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The cuteness level is rising, the enjoyable otaku references are rising…why isn’t this show imploding yet?

I’m so pleased with this anime right now that I can’t even be like, “I’m only pleased because it’s not as bad as I thought it would be…” No. I just like it. It’s completely likable. It’s just a lovecom that’s legitimately entertaining…and geared towards guys. I’m still in amazement.

So…after the nice hug last week and the princess carry before that, how could Nogizaka Haruka go further without making anything happen too quickly? A kiss this early would leave everything else feeling a little more “meh”ish.

Simple answer: Wedding photo.

HELL YEAH! We have freakin’ romance ninjas working on this show!

That’s right. You heard me.



Where to start? There’s just as much cuteness in this episode. I still can’t screencap it all though. For once I just left it to pictures where I actually had something to say.

Did Haruka just get cuter…again!? Obviously, I got the Shana reference, but I didn’t have the same fan reaction since I’ve never really watched the anime yet. Instead, I simply enjoyed it for, “lol, Haruka is cosplaying in the middle of the day for pretty much no reason. Cute~!”

Quick question here. How come in pretty much every anime the first thing people put on when they’re tailing someone is a hat? Except Haruka, she’s got her cosplay going there…cosplay isn’t stealthy at all. And Nanami too, but she’s a maid and must always be dressed as such.

Still…I think it’s a reasonable question. Why hats? Hats are always something that draw my attention in the real world. And why no sunglasses? Hats and no sunglasses…not good enough!

Haha, the maid is devilish too. A cute loli and a cute maid make a wonderfully devilish duo. I look forward to more of their plans and just general teasing.

Hazuki’s a witch. She has to be! She doesn’t age. She’s a witch maid with a chainsaw and glasses…who doesn’t age…

And apparently collects stuffed animals as well. ROFL at Yuuto’s imagining of this.

Ha. Kana Ueda. I always like seiyuu references, I like them ten times more when the seiyuu reference has the seiyuu calling herself “beautiful”. Nice.

Ha…girls taking a boy into a lingerie store. It’s not embarassing when it’s a department store I think, but I know my brother and any guy friends flat out refuse to go near lingerie stores. More of Yuuto acting like a decent guy…aproved!

Shiina again. And she fell again too. I wonder if she’ll fall the third time (which should be next episode).

Right now I still don’t have a lot to say about her. I was mostly just thinking about how Rina Satou would do as Kyoko and Skip Beat! now. I am easily distracted by awesome shoujo. Sorry.

I can’t believe she’s a teacher walking around drunk in the middle of the day hitting on her students. Wow. She’s probably the only thing I really hate about this show right now.

And she taught both Haruka and I an unnecessary word!!! I learned “sanpii” before so many other better words. I don’t even need to know it since I don’t watch anime where it would come up conversationally, so I feel like unnecessary space in my head has been taken up. Because I just now I’ll never be able to forget. And now anything that sounds similar is going to get me laughing unintentionally.

Damn you drunken slut teacher!!! Especially for attempting to taint Haruka’s innocence!

Well, at least Yuuto’s sister seems to be the lesser of two evils. She’s sober right now and she seems to be the one saying less whorish things (can’t say those things to your brother anyway). She actually tricked Haruka into thinking she was a nice lady-like woman too.

I know that these scenes were chockful of fanservice, but Mika and Nanami got me laughing anyway with their changing room antics. Especially Mika. It’s nice to see the usually stable Mika acting immature anyway. It’s fine to be like that if it’s in the privacy of a dressing room.

Awesome mix-up. Just absolutely great. I cannot love whoever came up with this enough. I’m assuming it’s the original creator so…good job Yusaku Igarashi! If not, good job anime writing team (or whoever)!

Wedding photo. Heh. They actually do look like they could be a married couple. Haruka especially. She looks unusually calm and…sort of bridal.

Tehe~! Oh, I love this. More confirmation that this anime is totally worth watching.

Anyone else notice that the serious part always comes in at the same time? Then gets solved right after. And it’s always just Haruka being kind of sad to Yuuto. It’s something I might complain about (being predictable and all), but I’m in this anime for the cuteness and romance, so I don’t mind one bit. It’s just something I noticed.

Ha. Awesome. The last two people Haruka and Yuuto probably wanted to see that picture. I love it. I hope they tease those two mercilessly.

And we end very nicely once again on another episode with Haruka. I’ve officially decided that this anime will never get awful. Even if there’s a swmsuit episode, I’ll still just love it regardless. It’s just automatic now.

But as side blog-related note: My blogging has slowed down again. Sorry, but nothing can be done about it. If it continues, I’ll get into why, but everything should return to normal by Monday Tuesday (I forgot my birthday is on Monday). I’ll get to my comment replies over the weekend too.


  1. Eh, I liked this episode but I didn’t enjoy it as much as I did the previous two. I want more YuutoxHaruka. x3
    Ahhh~! Haruka cosplaying as Shana! Cute~! In the middle of the day for no reason at all (except to stalk her maid,lol)…That’s awesome. Nuff said. xD
    And they played Mami Kawada! More points. More points.
    I guess with hats, you can quickly pull them down on your face when the person you’re trailing almost catches a glimpse of you and then you can quickly run away, assuming they’ll just think you’re weird and carry on their own way. But yea…why no sunglasses? Those help a lot. :P
    Kyaa~! I loved Mika and Nanami! Mika’s the lead of the duo and Nanami’s the reliable backup. Hmm…maybe I will get this on dvd when it comes out. This series is just too good. ^^
    lol Kana Ueda self-promotion. Awesome. xD
    And kyaa~! Wedding photos! Awkward couple~, blushing bride~, blushing groom~, d’awww…Just go find a nearby church and get hitched already! lol J/k. J/k. No fun in that if they get together too early.
    Hmm, I’m seeing a hint here. Those photos from the date and this wedding photo…when we get to a bump in the road, Haruka or Yuuto will have some deep thoughts while they’re looking at these, right? Ahhh~! I wanna see it! I wanna see it! x333
    I have no idea what next week’s episode about so I guess I’ll wait for subs (I heard something about a transfer student, I think?).
    And you take your time in your blogging. But not too long cuz I need someone to fangirl with about eppy 43. Kyaa~! It was awesome! I’m watching it again right now! Where’s the damn torrent for this thing?! xDD;;

  2. My my, already getting married? XD

    It’s funny to see how Haruka is more otaku than Yuuto is – if he is at all…

    Still on the third episode of this, I need to get watching.

  3. Another awesome episode of Hakura. I knew about the wedding part ahead of time thanks to spoilers, but seeing it was even better. I think it’s the first time I’ve seen a wedding fantasy outside of Shoujo,except for Maison Ikkou, maybe.


    LMFAO, a lingerie store xDDDD That’s…just cruel xDD
    LOL and the devious loli appears again!!! :D
    Wait…what? The maid is a witch? And she has a chainsaw? AWESOME.

    PURE WIN, this episode is just PURE WIN. ^^

  5. xiao_jie88: Well, now Yuuto is going to have to be shared with Shiina, so more YuutoxHaruka might be a hopeless wish (nuuu!). Oh well…cutely, kind, maybe jealous Haruka would be nice.

    That’s true. I totally missed that us of a hat during stalking. Hats make a less suspicious face covering than anything else. Though the lack of sunglasses is inexcusable! For Mika and Haruka anyway…and maybe Yuuto (Nanami already wears sunglasses all the time…).

    Nanami is the reliable maid back-up in sunglasses. She’s more fun than the regular back-up too.

    No, no fun if it’s too early…they should at least have a few dates before we get to move onto raburabu otaku married life.

    Y-yes! I want that to happen. The pictures need to be brought back for some thoughtful remembering.

    Transfer student, yes. Shiina will be making her appearance at their school and become a regular character.


    Hoshi: Yuuto’s only becoming an otaku because he wants to look into the things Haruka likes so she can have someone to talk with about that stuff (so cute…>_<).


    warriorhope: Maison Ikkoku…I keep getting reminded that I need to read it. It’s been on my “Must read” list for five years now. Wedding Fantasy definitely helps push me more to watch it though. I love well-placed wedding fantasy scenes.


    lol2728: Devious, but cute and sensible loli though. Mika is great.

    Well, she’s not a real witch. I’m just suspicious of her.

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