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Yeah. No, “I lied” again. We’re really done this time.

Now that I’m done with this list there’s a few other things I’d like to bring up. The things the girls had in common, the sort of series they came from, and mostly, what I’ll be doing on Wednesdays from now on. That’s important. I’ll get to that at the end.

I had a lot more to say when I came up with the idea at the very start of my blog, but looking back is harder for me for some reason.

Well…first of all. My blog is twelve weeks old! Yay! *confetti*

I started my “Top Ten Anime Girls” up when I started the blog. My very first Wednesday I did my little post on Tomoyo. Eleven anime girls and now this extra little post makes twelve.

So, to start, here’s how the ranking worked out:

  1. Sakura (Tsubasa Chronicle)
  2. Amu (Shugo Chara!)
  3. Haine (Shinshi Doumei Cross)
  4. Utau (Shugo Chara!)
  5. Sakura (CardCaptor Sakura)
  6. Mitsuki (Full Moon wo Sagashite)
  7. Rima (Shugo Chara!)
  8. Komaki (Shinshi Doumei Cross)
  9. Nagisa (Clannad)
  10. Ushio (Shinshi Doumei Cross)
  11. Tomoyo (CardCaptor Sakura)

But as I’ve already said, my ranking changes a lot. It’s more like a grouping of just all of my favorite girls. If I were to do a ranking at this very moment it would be more like this:

  1. Sakura (Any CLAMP series)
  2. Amu
  3. Utau
  4. Nagisa
  5. Haine
  6. Rima
  7. Mitsuki
  8. Komaki
  9. Ushio
  10. Tomoyo

Quite different. Utau moved up and Nagisa moved up very much. With Utau, it’s because her arc in the anime just ended and the BLACK DIAMOND single just came out. I’m bursting with Utau love.

For Nagisa, it’s kind of the opposite. Because I haven’t seen much of Nagisa, I miss her more and more. I want my After Story and to be consumed by absolute Nagisa love again!

Oh, and on an Anime Girl related note. Amu, Utau, and Nagisa all seem to be doing well in SaiMoe right now. None of them have gotten eliminated yet. Personally, I’d want Utau to win (I find her to be the most moe specifically), but more realistically, I want Nagisa to win.

Nagisa~! You’re the destined girl with the After Story! Don’t let any of the other Clannad girls beat you!!! No matter what their fanboys think, you’re the best!

Moving on…um. I guess I can just reveal my plans for the future now. I had planned to go on more in this post, but I’ve kind of lost the drive to do so. I’ve been really busy after all. I don’t think I even replied to any of the comments on Sakura’s post.

Well, the “Anime Girls” ranking was really popular, so I don’t really want to let it go. It feels like a weekly article on Wednesdays has already become an important part of this blog, so I want to keep it going.

So! I changed the “Top Ten Anime Girls” category to just…”Top Ten.” So, for as long as this blog is around, I intend to be counting something down every Wednesday.

After “Anime Girls” the logical choice would be to countdown my top ten “Anime Boys.” But…I don’t have ten boys I can name off the top of my head (I just have five…). I’ve been having trouble with that, so I decided to just postpone that for now.

If you want to read about anime guys every week though, I know saimaisama is currently listing hers off. Starting with a really great post on Tamaki from Ouran.

Eventually, I intend to do my “Top Ten Pairings” as well, but I kind of want to wait for one certain series to wrap-up so that I can do an accurate ranking. So that’s out for now too.

Therefore, for now, I’ll just do a few standalone top ten lists. The whole list posted on a Friday. Things that I can’t spend a lot of time explaining, so it’s better to just post the whole list at once.

And keeping up with the “secretive” nature of this list, I’m going to keep the topic of each top ten list to myself until I post it.

Someday…I’d like to do another “Top Ten” of Anime Girls too. There’s a lot more anime girls out there that I like (Ranka from Macross F comes to mind…). But that certainly won’t be for a while.

Oh, and I’m also going to be creating a page to collect all of my Top Ten lists from now on so they’ll be easier for visitors to check out. And that way they can click on my more indepth list choices only if they really want to know why they’re on my list. No one wants to search through anime girls they’ve never heard of, right?

Anyway…um…look forward to next week’s list I guess.


  1. ‘Gratz on twelve weeks =P I sort of missed my one-year blogging anniversary (July 27th) without noticing, lol.

    I wanted to do a “top ten pairings” too but like you with the guys, couldn’t think of many off the top of my head that weren’t gay. -cough- cough- Syaoran and Sakura and definitely near the top though. =D

    Ranka love \m/

  2. I can see what you mean about how a guys list would be hard. I can only think of about five too. Pairings are easier.

  3. Your blog is growin’ up so fast. I’m so proud. *sniff*
    And yesh to the Utau love!!! She certainly deserves to move up since last week’s episode. Utau is awesome. 8DD
    Aww, I miss Nagisa, too~! ;_; How come they still don’t have the air date for the After Story yet?
    And speaking of Saimoe…holy crud, it’s that time of the year already?! o.O *totally forgot* AGH!!! Do you know where I can see the results? I’m constantly searching right now but I’m only getting results I can’t understand.
    Hm, but I hope Nagisa wins, too. I would also like Utau to be runner-up and Amu to be in 5th – 8th place or something. xD
    Ah, I found it…I think.
    Anyways, back to the post…hehe, I’m interested to know who’s in your top ten boys (I bet everybody can guess who #1 or #2 is. ~.^ ). But I’ll wait, heh. Can’t wait till you post your next list. ^^ Btw, you should add Top Ten Seiyuus to your list, too. Yea? xD

  4. Well woot! Yay Fuyu! I’m totally drooling over that picture of Utau and Amu by the way.

    They both look so adorable.

    Looking forward to the future top tens!

  5. Yay! Really looking forward to more top ten lists!

  6. saimiasama: Thank you. It feels so weird that my blog has been up that long. And a year…wow. I can’t even imagine…

    Heh…such is the peril of being into yaoi I assume. But anyway, Sakura and Syaoran are near the top of pretty much everyone’s list. They’re a require ment.


    warriorhope: What’s wrong with all us girls? It seems like everyone can up with more girls they like easier. But pairings are definitely easier. I tried to do one list and ended up with twenty pairings. So I’m going to limit it to one pairing per series.


    xiao_jie88: Oh don’t! You’ll get me *sniff*ing too!

    Utau is beyond awesome…as her new adjective was stated on another blog Utau is…shugoi! (Thank you Ami for giving us a cute new word to describe all that is Utau!).

    Yes, it is that time again (I totally missed it last year). I’ve been following SaiMoe on Anime Banzai. They’ve been covering it rather nicely. Pretty up to date. But you could also just lurk around those AnimeSuki forums.

    With Code Geass and Clannad to go against though, I have a feeling that the Shugo Chara girls won’t even make it into the top ten. It all depends on the power of lolicon I guess. Ugh…not something I want to depend on.

    Oh number one is very easy to guess at. He’s unbeatable!

    Top ten seiyuu…yes! I can do a male and female seiyuu too! Two different weeks (or I can just do them both at the same time)


    amayalee: It’s my favorite unofficial image from Shugo Chara! right now. I was waiting so long to use this image of Amu and Utau (it’s what made me want to do a wrap-up in the first place actually).


    amuto007_is_mit-chan007: I hope you like the future ones then!

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