Birthday Swag ’08

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Title used because I’m pretty sure that this blog will be around next year too (for Birthday Swag ’09!). Also…wanted to use a picture of a pirate (plus the word “swag” is fun to say).

I’m going to start looking now and try to find a picture of an anime girl pirate celebrating her birthday for next year (awesome).

First of all, thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday. I did have a very fun time turning eighteen yesterday (ah…that’s a little better, the way I worded that sentence before sounded perverted on the first read).

Now then, continuing with my birthday post from yesterday (actually written on August 3rd), I do feel a little different now that my birthday has gone by.

Basically, I feel the same as ever, but with a certain sense of entitlement. I’ve always hated a lot of people my own age, teenagers and stuff. People keep telling me that I’m being “unfair” and that I’m a “traitor” to my generation. Yeah…if my generation keeps killing itself off by texting while driving, then I don’t mind being a traitor.

Basically, I’ve always acted unusually immature or like an adult complaining about young’ns and is too into politics. Now I feel kind of feel like I’m not so weird about half of it anyway. I’m an adult. I can vote now (even though I was always going to be able to vote in the next election), I’m a little entitled to be boring as hell and cranky sometimes.

That’s it though. I feel better about the way I act (half the time), but I still act the same. I’m still technically in high school though, so I don’t have to start acting like a complete adult just yet.

Now then…my swag! (Still fun to say)


I really didn’t get much that is anime-related. Everything that I’d want for my birthday comes out after. All those wonderful DVDs from Funimation (like Ouran…) and certain Shugo Chara gashapon and chibi awesome figures (Ikuto~!) that aren’t out yet either.

I didn’t ask for much (because I like getting surprises), so I got a lot of stuff from the Disney Store. Mostly Tinkerbell stuff. So, I was very pleased with all of that. (Yes, the stuff I like to buy is almost always somehow connected to some sort of animation)

So, I wasn’t really expecting much for my birthday this year. Nothing exciting. Everything came out after my birthday, blah, blah, blah. Here’s what I had on my list:

  • Short-Tempered Melancholic and Other Stories
  • Ballad of the Shinigami (vol. 2)
  • Fruits Basket (vol. 20)
  • Code Geass Limited Edition Boxset1
  • Meikyuu Butterfly CD
  • Black Diamonds Limited Edition CD

I didn’t get the last three things because they haven’t arrived yet. Code Geass comes out today, and Black Diamonds comes out tomorrow (apparently). The Meikyuu Butterfly CD is getting shipped with the Black Diamonds CD, so that one is arriving late too.

All of the things I was even excited about getting, I don’t get until after my birthday. But, my parents said they’d also buy me a wallet when we went to Boston for the day (We went to the aquarium and saw penguins!). So we went over to Harvard Square in Cambridge and stopped off at Tokyo Kid in the Garage Mall.

I must have mentioned Tokyo Kid at least once before, but in case I haven’t…it’s a really great anime store in Cambridge (in the Boston area). They sell stuff imported from Japan and stuff from the companies in North America. They sell some of the basics, manga and anime DVDs, but I hardly ever buy any of that stuff there (I have Best Buy, FYE, Barnes & Noble, and Borders for that).

But they have some great plushies, a wonderful selection of wallscrolls, imported Japanese albums and OSTs, and quite a few figures (imported and from N. America). The only problem is…they don’t have a lot of current stuff. The series I regularly find in there include: Sailor Moon, Fruits Basket, Tsubasa Chronicle, InuYasha, Kingdom Hearts, and CardCaptor Sakura. I don’t really mind though. I can find new stuff online. If it weren’t for Tokyo Kid, I’d be missing out on a lot of awesome CCS merchandise (it’s usually what I leave with).

Of course, you can also find Haruhi stuff in there now too. That turned out to be great for me.

First, I got a pretty cool Haruhi wallet.

It’s a good wallet. Better than my last one. It just happens to be a bonus that it’s for an anime I like.

Here’s the back. It had a section that’s almost an entire wallet itself. At least it’s similar to a wallet I used in the past with a small pocket dividing the place for bills and coins.

And here’s the whole open deal. It’s got a lot of pockets for all of my cards. Which really aren’t entirely filled up because I only have gift cards, a library card, and a reward card. That’ll change once I get my credit card. *evil laugh*

I also have my brand new license that just happened to arive on my birthday too. Normally it would go in that nice clear spot in the middle. But even if I was ready to let the many people who cause at least 1000 views per day on this site to see my picture…I wouldn’t want them to see the picture. That’s a bad picture (I never look good in “Say Cheese!” sort of photos).

So…that’s what my parents bought me at Tokyo Kid. Which is great. It was the second best present I got that day.

My brother however got me the best present from this year or last year:

Epic, isn’t she? She looks like an amazing chibi God.

Yes, my brother got me the Haruhi nendoroid from Good Smile. Every so often I forget my brother can be nice, so this was a really big surprise for me.

Basically, we walked into Tokyo Kid and I was expecting to walk out with some cheap little plushie and a wallet for my birthday. I headed right for the display case to look at the wallets (I made up my mind pretty quickly too). Then…I happened to glance to my right and saw…it.

The Haruhi Nendoroid.

I was in shock. I’d wanted it so badly for a while, but when you’re broke, what can you do? But I can ignore things when I can only buy them online. I can just distract myself with random stuff online and wait for it to sell out everywhere so I can forget about it entirely. But there was just one box left sitting there, taunting me.

Then right next to it is the Haruhi Figma. More out loud “AGH!” ensued. Two things I’d wanted, but had to turn away from so many times online were sitting right in front of me. Bother of them were around 30 dollars and I didn’t have that much “extra birthday present” money coming my way. And my parents wouldn’t lend me that much either since I already owe them quite a bit.

So, my brother hearing me going “Agh!” came up to me and made some sort of rude comment (I’ll keep it to myself to keep up my “I love you oniichan!” attitude) and asked what was wrong. I told him in the most pathetic little girl stressed out and whining way about my dilemma. “They have both of them! And I want one…but…but! I can’t get one!”

Then he just says, “Okay. I’ll get one for you.”

I just automatically said, “What? No.” Because I thought he was joking. It’s a common joke among my friends and family. “lol. Buy this for me” when it’s something expensive.

Then my brother’s like, “Why not?” and I just stared at him like, “They’re each thirty dollars…” And apparently he didn’t care. I was still all thinking it was too expensive and completely thrown by the fact that he was being so nice too.

My brother is nice to me at the most random times. He suddenly buys me ice cream and stuff all the time. I’m used to that by now. But this was different. Ice cream costs five dollars at most.

So, my brother had to call my dad over to convince me and after a minute or so, I was reminded me that it was my birthday (and a landmark birthday at that). Eventually, still feeling very suspicious, I meekly agreed. (Seriously, I sounded like a pathetic little girl the whole time)

Then I had to chose between Haruhi nendoroid and figma. I chose Haruhi nendoroid obviously. Figmas are most fun when you get the whole batch, and I didn’t really intend to do that.

So…I’m reminded once again why, even though he’s pretty mean to me and ignores me a lot, why I remain a younger sister who completely adores her older brother. He’s fun to talk to and he’s actually nice sometimes.

Basically…he’s like a lot of the awesome brothers everyone wishes they had from anime. He teases me all the time and makes fun of me, but when it comes to it he’s really nice and protective of his younger sister. He was even feeling sick that day, but he came all the way to Boston with the rest of the family because I asked him to (since it was my birthday).

Um…wait…I got really off-track there with my story. I almost forgot that this was about the stuff I got for my birthday.

…Well, I didn’t get anything else, so I might as well end it with a 4-koma from Little Busters! that I’ve been reminded of.

Now with this and the talk of figures…I really wish I had that one of Rin. I had it pre-ordered, but I’m not sure I’ll be getting it…

I should probably have taken more pictures of nendoroid Haruhi (maybe I will later), but I tired myself out playing with her last night. I just like her in super cute angry mode right now.


  1. Wow! You’re so lucky ==; I’m too poor to buy anything and my parents are even poorer.
    I have a brother too and he used to get me a lot of the anime-related stuff I wanted. He bought the entire Chobits series once (from volume 1-8 ) … but ever since he got married and his wife came here to live with us it changed. -sniffs- What’s sad is that we used to really get along too. Well, we still do but its different now… We used to wrestle and all that stuff and watch DBZ together (I was more a little brother than sister to him I think … lol until I got older tho’) … I’m kinda envious that you still get along with your brother. =P

  2. Go vote for Barack Obama now on November 4th. The anime blogging community will thank you for it.

  3. The pictures are showing. ^^
    And glad to know you had a fun birthday. I’m so jealous of you cuz of all the stuff you got/are getting, you lucky face. xD
    “People keep telling me that I’m being “unfair” and that I’m a “traitor” to my generation. Yeah…if my generation keeps killing itself off by texting while driving, then I don’t mind being a traitor.”
    Ha, I feel the same. Nobody’s ever told me that straight to my face but I often get it in indirect remarks. In response, I sigh and tell them to leave me alone (rly, why do people care what other people do in regard to this? :P ).
    Tokyo Kid sounds like cool store. I don’t know if they have one in New York but I have a Kinokuniya here (OMG! YES!) so it’s pretty much more or less the same except they’re short on plushies. *sniff*
    Wai~! Cute wallet! xD And Haruhi~! Kawaii! She really does give off the impression of a chibified (tsuntsun) God. lol
    Your brother sounds awesome. Wish I had an older brother like that but sadly, I don’t. Not even a brotherly figure friend. It’s a lonely world for me. *sigh* lol But loved the 4-koma. Nice. x3
    Well, have fun with your gifts and toys. ^^ And you will put a review for your CDS, yes? *will be anxiously waiting* xDD

  4. Your brother sounds so nice.

    *Sniffs* I want a brother too. It’s hard being the eldest in the family…


    Btw, do u know where to download the Black Diamond song?

  5. happy (belated) birthday! I meant to wish you a happy birthday 2 days ago, but didn’t get a chance on a computer. Wow, sounds like you had a great time! ^^ I’m very happy for you. And you are very lucky, to have a brother like that. I’m the oldest out of me and my sister, and it can be really… how do I put this? Hard. But you have someone to look up to and your family accept you. You’re so lucky! Happy birthday!

  6. -is happy- My mom is being nice to me, so she said she would buy me the Black Diamond CD ^^ Might buy it tomorrow, I dunno. But it’s gonna be the one with Ikuto on the cover, SQUEE!!!!

    Ah…just looking at Ikuto on a CD cover makes me just…ahhhh, melt…X3

    Anyway, hope you get your CD soon! ^^

  7. saimaisama: My parents aren’t supposed to spend money on me, but they do anyway (haha, sick girl moe is okay if it’s used against parents!).

    The entire Chobits…the manga? That comes out to like…eighty dollars. Wow. Your brother wins.

    Oh, I understand about brothers changing when they get married and that stuff. My brother’s still unmarried, but he had a girlfriend for a long time. It pissed me off. Always talking to her online and not hanging out with me. I’ve probably ended up being more like a little brother too. My brother and I used to watch DBZ together too. Waaay back.

    But my brother and I are only three years apart and we like similar things, so it’s natural that we get along well (plus he owes me. Whenever he pisses off the rest of the family, I always take his side).


    Link: Umm…I follow politics and I already decided who I’d be voting for a while ago. keeping it to myself for now, but thanks anyway.


    xiao_jie88: Ah thank you!

    I didn’t get that much though. At least not comparatively It’s part of growing up…and borrowing tons of money from your parents (need a job…).

    So I’m not the only one! I get a lot of strange looks from my parents friends when they’re talking about how teenagers are so irresponsible and they should raise the driving age, then I chime in with, “I know! A lot of the time when they get into accidents they just go ‘oops’ like it’s no big deal.” Then everyone looks at me and my parents are like, “That’s normal.” My brother’s the same.

    I’d trade Tokyo Kid for Kinokuniya and all the other awesome stores in New York. We just have Tokyo Kid. And that’s it. I want a Kinokuniya…

    It’s okay, if you don’t have a brother, it’s easier to find brother complexes funny (even I weird myself out mid-laugh with Utau sometimes).

    Oh I will be reviewing my CDs…or at least Black Diamond. It’s a bit late for Meikyuu Butterfly. I don’t have anything left to say on that.


    Starry: Oh he sounds nice. I had to put up with about ten years of being the object of torture first. Before other people started picking on me and he decided to be a good brother since he didn’t want other people making fun of his sister.

    But being the youngest is certainly fun~!

    As for where to get Black Diamond…I think if you search for it on, some blog posted the link to download it.


    amuto007_is_mit-chan007: Well, I’m happy to receive any “Happy Birthday” late or not (especially since my reply is so late).

    I bet it’s hard. I didn’t believe it because I used to get picked on by my brother, but when you’re the oldest you have the annoying little sibling running after you and pretty much idolizing you. Have to set an example. Now that I have a little girl running after me an idolizing me, I realize that.


    lol2728: I know…Ikuto on the cover~! That’s the sole reason why I’m buying both. I’m getting the limited edition first. I need to hurry up and make some money so I can get the other one too.

  8. Yes, it’s hard. But the problem with my little sister is that she’s six years younger than me, so we don’t agree on many things, and don’t get on all the time. sometimes she’s cute, but when she puts on an act, I’m the only one who can tell it’s an act. Our parents are just like, ‘oh stop being mean to your little sister!’. Oh well. It’s nice when she’s not being a brat (which is 80% of the time) but I still love her non-stop.
    do you have a little sister?

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