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August 3, 2008 at 1:20 pm | Posted in Rants | 10 Comments
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Yeah…this is just a nice ranting way of letting everyone know that ANN got it wrong.

How does ANN have their anime page info edited anyway? Is it a system remotely similair to wikipedia? Please tell me so I can just know to never trust either website on seiyuu info again. If it’s not airing anyway. I can usually confirm while it’s airing because there are so few seiyuu I don’t recognize.

My rage has kind of subsided a little since I like the new seiyuu better anyway (though still no Miki Nagasawa…aww…), but I’m still ticked at ANN. I mean, they’re bound to make mistakes, but it seems like they’ve just been ticking me off lately.

They still don’t have Dia’s seiyuu (also Kanae Ito) listed in their Shugo Chara! page, they include English publishing information about the manga in an announcement about the anime (in Japan), they’ve been posting “unofficial” and “rumor” news for a while now too.

I’m not sure if other Code Geass fans remember when ANN posted about the rumors about them not airing an episode of Code Geass because it got leaked on the internet. It’s fine if all of us unpaid bloggers post about our rumors, but ANN is the main source of anime news for English-speaking fans. They should know better.

I have all sorts of problems with ANN’s articles and stuff sometimes. Their “fansubs are completely EVIL!” theory over there and all that. But when I can’t even use their encyclopedia or trust their anime news. Well…I am pissed.

Another reason for me to hurry up with my Japanese. Then I can just skip ANN and go straight for the source.

*still pissed* Here’s a cute picture to make up for the rage (as usual):

*sigh* Kyoko’s so cute when she’s nice. I wish she’d stayed cute like in the beginning longer.


  1. Actually, I have already added Dia’ seiyuu at ANN.
    And I know what you mean. I was also pissed when I realized that they put all the wrong seiyuu to Skip Beat. Only in a way its good to see that I actually know them/their voices this time (gakuen alice ^^ )

  2. Ugh. Well, that totally killed it. Though I’m glad Sakupyon wasn’t placed in another asshole role again O_< … Moar Mamo. Banzai! -insert sarcasm- I’m actually kinda getting tired of his voice. And Marina Inoue is someone I pictured to voice Kyoko. So Banzai again without the sarcasm.

    -shoots ANN-

    At least this means I can still pray Suwabe might voice Ren.=/

  3. I think it’s a system similar to a Wiki, except without same volume of readers to check and review. But I never post anything there anyway. I only go there for seiyuu information and their history. Anything else, it’s better to go straight to the source, or visit a chaotic forum and search for it yourself.

  4. I’m actually happy to hear this. I guess the skip beat website ann lists probably isn’t real either. I wonder who’s going to voice Ren.

  5. *sigh* Just goes to show you can’t fully trust even the “regular” internet sources right away, which is a very sad case in ANN cuz that’s where I usually go for seiyuu and other information, too. *sigh* Yep, best way is to learn Japanese yourself so you don’t have to rely on said sources.

  6. ahhhh, I HATE when they screw up the seiyuu’s…OMG did the first comment mention Gakuen Alice?! I’m reading the manga! Can’t wait for volume 4 and 5 to come out! >////<

  7. I have problems with ANN, too. They’re calling the Mistress Fortune VOMIC an internet radio drama with no mention of the visual aspect. While it may seem like something silly to whine about, it bugs me.

    Really, who are these reporters?

  8. I honestly thought they had a system that’s much better than Wikipedia’s “public” editing system. Turns out to be even worse, in cases like this. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that someone better than Koyasu Takehito will voice Ren, perhaps Ken Narita or Junichi Suwabe, as other people have also pointed out xD

  9. ANN got one thing right though. They just added the skip beat anime design.

  10. […] and saw that they had updated it with information on the voice actors. Now, because of the whole Skip Beat main voice actors controvacy last Augest it is best to be skeptical at any information on ANN about Skip Beat, that hasn’t been […]

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