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July 31, 2008 at 10:25 am | Posted in Personal | 4 Comments

I got neglectful in my studies again. Or I’ve really just been as neglectful as ever. I had to focus on a more important study first: Driving.

I turn eighteen in just a few days (August 4), but I just got my license on Wednesday. Familiar readers already know the reason why probably. It took so long for the same reason I missed out on doing everything else for a year.’

But nonetheless, I have made progress again.

I finished up my flashcards for hiragana today. I’ve been going through and memorizing. It’s a lot easier then what I have been doing. It doesn’t stick in my head quite the same way, but it takes less time, so overall it’s probably better.

Okay, it is better. But I’ll still go back to my old ways once I get my next issue of Nakayoshi.

I can no longer say which hiragana I’m learning specifically. The ones the stick in my head kind of change. But I’ve got a (あ), i (い), u (う), e (え), and o (お) all memorized. I can say that for sure. They’re the easiest to learn first anyway.

Anyway, with the flashcards it really has been a lot easier and I’ll probably make more progress now. I just sat down with them for ten minutes and a lot of things are already sticking in my head.

It’s really been more troublesome learning all of this then I thought it would be at first. I think it’s really hard to teach yourself based off of advice from others. Everyone seems to learn in different ways. A lot of good advice I’ve been getting doesn’t quite work for me.

For example, I can’t write the kana out to learn it. Because the way I’vce always worked, I just copy things down and none of it stays in my head. Yes, even with shapes. If I copy anything for more than three minutes, my brain just sort of shifts into automatic, then it’s ten minutes later and I can’t remember anything I just did.

Not very helpful for me. Very helpful for others.

But I’m good with just straight memorization. Things usually stay in my head for a long time if I sit down and memorize them for a while.

For spelling/vocabulary tests at school I almost always got 100 when I just studied for the five minutes before the test, reading everything to myself over and over. Of course, we didn’t get a word bank for vocab tests at that point (high school). With word banks, it really only took two minutes.

Some people go all, “Ah! You suck!” when I tell them that sort of stuff, but the thing is I have to keep doing it if I want everything in my head. I have to do it a lot. Like…everyday and stuff.

There’s also a lot more hiragana than just the 25 words on my vocab tests. But, I’ll still be able to get through it.

The main problem so far has been that I’m not good with…shapes. I’m good with words and languages. I learned Spanish pretty easily when I was in sixth-eighth grade. I sucked after that though even though I took three more years because I always had Spanish first thing in the morning. My short-term memorization “studying” for tests kind of bit me in the ass there too.

But the Japanese writing system is a whole new sort of thing I’ve never done before. I’m not just memorizing words, but new shapes and stuff. It would probably be better if I could just write everything out, because I can see how that would work for others. However, my brain hardly ever remembers what my hand writes. It doesn’t help much that my hand-writing looks awful too (I think one must influence the other).

I’m progressing now though! Now that I’ve finished with everything else I’ve needed to work on this Summer, I’m good to go! With just about a month left! Yeah!

Anyway, I’ve pretty much got the hang of it now and hopefully I’ll at least memorize all the hiragana and some katakana by the time Summer is over. Hopefully. Weird things keep getting in the way after all.


  1. First off…Congratulations on getting your license! ^^
    And Happy Birthday in advance (if for some reason my internet crashes again)! Haha, you’ll finally be legal. Ain’t that exciting? xD
    Hwoo…sounds tough about the memorization. I can never do that or at least, I can try but it will never stick. Heh, this is why I never remember anything I learned after I’ve been tested on it. Really bad…
    At least you take the time to sit down and make flashcards for them. I think I remember things better when I learn them in tidbits (but it’s such a slow process, ugh).
    Ah, but I feel a fraction of your pain. I had to do that when I started learning Chinese (forgot everything). It really is tough with the characters. *sigh* But good to know you’re hanging in there. I’m still cheering you on. Hehe ^^

  2. So you’re that kind of learner? Well, no wonder why writing it down wouldn’t help you at all. I guess the best thing that I could suggest is…just keep doing what you’re doing. Also, read a lot of Japanese as well; see if you can do it without referring back to the chart/flashcards. And take some online hiragana/katakana quizzes too. That should help keep it in your brain longer.

    I can’t suggest anything else that would work for you, since the way I learn is just way out there for most people. So, good luck with this, and try not to forget any of it once you manage to learn it. Then go for Kanji. Fun stuff, seriously.

  3. Congradulations on getting your license! And happy birthday in advance. It’s pretty good that you’ve managed to learn some japanese characters. At least you know Ikuto and Eru names so you can see how many times their names are mentioned in the next chapter of shugo chara.

  4. Yea, writing stuff over and over again doesn’t really work for me either… then again nothing else really does, which may explain why I suck at kanji XD Good luck with your Japanese (and enjoy the driving XD)

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