Anime Girls: Sakura…Again!

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I lied. We’re not done yet.

Super Special Bonus Girl: Sakura from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, the more current (and therefore easier to fangirl over) Sakura.

Heh…I got you all. I am so awesome. But not as awesome as Sakura, so let’s move onto that.

(Immense Tsubasa Chronicle spoilers from the manga)

I had this planned from the beginning. I was going to go through ten different anime girls and then just add the TRC’s Sakura on at the end. Or more specifically, clone Sakura. But I’ll get to my reasoning on why just the clone a little bit later.

I felt that talking about both Sakura’s (or really, all three) in the same post would have taken up a lot more space and time than it did for Tomoyo, so I decided to separate the girls. But it’s unfair for Sakura to bump another girl off the list, especially if that girl is Tomoyo, so I decided to add on an extra spot.

Sakura really is my number one. No matter what form she takes. I just had to move things around so I could properly fangirl.

For the doubters, here’s some proof that I had this planned from the beginning…it’s why I didn’t notice that I was one anime girl short until I was about halfway through. I counted ten on my list, so I didn’t realize anything was wrong. It’s also why there’s absolutely no mention of Sakura from TRC except about ccsSakura appearing.

ccsSakura is the original, and probably the best, but I kind of like both Sakura’s equally. I can’t get into the “real” Sakura from Tsubasa because anyone who reads Tsubasa knows that we’re just barely getting to know her now. She’s from an entirely separate timeline. It’s weird.

Does that mean there’s technically three Sakura’s in TRC? Or four since ccsSakura is in there too.

…Oh God CLAMP, I love Sakura, but please stop, my head’s going to start hurting!

Really, it’s kind of hard for me to talk about cSakura too, but not as hard as it is for ccsSakura. I don’t have to go back over five years and think, “How did I feel about Sakura when I first saw her” and my feelings toward cSakura aren’t so easily summed up by, “She’s just the best.” Because cSakura isn’t really the best. A lot of people dislike her.

Heh, though if you’ve been reading this list from the beginning, I’m sure you already understand part of it. Having a character be disliked by lots of other people tends to make me love them more.

First off, every single step of the way since they hit Tokyo, I have been right about everything Sakura’s done. Everything! I’m not kidding. It takes me a while to get proven right, but it always happens in the long run.

What I thought back in Tokyo took a long time to come true though. Everyone was thinking that Sakura was weird suddenly becoming a “fearless killing machine” but I thought there was more to it than her just being a big old Mary-Sue.

And for the record, I don’t think flying a hover scooter and shooting gigantic animals are impossible skills to obtain anyway. Have any of you guys ever shot a gun? It’s pretty easy when you use both hands. You can definitely hit a gigantic snake and since it always took Sakura a ton of shots to take them down, I don’t think it’s a big deal. And a hover scooter is probably just the same a regular scooter…except since it hovers it’s probably easier to stay upright.

But that’s just my opinion. I’m sure someone else can go, “Scooters are hard to drive!” and “Guns are difficult to shoot” but that’s not my experience…so whatever. (Ah, and before someone asks about the gun thing, I have a friend whose father is a police officer and we got to go to the shooting range for a school project once)

Anyway, as it turned out, Sakura did have a reason to be “fearless” because at that point, when she woke up, she’d already found out that she was a clone. So combine being a clone to your most important person causing all those problems (no need to revisit all that) and then leaving you on the ground. Then later you Sakura gets in the way of a sword in chapter 178, on purpose (she wasn’t there before, I know that). At the end of Infinity too, she sacrificed herself.

After Infinity you can just think, “Okay, she did this for her friends” but after the Dream Arc, it’s definitely become a pattern. She put herself in danger back in Tokyo, then Infinity, then finally in Japan. She was pretty much doing it all on purpose.

I can’t say she’s suicidal. Because that’s not it. She just probably didn’t think her life was worth the same as the “real” Sakura’s. And I think that’s sad and it makes me love Sakura more again. The way she tried so hard for so long and then found out that she was a “copy” of someone else. It’s sad.

All of that is made even more sad by all the problems with cSyaoran. Though there are hints in chapter 179 that she did what she wanted to. At the end of her little journey in Tokyo she decided that she’d keep going in order to get back Syaoran’s heart, right? And he did show some emotion after her death. But as usual, CLAMP likes dragging out that storyline, so we’ve heard nothing since.

I think all of that explains why I like Sakura enough. I love characters that I find sad and Sakura has the saddest story of them all. Really…lots of characters die, but Sakura’s entire soul has gone missing. There’s still the chance of an “OMG!CLAMPTWIST!” but I kind of doubt it. If Tsubasa was a Key game, then by all means, yes. But CLAMP seems to like their tragedies to mostly stay tragedies.

And then there’s the fact of how difficult Sakura’s life was too. Then add on the fact that tons of her “fans” betrayed her in Infinity and Sakura is extremely high on my love list. Then you add in her universal Sakura cuteness and charm…and yeah. That’s how we find ourselves at “Super Special Bonus Girl” status.

I think I’ve covered everything about why I like Sakura (moe, just plain cute, pure, sad, tragic, undeserved hate, misunderstood, etc). She has pretty much everything I really loved from all the previous girls (she’s even a little stubborn), so that should leave no questions for my ranking.

But, I’ll just add on that I love her even more because I’m always right about her. Here’s a few more instances where I said one thing, got told “Yeah right…that’s stupid” by others, and turned out to be right.

Back in Infinity, I thought Sakura had some sort of plan and wasn’t just leaving to be selfish. And she sacrificed herself to save rSyaoran (or whatever we’re calling him these days).

Also in Infinity, “Sakura’s being so cold to Syaoran! What’s wrong with her?” and I thought there was a reason aside from him looking like cSyaoran for that too. Once again, I was right. Proven more right on two separate occasions.

Then came the overwhelming emergence of SakuraxrSyaoran shippers after Infinity, and I just sat there going, “Eh…I think the pairing is still the same.” Once again, I was proven right…though it was in a way I didn’t want.

There’s more, but that’s all I want to brag about right now. After the Dream Arc in Tsubasa is over, there’s nothing left for me to talk about anyway (I miss Sakura…).

To wrap this all up…there’s just so many Sakura’s since Tsubasa started. I really think it’s impossible for her to not be placed eternally in first.

ccsSakura, two Sakura’s in Tsubasa, Horitsuba Sakura, and who knows what Sakura might appear in a future CLAMP title. Sakura is just number one forever. Even if I lose fangirl power for one, I’ll be able to love another just the same.

Well, that’s it. Now, the ranking is done. Next week I’ll do the wrap-up.


  1. Ahhh, it’s good to see Tsubasa Sakura ^^

    -sigh- This week has been LONG. I’ve been watching a new anime (well, not exactly NEW, but new for me) called Matantei Loki Ragnarok. Surprisingly, its the FUNNIEST show I’ve watched so far XD

    Well, Saturday is approaching, which means new Shugo Chara! and on Cartoon Network will be Code Geass.

    -sigh- I wish they’d show japanese Code Geass. It’s been so VERY long since I’ve heard Jun Fukuyama’s voice T_T

    also, about that new show I’m watching. We are being introduced to Norse Mythology, which I admit I have NOT read. Its quite interesting. Like how it tells us about night and day, and the norse gods and goddesses.

    Anyway, I want MOAR Ikuto this Saturday…if he doesn’t show up atleast twice, I will make a plan to kill the directors!!!

    And I sure hope you’ll help me with that plan, Fuyu-chan xD

    BTW, another long comment by me. LOL, SERIOUSLY. WATCH Matantei Loki Ragnarok (I reccomend watching it on since YouTube doesn’t have all the english-subbed episodes yet) Well, anyway….thanks for the AWESOME post!


  2. oh, one last thing….I feel kinda bad that they got so old in Tsubasa Chronicles…since I was LOVING the little Sakura and Sayoran (Did I spell it right? O.o) But seeing them so old…its just…good god….Sayoran got HOOOOOT!!!! >/////<

  3. TRC’s one of the most confusing CLAMP titles I’ve ever read. rSyaoran, cSyaoran, cSakura, rSakura, ccsSakura? I was really confused. I re-read the manga from the Tokyo arc though so now I’m not so confused anymore. ccsSakura has been my favorite anime girl for the longest time and she’s probably still my favorite. I didn’t like the trcSakura at first … since I thought she was much too kind and innocent. Of course, that change when she started moving and talking and trying so hard. When the Tokyo arc ended, she completely won me over. I didn’t understand why people were so frustrated about Sakura holding a gun and going badass. It’s completely in her character to do that really. She always tried so hard and always did her best. And it must be really hard to find yourself a reason to live when you think your completely worthless.

    And I’m with lol2728 up there on the “watch Matantei Loki Ragnarok” … great show, really. Loki’s just the cutest thing ever. Tactics is a good one too. =D

  4. *gasp* How dare you fool me?!?! You evil person! *pulls a “Sakura” on you* xDDDD;;;
    Ah, TRC cSakura…I have very mixed feelings about her. And I mean very. And I blame this all on CLAMP. They’re always to blame for these twists anyway. *sigh*
    Well, to make it clear, cSakura is not a favorite of mine. I like her but I don’t love her like I do with the original. I guess it’s because she’s older and that her Mary-Sue-ness is more evident cuz of that? I dunno but it’s one of the reasons.
    But you made a very good point on her sudden switch to angst. I was among those “fans” who went ugh at the change but got over it quickly cuz I simply just don’t care anymore when the story gets that confusing.
    And I think that’s another factor that’s preventing me from liking cSakura a little more. All the clone and real stuff business drove me insane. Add all the drama and angst into it and I just can’t keep up. Hmm, maybe if I analyzed it a bit further I wouldn’t be saying this now but I’m lazy and thought processes take a lot of energy. I only like to think when it entertains/interest me. That ran dry with TRC. -_-;;
    *sigh* And as much as I like any kind of Sakura, I don’t want to see another one for a very, very very long while. CLAMP, you’re capable of creating new, lovable characters. So plz stop with the “cloning” for now and give me things I’ve never seen from you before. That’d be much appreciated. *sigh* I’m so tired…*sleep*

  5. I’m completely lost to what you’re talking about. 4 Sakuras? What?! Maybe I’ll start watching Tsubasa…

  6. […] Sakura (Tsubasa Chronicle) […]

  7. lol2728: I liked them both when they were little too. But that’s kind of what made Tsubasa fun. Older Sakura and Syaoran. At least it was fun in the beginning.


    saimaisama: It really is confusing. The only reason why I’ve caught everything (until recently anyway) was because I used to reread the chapters dozens of time. Then CLAMP pissed me off during the Dream arc and I just cruise through the whole thing confused.

    I was really confused about everyone being all “rawr!” over Sakura’s badass trip in Tokyo too. ccsSakura fought all the time. Once she even half-heartedly fought another person. Sakura was just shooting at mutant snakes and then felt awful about it later anyway. Totally in character.


    xiao_jie88: I never had mixed feelings about Sakura (I run on pure Sakura blinded love 24/7 no matter what happens), but I’m certainly losing patience with CLAMP now. They aren’t “plot twists” anymore, they’re just confusing.

    The clone stuff pisses me off too. They had me feeling a little, “AGH!” at rSakura just because I’d already gotten attached to cSakura. And she’s Sakura! It’s awful! But then I just switched over to “angry at CLAMP” mode, because they did the same thing as before. Reveal the clone, get rid of the clone, expect everyone to get attached to a new version of the same character just like that.

    Um…no. Just because they’re Sakura and Syaoran and we all have some automatic love for them is no reason to just play “switch the character” on all of us. I’m still pissed about that.

    I want to see more of Horitsuba Sakura though. She’s like ccsSakura as a teenager and sweet trcSakura before all the clone crap. More of Horitsuba Sakura would certainly be welcome for me.


    amuto007_is_mit-chan007: Well, you won’t get to any of the four Sakura’s in the anime. You’d have to read the manga for that. And if you do, read it slowly. It’s very confusing.

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