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Well, another awesome episode. The Dia arc really is great. I’m sad to see that it’s over. Especially since we’re definitely headed for fillers and a half-filler now. I’ll get more into what the fillers seem to be later though. They don’t seem to be quite as bad as I thought they might be. Not yet anyway.

But anyway! I can enjoy it as it is for now~! Because this was another awesome episode! Amu and Utau team-up ftw!

The torrent was late on this episode. I had to watch it on YouTube first. Not cool. I wanted to watch full screen mahou shoujo action like last week. Watching Amu and Utau transform wasn’t as cool when it was just a tiny little rectangle on my screen surrounded by crap. And if I’d made the youtube video full screen it would have gotten all pixelated and stupid. Even less cool.



It picks up from last week with Amu’s transformation with Dia while everyone watches in awe. Inside the glow, Dia has returned to her proper form and they go to chara-nari together while Amu thinks about when she first got and lost Dia, happy that she got her back. Then Amu emerges from the glow as Amulet Dia.

When Amu lands on the grand everyone gives their congratulations. But the happiness fades when everyone notices Utau on the ground while Iru and Eru try to cheer her up. Utau seems very upset about losing and the fact that everyone (I’m assuming her charas) left her. When Utau says she lost to Amu, Amu says that she’s wrong, but nothing Amu says works until they get interrupted by Ami who suddenly arrives and is just overjoyed to see Utau.

Ami runs right up to Utau and states her amazement (shugoi!), Amu apologizes to Utau and introduces Ami as her little sister who is a big fan of Utau. Ami pulls out a little microphone (from somewhere) and starts singing her moe little girl version of Meikyuu Butterfly. Everyone else has a *sweatdrop* sort of reaction.

Ami turns to Utau and asks if she’ll sing (or something). Amu says something that ends with mentioning fun (I’ll try to figure it out later). Utau thinks that she used to be like that too and remembers when she used to watch idols on TV and wanted to be like them. Ami asks Utau to sing again, Utau starts to say that right now she can’t, but Eru tells her that it’s all right. Eru tells her that she has a warm song (and a whole lot of other things I didn’t undedrstand) everyone agrees, and Iru and Eru help get her to stand up. Tadase also tells her to sing and Utau turns to Ikuto who nods.

Utau sings the song from when she was younger and everyone smiles. Amu thinks that Utau has a warm and beautiful song. Utau smiles once she’s finished. But the happiness fades quickly when Ikuto notices the helicopter about to take off. Sanjou is going to go off to debut the CD worldwide anyway. As they’re leaving, all the x-eggs hatch and they all bust out of the helicopter.

The x-charas start to attack, but all the guardians attack first. Then it’s back and forth betweent he guardians and the charas for a while. Then the charas all combine to make one giant fat chara. It tries to blast Utau, Amu, and Ami, but Kairi and Tadase block the attack. They both attack it and manage to break the giant chara apart. Then Ami comes along to tell them they’re cool and Kairi seems a little embarassed because he was called a “samurai.”

But all isn’t well because a lot of the charas are on the helicopter and it’s going down, causing Kairi and Utau to worry for Sanjou inside. Utau asks to chara-nari with Eru then and she transforms into Seraphic Charm. Everyone is in amazement again. Then Amu and Utau go off to solve the problem together. In the air Utau uses her attack with Eru (Angel Cradle) and it makes all the x-charas fall asleep and the eggs start healing as well while Utau sings her song. Utau is amazed at Eru’s power, but Eru tells her that it’s her song.

Then Utau’s attention is drawn to Sanjou who is about to fall out of the still falling heliicopter. Utau rushes to save her. Amu stays where she is and Dia tells her it’s time for her to shine and Amu uses her attack (Starlight Navigation I think) to keep the helicopter from falling. Everyone is in awe of the attack. Utau caught Sanjou safely.

On the ground Sanjou asks why Utau saved her since she hated her, Utau explains that since her debut they’d always been together and if that changed she’d be bothered (or something like that). Sanjou starts crying and hugs Utau. Ikuto then gets Utau’s attention and tells her that her song wasn’t for her sake and now she can sing.

The healed eggs are all about to leave when Tadase notices the shining white egg from before that might be the embryo and it catches Ikuto’s attention as well. Then Amu is with Dia again, undoing their chara-nari. Dia goes back into her egg to return when Amu shines again. (Then I kind of missed what Dia said after, but I’m trying to translate it, because if I heard right, it seems important) Amu’s then left with just Dia’s egg. Everyone looks up (for some reason) and Ikuto and Yoru leave unnoticed.

Then sometime later people are talking about Utau who quit working for Easter. Iru seems annoyed because it’s a good thing Utau quit Eru adds in that Utau can make her debut on her own now (or something…I’m missing a lot today). Then Sanjou shows up and says that it’s been a while, Utau is surprised to see her. Sanjou says that it’s a big coincidence and tells Utau that she’s working in a new office since she quit Easter as well. Then they agree on a few things and basically they’re going to work together.

Amu and her charas are looking at Dia’s egg. The charas are kind of disappointed that they never really got to meet her.Amu tells the that they’ll see her again, the next time she shines.



Lots to say about this episode, huh?

The animation wasn’t the same as last week, but the quality was still a lot better than usual. I am very pleased. All the music used was really great too. If I wasn’t sold on fillers to get the awesome stuff an anime adds (music, voices, etc.), I’d definitely be all for it this week.

Also…I really overdid the screencaps of Utau this week, but I can’t help it.

The mystery of Dia’s voice has been solved by the way. It might have been different before (or so I read), but now she’s voiced by Kanae Ito, Amu herself. I didn’t hear it at first, because I’ve only heard Kanae-san as Amu, but it’s definitely her. Man…Kanae-san is really good for a still new seiyuu. She’s already becoming a favorite.

Oh…and Dia’s real form is really cute.

Amulet Dia~! She’s the third most popular character in Shugo Chara! according to the Nakayoshi poll (I haven’t gotten my issue yet though, I just found out). She beat characters like Utau and Tadase.

Her transformation was basically just the glow and then this, but that makes sense. It’s a big moment so it had to be kind of automatic. If Amulet Dia comes back a couple of times we’ll probably get something more standard like with Amulet Heart, Spade, and Clover.

No! Crying Utau! I don’t care if she deserved it, it still makes me sad. Utau really is a good girl. She’s just been so misguided. Poor Utau…

That’s right Amu! You talk some sense into your tsundere friend! She didn’t lose! She’s Utau. it’s impossible for her to lose! Except in popularit polls (she’s in fourth place).

My god…there is no more tsuntsun Utau. Look at her! Where’s her stubborn little frown? Yeah, no longer denying that she likes Amu too. She didn’t say it out loud, but look at her. Utau~!

ROFL at Ami. She ran by everyone like that, but it was especially funny when she ran past Ikuto. No one can ignore her “WTH?” moe-ness.

Seriously…I think Ami somehow managed to get even cuter. I don’t know how, but she’s even cuter when she’s being a big fan of Utau. She’s the first member of the Utau fanclub and she shows it well!

Of course, little Utau is even cuter and moe-er. Because she’s Utau. Just look at her. It’s impossible to be any cuter than that.

I love this song. I can’t wait to hear the full version. The way they’ve been playing it, it just has to be the second song on the Black Diamon single. And I can’t wait to hear it~! I wonder if it’ll have both little Utau and current Utau singing. That would be so cute and just awesome. Nana-sama harmonizing with herself!

And that’s my Utau-chan~! Utau love officially triples with this moment! None of you can deny it any longer! If you’re still insulting Utau, you’re just tsundere for her. Utau is just so lovable now. Utau~! And you can’t say you don’t like Utau because of what she did to Eru either! Eru is pretty much the number on Utau fan!

I told you guys I’d be suspicious of everything. Nagihiko better come back soon. It’ll probably take until episode 51 or something thouhg (nuuu!).

Well. For the first time ever, Yaya was useful. Never thought it would happen, but good job Yaya.

Um…Amu is an awesome big sister and Ami is insanely cute. That’s it, but it needed to be said.

Eru’s even happier than I am about Utau officially becoming a member of the Eru fanclub. Eru forever~!

>_< Utau~! Eru~! They’re both so wonderful and what do you get when you combine them? Seraphic Charm~!

Officially…no more denying it, Seraphic Charm is my favorite Chara-Nari ever. Angelic Utau is win. Just…absolutely…perfect.

I hope to see Amu and Utau team up more in the future because every time they are incredibly awesome. Their fights were fun too, but they really are best as a team!

Angel Cradle’s song better be on the next OST. It is officially my favorite attack as well. She gets the charas to fall asleep, go back to their eggs, and all of them get healed too. It’s an awesome attack! With Nana-sama singing! Therefore…best attack ever. No contest.

More smiling Utau is wonderful~! She looks so angelic and beautiful. I really do love the Eru side of Utau the most. Tsundere Iru side is good too, but Angelic Eru side is the best.

Whoa. Starlight Navigation seems even more crazy over-powered than open heart. She was able to keep a helicopter from falling. A helicopter. Amulet Dia is really Amu’s best chara-nari.

Utau is so forgiving~! The angelic side really is wonderful.

And of course, looking at that angelic smile, Sanjou became another member of the Utau fanclub, joining Eru, Iru, Ami, Amu, and countless other nameless fans.

Ikuto’s such a good brother~! He really didn’t do much in this episode (he was basically just watching everything going on), but it’s okay. He shows that he’s the best at just about everything. He’s awesome at everything else, and now he’s an awesome brother too. Ikuto~!

Why are the Tsukiyomi’s so damn awesome?

Eh…they cut something out. Ikuto and Tadase were both supposed to go after the embryo. They both just noticed it. Now I’m not sure about what they said in that scene. I wanted to know…

Damn it! I think I know what Dia said here and I think it was really important, but I can’t say for sure. It’s not fair. *failure* I almost always miss the really important stuff. I need to study more.

Oh…and I can’t wait until Dia comes back. She still hasn’t shown up in the manga again though.

Nuuu! I knew this was going to happen, but! But! If Ikuto leaves, he doesn’t reappaear again in the manga until his arc starts. There’s some fillers coming that I really don’t think Ikuto will show up in so…what the heck? When’s Ikuto going to come back?

As much as I’d like the first time Amu sees Ikuto again to be during that scene…I want Ikuto to show up sooner. Don’t mess with me Satelight.

Um okay…I just freakin’ love this image of Utau. She looks so cute and cool and just…kyaa~! Utau is awesome. I can’t wait until episode 47. Utau~!

And Sanjou has officially become likable. Since Utau forgave her and Sanjou is being all nice…plus the fact that both Utau and Kairi like her…I like Sanjou now. She’s fun now that she’s not an Easter bitch.

Determined Utau without her being bitchy or tsundere or anything! Awesome! Utau love has doubled yet again!

God…Utau really is just completely awesome.



Summer vacation episode that seems to combine with the rest of chapter 26.

Yeah…I think we all recognize what this means. (Eh? But couldn’t Iinchou stick around for more fillers?)

Aside from this we also have more smiling Utau (yay!) and a non-crack pairing for Nikaidou (heh, I don’t remember that from the manga).

After next week though, we’re headed for fillers. The first one is “Ganbarre Seiichiro” and I have no idea who Seiichiro is so I expect he’s a filler character and the episode will suck. I mean, is there a Seiichiro I don’t know of? Am I forgetting something?

Then it’s an episode about Rima (Rima Kōrin!? Owarai no Kamisama!) so that should definitely be good.

And then…the filler I’m actually looking forward too! “Atashi ga Utau no Maneja!?” Which translates to “I’m Utau’s Manager?” Which means Utau and Amu together which is automatically awesome. It’s definitely a filler I’ll enjoy. Looking forward to it!

So, 2/3 fillers appearing to be decent isn’t bad, but let’s get some Utakai in there too (and bring Nagihiko back so we can get Rimahiko as well).

(EDIT: BTW, there’s a rip from the radio of the full version of Gachinko de Ikou on YouTube)


  1. I leave it in your hands.
    I’ve officially dropped this series.


    LMFAO! Ami WTF xD LOL Ikuto’s all “o-o” ROFL.
    Ok, Seraphic Charm is cute >.////< SQUEEEE, DEATH REBEL!!!

    Ok, fangirl time is over XDDD

  3. Seraphic Charm is damned cute, but the skirt is a bit too ballerina-like. Nevertheless, Utau’s attack is wonderful: she’s just singing and the feathers are healing the X-eggs – she can be such a good girl. But I like blonde, black-dressed half-antagonist as well. Though, I wonder if “Blue Moon” was ever sung in the anime, I have the single with it on, but I would like to see it. I’ve just read the manga and skipped most of the episodes until now (you know, fillers…)
    I would like to see Dia for real, I mean when she’s not shining. The colours are unclear this way.

  4. AWSOMENESS!!AMULET DIA(why dia instead of Diamond)
    I can’t wait to see more happy Utau :)

    WHY IINCHOU WHY!!WHY MUST YOU LEAVE NOW!!IT’S ONLY FILLER FOR A WHILE YOU CAN STAY A LITTLE WHILE LONGER!! your chara is still be in the ending and you’ll be in the opening(unless they change it)_*sigh* I knew it was comming but still he just stopped being a spy I wished that there would be another episode with him as the centeral focus.

  5. I woke up at 6 in the morning and the first thing I thought was “I have to download episode 43.” xDD
    Really, this episode was so wonderful and amazing. It had everything I wanted and more. I’m so satisfied and happy that I probably won’t care if next week’s a recap (have a horrible feeling that it is but I’m almost always wrong so let’s pray I’m wrong) and the one after that is a filler.
    OMG, seriously?! Dia (w/o X) is voiced by Kanae Ito?! That’s awesome! I guess her X-mode was different (she was voiced by Yoru’s seiyuu according to wiki). Ooo, but we get to hear Amu sing later on, right?! Maybe they’ll somehow cleverly(secretly) tie Dia in there so we can have another Amuto sparkly moment. Heh.
    Wai~! Amulet Diamond is so pretty! I like ze pose. Hehe ^^ She is indeed the best Chara-nari out of all of Amu’s Chara-naris. Look at how she SHINES. So bright I had to bring out my sunglasses. Lol
    We love emotional Utau…but we love smiling, happy Utau even more! Kyaa~! Utau~! You’re so pretty when you smile! Her tsuntsun scowl is cute but she’s beautiful when she smiles. This makes up for the itty bitty drop in animation this week. Gargh, now I wish I had Photoshop or something. I want to make a smiling Utau wallpaper. :D
    And yay for Amu extending the hand of friendship! You’re awesome, Amu. Now go and save your true love from Easter and properly confess your passionate feelings so we can have the ultimate mahou shoujo ending. xDDD
    Lol Ami steals the show with her a capella! Shugoi, Ami! Shugoi! So cute. xDD
    And aww! Did everyone love the moment when Iru and Eru helped Utau stand with their little Chara hands? So sweet~! *dies of happiness*
    Ahhh~!!! I went Mune ga ippai…! when Utau started singing! It’s such a lovely song. Nana-sama, I love you~! You’re wonderful! I want this song now! Urgh, and Black Diamonds won’t have this on the CD so I demand another Utau CD come out! NAO!!! RAWR!!!
    Gah, I can’t get over how much I love Utau in this eppy. <3 I think all (or most) of her anti-fans have been eliminated up to this point. Heh, that’s why they’re celebrating with a pool party while they’re moving stuff in the next eppy. Lol
    Hey~, what’s up with Satelight and their Rimadase shots (btw, Rima’s rope was AWESOME, yo!)? xD Oh, and I officially don’t hate Tadase anymore. In fact, I’m starting to “like” (yes, “like”) him a little better now that I understand him more (as of chapter 32, that is). Hmm, but I won’t spoil until you get your Nakayoshi.
    Lol Yaya is starting to become more useful. I think that’s great.
    Kyaa~!!! Serpahic Charm! SO FRIGGIN’ PRETTY!!! 8DDD And Angelic Cradle was the ultimate win! With that beautiful BGM playing in the background. So peaceful…I hope this is on the next OST, too. Hell, it’s too awesome that it has to be on two OSTs. xDD
    Starlight Navigation was epic…ha, I had the urged to change “Navigation” to “Breaker” but then that would probably result in the death of the poor pilot and we don’t want any deaths in Shugo Chara! (yet).
    Ikuto…even when you’re standing around on the sidelines, you’re always awesome (cuz he had to let the little kiddies try their best, too, or else they’ll stay puny and won’t be able to be a better fighter like him…not that they will ever match up to him but still… x3). And the Tsukiyomis are awesome because it’s the damn law. They’re so awesome they even need to have a law to state they’re absolutely awesome. Awesomeawesomeawesome!!! xDDD
    Gah~, but Ikuto is gonna be gone for the next few weeks (mourning period starts now) and Dia won’t be back until probably next season (gah, we’re still waiting for her in the manga, too). Argh! This is torture! Satelight, hurry up and animate that scene! You have more than enough episodes left! I don’t care if you make it episode 48 or episode 51 or whatever episode that are left. JUST. DO. IT!!!
    I love Utau’s casual look yet cool summer look (silly ordinary people can’t recognize an idol even when she’s in broad daylight without a hat on. You random anime people fail as Utau fans.). Somebody make a fashion branch for her as well.
    Haha, so yea…I’m still worried about next week but it’s looking pretty good with the confession thing. But nuu~! Iinchou, don’t go~! It won’t be fun without you~! *bawls* ;A; Unless Nadehiko comes back soon and then we can just use the rest of the fillers to animate his side stories (why is it that Nadehiko always get the side stories?).
    LMAO Nikaidou, you stud!!! XDDDDD;;;
    The Charas in their swim suits are cute! So cute! Eru better be in a cute swim suit, too (that’s sounds so wrong xDD;; ). And yes, more Utau and Amu tsuntsun friendship interaction, plzkthx.
    *sigh* I’m looking forward to Rima’s episode (goddess of comedy, lol). She’ll get a golden tsukkomi fan to whack others with, right? X3 And ooo… “Atashi ga Utau no Maneja!?” is definitely a must see. I want Kukai to come back, too (more Utakai, woot!). Bring Kukai back! It’s summer! He should treat them to ice cream!
    Will continue rambling later. xD;

  6. Nyuuu next episode is when Kairi departs, I’ll hide in my hole while he’s gone.
    This episode is amazingly sparkly, I absolutely love the effects that satelite is giving Shugo Chara.
    Me too love that image of Utau drinking juice/coke<3
    Awww, I think there would be a great filler arc coming up, I do hope it’s good fillers. Please no egg of the week episodes.
    Need next Shugo Chara OST, I wonder when is it out?
    Nyuuu no Ikuto for…some looooooooong time…more reason to hide in my little hole.
    (I ended up having to download this episode through Veoh TV…at least I have my HD version ;P)

  7. This summary helped me understand this episode so much better! A million thanks to you. :3

    I loved this episode so much, and I also love Amu and Utau working together, they really do make a good team!

    Whenever Utau sang the song that she sang when she was a little girl, I started crying! It was just such a shining moment for Utau, the tears just poured out.

  8. I was surprised that Amulet Dia was the third most popular. I like number one and two though, even though number 2 is my favorite and then number 1. Amulet Dia is my favorite of Amu’s charanari’s now.

    Poor Utau. She still looks pretty when she cries though.

    I loved how when Ami came in everyone was like “wth”. It was also nice to see chibi Ikuto again.

    Utau’s smiling1! That’s almost as rare as seeing Rima smile.

    Yeah I noticed that too. Nagihiko needs to come back and stop Rimase from happening in the anime.

    I liked the manga drawing of sephatic charm better, but it’s definitely awesome. Probably the best for purifying X-eggs with Amulet Clover.

    Yep. Maybe they’ll team up in their filler episode together.

    Yeah Ikuto just kind of got to stand around most of the episode (I guess he couldn’t really help since Easter would probably get suspecious. He is a good brother. It must have been hard for him to see Utau sink to such depths for his sake. He’ll probably show up next episode since I think there’s a scene where he acts emo at the end of chapter 26.

    Seiichio probably some seiyo kid who has a crush on Rima or Amu -_-. It’s good to know that satelight’s finally focusing on main and side characters in their fillers instead of random filler people. It’s also ironic that Utau’s getting more of a part in the anime after her arc in over.

  9. Uwah, Seraphic Charm~. I know my favourite Charanari is one of Utau’s, but I don’t know which… I like them all. I’m excited for the new “manager” episode. I’ve been on Guardians Wish recently, but I forgot to check the new episodes. Oh well. At least you keep me updated xD. I had to rewind the Ami scene where she ran past everyone about three times, because I thought it was that cute. Hehe :D. Anyways… I definitely can’t wait for the new season to begin. I want the shower scene animated and I want Death Rebel animated. T_T. I don’t care about random filler characters. *grumble*.

  10. I was soooo happy when I found out that she got to keep the egg for Dia. I was afraid it would dissappear or something. so I’m satisfied about that :)
    Utau’s Transformation is also my favorite ( I allways pictured it like that (sooo kawaii!!) I love the wings, the attack, etc.
    Dia is so cute!! I love the pigtails.
    I love the show enough to stick around for the fillers, i’m not to picky when it comes to fillers at all.

  11. =_= I got up incredibly early yesterday (Saturday), despite having had a sleepover, JUST so I could watch this, and what the HECK?! It didn’t get uploaded until TODAY! I’m so mad.

    Anyway… another episode I didn’t understand very much speech in. I understood a few words. I’m guessing most of it was deep again.

    Aside from that, it was indeed AWESOME.

    <3 True-Dia is even cuter in the anime ^^
    Why did Amu only say ‘Amyuretto Daiya’ instead of Diamond? =/

    Seraphic Charm~ <3
    Awesome. ^^
    Even if the skirt is a little overly poofy. I can let that go since it’s Utau though.

    I officially love Iru now. She might not have had a big part, but I think her true side showed in this eppy. ^^

    And Ami was just… lol.

    It was indeed ‘Starlight Navigation’ and it was indeed stupidly strong. I just decided that it was something to do with the Humpty Lock and Amu being especially strong that day. That’s not quite what I mean, but whatever, my brain isn’t working yet today.

    I don’t care if it’s filler, as long as it’s not absolutely rubbish… and the manager thing sounds pretty cool. ^^

    Utamu Team FTW! Utau and Amu are awesome when they team up~!

    I hope we get more Dia some time.

    I was under the impression that Dia went back into Amu’s heart. Apparently not. ^^;

    Want the manga even more now. =-= I hate living in England.

  12. i love your blogs, i dont understand jappanese so when i look at it raw i have no idea what is happening, but these blogs really help out alot! thankyou! please continue to do them til the end of the series, im looking forward to the next episode the most! it looks really cool. i really wanted amu to end up with ikuto though >.<

  13. Amulet Dia in the anime looks way cuter than the manga. maybe it’s all that shiny stuff that draws me in or something XD
    Utau sure is one of the best characters in SC. She shows so many expressions that it’s impossible to hate her, or even dislike her. Utau + Eru = Seraphic Charm = Pure angel love ^^
    I couldn’t help but laugh as Ami past by all the others, especially Ikuto. See, Ikuto? You are not the only one who has a hyper loving younger sister.
    Oh and the song that Utau sings is not part of the single Black Diamonds. In the official site it has the list of tracks. I think it’s the versions of with and without the violin. Well, we might be lucky and get the song on the 2nd OST (since there are new tracks coming…including that beautiful lullaby. I want it…NAO!)
    When I saw the part where Rima helps Tadase, I immediately thought that you would comment on that. It’s amazing how Tadase always manages to turn to all the wrong girls >..<
    And one last thing to point out, since they did the same to the first part of this 1st season. Apparently Satelight has been making the series’ seasons match our own. On the 1st part, they added many fillers before reaching the spring and Summer, and for the time to Kukai and Nadeshiko to leave the series. Now we’ll be until the end of September (episode 51) with other fillers. Shiningninja at GW told me that the 2nd season starts immediately after this one ends (she said she read somewhere…and that Nakayoshi also mentioned it). Ikuto’s arc happens in fall and winter, so I’m sure that must be one of the reasons for this quantity of fillers.

  14. one word : WOW!

  15. :( I know what you mean, Kura-chan. It sucks living in england:( Always raining:( Anyway, OMG I love that Utau turned good! And Ami started to become soooo much cuter. Plus when Tadase and Kairi protected Amu, Ami and Utau! Kawaii! Then Utau in her awesome summer clothes!

    I don’t read the manga(Because it doesn’t sell anywhere or able to order in England :( But can someone please tell me who confeses to who? It looks like an Amu,Tadase and kairi episode, but who confesses?

    AAAAAAAAAAA!!! Kairi’s leaving??!!??! Damn you, Satelight!

  16. Omfg Yay!like i was waiting and luv ya reviews!And omg…IKUTO.I dont care if he says nothing.He’s still hott…..Amulet Diamond!Seraphic charm!Tight rope Dart?Save Linchou Rima!Not tadase!Anyways im very suspicious…there starting to interact with eachotherrr to much….>.>…..<,<….

  17. This was an awesome episode. I saw this last night, so I’ve had time to take it all in.
    So I’m not going to spaz right now.
    Btw, THANKYOU! .<“, and you took a screncap of that! I’m more happy than I should be about a picture right now.

  18. Blegh. I messed up my comment.
    What I ment to say is that I really wanted to make a icon of that picture of Utau drinking. And I’m so happy you took a screencap of that.

  19. It’s amazing how much Utau matured in this short amount of time. I love her, she’s so awesome. Dia is also ADORABLE, in my opinion I think she’s the smartest of Amu’s charas.

    I was sad to see that they cut out the scene of Tadase and Ikuto reaching for the embryo, though I have a tiny bit of hope that maybe they’ll put it in for another episode (meaning Ikuto WILL appear one last time in season 1) but.. none the less I adored both of these episodes.

    On a side note, the melody playing during Angel Cradle was beautiful.

  20. I really like this episode i wish it could continue and i really want Tadase to confess to Amu. if you watch this i think you’ll love this anime soooo much that you won’t stop thinking about it.

    I wanted to give this show shugo chara to Lina, Luchia, and Noelle, so they can watch this episode with me someday again.

    it was very sad when Nadeshiko have to leave and study abroad. i didn’t think they would have a new guardians.

  21. Hi i really love anime very much but i like this show the most becuz it sad and romantic looooooooooooovvvvvveeeeeeeeee iiiiitttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Well, since the fillers r comin’, I probably won’t be comment til a good episode~!

    This was a really good one. But I was more excited about the previous one, Idk why, but I was.
    However, it was awsome~! I really wanted to see Amulet Diamond~! [that btw, yeah, was 3rd! And Dia was the 1st chara~! But her X version was the 8th I think…]. Now I’ve seen it in the anime I understand why she’s the favorite. But I wonder if we will see her again, in the manga hasn’t appear yet, and we’re in chap32…[which I read yesterday~! I wanna see it animated now, much cuteness there!]
    Ay, Uti!! You make me feel so many emotions in one episode! When she was down I was so bad for her. I know is an anime, but I felt it… And when she was singin’…! Was great when they showed lil Uti [sooo adorable ♥ Seriously, she can’t be cuter] and then grown up Uti singin’. You can listen the difference between ages and how she progressed. [Mizuki Nana is just genial]. Blushin’ Uti was great too.
    I love when Ami appeared and started singin’! Haha, better in the anime. The best was Ikuto’s face. Thanx Ami ♥
    Talkin’ about Ami… Nagihiko didn’t appear! I wanted to see him x( Besides, Rima and Tadase… no, is just wrong. But after chap32, Tadase has changed a bit in front my eyes… But still is not for Rima-tan!
    And Yaya actually did somethin’ besides cryin’ or actin’ like a baby ’cause her attack was useless. Good for you Yaya~!
    And Eru was soo cute~! I had waited for Uti-Eru reconciliation, but even more for Seraphic Charm! Uti+Eru= damn awsome chara-nari. I do like better Dark Jewel’s outfit, but the presence is another one. And the attack was wordless. I think we all laughed at least once with Eru’s “attacks” which were cute, but she definitely redeemed. And the fact she team up with Amulet Dia… Ahh, just loved it.
    Amulet Dia was amazing too. The stars rain was a nice touch. Now, a stupid though I had: Those were kinda wings, not sleeves~! The first time I saw her outfit I didn’t realise. Neither the last one ^^”. It wouldn’t be so cool if Amu couldn’t fly next to Uti. Damn, I’m stupid, but haha, I had to say it.
    Ikuto!!! I’ll miss u so badly T_T Bcause if we got fillers and we hav to wait for… that, u won’t be til who knows when. Besides, that happens when the chapter is finishin’. Ahhh… At least in an awsome scene, so if they do it well, it’ll be worth. =/
    [And btw, yeah, they cut the embryo part, I wonder why… I’d take, idk, another 5 seconds…]
    Now Uti-chan is free and happy~! Next episode I wanna take a screencap of this [IMG][/IMG]. I don’t know why, but I totally like it~! Was my avi for weeks… But I’ll miss Kairi, he was a good Jack. Haha, I remember when I was sad for Kukai, now is Kairi! Nagihiko, don’t do this to us!!

  23. I love Seraphic Charm! There are so many transformations, but this one looks so good. I wish they would just stick to the story, still I’ll definitely watch the fillers. Besides the fact that this was a sweet episode, let’s not forget the fact that today is an amazing day. Happy Birthday, Fuyu Maiden! Wish you all the best!

  24. Yay! Great ep! Seraphic Charm was really nice, too! And Amulet Dia…
    By the way, I’ve posted up my .gif from ep. um… the utau and ikuto one. sorry, can’t remember what ep it was in. here’s the link

    great ep. once again! thanks for summarizing!
    Happy (belated) Birthday, Fuyu-Maiden-Sama! Hope you had a great day!

  25. OMG! i love shugo chara! Amulet Dia is soooo cute! I wish I had a Shugo Chara! Ikuto is smokin hot! seriphic charm is so awsome~ i like the anime more then the manga~ Im glad that amu and utau are fwends~ kinda~ yaya actually fought! A round of applause to Ami!

    Another awsome episode!
    Thanks for this whole summary thing~!

  26. Wow…this episode was certainly popular. (This will teach me never to get too busy for comments again)


    Hinano: *sigh* It really is too bad though. I’ll miss your Shugo Chara! posts. Stupid fangirls (and some fanboys too, I’ve learned).


    lol2728: Yeah. Yay for the Chara-nari’s!


    MinaMurray: Nuuu! Ballerina skirt is necessary! Without the ballerina skirt…I don’t know. I just like it.

    Oh yes. Both Utau’s are good. I’m just loving angel-side of Utau more right now because it’s new.

    Maybe someday Blue Moon will be sung in the anime. I’d like to see that. It’s such a beautiful song. But it hasn’t showed up yet. It would have made a lot of fillers better…


    Kelly: I don’t know…they’ve been using “Dia” instead of “Diamond” since the beginning. You’d have to ask Peach-Pit. They like to use full English for everything else, so it is a good question.

    *sigh* I really wish Kairi wasn’t leaving too. He only gets to stick around for such a short time. Even Kukai and Nagihiko come back after they “leave”. It’s not fair!


    xiao_jie88: Heh me too. Except I woke up at 9:00 AM in my area…and there was no torrent…

    We better get to hear Amu sing later on!!! Partly because Amu singing might mean Amuto filler (That’s the scene that made me fall in love with Amuto! Why is it still not in the anime?), and partly because I want to hear Kanae Ito sing. She’s still a new seiyuu so there’s no character songs yet…

    I have Utau as Seraphic Charm from the manga as my wallpaper. So pretty~! Smiling, peaceful, angelic Utau is wonderful.

    Seconded on ultimate mahou shoujo ending (I want tears and raburabu hugging with an epilogue too).

    I want another Utau CD too! With an extra Utau song we’ll never get to hear in the anime! Just like with Meikyuu Butterfly! Or it can just be the wordless beauty that is Angel Cradle (so pretty…)

    I can’t like Tadase, because he fits into that archetype I can’t stand (princely characters often make me want to puke. It can’t be helped), but he certainly has become more likable after recent chapters. I did upgrade him to “friend” after all.

    Ah me too! And Starlight Navigation is an over-powered attack done by a loli with twin-tails! It’s just begging for comparisons!!!

    Ikuto…the emo-ing starts now. For us the fans and for poor Ikuto himself. Unless they throw in some random filler arc between Utau’s and Ikuto’s arcs where Ikuto gets to be his playful kitty self. In which case, I’m fine. Though I doubt it. *emo*

    You’d think everyone would recognize Utau really easily without a hat. Her twin-tails stick out so easily. It bothered me back in the Christmas episode too (Utau, put on an awesome overly-large hat!). But it’s okay because casual Utau looks way too cool.

    You’re right. Eru better be in a swimsuit. Otherwise, she’ll be the only girl in SaiMoe to nevr wear one (lol, Eru really is in SaiMoe. I just finished voting for her!)

    Goddess of Comedy means Rima gets an episode that isn’t filled with awful parents too, doesn’t it? But the Utau episode is still what I look forward to most. Especially on the off-chance Kukai happens to show up (triple awesomes!)


    LilaChan: *sigh* I miss Kairi already.

    I’m actually fine with a filler arc if they still keep my favorite characters showing up regularly. The only problem is that Satelight doesn’t seem to like doing that.

    I’ve been prepared for missing Ikuto for a while, so my “Nuuu!”s are waiting a bit for now.


    Naji: Glad that I could be of some help.

    I know! Utau’s song from when she was younger gets me all teary too. So much shining for my two favorite Shugo Chara! girls this week.


    warriorhope: Oh, I am very pleased with number one and two. And number four~! My three favorite characters all ended up higher than other characters (I kind of count Amulet Dia as “extra” and I don’t think she counts properly in the ranking), so I am satisfied.

    Which reminds me…I got my Nakayoshi today and forgot to do my bragging post (oops…need to get to that tomorrow).

    Chibi Ikuto is always very welcome (Dammit! When is a site going to list those figures for preorder!? I wan my own chibi Ikuto at home!!!).

    Seraphic Charm is better than Amulet Clover, because she purifies using pretty music (automatically makes it better).

    I think Ikuto stood around mostly because he wanted Utau and Amu to both do things on their own. Both of them had been struggling for a long time. More specifically for Utau though, as a brother he had to help his little sister by not getting involved (Ikuto’s so great).

    God I hope he at least has a crush on Rima. I don’t need any anime-original additions to Amu’s harem. But even that filler would mean Satelight listened to all our complaining about the main characters not getting the spotlight. I’m still remaining cautious though…


    xlapisxlazulix: Ah…as a quick note, seeing your icon really is making me smile right now. Seraphic Charm~! I know it’s my favorite chara-nari. No question.

    I’ve rewatched that a bunch of times now too. Especially for when she runs past Ikuto. So funny and cute.


    Orihime-chan: When this was first going on in the manga, I was afraid of the same thing too actually. When I first heard spoilers, I thought that Dia was gone forever and I was so upset. But luckily I was wrong!


    Kura-Chan: It must have been, since I had to follow along with a lot of parts just based on what I already knew. I became quite lost as well.

    Dia instead of Diamond…I’m not sure why. They’ve been using “Dia” instead of Diamond since the beginning.

    I chalked up Starlight Navigation being crazy strong to Amulet Dia being Amu’s ultimate chara-nari with super SHINING powers. Newer transformations mean crazier powers in mahou shoujo after all.


    moviemix: Very glad that I could help you understand. At currently I do plan to continue to the end of the series. They’d have to piss me off big time for me to drop this anime (I love talking about it way too much).


    ForeverOblivion: I know what you mean. I was actually afraid of her not looking as cute, but she managed to be cuter. Kind of like Eru. Part of it has to be the super cute voice (combined with the SHINE).

    I know it’s not now. So disappointing. I like both versions of Black Diamond though…so that’s fine. I still want Utau’s song someday though.

    Tadase has to find some girl that doesn’t already have a rabid fanbase surrounding it (keep searching Tadase, just don’t search around Amu, Rima, or even Utau!).

    Yeah, they have been doing that. So it would make sense to hold back on Ikuto’s arc (where it being cold is pretty plot-relevant) until winter. And I figured the next season would start ASAP. But I think the reason for so many fillers is more because they’re waiting for the manga to finish up.

    Oh…and also…Shugo Chara! seems to be making them a lot of money. It’s one of the highest viewed anime in Japan and it has crazy merchandising too. They’d be stupid to let it go so soon.


    Iseko: Well, you should check out the manga if you get the chance. There’s a few good scenes from volume 2 that were taken out or edited.

    Ah. I would have told you earlier, but now that it’s Friday, I figure you can wait just a little longer to find out who is confessing.


    13Cici: Oh yes. The picture of Utau drinking certain deserves an icon. I’ll have to make my own as well. I don’t know what it is about that picture, but it’s just so cute and cool.


    Abstractsoul: Yes…Utau really did mature a lot in this episode, didn’t she? She’s so great.

    Dia is definitely the smartest. The other charas give her advice, but usually just by cheering her up. it’s not the same.

    I hope you’re right about them adding it in later. Adding in some random fight so they can add in that scene too. I want to see more of Ikuto too.


    Reina: Aww. I’ll miss your comments. But who knows? Maybe some of the fillers will be good!

    We should see her again. Once Amu “shines” again. There’s a lot of things that could make Amu shine, so I really think we’ll get to see Dia again. I’m hoping for one specific theory where Dia shows up.

    I’m ticked that Nagihiko didn’t appear. This definitely means we don’t get to see him until the next season starts up. No Kairi, no Nagihiko, and no Ikuto. It’s so awful. There probably won’t be any Kukai either. We’ll be left with just Tadase. And even if he is more likable in the manga, the anime isn’t to that point yet.

    I think Eru redeemed herself when she managed to make “White Flag” useful! Still funny, but pretty useful.

    I know, I was confused about Amulet Dia’s wing-sleeves for a while too.

    Oh I want to see that too. Amu and Utau’s tsundere friendship.


    Roxy: I’m glad I’m not the only one sticking with the fillers. No matter how awful some may end up being, I will watch them!!! And thank you!


    amuto007_is_mit-chan007: Ah, I can’t see the picture. T_T You sent me the url to the preview. You have to send me the direct link (or your password, but I figure your account is PW protected for a reason.

    And thank you.


    Rea: Lol. I can’t help but agree with everything you said. And I’m glad to do the summary.

  27. :D super cool!

  28. i love everything about thisssss. :D
    i cant’ wait for more i’m so overwhelmed with joy….:D

  29. Just to clear up any confusion about Seichiro/Seiichiro, it’s that (until now) minor male character that always calls Amu ‘Cool & Spicy’. Amu ‘rescued’ him in episode one, and has had a few minor rolls since then. Or at least, that’s my guess, since the episode preview pictures were almost all featuring him.

  30. hi! sorry for the link problem. I forgot tomake it public… *sweatdrops*

    hope this one works!

  31. Omg No!No!no!Rima stop you cant protect wimpy Ass Tadase!You save Linchou!And omg Utau yayness!Seraphicu Charm!Defintely one of the best!Omg Utau see what youv’e done?!You made me luuuuuuuv you!Omg it could’nt get better than this!Ikuto is stil…SEXY!And Tadase is still…A wimp.Haha Tadase.NO way your reaching the top uh.Amu Ikuto and Utau seat’s reserved.Sorry :P.Did you Hear?!Amu came in 1st place and Ikuto came in 2nd Then Amulet Dia Then Seraphic charm and then Utau.Haha Tadase!You got 6th!And your transform AND your chara are at the bottom so BLEH!*Stick out Tongue*


  32. Iseko I uh… like the rain. o.o And I like England. I just hate the fact that we have barely any decent anime and manga over here. Internet, you save my life.

  33. kekes…^.^…im more interested in ur thoughts den the episode itself, usually it has more infomations…=D…thank you so much! Sadly, i dun think there will be a full version of the song Utau sung in tis episode[Yume no Tsubomi].
    Currently my fav~~ =D

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