Shugo Chara! – Episode 44

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Recap. *headdesk* Are they going to do this after every arc now? They’re only recapping 17 episodes this time too. Boring!

Well…at least this recap was better than the last one. Last time it came off as really unnatural. And this time the in-between stuff was a lot better too. Not just them doing some classwork. This time it was important because it was Kairi saying goodbye (that’s why a Kamuri shot gets to be the main image. Kairi~!).

Anyway blogging is easier for me this week, because there’s not a lot of plot to get to. I’ll just go through the highlights of the episode instead.



  • It’s summer break, Amu isn’t enjoying it too much because of the heat and homework.
  • So time is spent remembering about Dia and stuff (unnatural…)
  • Kairi gets a phone call from his mother saying he has to come home (or something).
  • While their charas play, Amu reminisces about Rima too.
  • Kairi packs up his things and sees his royal cape and initiates his own flashbacks.
  • Nikaidou suddenly shows up at the Sanjous’ house (to help with moving or something).
  • The charas play in a pool and Miki drawing Amulet Spade starts a massive everyone chara-nari’s flashback.
  • Followed immediately by an Amu chara-nari’s flashback.
  • Tadase and Yaya show up to remind them about someplace they promised to be.
  • Outside of a building are Kairi, Yukari (Sanjou), and Nikaidou. Utau is inside cleaning up. It’s the new recording Studio Yukari and Utau are starting up.
  • The guradians arrive and talk with Kairi (Nikaidou told them about the new studio so they decided to come by basically)
  • Amu and Eru have a brief reunion interrupted by Iru stealing Eru’s halo (awww).
  • Utau comes out to be all tsundere with Amu. Eru blows Utau’s tsundere cover by saying that Utau’s really happy.
  • Amu vs. Utau flashback starts.
  • After their little tsundere fight, Utau says that she still won’t give Ikuto to Amu, starting up our Amuto flashbacks (yeah!). Amu’s hawt Amuto memories are interrupted by Utau’s scary aura, asking what Amu’s thinking about.
  • Inside everyone celebrate “Sanjou Productions” in a little party. Kair looks at Amu and has his own Kamuri flashbacks. Yaya catches Kairi looking at Amu (and so does Utau~!)
  • Kairi then tells everyone about how he’s moving back. (And then Guardians flashbacks)
  • Kairi mentions about what Amu said to Dia and something.
  • At the airport, everyone says goodbye to Kairi. And Kairi confesses to Amu.
  • Amu gets really embarrassed, but tells Kairi they’ll definitely see each other again.
  • On the plane, Kairi looks at a picture of everyone from the day they were moving stuff in.

I fast-forwarded to avoid a lot of the recap, so sorry if I missed anything.



Heh. I was actually pretty relieved that a lot of this episode was recap. I’ve been way too busy lately.

But I still had a lot to say thanks to my awesome Shugo Chara girls! Amu, Utau, and Rima, please make all the fillers worth watching for me, ‘kay?

I ended up with a lot of images because I couldn’t resist Amu, Utau, Rima, and Kamuri images. Even though it’s a recap I ended up with a lot…

Nuuu! Iincou! Kairi~! You were around for such a short period of time! You didn’t even get any fillers dedicated to you! Not fair!

If Nagihiko isn’t showing up until episode 52 or something, why is Kairi leaving now? It’s not fair!!!

Rima and Amu are so awesome. Shoujo friendship rules~! So cute…

It really is great to see Rima smiling so much. Her flashback didn’t really get into her crappy parents much, but I think we all can remember that on our own.

Heh. They really are so cute together. I think I like Amu and Rima as friends so much because they act a lot like how my friends and I act. Basically, lots of teasing and fake-insulting.

Shugo Chara bathing suits! I like Su’s the best, though Ran’s is cute too.

I just wish we had one for Eru. I wanted a cute angel bathing suit to go, “Awww!” for.

Ah! Cutest screencap of the episode. Utau just looks cute. And look at Eru and Iru! A little dustcloth and a little broom! Freakin’ cute!!!

Watching this episode…I had a hard time remembering back to episode 13 when Yukari (Sanjou) was the bitch who was taking advantage of teenagers. Especially taking advantage of Utau’s love for Ikuto. Man she was such a bitch. Now look at her.

Yeah…I think I stopped taking her seriously when I saw her taking care of Kairi in her sailor fuku.

Alright Nikaidou! I vastly approve of Satelight turning Nikaidou into more than basically just Yukari’s man-slave. Oh yes, this is much more approved of.

I’ve officially left the crack-ship, because I enjoy this even more~!

And the Angel of Love approves as well! So I approve even more now (I will always agree with Eru!).

Utau I love you~! I’m filled with even more Utau love since she became a good girl. I still get the other sides of Utau like before…but she smiles a lot more. And that makes me happy!

And it makes Iru and Eru happy too!

(lol at Nikaidou x Sanjou in the background)

Iru~! Eru~! I love them both so much.

And also…for a random Eru rant. I want her figure and her egg! I haven’t been able to find them yet. It’s not fair~! I need more Eru!

Especially for a cosplay I may be planning (hehe, but for now that’s a secret~!)

I declare Utau the Queen of Tsundere. Seriousy. Look at that jou-sama pose that screams Tsundere. It is now official!

More awesome girl friendships with tsundere teasing. Amu even got Utau ticked off. Utau never gets mad like that. It’s true friendship right there!

Ah! She’s still our tsundere Utau~! Heh. Eru blew Utau’s tsundere cover. I love both of them more now.

Wheew. I was a little afraid Utau’s tsundere-ness would die down a lot. Good thing I was wrong. Now let’s see some of that tsundere power put to work on Kukai (Utakai fillers please).

Amu would have gotten Utau pretty good if Utau weren’t so stubborn. But it’s okay~! Amu’s just as stubborn! Stubborn girls make awesome friends! (In anime anyway)

Oh! Oh! Here it comes! Best moment in the whole episode!

“I still won’t give Ikuto to you.”

“That again? I don’t even want him…”

Somehow I’m not convinced…

…and neither is Utau. Without even seeing the flashbacks, she knows what Amu was remembering.

lol, The best part was that Amu remembered all of that with Tadase nearby too. Heh. I find my Amuto anywhere and everywhere.

Also though, they cut out Amu asking about Ikuto. I’m guessing that’s since they intend to have some filler arc between now and Ikuto’s arc (Ikuto’s arc seems to be the last in the manga, so it makes sense that they won’t head straight for it). I think it’s a good thing since it means that Ikuto probably will keep appearing in the next arc. Hopefully for more Amuto.

Dammit! Nagihiko get your trap-ass back here nao!!!

Utau knows all.

Whoot! Go Kairi! You manly little megane 4th grader you! (I swear that I will never see a cooler 4th grader in any anime ever).

If the girl you like isn’t noticing you, make her notice you!

Awesome reactions. I like Rima’s the best. Like, “Oh!” So cute. Kairi you’re so awesome, making all the little girls blush. (Though they’re all actually older than him…)

Ha. Poor Amu is unable to move because of her embarassment. I really like Rima’s line, “a cool girl would say something good right now” (or whatever it was).

Look forward to two more confessions now Amu! (Though she won’t even take one seriously…) Then I look forward to seeing your own confession to a certain someone sometime soon!

Aww…how cute. If it weren’t for Amuto, I’d definitely be a Kamuri shipper. Way too cute~! Kairi really better come back someday!


I’m going to miss him so much. Especially since Nagihiko won’t be around to fill the void for a while. The girls better be at the top of their game to make up for Kairi leaving!

I really like this picture. It seems to catch all of their personalities perfectly. Especially cute with how Kairi is blushing about being next to Amu.



Oh so that’s who Seiichiro is. I knew he had a name, but I completely forgot (been calling him “Amu’s Fanboy” the whole time). Well, I don’t feel too bad since Amu herself doesn’t know his name.

So, next week looks like it’s about Seiichiro getting a girlfriend. I don’t really care, but I’m happy that at least now Satelight is working on developing character that have already appeared instead of creating a new one every time.

Now that they realize they have to run purely on fillers for a while, Satelight realizes they should make the fillers based off of things we may actually care about. Because after this is a Rima, then an Utau filler.

I’ll still keep my expectations low though.


  1. Yes! Amuto! XD Don’t sweat it. I didn’t know his name either. I just started reading ur blogs recently and I like them. Especially, your thoughts on the episodes. (Ex. Tadase’s transformation = gay, Amuto rules, Utau is awesome, etc)

  2. it was a cute episode.
    whooooo kairi!! is AWESOME.
    *tear**tear*i’m gonna miss him!! WAIIIIIII?!?!?!?!?!
    nagihiko is cool, but he reminds me of a cat…..XP
    i love kairi blushin at the end. <3

    if rima and tadase were to ever get together….rima would be wearing the pants in the relationship. i had to say it though. :)

  3. Another recap episode? Why Satelight? Why?

    Nikadou without glasses. ^_^ I know I’ve said this before, but when Megene guys take off their glasses or when guys who don’t wear glasses put them on it’s super awesome. (Just like Yuto in this week’s episode of Hakura). lol’d the cliche shojo moment between Sanjou and Nikadou. Yep Eru is right most of the time, except when she fangirls over Tadamu.

    Rima/Amu and Utau/Amu friendship sweet! We’ll get more soon after the crapfast that to get next week’s episode is bound to be.

    Amuto flashbacks. ^_^ There was no flashbacks for Tadamu or any of the other pairings (except onesided Kamuri), so I’m sensing that Satelight is heading towards an Amuto ending.

    Utau’s flames of rage again. This time they’re blue (or maybe purple) instead of pink.

    Rimase. -_-

    Kairi was awesome during his confession. After AmuxNagihiko, he’s my favorite second choice for Amu, if Amuto doesn’t work out. He probably is the coolest 4th grader. I’ve seen some cool 5th graders and 6th grader, but usually not younger than that. He’ll probably come back for the final battle since everyone else is.

    I always thought fanboy’s name was Suzuki.

  4. ahhhhh, Kairi leaving T.T SUCKS! Well, the sooner he leaves, the sooner Ikuto and Nagihiko will show up again, ahaha!!! :D LOL Rima and Amu are like…the BEST of friends!!! I don’t think even Utau can beat their friendship xD
    Also, confessing Kairi….AWESOME. OMG!! A little dustcloth and broom. WIN for the angel and devil!!
    Also, Amu’s got ‘well…’ expression when she got the Ikuto flashbacks, lol. MUST HAVE MORE AMUTO!!! T_T
    Also, I dunno if this was just Crunchyroll noobs talking or whatever, but it seems as though the show MIGHT end as Amuto ^^ If it does, I’ll run across the ocean on foot, run ALL the way to Japan and hug and kiss PeachPit ALL DAY LONG.
    If it ends Tadamu…I’ll commit suicide.
    Damn it…looks like a win/lose situation xD

  5. Perfect as always. I really appreciate what you do each saturday, your aploads are the best ever!
    And the pictures are so great! I´d like to know which is the page where you see all these images in that high quality..if it’s not a secret, please can you tell me??? T-T

    Get alone with this. It’s a really good work!

  6. No! Kairi don’t go! Where else can you find a cool 4th grader like that?

    Ah Shoujo-friendship is the best!

    Satelight actually gave Amu fanboy a first name? I just remember them mentioning his surname as ‘Suzuki’ back in like episode 1 or 2. But good, if he’s getting a girlfriend, then he can lay off Amu for good!

    Actually a Rima x Tadase pairing doesn’t sound that bad. TaRima maybe? But they look so cute together. But I don’t think Nagehiko would be too happy about it though, hurry up and come back.

  7. Ikuto’s arc is that last one?! D: NOOOOOOO! Kawaii episode, thanks for the review. <3

  8. Ha. Flash-back episode. It’s like Chobits all over again for me.
    but wait! Important stuff happens.
    Kairi’s confession was cute. I’m glad this wasn’t in the winter like it was in the manga. Rima’s summer clothing is adorable. I kept pausing throughout the episode just to stare at her cute little outfits. … They need to start some sort of shugo chara clothing line thing. I’m sure Amu’s outfits would be pretty darn popular. .. Okay, enough rambling.
    Lastly, I love Nikaidou. He’s always been an adorable teacher, but now he got to act sexy for Sanjou. Even more love for Nikaidou.

  9. I enjoyed this recap filler…I know, I’m crazy. xDD;; But yes, compared to the last one (oh god), this one was much better. Maybe it’s because I felt there was more plot than recap and/or the recaps themselves were moments I really liked. Hmm, yea.
    So…wah~! Amu and Rima are such great gal pals! I really love their friendship (look! They’re smiling and splashing water at each other! Aww~…). It rivals that of Amu and Nadeshiko and might be even better but I’ll just say they’re even for now. x3 I still see “Nadeshiko” and “Nagihiko” as separate most of time. After all, “Nadeshiko” was Amu’s first truest female friend.
    OMGAWD, the charas look so cute in their bathing suits~! Kyaa~! And they were doing synchronized swimming, too! lol Great. xD (I shall attempt to draw a bathing suit for Eru, lol)
    lol Smooth, Nikaidou, smooth. Heh, now pretty much almost every guy in SC! has got their act together (counting Ikuto, too, even though his arc hasn’t even started yet but he almost always has his act together). That makes me happy. ^^
    I love Utau even more now that she’s back in the “light”. Her smile makes me smile. *smile*
    Ha! But Utau is not complete if she’s not tsuntsun (all hail our Queen~!)! Eru, you’re such a darling~! Speaking honestly for Utau when she won’t and making her blush (cuz she can’t scold Eru since Eru is just so awesome, YEA!). Yep, Utau is adorable tsundere love. x3
    Haha, I think there might be a three-way tie with all of Amu’s girl friendships. They’re all just too good not to be. “Nadeshiko” understands Amu pretty well, from a girl and boy’s perspective, and knows how to help her out while being happy doing so. Rima for just for what normal girl friendships are supposed to be (even if they initially didn’t get along but those things only boost the relationship when they’ve become official friends). And Utau for the rivalry and all the ijippari-ness in the friendship itself. I swear, they should all get together to go on a shopping spree. And sleepovers, salon visits, lunch breaks, the list is endless. I demand it.
    *sigh* Yep, Amu’s such a lucky girl to have such great friends to support and bicker with her and hot guys love chasing and fighting over her, lol. xD
    OHYES!!! The Ikuto-issue part (Ikuto issues make you love Ikuto even more, haha)! Heh, Utau might still be stubborn about her bro but you can tell that she knows he’s inevitably going to Amu in the end from the change of tone in her voice (again, Nana-sama is the freakin’ greatest!). She use to get so riled up about him and Amu before (well, she still is…) but now, she’s not trying to pummel Amu into the ground. BIG change, yea.
    Heh, and Amu…she doesn’t seem so convinced about “I’m not interested in him…” either. Yes, Amu! Give into the Amuto! Once you’re hooked on it, there’s no turning back. Ever. lol
    Why is Tadase eating pizza with chopsticks? D:
    Aww, why is everyone picking on Iinchou (Utau, too!)? Just because he’s the youngest, lol.
    &YEAAA, KAIRI~!!!!! YOU DA MAN!!! xDDD;;; Right now, he’s the only guy I can truly call great (so far in the anime, anyway, and Ikuto’s a special case). He’s so honest and…not “confident” but very straightforward with his feelings without hesitation. None of the other guys have been able to do that yet. Yes, confessing your love is a hard thing to do and I’m sure Kairi had all night to prepare himself BUT! He went straight for it. No second thoughts, not even needing an extra minute to gather up the courage. He just said it, clear as crystal. And what’s even better is that he left with the hopes of becoming a better man for Amu. He doesn’t even ask for an answer from her. He doesn’t ask anything from her. He just says “I love you, Hinamori Amu-san. And I want to become a better man for you, so I can make you happy” or something like that. Wow. Just wow.
    This reminds me of the time when I was listening to a business man lecture about love (yes, it’s weird, but true). When you love someone, you’re not with them because you want to be happy. You’re with them because you want to try your best to make them happy, and when they’re happy, you’re happy. Now that’s selfless love. Yea…god, I rant too long.
    Moving on…Amu! You’re so cute! Full-throttle blush! Kyaa! Now if only she could believe Ikuto when he actually says “I love you” to her (he hasn’t said it yet…he only said “It’s you”) and she tells him her mutual heartfelt feelings, too. While blushing and with that kind of look she gave Kairi when she thanked him and maybe a little teary-eyed. That would be great. I’m ready to cry when that happens.
    Oh, and crashing back to reality, Iinchou~!!! Don’t go! *bawls* I’m so going to miss him. I hope he comes back in the manga soon. Nadehiko, where are you?! You can only be in Europe for so long! The girls need a reliable man around!
    Kukai needs to come back as well.
    Finally, I loved the photo they took together (heh, the Rimau fans must be going wild, lol). I want every important character to take a photo together at the end of the series.
    *sigh* …And we’re back to fillers. But they’re good fillers. Huh, I think I also got over my loathing for fillers…at least for SC! Must be because they have better quality fillers lately. Hmm. First, Tadase and now fillers. Strange…
    Well, I’m kinda looking forward to the Seiichiro/Amu-fanboy development. Cuz Amu would get to play matchmaker. Haha
    Oh, and did I see Amu singing in the preview? Satelight, what are you trying to pull?! That doesn’t make up for the Amuto duet you left out! They have four episodes left. They better animate it!
    And yes, I am done. Again, thanks for the review! ^^

  10. Kyaa! Kairi you cute little samurai! Don’t go after you confessed to her!Amu! You’re such a player having Kairi, Nagehiko,Tadase AND most importantly IKUTO!!!I can’t beleive I said that!I am a Tadamu fan but I think I like Amuto better…..OMG! Cant resist The Ikuto flashbacks though..Waa!There wasn’t any of Tadase but a lot of Kairi! YAY!

    Rima, you’re so CUUUTTTEEE!! Never be enemies with Amu again or I will ruin your scripts in Japan!!

    Utau was soooo cute when she was Tsundere!Big points for Eru! You spilling out Utau’s secrets for her!

    And Nikaido and Sanjou still posing AFTER their little spotlight! Even when Utau was on the spotlight.

    *Holds up Nikaido and Sanjou flag* Yay!

    Anyway…..What else was there? Oh yeah..

    KAWAII SUMMER OUTFITS!! I agree with everyone when they say about clothing ranges! I’d buy out the whole stores!

    Even though I’m a Tadamu fan, sort of, Tadase using chopsticks for PIZZA?!?!?! What’s going on there? Rima has the right idea of how to eat pizza!

    I love this episode, and actualy look forward to the Rima and Utau fillers.

    Kairi! WAAA NOOOO! If Amu doesn’t want Him then he’s mine! Even though I’m in 7th grade ….he he…. And Kukai!Come back ! Looking forward to Nagehiko!

    Over all, Can’t wait for them all to come back and have a reunion! YAY!

    The only origianal guardians are Amu, Tadase and Yaya! :( Need more cute guys!

    Ikuto! You manage to squeeze yourself into every episode! Even Utau doesn’t have that power! Or Easter!

    Yay! Can’t wait to see more Kawaii -ness!

  11. LOL at Nikaidou and Yukari! That was funny! And the way she just kind of dragged him around…

    Rima and Amu seem to be really close now! YAY! WATERING CAN FIGHT! LOL.

    Utau… It was so funny when Eru came and blew Utau’s cover!

    Aw… Kairi’s leaving… WHEN does Nagihiko come back exactly? Or is it Nagehiko?

    LOL. Rima and pizza…

    -sigh- a filler arc…

    They should make an Amuto arc! ^.^

    Anyway, thanks for summarizing!

  12. Aaaaww… this episode was pretty cute, I must say this. But I’m annoyed beacuse of the recaps… -.- Then… why is Kairi leaving? Nooooo! Kairi, come back! T___T How will we do whithout Jack’s chair?
    So, Seichiro is that little boy. I don’t really like this name for him, maybe because it reminds me of that one in Tsubasa Chronicle… but who knows.

  13. Sapphire-san: Good. I’m glad I’m not the only one then. And I’m glad you like my opinions. For some reason I’ve been getting random comments saying, “Why do you always have to throw your opinion all over the place?” Wtf…pissing me off.


    annaberry: Heh. I get what you mean about Nagihiko.

    And oh yes, Rima would certainly wear the pants. She’s got far more “Queen Power” than Tadase has “King Power” he’d have to be in eternal chara change just to keep up with her.


    warriorhope: It’s because Satelight likes messing with us. Never telling us if our favorite scenes will be in the next episode, repeating stuff from the manga, bringing back stuff they cut out a long time ago. Messing with us…

    Agh. I still haven’t watched the full Haruka episode (I keep getting interrupted), but I know what you mean about Yuto and megane boys in general. It’s awesome.

    Oh, of course except for then.

    Oh, so you noticed the lack of Tadamu as well? I swear if all of this stuff doesn’t mean Amuto I’m going to feel very ripped off.

    Kairi’s already my second favorite choice for Amu (Nagihiko was…before I paired him up with Rima in my head).

    Suzuki…that does sound familiar now. I guess that’s his surname though. He never had a first name.


    lol2728: Nuu! Don’t commit suicide if it’s Tadamu! Then you’ll miss out on other awesomeness. Like Ikuto being Ikuto!


    Diamu: I take screencaps when I download the anime using Media Player Classic. So, I really can’t tell you where to find the pictures. But thank you.


    oTAKu: There are no other cool 4th graders. He’s the best.

    So, Suzuki is his last name. Well, now he has a first name too.

    I actually think Rima and Tadase would make a good pairing too (Rimase is what it’s being called right now), but…for me it needs to be Rimahiko. So, I’m enraged until Nagihiko comes back.


    amayalee: Wait, it’s a good thing if Ikuto’s arc is the last one. More likely to have an Amuto ending.


    13Cici: Oh yeah. Chobits had one of a couple of these too didn’t they. I barely remember because a fast-forwarded through them.

    Rima’s clothes were adorable. I especially loved her outift at the end. I definitely second the Shugo Chara! clothing line. There’s so many outfits in this anime…

    Oh yes, Nikaidou’s gotten even better.


    xiao_jie88: You’re not that razy. I enjoyed it too. Less flashbacks. The flashbacks were still annoying, but I loved everything else. The last one was so unnatural.

    I can’t help but think that all of Amu’s female friends (female or not) are eual. They’re all different, but they’re all equally important.

    Ah, I forgot to mention that, but the synchronized swimming was great.

    Ikuto’s had his act together since the balcony scene (probably even before then).

    Yes, Utau’s smile is wonderful. And her tsundere side too! Utau is just…yeah. Adorable tsundere love.

    Exactly, a three way tie. They’re all different, but they’re all equally important. Utau is especially important because she’s been the Amuto helped as of recently (whether she completely realizes it or not, she’s been helping).

    I notied that too. Her aura has less DOOM to it. And there was a noticable lack of “I ABSOLUTELY WON’T LOSE TO YOU!” (as awesome as that was). She just quietly sulked and threatened. And Utau kind of pushed Amu into being all unconvinced too, bringing up Ikuto out of nowhere.

    I didn’t even notice that. Why was Tadase eating pizza with chopsticks?

    It’s because everyone likes making Kairi look all cute and flustered~!

    Yes! Kairi is great! He confessed to a girl two years older than him who he was pretty sure didn’t like him back. So he just confessed and didn’t even want anything from Amu. Kairi is so great. Coolest, best 4th grader…ever.

    That’s true. It’s about making them happy, not yourself happy. Because if they’re happy you are happy and…ah! Love is great. (But lol…business man lecturing about love)

    That’s right. Ikuto hasn’t said “I love you” straight out, has he? …I want that to happen now! I’m probably going to cry when it happens too. All this fangirl build-up, it’s really impossible not to. (But I totally want it to happen the way you said it)

    Nadehiko’s barely been gone for one season though. But I really hope he comes back soon too. And Kukai. Right now in the next few episodes, it’s just Tadase and the girls, Amu’s reverse harem is gone!!! No!

    Well, you might still dislike fillers, you’ve just accepted them as an inevitability. Or maybe you’re like me. You never hated fillers…you just hated fillers with stupid filler characters. So, the Rima and Utau fillers just mean…more Rima and Utau!!!

    Ah! You’re right. Amu is singing in the preview. I still want the Amuto duet…but finally! I get to hear Kanae Ito sing (she’s the only seiyuu I’ve been following who I’ve never heard sing).


    Iseko: You’re a Tadamu fan…but you think you like Amuto better? I’m not sure what to say to that, because I feel like it has to be a trick!

    Agreed with everything else though (NikaidouxSanjou is awesome).

    Heh…well that’s just Tadase being Tadase. He’s so polite that eating food with his hands is a no-no.

    Ha. I know how you feel. I’m in 12th grade, and I still can’t help but be like, “Kairi! Why are you better than even anime guys my own age!?”

    Don’t tell Satelight to make more cute guys, or they’ll make some random ugly filler guy. I don’t want that!

    Ikuto manages to get himself in because we Amuto fans demand it. We’re a scary bunch.


    amuto007_is_mit-chan007: Heh…Nikaidou and Yukari make a dysfunctional couple, but I approve of that 100%

    Filler arc might not be that bad. I doubt we’ll get an Amuto arc, but my mind’s already going crazy with possibilities. Maybe they make a filler girl who works for Easter and she’s all crazy for Ikuto, but since she’s not his sister, this time she’s a real threat and Amu gets jealous. Yeah! Jealous Amu! (It probably won’t happen, but one can hope)


    Kimberly Anne: No, I don’t think Seichiro fits him either. Maybe because “Amu’s fanboy” is too ingrained in my head anyway.

  14. By ignoring the recaps, I actually liked this episode (and the animation…don’t make me start on THAT).
    I was watching the beginning of the episode and felt simpaty with Amu (about the weather and all). Now they are definitely on a summer time.
    I felt like poking the screen when I saw Amu and Rima splashing each other. So cute. Love friendship between cute anime girls. Now if only Utau was there…
    Lol, I think that NikaidouxYukari is amogst my favourite pairings of the series >.< Slightly crack in a way (Yukari’s dance XD )
    Utau and Amu arguing sure is great. After all, we can’t really have Utau changing that fast, now can we? And that Amuto scenes were pure win.
    It’s a shame that Kairi’s leaving. I feel even sadder than I did in the manga, cause it’s going to take a while till Nagihiko comes. I checked Newtype and on upcoming ep 48, the title is something like “madam murmur” (stupid title, I know), and by trying to translate the summary, I think it mentions tea at the royal garden and Kuukai and Kairi’s names. Talking about jacks makes on suspecious. I know you are still a newby at japanese, but if you are curious: (hope the link shows…)

  15. Hehe. I didn’t even bother to read this to get an idea of what was going on this time. It’s Wednesday. xD

    Yeah, I understood some stuff this time… but mostly I didn’t bother because it’s just recap filler crap.
    Although it was a pretty good episode, for recap filler crap. I watched Iru stealing Eru’s halo SO many times. ^^ .>; Perhaps ‘obsessing’ would be better.
    So, next episode is ‘Gambare! Seiichiro!’
    And after that is ‘Rima Korin!? Owarai no Kamisama!’
    Which is the Rima filler! *stating the obvious*

    Yeah, looking forward to that. Also looking forward to’Atashi ga Utau no Maneja!?’
    Sounds like it could be funny. Thank God I’ll get to watch them before I go back to school. >.< Ugh

  16. If Ikuto can’t have Amu, KairiXAmu is my second best pairing… Wait, it’s supposed to be Utakai. UtauXKair forever~! But since They haven shown it in the anime yet. So KairXAmu and UtauXKuukia will both be in the second place for now. Just wait untill the time when they animate the Utaukai scne, and my love for Utau will jump up. XDXDXD. Hmmm… btw, does Kairi ever comes back? I haven been catching up to the latest released manga chapter yet…
    Oh yeah, just a little Utau fangirlin: The sreencap of Utau’s evil aura rocks~! Utau gives off one of the best evil auras ever! And she mangae to stay cute too. Totally screencap worthy~! (Lols, new word?)

  17. this is really sweet but then how come people keep leaving Amu? will tadasa leave her also? Will they all come back?

  18. Screw you Tadase.T.T Even tho i promised no bashing couple’s this weekend…I cant hep it.Seriously..I dont wanna sacrifice my Amuto for Rimase.But Rima does’nt deserve a Gay peice of shit.Ikuto should play’em all ;)…Oh wait Nvm.Ikuto will be to busy with Amu ;)….And I swear if Tadamu DOES happen ill be like.. “WTF?!”.Because it make’s NO sense.No Depth.No Romance.I’ll give it one thing..Gay.Yes..Very Gay.And with Kairi leaveing Utau and Rima got WOOORRKK!Dammit..Kairi dont make me ave a big Kamuri moment and go “Aww, sooo Cutttee!”.Because I will.Since I fell for Eru so easily.Lately ive been keeping my eye on Yoru…I want to know lot’s about that guy!Especially I want some Miru..When did Miru come up?Oh yeah.Episode 18.And Miki blushing whenever he come’s by.Miki leave Kiseki alone.Ran can have Daich.Su can…Musashi when Kairi come’s back.And Dia can have…Uh…Yori if he actually exist’s.(Yori= Ikuto’s Dog Chara o.o?) And I seriously am thinking.Now that I have Eru, Yoru, Iru, And Miki who do I get next?Im hopeing for Dia!And speaking of key Chain’s..I bought Ikuto and Amu key chain’s and put’em on my back pack ;).Yes..Im Miss Amuto ;).And more!Nagehiko..I wanna see him ><!Especially since Temari will have to be a guy now..I wonder how it look’s?I bet the name wil be Temakichi x]!Well Im looking forward to Seichiro and uh..Some filler character called..Eriko?Idk.But anyway’s I cant wait till ep 48!IT SO BETTER HAVE THE AMUTO SCENES!


  19. […] am pissed off. It’s only been like…eight episodes since Kokoro no Kirameki. Then they do this!? This is even worse than Kokoro no Sketch!!! My god! Even if it’s a […]

  20. i hope amuto forever! but i love tadase, nagihiko, kukai and kairi. amu is very lucky

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