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I got so busy and this episode post was so delayed that I ended up watching the episode with fansubs. Kind of gets rid of the whole purpose of me downloading the raw, but I still took raw screencaps.

After all, I couldn’t afford to not talk about this episode. This is where love-coms get down to serious business. Shiina, the third corner of our love triangle has arrived. I’ll take my fluff with some jealousy on the side now.

And of course, since this is Haruka, let’s have that be level-headed jealousy not insane yandere bitch jealousy.

Swimsuit episode, jealousy, and I’m still smiling my way through this anime. If it remains this cute, I’ll even campaign for it to get licensed so I can pick up all the DVDs.

Because watching this anime has made me so happy. So purely happy. This would be the perfect anime to just sit down and watch in bed when I catch my inevitable three colds this winter and spring. But alas, I can’t do that. Maybe Wagaya no Oinari-sama will start coming out by then (but I doubt it).

Oh yeah, and on a more important note, I think I’m going to move my blogging of Haruka to Thursdays. I’m still going to blog Strike Witches, but I’m waiting until the series finishes and I have a job so I can maybe just download the thing all at once, sit down, watch it, and actualy have something to say. Because right now it’s kind of like, “These are the characters I hate. These are the characters I like. This is the fanservice. Blah, blah, blah.” It’s boring to read.

So, Haruka on Thursdays (or early Friday if something get messed up) and Strike Witches sometime in the future.



Shiina has that usual…meh. Feeling about her. She’s nice enough so I can’t rage on about her, but she’s the interference for my OTP so I can’t like her. And I know she’s not even real interference so I’m left with an overall, meh feeling. I don’t really care either way about her.

Basically, I just look forward to Shiina being a plot device to push Haruka and Yuuto to some of that kissing from the opening.

That’s right Nobunaga! An otaku after my own heart! Who else can do this? (I can!)

Amamiya…why do I get the feeling that it’s a really common name in anime? It must be because I’m programmed to think that because of Shinshi Doumei Cross. Everyone’s name ended in the same kanji (for “miya” or “gu” apparently). Amamiya had to be someone’s name…was it Ushio’s?

Subtle Haruka curiousity is taken as subtle Haruka’s cute style of jealousy.

Shiina automatically got “likable rival” status with her fangirling for Haruka. She obviously doesn’t get what’s going on with Haruka and Yuuto (even though everything they do kind of screams couple…hasn’t Shiina noticed how often they’re together?). So…likable. Therefore, I don’t really have any opinion on her.

(Rivals are usually either RAGE or “meh, I don’t care” for me)

Hey it’s the girls from the OP. So, I guess they’re basically just Shiina’s friends then. Okay. Mystery solved. Moving on. (They both have pretty cute character design too I guess)

Haruka noticed Yuuto looking. Heh. Maybe Haruka isn’t as completely naive and dense as we all might have though. But notice how she got all cute and blushing instead of switching into tsundere mode. Awesome. And I hope everyone noticed that Yuuto didn’t even really look at Shiina. More awesome!!!

Whoa…that turned into a massive pool party at the school pool. And on that note…what’s with Japanese schools? Do they all have pools? Not fair…all my school had was a fake “lol pool on the roof, but not really” that people used to trick new students.

Both of them have sisters they have to apologize for? Can I add that as another reason why they make a wonderful couple? Troublesome sisters are a viable reason to form a relationship!!!

Alright Mika. You keep that teasing up. This is why Mika is awesome. She does that random loli hitting on her sister’s boyfriend stuff, but she does it to get her sister all flustered and jealous. Go Mika!!!

That is…quite scary. No wonder she’s the maid with a chainsaw (btw, anyone know when we’ll get to see that chainsaw in action?).

Damn straight Mika.

I couldn’t have said it any better myself. Quite dense (though I know a girl that’s worse).

Well, luckily Haruka is pretty aware of her own feelings and Yuuto has his act together. I’m certain we’ll be okay. Especially now that Shiina has shown up. (Heh…plot device…)

…wow. A leg cramp. You know…I have to say, I used to swim a lot…never got one of those infamous leg cramps. Not saying they don’t happen…just saying I don’t think the athletically fit would really get them that often. Just something about anime that I’ve always wanted to comment on.

Yuuto’s the man! And without glasses!!! Hehe…I won’t mention any further, but I think any readers left from my livejournal may know what I’m talking about here…

Um…I wish Haruka was drowning. But I guess we did need a quick reason for a nice reasonable girl like Shiina to start liking Yuuto before she found out about the kinda-sorta relationship between him and Haruka.

Heh…of course, she’d be half-naked. But just going on with how this anime makes love-com cliches not suck, no one else even seemed to notice Shiina was naked. No problem…and Haruka was all smiles when she came in too. No jealousy about Yuuto being alone in a room with another girl. This animeis awesome (let’s start counting how many times I saw awesome, okay?)

Alirght, now which maid is scarier again? Heh…actually I don’t find this that scary. I know someone else who drives similarly. As similar as you can in real life anyway. It’s scary from the outside, but it’s quite often very safe inside.

Yeah…turning Yuuto saving Shiina into a Haruka x Yuuto moment by having Haruka say Yuuto looked cool. Freakin’ awesome.

And there’s my jealousy too! Look how Haruka showed it in a much more appropriate, kind of sad way instead of taking crap out on either Shiina or Yuuto? That’s the sort of girl Haruka is…so much more likable and so much easier to understand why Yuuto likes her.

Really, everyone complains about crappy male leads, but it goes both ways. The crappy girls who get pissed off about everything little thing…what guy would really want to put up with that crap?

But anyway, Yuuto sees the problem and solves it right away. “If you were drowning, I’d save you too.” Smooth Yuuto. Navigate right through the jealousy and give us our fluff!

*sigh* I really do love this anime. It’s such a nice breath of fresh air. No real drama, just my wonderful fluff and I’m loving it!

I say this everytime, but you just know it’s true. Man…love-coms must have been really ticking me off before if I’m still all excited about one that delivers so much fluff…five episodes in.



Seems like Haruka and Yuuto are headed for the Summer Comiket.

Hope they don’t get stopped for those new bag checks. I don’t want to watch 7+ hours of standing in line (haha, not funny).


  1. I really enjoy this show. But I’m probably going to wait until it all comes out to finish it. I always forget to check up on things like that. I’ll read your reviews and spoil everything for myself though. :P But that’s just cause your blog owns. XD

    And I completely agree with you about the female lead getting ticked at every little thing. How pointless!

    What about glasses? O.O

  2. I love how the only slutty girl in this series is the teacher. lol’d how everyone ignored her.

    Ah Nobunaga. Creating a new age of ninja otaku.

    Shina doesn’t really insipire any feelings in me either. She isn’t the bitch type rival usually seen in Shojo or the slut type rival usually seen in guy romantic comedies.

    Yuto only looking at the girl he liked= awesome.

    I guess because they have school year round so there is a time when they can actually use the pool.

    Glassesless Yuto. Hee-hee! Now if I can just get Yahiro from skip beat to take off his glasses…

    Next week’s bound to have more otaku cliches and Nobunaga.

  3. Yuuto’s just damn awesome. He needs a gold star, people!!!

    Haruka…still to cute T.T

  4. Oh god, Comiket…just thinking about it makes me tired. lol xD;
    Anyways, this was a very nice eppy. Shiina gets her “proper” introduction and we get a little more YuutoxHaruka development because of Shiina. ^^
    I loled when I learned her last name was “Amamiya”…and I’m guessing she comes from a good family, too. Maybe not as wealthy as Haruka’s family but enough that they’re able to provide for her training and stuff (piano, naginata, cooking, etc).
    Hmm, and Haruka being curious-jealous is so cute and innocent. So cute! x3
    I’m glad Shiina is the one who’s quick to understand but doesn’t go overboard with her own feelings (at least, let’s hope not yet or maybe even ever but that may be slightly impossible). This is why I like this anime so much. Cuz the things I expect to happen turns the opposite direction and does it in a better, good-mannered way. Like how Yuuto would only look at Haruka in a bathing suit. Kyaa! Yuuto, your rank has been upped for your awesomeness! xD
    I still have to watch the subs to find out how Mika, the maids and Yuuto’s sister heard about their training in the pool. Though I’m really glad they did show up. Gotta live it up a little more. haha
    Haruka makes dense look cute. hehe And she’s not so dense so I can really only call it naiveté.
    Ooo, charley horses are the worst. I so knew she was going to get one right in the middle of the race (it’s pretty predictable). You’re lucky you never got one. I don’t get them too often (yes, I’m a swimmer) but if I don’t stretch or do warm-up then it comes real close to happening. Cuz of all the lactic acid (I think) that builds up as you go. I think my worst was when I finished eight laps non-stop and I got cramps in both my legs. I couldn’t even stand when I got outta the pool. Oi…
    That aside, Yuuto is great…again. God, Yuuto, you can only be great so many times in one episode but since you’re you, it’s reasonable. Lol
    I find it a little strange that none of their classmates questioned why Yuuto was alone with Shiina (while she was naked) but since he was the one who saved her, maybe it doesn’t seem so odd. Huh, do they even know that she’s half-naked? She was already covered-up when they came in and I’m sure the girl classmates would’ve kicked all the boys out if they knew. Hmm.
    And they end it with a nice YuutoxHaruka moment (against the sunset, so awesome). Aww. So heart-warming. Yuuto knows just the right things to say to make Haruka feel better. And Haruka is so great as well. Hmm, yep, can’t wait till next eppy. ^^

  5. amayalee: I kind of have to watch Haruka every week, because I feel like this would be a show I’d get bored with watching more than one episode in a row. Once a week it’s more fun…for me anyway.

    And reading my blog hardly spoils anything, since the enjoyment in Haruka comes from watching it and going *squee* for all the cute moments.

    Tehe~! The thing about glasses is my little secret…for now anyway.


    warriorhope: Yeah, more refreshing tactics from Haruka. There has to be a slutty character in a love-com these days, so make it the teacher who’s not even important! And have everyone ignore her instead of creating her panting fanboy club.

    Ah…good point about the pool. I never really thought of that.

    Now that I think of it…we never really have seen Yahiro with his glasses off. …Dammit, now I want that to happen.

    I look forward to the otaku cliches. I wonder what will happen though. Haruka can’t be all O_O because of yaoi again. Hmm…


    lol2728: Gold star…yes! It seems like Yuuto proves himself to be a better guy in every episode.


    xiao_jie88: Good, so I’m not the only one thinking about Amamiya.

    She should come from a good family though. It seems like most people in that school do…or maybe that’s just the impression I get since it looks like a really good school. Of course, no one else is of a Haruka level.

    I almost wish that Shiina was a bitch to make her more interesting though. But that would ruin my simple enjoyment from Haruka…so I take that back.

    I kind of just accepted them showing up at the pool because I assume they stalk Haruka on any time she goes anywhere but school. They just assume she’s meeting up with Yuuto (personally, I find it believable).

    Ah. So it does happen. And that explains why I haven’t really gotten one. I used to swim a lot, but because I sprained my leg once when I was on the uneven bars (I used to do gymnastics, back when I was nine) and I fell off too to make it worse. So, I always did insane stretching and stuff before I did any sort of exercise after that.

    I guess them not questioning is more of everyone in this anime just being reasonable. Obligatory fanservice of Shiina, yes, but they don’t make it into this crappy, “OMG!” thing.

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