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I felt especially bored watching SA today. It was a boring episode made worse by the fact that a bunch of exciting anime announcements have come out recently and it really makes SA feel like something I’m just sort of settling for in the meantime.

I mean…a Nanoha movie? How does SA even compare!? Even Nogizaka Haruka has been more exciting recently. Not fair.

I really think even my love for the SA manga isn’t quite enough to force me to like the anime anymore. I’m just bored. All the best things about SA will never even get covered by anime anyway.

I was so unexcited about this episode that I skipped right to the preview so I could know what we’re headed for first…and I didn’t recognize anything! I’ll get more into that later, but I know that at least I haven’t seen any scans of a chapter like that.

But all that aside I guess it’s an…okay episode. I don’t know. I wasn’t that into it. Most of the time I was distracted by going, “WTF is up with next week!?”, by thinking about Skip Beat! in the fall (I reread 13 volumes of the manga yesterday), and thinking about the Nanoha movie. Then I got further distracted by randomly going, “lolis are hitting theaters! Where is my Shugo Chara movie!?”

Yeah, I didn’t enjoy this episode much, but that might partially be my own fault.



Tadashi x Akira episode this week. As usual, I don’t care. Because they’re just such a suitable pairing that I can neither rage nor fangirl for them. They’re a good couple, they’re just…boring.

I really wish they’d get to certain other couples. Like Megumi with a certain someone. Those developments are always very fun.

Sakura helped save this episode for me. She showed up a lot more than she did in the manga. It was great~! And she appears next week too. The more Sakura, the better. I just can’t get enough of her.

Though I have to admit, not enough ominous, threatening Sakura in this episode. I want more of that side of her too.

And while it’s fresh on my mind…what’s up with the art this week? It’s like everything is too detailed and it makes everything look really weird. Everytime there was a close up I went, “ugh” and it ruined any emotion that I was supposed to be feeling.

Haha the bus. Megumi wanted to ride it. She liked the rabbits. Too bad you weren’t really able to tell that from just watching the anime.

Yappy. lol.

Hikari’s Yappy voice was annoying, but I assume that’s supposed to be the point, I can easily let it go.

I can’t decide if Yahiro’s supposed to be a pimp or Willy Wonka. Either one is funny enough.

But why…is the entire thing purple? Why? How could anyone think it looks good.

Good job Kei. That guy was freakin’ annoying. And as always, your over-the-top jealousy and evil auras are still very entertaining. To me at least~! I love demonic auras.

I don’t really have to explain why this got me laughing and giggling, do I? Everyone should know by now.

Of course. It was Yahiro’s idea. And I love how easily he was able to get Hikari to wear it.

Hikari and Kei are both easily manipulated by each other…just for different reasons. It’s kind of funny when you think about it.

See? I don’t remember this from the manga at all. Does a Tadashi and Akira flashback show up later in the manga, or did the anime just feel like adding it in? Make us not feel so bad for Yahiro since he didn’t necessarily like Akira the longest?

Well we wouldn’t even need to feel bad for Yahiro if they paired him with someone! But the anime won’t get to that will they? *is grumpy*

Was this Yahiro’s or Sakura’s idea. Either way, it was amusing, but it really wasn’t one of their best ideas, was it? Especially making Kei the “number one” host.

Heh. Another Sakura idea. I freakin’ love this girl.

Also…Sakura in a tuxedo-waitress uniform. I can’t remember if this was in the manga either, but I liked it very much anyway.

Oh. You just know you’re being stupid when you get lectured about relationships by Hikari. Silly Yahiro. He’s a really good guy, but he’s always too willing to be unhappy.

Oh…Tadashi got smacked for real. Tadashi was being dumb, but this all means we’re headed for some “trying to be serious” drama and SA doesn’t do that well, especially not in the anime. The manga never really has dramatic moments so I can’t comment on that.

SA is allowed to make everything light-hearted and have comedy, romance, other fun relationships, and ridiculousness. Not DRAMA. No.



More stuff I don’t recognize. It looks like they’re really skipping around to wrap stuff up.

A couple of moments did seem familiar (from the chapter summaries). If my guess is right, I think they’re going to wrap-up the side couples next week. Then they’ll probably focus on lifting Hikari’s dense, dense fog before the anime ends.

Hopefully that means one of the best moments from the manga will be in the finale. I haven’t even seen the full moment, I’ve just seen a few pictures and read the summary. So I’m definitely hoping for it.


  1. The bunny is scary and that’s all I’ve got to say about this.

  2. -sigh- Once again, Yahiro is getting mean roles…-sigh- Yes, he’s an asshole, but hes a FUNNY asshole…when will people learn?

    LOL, I don’t know WHY Hikari got the outfit, but I’ll say that truth and say I DON’T envy her for getting it. That bunny is evil, I swear to GOD it is!

    and….Megumi LIKED the bus? O_O That bus scared the holy F**K outta me!!!

    I need a doctor after seeing this T_T

  3. Their hair was so… pretty this episode. Kei’s looked very different from the previous episodes, so I wonder if the animators are suddenly trying something new. His hair looks closer to the manga, I guess, so it’s fine. Just weird that they’re doing this now.
    I don’t think the TadashixAkira moment happens in the manga. It looks cute and all though.
    Judging from the episode title of 19, I think they may want to throw in a MegumixYahiro episode.

  4. I liked it~… ^^
    Cuz I love seeing Tadashi and Akira interact together. It’s so sweet, violent and (if you take away the Tadashi abuse and Akira’s extremely short temper) very normal. Heh, and she threw couch cushions at him. Funny.
    For some reason, I want to see the same thing like this happen in another pairing I like but I can’t remember which one it is…
    Ah, I think that’s all there is to say about them…hmm, until later, maybe.
    Wah~! Sakura was awesome as always! x3 I love her “O-ma-ka-se! *wink* (sorry if I killed the romaji). So cute. lol
    Whoa…I didn’t know that Sakura and Yahiro’s school was made entirely out of glass. At least for walls. Made me think of skyscrapers…that’s dangerous. ^^;
    lol Yappy even got an eyecatch. xD;
    Kei was amusing but there wasn’t enough of him in this episode. *sigh* But I guess after next week, Aoi might have a chance of appearing? Which means to more KeixHikari moments, y/y?
    Argh, I feel bad for Yahiro. Now that he’s more or less out of the dark now, he’s just another poor guy with unrequited love. I hope he goes on his “date” with Megumi soon but will we even get to that part?
    lol But I like his suit…it matches Akira’s phone. xDDD;;;
    Not sure what to think about the Tadashi and Akira’s anime childhood. It seems sweet but meh. Aish~, and I can understand why Akira would slap Tadashi and yell that she hates him in the manga but in this ep, he only heard her talking about it like once and then she had to get all mad. There’s no depth to it. It makes no sense. *sigh* So yesh, you are right, the anime does a real sloppy job of trying at the drama.
    Oh and before I forget, WTH?! Why are they making a Nanoha movie?!?! o.O;;; Uh, I’m glad and…not, I guess. Wait~! But why?! Whywhywhy?! @.@;;;
    *sigh*…Well, at least I can hear Nana-sama and Yukarin again. Ah, I love Yukarin, too! She’s awesome! xDD

  5. Yeah…I didn’t like this episode very much and I didn’t even watch the whole thing lol. The art just really threw me off…I didn’t have the will to finish because it drew my attention away from the actual story. Also, the Tadashi x Akira pairing is perfect…so perfect that it makes me sick to my stomach for unknown reasons lol. Overall, this episode disappointed me. I hope the art gets back to normal next episode. >< I don’t care how bad the episode is…just don’t let it look like this again.

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