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Wow…I have no idea what this episode was. Some was from the manga, some wasn’t; what was from the manga is from all sorts of different points. Really…weird.

I’m just not sure about how I feel about this episode. I kind of was like, o_O through the whole thing. But…it was good.

Partially to blame for me being even mildly “meh” about this episode is my lack of understanding (leading to a complete lack of a summary too). I had to lurk around other blogs to make sure I understood what happened in this episode.

But really, if there weren’t just six episodes left I think I’d just give up on this show. I’m running out of things to say…it’s mostly been, “aww”s and “WTF!? RAGE!!!” and that gets old.



I kind of wish this wasn’t my “birthday anime” this year. It would have been cool if I got crazy out of the blue HikarixKei super advancement instead. But in this episode, I pretty much got everything but. It was still good, but…meh…

Megumi spoke (in her mind)! Ayahi Takagaki’s voice! Finally!!! Her voice is so cute. I no longer have to rely on character singles alone (too bad they’ll never get to that recent Megumi chapter…).

Yeah! It’s been a while since we got the angry Sakura voice. I missed it. (Heh, even though Sakura hasn’t really been around long enough for me to miss anything from her…)

Scariest…team…ever. Both of them make a hobby out of kicking guys asses. Sakura specializes in liars and Akira specializes in…Tadashi. Guys should be afraid. Very afraid.

That aside…this was awesome! Sakura and Akira both being demonic and doing evil laughs together! AWESOME!

…it was Kei’s idea. My god…I’m not sure if that makes it funnier or just more “WTF?” or both. I’m going with both.

*snortlaugh* Well, I was pretty disappointed that this chapter was cut earlier, but I’m not sure how I feel about them bringing back guy-Hikari in such a ridiculous way.

…okay. I love it. Hearing Yuko Goto use a “guy” voice was fun. Sometimes I think the writers sit around thinking about how they can make Yuko Goto use a new voice that week. We’ve had regular Hikari, girly Mikuru-ish Hikari, evil Hikari, scary bunny Hikari, and now guy Hikari. It doesn’t end.

Still terifying…and now with some “WTF?” on the side. Heh…what a ridiculous ojou-sama team-up. (The Ojou-sama laugh was really fun though~!)

Akira sure didn’t stay focused for too long though. The “onee-sama” role is too ingrained in her it seems.

Ha. Not just “ni-san” but now English “Number Two” as well. Hikari can’t even win as a guy (well, obviously…she’s not a guy, so it makes sense).

O_O This was…insanely hard to get a good screencap of. Sakura is crazy. I felt so bad for Tadashi…even he’s never gotten whailed on like that before.

Sheesh Yahiro…why do you have to be such a nice guy? Helping out your rival in love?

See? You’re making really cute mute girls fall in love with you!

Well…now we know this is definitely anime-original. That said, I don’t think it was a bad addition or anything. I kind of like it. It makes it easier for the anime-only fans to root for Tadashi instead of Yahiro since they both knew Akira since they were younger.

It also made me enjoy a TadashixAkira episode. They discovered a weakness of mine (childhood friends) and actually made it work.

This whole sequence was really nice with the music and everything. I wasn’t really too into Akira’s character song (Ashita e…) until I watched this episode. Now it’s getting multiple replays while I’m writing this. I just seem to like certain songs more after watching an anime with them.

I hope this isn’t the complete conclusion to SakuraxJun. I really like a certain chapter from the manga with them. I don’t think it’ll appear in the anime…but I can still hope, right?

Obligatory “aww” for the HikarixKei moment (I’m a fangirl, it can’t be helped). I won’t even mention how I’m pissed that they stopped having Hikari blush…dammit! Well, I still liked this, even though it was brought about in a ridiculous way (Hikari’s butt catching fire).

ROFL. I thought that they were going to try to go for crappy anime drama (which sucks), but I got this instead. This is what I want from my SA. Important moments developed in a laugh out loud way.

Of course, all of this was good because the anime followed the manga. The anime-original moments were good too, but this was the best. I was afraid they’d make Akira and Tadashi get together in some different way, but luckily that’s not the case.

Yeah. It really does make it harder for people to think Yahiro is better if Tadashi liked Akira since he was younger too. I don’t particulalry mind. I think it’s a good decision to make the quicker development in the anime successful. It’s weird though…the anime making a good decision.

And thank god. They’re still as dysfunctional as ever!!!



They really are skipping ahead (and all around) in the manga. Yahiro x Megumi and sick Hikari.

Personally, I’m very happy about all of this. I like the YahiroxMegumi pairing (I’ve enjoyed every chapter, especially the most recent) and the sick Hikari chapter is a personal favorite of mine I never thought they’d get to. It feels weird them placing it here (since it takes place after Hikari and Kei’s second date in the manga), but whatever. I’m happy if any of those HikarixKei moments from the manga are in there.


  1. I need to get around continue the manga. I’m at like … chapter 8? When I saw the screens, I thought Male-Hikari was Tadashi … woups. Perhaps the anime is enforcing TadashixAkira more than Yahiro. =/ Because since I haven’t read the manga, I always thought it was OTP=TadashixAkira … am I wrong? … yeah, I’ll go read the manga after this … swear …

    Sakura and Akira … scary, very very scary … wish I could join them. =/

  2. LMAO…Akira and Sakura together is a VERY scary team O_O I’m crying and hiding under my covers xD
    LOL, oujo-sama laugh. SO….MUCH….WIN!!!!
    We get a tiny Kei x Hikari moment. Good thing too. I may not survive an entire episode without a Kei and Hikari moment xD
    Wow…Yahiro looks like more of an asshole each episode. That can’t be right o_o

  3. I totally forgot about SA over the weekend (cuz of all the Shugo Chara! hype this week, oi…).
    Ah, but I went “aww” so many times while watching this. Cept those moments always got abruptly cut off. Well, w/e, it was cute so no biggie.
    I finally get to hear Megumi’s voice! So happy! I didn’t listen to the character songs yet but she sounds so cute. x3 I’m glad the next episode covers her “date” with Yahiro. I get to hear more of her voice. Yay. ^^
    Amazoness Oujo-sama x 2 is awesome. Wow, I haven’t said Amazoness Oujo-sama in a while but yea…it’s now my favorite type of “Oujo-sama”. Heh…
    I loved guy-Hikari and all but everytime I see her, I keep on mistaking her for Jun or Tadashi or Kei (must be because her wig is that color). @.@;;; She makes a cute guy, tho. xDDD;; lol And it was Kei’s idea. Kei, you’re a genius.
    I loved Yahiro in this ep. Nothing more to say. x3
    And wah~! So many couple moments! Me happy. ^^ But yea, I hope there’s more JunxSakura in the future, even if it’s just a little. I want to see PIMP!Jun again, after all. lol
    And Hikari not only has the densest (sp?) brain but she also probably has the lowest sense of self-humiliation. But she does it for her friends and it’s amusing so I’d take Yappy over a self-conscious Hikari anyday (unless she’s self-conscious over Kei,hehe).
    Gah, and finally to the main couple today. I thought it was cute, their special childhood memory together and all that…but it seems so rushed and shoved around that I had no time to really sit back and enjoy it. Tadashi getting beat up even when he was just really being honestly confused didn’t help either. Hmm…but I love the fact that when they were kids, Tadashi was the one who confessed to her first (lol, Akira was takin’ a nap). And he told her “Stay by my side”, too! Aww, so lovely. <3
    Ha, I hope I won’t forget about next week’s episode, especially since there are more HikarixKei moments. And their moments are always the cutest when one of them is sick and the other has to take care of him/her, IMO, lol. And Hikari all wrapped up in thick blankets following Kei around reminds me of E.T. for some reason. xDD;;;

  4. I’m a little disappointed. The manga is so awesome and is ongoing yet, but the anime will be only 24 episodes!!.. don’t kidding me!! That can’t be possible summary all the great manga chapters in only “24” episodes. I think all the Ryuu and Finn couple, and the special momentos of Hikari and Kei have been waste for summarize all in only few episodes. In addition.. I think the anime is give a lot importance about Tadashi and Akira.. and the others characters? what’s going on with them??.. The anime start so good, but now.. I hope in those six episodes that left S.A can be best and similar like the manga.. if not.. then… I’m going to become crazy!!.. I love HikarixKei.. I need more moments for this couple >_< please!!!

  5. his is terrible. veoh and daily motion web sides are forbidden therefore I can watch them after 2 weeks, broadcasting. I hate. I want to continue this anime. Ilike takashima and hikari:) I hope that last episodes will be the same manga.

  6. Maybe I should read the manga… this is on of the best series’ I’ve seen, but manga fans seem to be really disappointed in it. Is it really that different? (well,it can’t be worse than the Furuba anime…)

  7. I’m curious to see how they’re going to combine the MegumixYahiro and Hikari being sick chapters together. I’m afraid it might be a train wreck, but considering some of the earlier episodes, it’s going to be a wait and see.

  8. Loved this episode~! I keep watching just the parts with Tadashi and Akira because they are my favorite couple in S.A. The anime has been a big disappoint so far, but as long as I get tadashi and akira moments…I’ll keep watching till the end. However….if Finn decides to show up, then it’s bye bye S.A. anime. I hate Finn. I barely get through the chapters when Finn is in it.

    Looking forward to the next episode Megumi and Yahiro make a cute couple.

  9. This is my most favorite episode that was shown in S.A, I liked it how they changed the way tadashi overheard Akira talking to herself how she liked Tadashi *ahem* Karino Tadashi. It really made me squee that I need to hide myself from blushing.

    About the next episode, I think it’s gonna be interesting since this is Megumi and Yahiro’s date right?

  10. aaaa que lindo tadashi y akira O///O

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