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I am a peeved and happy fangirl. I’m more displeased than ever with the way Gonzo and AIC have been handeling SA. After the series is over and I do my wrap-up post, I’ll probably write a wrap-up that sounds more like a rant, but whatever. Sacrifices must be made.

Getting to my happiness though, I’ll enjoyed my Yahiro x Megumi episode. Also my Hikari’s sick episode~!

I can’t do a summary today either, since I don’t feel quite right about it. I only read a summary of the manga and since this is an episode focusing on Megumi…I’m really left behind at a lot or parts. I had to go elsewhere for a smmary of this episode myself actually.



Well…I like the Megumi x Yahiro pairing, partially because they’re not a real couple. It’s hard to explain, but people who follow the manga get what I mean.

I kind of wanted to wait on watching this episode for fansubs…but I’ll watch the fansubs eventually anyway. It doesn’t matter that much.

Jumping past all the more boring stuff and going right for Yahiro and Megumi’s date (or rather “game”).

Every time someone first hears about the Yahiro x Megumi pairing they’re kind of like, “Wha?” but it’s really so much fun to watch. Their personalities seem so different, but that’s what makes it fun! And Yahiro got Megumi angry too. The first time I saw scans of Yahiro and megumi together, that was my first reaction, “Whoa! Megumi’s angry.” It doesn’t really happen often…unless Megumi is with Yahiro.

*squeak* Megumi spoke for real~! Ayahi Takagaki has such a cute voice, I’m so glad to finally hear her use it as Megumi~! I mean, we heard it last week, but it’s really not the same thing. Megumi did a lot of talking in this episode. Finally making up for all that time lost.

ROFL. I loved how casually Tadashi’s just like, “Akira and I are going out.” I thought for sure that he’d get belted with something for that, but Akira’s too busy being all flustered.

I really have to say it now…Megumi is my second favorite SA girl in the anime (Sakura is still first). She’s just way too cute! I freakin’ adore her. Up until now she’s just been the silent girl who occasionally makes jokes, but Megumi is just awesome all on her own.

I ended up with so many screencaps of Megumi originally that I just cut it down to this because it’s cute Megumi and cute MegumixYahiro. So…there.

The princess-carry~! Though, I don’t think Hikari said it quite that way in the anime.

I’m really glad these scenes are in here, because this is one of my favorite chapters from the manga. I just wish they’d handled things differently and sped things up before this. In the manga, Hikari already knew she liked Kei for this chapter (she was just holding back so she wouldn’t “lose”), so it made a little more sense. Meh.

But…it’s still funny. lol. Poor Kei.

Nice bento Megumi. But seriously…what was up with her carrying around so many sweets? Does she always do that? Why aren’t you fat Megumi? You don’t even exercise!

Haha, poor Megumi. Her lipstick plan failed spectacularly.

*poke* ROFL. Look at that look on Hikari’s face. It’s like she knows exactly what she’s doing. I’d really think she was doing it on purpose if she weren’t so insanely dense (and really shy about that sort of thing anyway).

I wonder how many times I had to say it in this episode? lol, Kei. This time it’s not even Hikari’s fault either, so it’s just pure lol.

Aww…he boughts her a magnetic writing board. That’s so nice~! Yahiro~!

… >_< Awww~! This brief moment in the anime pretty much made my day. It almost made it worth missing an awesome, free baseball game because I was sick (almost).

S-scary… I have to say though, I really enjoyed having Yuko Goto play Hikari in this episode. Since everyone complained about Yuko not fitting Hikari’s character, I think they can agree she fits Hikari OOC sick character very well!

I know she disarmed Kei by saying, “I like you” but how the heck did the tied up sick girl break through the door? But perhaps I should wonder more about her jumping out her window before this…

Oh yes, these moments were pure roflcakes.

Um…okay. Best disguise in an anime…ever. I love the addition of the Yappy-like bunnies. Pure awesome. You win the best anime chase scene ever Megumi!

Wooot! Alright Megumi! Don’t let Yahiro be his usual self-sacrificing self! Take contol you awesome half-mute girl!

Too bad though. She broke Ryuu.

*squee* Megumi singing! It’s the only time we’ll get to hear it in the anime (outside of the ending theme of course), so enjoy it!

I really like Megumi’s character song, so I really enjoyed her singing it in the anime. So nice and calm…

And Yahiro seems to like it as well~! Is that a smile I see? Not a smirk. A smile~! Haha…yes.

But Yahiro had to be stubborn until the end.

“Did you have fun?” “Not at all.”

Oh well. At least they got my Yahiro x Megumi in there. I’m a happy fangirl.

And what of Kei you ask? He got broken as well and had to spend his time hiding from Hikari on the roof.

…it’s so pathetically adorable that I just have to laugh.



And hey! Next week is that Jun x Sakura episode I thought I’d never see! Awesome!

Now considering how happy I seem about everything, why am I so mad? Because we’re at 19 episodes and Kei and Hikari’s relationship hasn’t progressed at all while all the other pairings get less than 1/4 of the time but manage to get better scenes.

I’m…pissed. I know that Kei and Hikari getting together was dragged out in the manga, but there’s a key difference…the manga had all the time in the world to life Hikari’s dense fog. The anime has 24 episodes. So with 24 episodes, why did we spend so much time with the first ten episodes on…pretty much nothing. A lot of those episodes could have been thrown out. And I’m pissed about it.

The anime is going really great right now, but that just pisses me off more about how up until now…it sucked! They should have just had things moving quickly from the beginning! Really…with the episode descriptions for up to episode 23 popping up, I’m doubtful that Hikari and Kei are even going to get together in this anime.

Of course, that better not be the case of I will be pissed. More pissed than I’ve ever been at any other ending in an anime…and there are some crappy ones out there too.

But that’s it…sorry to end such a fun post with rage…but I can’t help but be pissed off right now.


  1. Cheer up Fuyu. A cute KeixHikari chapter was released today in scanlations.

    The nice thing about S.A. is that there are almost no annoying love triangles. (except for YahiroxAkiraxTadashi which is solved by Megumi ^_^). Everyone’s in a lovey dovey relationship, so their are no cat fights unlike the majority of shojo manga.

    I got my copy of hana to yume, and looks like there’s even a pairing for Aoi now.

  2. LOL! Gods, this episode looks fun!! Hikari looks like Kiri Komori with that blanket around here lolz! And Yahiro x Megumi are … really cute. =D I’ll bet that scene where Megumi defended Yahiro was priceless. Ryuu looks so torn. XD My RAW isn’t done download. Agh! -sobs-

    As for the HikarixKei problem … well, it’s like Gonzo’s doing the opposite of what they always do. Instead of starting out great they started out crappy and brought the awesome later. … tsk tsk tsk

    Broken Kei is so cute. =D (At least he hasn’t gone batshit crazy like a certain other FukuJun character)

    … -cough- must. catchup. to. manga.

  3. YAAAAAAAY!!!!! Megumi spoke!!!! :D

    ROFL. POKE. Megumi singing is AWESOME. Yahiro made Megumi mad? That’s….oh god…I’m getting evil aura Megumi mental images….scary…

    OMG NUUUUUUUU!!! She broke Ryuu D: Hang in there, Ryuu! I’ll call 911!! Or…wait…what’s the Japanese number for 911 again? O.o

    Eh, whatever xD

  4. The Japanese number for 911 is 119!

    I can’t believe Megumi talked. O.O Yahiro must really have some influence! XD

  5. Agreed – it is disappointing that they’ve pretty much run out of time and Kei and Hikari’s relationship has barely even started. It looking like the series won’t be able to end with them confessing to each other…

    Most of the fever Hikari moments were funny, but it’s still disappointing that it didn’t manage to even make her relationship with Kei progress. It was more for laughs if anything.

    Megumi was awesome this episode (and that is why she is my favourite female character in the series) and her voice sounded so pretty. The only time I heard Ayahi Takagaki was in Baccano! and I don’t think she sounded the same.

  6. warriorhope: A KeixHikari chapter released as a scanlation? …I have to find it now!

    Yeah, that really is nice. I love love triangles sometimes. They’re good for drama, but if every series uses it it gets kind of tiring. Which is why SA is just so refreshing~!

    There is! Alisa (I think that’s her name). That one’s just started though, so I look forward to seeing how that pairing works out.


    saimaisama: Well, I hope you’ve watched it by now! It’s a really great episode!

    …Why can’t Gonzo just do a series good the whole way through for once!? Is it too much to ask for? But…at least a good ending is more important to me (if the ending sucks it feels like such a waste of time).

    Oh, no. Not insane like that certain other character (Code Geass is going to get scary emo next week…).


    lol2728: She really did have an evil aura at a few points. It was pretty funny.


    amayalee: He does have some influence. I think it’s mostly that, guy teasing a girl, getting her flustered so she does something she wouldn’t otherwise thing going on. And I love that.


    kaekyo: I’m glad someone agrees with me. It’s being compared to other anime that end with a filler ending that’s open-ended, but with SA there’s really no excuse for it. The manga already has a nice conclusion for the Hikari x Kei pairing that the anime can use…and they’re not going to use it.

    Yeah, because when Hikari wakes up, she won’t remember anything, and we already knew Kei was crazy for Hikari. I really enjoyed those moments, but once again, it did nothing to help Hikari and Kei’s relationship. The way the anime handles it, their relationship’s barely progressed at all.

    Megumi was awesome. I always liked her, but this episode really made me a fan since I haven’t been able to read all the chapters that focus on Megumi really.

  7. E.T.~~~!!!! xDDD Lol
    Hmm, I thought this episode was ok. It would’ve been better if we got more fevered-Hikari screentime but since main focus is the “date” I can’t really say anything there.
    Heh~…Yahiro, ever the sarcastic one.
    I really liked Ayahi Takagaki’s voice and think it suits Megumi’s shy nature perfectly. Cept the only problem (not so much) is that I had expected her to sound a little croakier since Megumi hardly ever speaks and it looks like in the manga that she really did struggle with both talking to Yahiro and trying to keep her voice down. Hmm. :/
    But other than that, her singing was beautiful. Really nice and lovely. It made Yahiro smile! Aww~… xD Of course Yahiro wouldn’t show anyone that.
    lol I loved Megumi’s “Don’t interrupt our date!” Poor Ryuu. He’s so broken. And Jun is like “Uh…” xDD
    Wah! And as short as Hikari’s fever episode was, it was hilarious. Argh! Too many people in her house at the same time! More guests means less alone time between Kei and Hikari. I wanted her to follow him around the house everywhere but the lil’ poke (haha, she’s like “Hmm, what would happen if I do…THIS! *poke* and Kei: “AAAHHHH!!!”) and falling head first out of her window is enough, I suppose. Yea, Hikari should be less sober more often. Hee~ xD
    Anyways, I’m looking forward to the JunxSakura next week (yay!). And I’m getting a little disappointed at the lack of HikarixKei, too, so I hope Gonzo pulls its act together and at least have them confess to each other before the end of the series. Unless Gonzo is planning to do a second season (oh HELL NO) but I seriously doubt.

  8. I pretty much guessed the whole “Kei~Hickari” Things, they were so funny I couldn’t breath for a while and had to pause it while i got my breath back. Cos like hickari is admitting everything, and then Kei is like: But your ILL!!! You don’t know what your SAYING! so he’s pretty depressed that she couldn’t say anything like that when she’s NOT COCO LOCO CRAZY! This Episode went way off my Lol-O-Meter.

  9. Dun worry! The anime will most probably end with Kei and Hikari. It’ll make no sense if they don’t. But they will probably drag it until the last epi, then they will confess to each other and end off in a big happy ending. :D

  10. Woo the song was awesome! anyone know the name?

  11. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i just about fell over laughing during this episode. i mean, hikari going up to kei and saying, “gimme a hug” ?!?!?! the expression on kei’s face was priceless!!!!! and i luvvvved it when megumi grabbed yahiro’s arm!!!!! *fangurling* don’t you think the anime made yahiro seem like a bad guy too much in the beginning? this episode fixed that, though. AWESOME!!!! the ending was terrific too (kei hiding from hikari up on the roof)

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