Happy Birthday to…Me.

August 4, 2008 at 8:00 am | Posted in Personal | 19 Comments

I’ve been kind of going on (or ranting) about my birthday coming up. Ranting, because two of my birthday presents are actually just my parents paying for preorders. Usually all the good stuff comes out right before my birthday, now everything comes out right after. Everything. It’s not fair.

But this is my birthday, so I should just be happy with what I do get and the milestone alone is enough really. Today I’m officially eighteen years old. I’m legally an adult. Yay~! If only I acted my age.

And to have it stated now…I’m out of town at the moment (wrote this ahead of time), so I can’t do my SA post on time.

Normally, I wouldn’t think a birthday is something that needs to be stated. It’s fine if I just casually mention it in a post for the day. But this is my eighteenth birthday, so it’s kind of different.

Related to this blog…I can get a credit card now! I can order whatever the heck I want to without going to my parents going, “Um…can I borrow your credit card?” then having them ask about what I’m ordering. Then going, “Are you sure you want that? It seems expensive.” Because why should it matter when it’s my money anyway?

So that means I should be able to order more stuff…once, you know, all the college tourists leave my town and I can get a job. Assholes. (Get a job in your own hometown!)

This also means that I can officially play the lottery. And if I win, I’m go the rich otaku way of Haruka. Except Haruka actually doesn’t buy that much (I’m buying tons of stuff).

And also, being eighteen, when I run into H-images of my favorite mahou shoujo girls I can just be scarred for life instead of feeling all guilty too. Guilty for something I never, ever wanted to see. *headdesk*

Basically, life changes when you turn eighteen. Not my life though. I still act and look like a sixteen-year-old girl. (I had to show my \license to a cop who saw me getting into a car alone because he thought I wasn’t old enough…)

Hmm…well, I’m still writing this when I’m seventeen, so maybe I’ll feel more like an adult tomorrow. I doubt it though. Tomorrow barely even feels like my birthday with the amount of stuff I’m getting (all my good stuff is the preorders…unfair).

Well anyway, don’t be mean to me today. It’s my birthday. You can return to flaming me for all of my rants and hating on fillers tomorrow. And tomorrow you can even say inappropriate things to me without feeling like a skeppy lolicon. You’ll just be a skeppy perv! Nice!

(Skeppy means: Sketchy-Preppy, and please don’t ask why I use it or where it came from…)

Now, to end my birthday rambling a picture as a present to…me!

Since I won’t be getting my Black Diamond CD on time!

I kind of wanted to do something with more substance on my birthday…but I guess I can do something like that later. I can’t be sure how my birthday goes until it’s gone by. I’ll do a real birthday post later.

EDIT: (I closed comments since it’s not my birthday anymore…heh)


  1. Happy Birthday.

  2. Happy 18th Birthday, Fuyu-chan!!! I’M SO HAPPY TO HEAR THAT YOUR 18!!! =D

    Ok, now I have to do a birthday vid for you!!! xD

    I BETTER HURRRRRRRY!!!!!!!!!! >w<

    Again,Happy 18th B-Day!!! I how you have a happy one!!! ^^

  3. Happy Birthday!! =D Be a responsible adult, ok? :P

  4. Happy Birthday, hun! ^^

  5. Happiest of birthdays~

  6. happy birthday ^^
    Turning 18, heh…? Well, life sure does seem much different after turning 18. In my country the only highlight in turning 18 is getting the driver’s licence (lol, and me being 20 still don’t have it…lack of money <_< )

  7. Happy birthday~!!
    [Feliz cumple~!!]

  8. Happy Happy Birthday to you FuyuMaiden ^___^!

  9. Happy birthday! Don’t worry about not acting your age – you’re only as old as you feel. ^_^ It’s okay to be silly, as long as you remember to be responsible about it (as contradictory as that may sound) and all the new stuff you can get away with.
    I had to show my license to a cop who saw me getting into a car alone because he thought I wasn’t old enough…
    Well, I’m turning 21 this month and some people still think I’m in high school…

  10. Happy Birthday! Lucky you, being legal and all now. Hope you have a great birthday. =D

    Now excuse me while I grow mushrooms in the corner. Just three more years for me. ==;

  11. Happy Birthday!! :)

  12. What they said. Except in 日本語。


  13. Happy Birthday Fuyu~! ^_^


  15. Happy Birthday~!XDXDXDXD

    And gasp~ Where did you get that pic of Utau?

  16. Congrats! Happy belated >w< sorry I missed it ;_;

  17. Happy Birthday Fuyu ^o^
    hip hip hoeraaaa ^O^

  18. […] then, continuing with my birthday post from yesterday (actually written on August 3rd), I do feel a little different now that my birthday […]

  19. Umm, it’s a bit late but Happy Birthday! Otanjoubi Omedetou! (I think, my romanji isn’t that good)

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