably won’t get around to doing so). ^^

  7. All hail Nana-sama, she has done it again! Gosh I love this CD to bits! But ‘Dancing in the Velvet Moon’ and ‘Meikyuu Butterfly’ plus ‘BLACK DIAMOND’ are joint no#1 on my list. You’ve gotta love the violin, you can just visualise Ikuto right next to you when you hear it. Maybe they’ll release another single from Sanjou Productions this time round.

  8. lucky! Yeah the covers of both versions are so cool! I saw the pictures on the Shugo Chara! website. I’ve got both versions of the song with vocals on my i-pod (downloaded off the internet…) but not the actual CD. We live in england, so not much hope of getting it unless the manga/anime (more specifically the anime) come out here. So yeah… anyway, have a good time listening!

  9. I love the song!! It’s the most awesome song ever!! I listen it to school everyday on the bus and listen it everyday after school on my way home, and I am still not tired of it. :D

    The CD art is really nice too. (More Utau pics to worshipp!XDXDXD) However i saw some b*tches (*cough**Cough* Sorry for the not very nice word) in CR that say that, it makes Utau’s head look big, and Ikuto look like he have man boobs.

    What i have to say: Utau’s head is SUPPOSED to be BIG. iT’s PART of the whole CHARM. Those idoits…
    And wat are man boobs by the way? It only shows that Ikuto works out. Dummies… They make me feel pissed off.
    For the resinging of songs, eh, i admit that i am one of those who does that. Hahas. Despite all it’s cons, it’s still pretty fun. But you are right, it’s still a pretty dunb idea. XD

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