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I’m sure a lot of you know this by now, but a VOMIC for Mistress Fortune was announced a little while ago. The site for it is now up and you can watch the first out of four parts (Chapter One was split into two it seems).

The word VOMIC apparently comes from “Voice” + “Comic” so it’s basically just a drama CD where you can follow along with the images from the comic. And in this case…it’s free! You can just watch it online at the site.

So, here’s a list of the cast. I watched the first part and I am very pleased with all of the roles.

Kisaki: Ai Matayoshi
Giniro: Kenichi Suzumura
PSI Head: Junji Majima
Kagami: Ayumi Fujimura
Ebeko: Chiwa Saitou

I’m sure most of you will be able to recognize all the other seiyuu from something, but Ai Matayoshi seems to be a newcomer. Personally…I’m already a huge fan of her. I hope she gets a lot of roles in anime in the future! She does so well as Kisaki! So cute~!

Maybe someday she’ll get to make her big debut with a Mistress Fortune anime. Ah…of course not, that’s a hopeless wish.

She would make a very cute Haine though! You know…if Nana-sama isn’t available.

As for all the others…I don’t have a lot to say. They all fit their roles, but they’re all seiyuu I’m already familiar with so…I don’t have anything to say.

But Ai Matayoshi! I hope you get a lot of roles in the future! On her website you can listen to her trying out a bunch of different roles. I know most VA are like that, but it’s still pretty amazing.

Now, the actual VOMIC…really isn’t the impressive. It really is just a free Drama cd with pictures. I could very easily recreate it using my minuscule Adobe Premiere and Photoshop skills.

The video on the site had a pretty bad resolution. It was tiny. I adjusted it to full screen, since I was really just looking at the pictures to follow along. But the idea is that you’ve already read the manga at this point, so it’s not a big deal I guess.

Though, to be fair, up until now I’ve only seen VOMIC-similar things that people have had to pay for. This was free. If you just think of it as a Drama cd, there’s really no room to complain. It’s free.

So…I guess that’s it. I’m just going to blog this one part of the VOMIC (and maybe the last one too just to keep the MF love going) because after I already blogged the chapter, there’s not a lot to say.

Everyone else who’s been reading Mistress Fortune should definitely check it out as well! It’s really worth it!

(Unrelated note about my blog: Sorry for the slowdown again. I’m waiting for Shugo Chara! to finish downloading so I can watch and review it, then I’ll download Nogizaka Haruka and finish up that post sometime later today or tomorrow. I also have the latest issue of Nakayoshi which I’ll get to on Sunday)


  1. Sweet. I don’t even care about the pictures as longs as I’ve got voices. At this point, I’m already used to drama CDs. =D

    I KNEW SuzuKen would end up voicing Gin-chan. There’s just no way around that.

  2. YAY! VOICES! I bet everyones gonna have AWESOME voices!!! >D

  3. I loved it. I mean, crappy images and slightly (I lie) annoying music aside, I thought the VOMIC was awesome. More points because it was free! Yay! xD Although I’m pretty sure it’ll come out on a drama cd so we have to buy it anyway. Eh, w/e. I’m willing to buy it. hehe ^^
    Ai Matayoshi was perfect for Kisa-chan’s role even though she’s a rookie. But hey, there’s been lots of good rookies lately (Kanae Ito~ <3). And I agree that if Nana-sama can’t play Haine, I definitely want Ai-chan to play her. Her voice is so cute~! Or if Nana-sama actually does do Haine, Ai-chan can voice Komaki. Yes! That’s perfect! x3
    *sigh* I wish this was a longer series. It would’ve been a good one. I mean, look at the title Arina-sensei came up with. How does that not say “ANIMATE ME!” to you?! xD;
    I hope they get the second part up soon. I want more Kisa-chan and Gin-kun rabu moments. Hehe

  4. saimaisama: …Ah! You really did mention wanting him to voice Giniro! A rare opportunity where the seiyuu you want voices the character you want them to.

    (It’s only happened once I can rememeber with Satsuki Yukino voicing Takiko in the Fushigi Yugi Genbu Kaiden drama cds…)


    lol2728: Oh they are awesome voices. Everyone fits their role well.


    xiao_jie88: I didn’t even notice the images. I was stuck in, “Gin-kun! Kisa-chan~!” mode the whole time.

    I want to buy a better quality VOMIC too. I kind of wish it was something you could buy so it would be better quality (but then I’d be all “Agh!” because I’m broke right now).

    There have been a loot of good newcomers. Kanae Ito, Megumi Nakajima, and…I know there’s one more. I can think of her!!! Probably someone from SA or something…

    But I really look forward to a lot more from Ai-chan. AND OMG YES! We found Komaki~!

    Every single part of it says “ANIMATE ME!” It also exclaims, “Put in random cute fillers too!” Stretch that thing out to 13 episodes of KisakixGiniro cuteness. Or make an Arina Tanemura special series combined with Time Stranger Kyoko! 4-6 episodes of Mistress Fortune and then the rest of the 26 episodes covered by TSK awesomeness (like it should have been in the manga in the first place!).

    But yeah…got off track there. More Kisa-chan and Gin-kun is necessary.

  5. Ai Matayoshi is quite good. I went to listen to her demo just now. In one example, she even sounded a little like Amu.

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