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This episode was…AWESOME. But before I get into all of that, there’s a couple of other things I need to bring up.

This has certainly been a week full of Shugo Chara! stuff. But frankly, despite how excited a lot of this has made me, I’m pretty ticked off as well. The Shugo Chara fandom is starting to get too annoying…even for me. You can’t ruin the anime for me (I don’t care what people say when I’m just watching an episode), but you guys might ruin discussions for me.

First off, I’m sure you all know that Shugo Chara has been extended. There’s all the debate about whether more fillers are good or bad or whatever. It doesn’t matter though. There’s going to be fillers, a lot of them are going to suck, and there’s nothing that’s going to change that. You can chose to watch them or not. And if you chose to watch them, you can still complain about them anyway.

We all have a right to hate fillers and to stop watching an anime because of them. I’m continuing, because I don’t mind too much. That’s just me. I’m going to continue blogging this show too. And I’m going to complain about fillers anyway. Because that’s my right. You don’t like it, don’t read it.

I blog because I enjoy discussing things, even if it’s things that tick me off. If you’re offended by my opinions just because they aren’t the same as yours, then you’re too senstive. Toughen up, or get off the internet, because hate to break it to you, but I say things nicely compared to plenty of other people.

And for the record, Shugo Chara is not the best anime EVER. It’s that “belief” that’s making these fans so difficult to deal with. Shugo Chara! is a current favorite of mine, but it’s not the best. I like a lot of other anime too. It’s frustrating to deal with all these little fangirls who have a one-track mind.

I’m excited about more Shugo Chara because I can look forward to hearing some great scenes done by great seiyuu. The annoying fans just want it because it means more Shugo Chara which is the BEST THING EVER to them. And it’s annoying.

The fans that spend time arguing over which character is better like it matters, the ones who specifically make clubs and crap for characters that you hate, the ones that go around flaming people that disagree. All of you need more interests. Devoting time to hating a character, getting into an argument that’s pointless. It’s like you guys want one anime to encompass every part of your lives. You’re wasting time.

It’s fine to enjoy it and get excited for it, but there’s a limit. If you’re trying to get pissed off at someone for not liking Shugo Chara! as much as you or for not being excited, you’ve hit that limit. Grow up.

Now, I’m sorry to any of the regular readers who I know aren’t part of the problem if you read all that. It just needed to be said. Please ignore it.

The other thing I wanted to bring up was this picture I found when I was looking at the screencaps on 2ch:

You probably already know about the trading figures in the back. They’re getting released at the end of September (I already pre-ordered a box of 8), but there’s something new and interesting to note. The newer cuter figures!

It looks like they’re getting released in November and they include Amu, Amulet Heart, Utau, and…Ikuto~! And you can change their clothes. So cool! I want~!

Yeah, I don’t know much about all of this since it’s just an image posted in 2ch, but you’ll probably be able to get them from a store a lot easier than other SC! merchandise. The trading figures are easy to find right now, I assume the new ones will be as well. I know everyone wants their own cute Ikuto figures (Hell Yeah!), so I’ll post a link for pre-ordering once I find one. I know I want at least three of them (Amu, Utau, and Ikuto~!).

But now we can finally move on now that all of this stuff is out of the way. Sorry again to those who didn’t need to read it, but did.



The episode begins at Easter where Sanjou and the director are watching the Black Diamond video (Utau is just being Utau over by a window). The plan from there is to basically get the song tons of exposure, even through pirating, so more eggs get x-ed.

Sanjou and Utau are walking down the hall and Sanjou basically declares that they’ve won, Utau repeats it, but somehow doesn’t seem happy. It’s all thanks to Utau’s chara change with Dia, which Iru dislikes, so Sanjou plays with the little devil chara (and gets called oba-san for it), but Sanjou wins it by basically saying that Iru’s useless like Eru now (or something like that). Then after Sanjou and Utau leave, Iru goes after Dia who *gaps* speaks. Dia says some mildly “spooky” things and gets Iru thinking about Eru.

At Amu’s house her charas are trying to get her to be all energetic because she has to stop Utau the next day. After some more discussion about the next day, Ami comes in to suddenly be an Utau fangirl (because she heard them talking about Utau I guess). Then Kiseki appears outside the window and Tadase is waiting below to finally start revealing some stuff he’s kept secret. After a little bit of fangirling from Amu (in her head), Tadase starts to tell her about Utau. Tadase used to be friends with the Tsukiomi siblings.

Then there’s a flashback where Tadase and Utau are fighting over Ikuto. Tadase got a promise they would play and Utau wants a date. Ikuto being a smooth shota breaks up their fight by spending time with both of them, playing his violin while Utau sings.

Then Tadase (in the present) says some things about how it “ended” that reminds Amu of what Ikuto said when they were at the amusement park about how he used to play at the amusement park. Then Tadase says some things about how Amu and Utau are similar and how Amu can help Utau and how he believes in her and stuff. Then when the charas think something’s about to happen, Ami appears to go on about Utau’s concert, she calls Tadase a prince, and King Mode gets activated.

The next night Sanjou and Utau are getting ready to go helicoptering to America or some crap for the international debut. Utau is still feeling down because she’d be using the x-egg’s power. Sanjou gives her a peptalk. Then Utau wonders why she sings, asking herself if it’s for Ikuto’s sake, but she thinks that’s wrong (wha?). She wanted to sing for others to enjoy it (or something) and reflects briefly on what she’s doing now.

Then Amulet Angel appears with another mahou shoujo entrance. Utau doesn’t have the same, “GTFO” expression and just seems surprised (and Iru’s ecstatic to see Eru). Then all the other guardians show up and chara-nari. The guardians all stand together with some dramatic backlighting provided by Ran, Miki, and Su.

Kairi tries to talk to his sister about how she’s doing bad things and all that, but Sanjou doesn’t listen. Amu steps forward to talk to Utau and she goes into stubborn mode and says she won’t listen. Amu asks Utau if she’s really doing what she wants and Utau says she doesn’t know anything and turns the tables on her. Then Dia gets in the middle and tells Amu about how her heart is always wavering so she can’t shine (and other such things). Amu thinks that’s true since she has so many charas, and Dia asks why she’s ther e(or something), but Utau cuts the conversation short so she can fight with Amu. Amu still doesn’t want to fight because she likes Utau. Utau seems stuck again, gets frustrated and chara-naris with Iru.

Utau declares that it’ll be the last match and she attacks. She then pulls out her weapon (dream trident or something) and attacks Amu who blocks with her white flags provided by Eru. The guaadians are about to jump in to help Amu, but Ikuto appears and chara-naris to be their opponent with a transformation and everything and anime-only fans finally get to know the name of his chara-nari (Black Lynx).

After Ikuto attacks Tadase, Tadase asks why he’s getting in their way and Ikuto replies that it’s so Utau and Amu can fight one-on-one. The other guardians try to attack, but Ikuto handles them all single-handedly (Yaya gets pwned with just a smirk).

Amu’s distracted by her friends losing a 4-on-1 fight (lol) and Utau goes in for an attack after getting her attention. But Eru shouts for Iru and Utau is forced to stop. Eru wants to use both of their power to save Utau, Iru is calling her stupid, but Eru says the Iru also knows that the current Utau isn’t the real Utau. Ir undoes the chara-nari with Utau after Utau gets all impatient and Eru undoes hers with Amu and they go to reunite, with Iru even doing her fake-kick.

Then Iru goes to Amu so that they can now chara-nari into Amulet Devil. The other fight stops for a minute because they’re distracted by the recent turn of events. Now that Utau has been abandoned again she says she doesn’t need Iru either and chara-naris with Dia instead. Amu and Utau both attack and they’re both about equal, so Utau busts out a new attack which overpowers Amu and undoes her chara-nari.

Amu comments that Utau is strong and Utau goes on a little rant about her strength and how she won’t lose. Then Amu hears Dia’s voice talking about how Utau shines no matter what and that’s why she chose her. Then Utau tells Amu that she can’t shine (or something…I missed something in there). Amu talks about how she tries her best even if/when she loses, if she keeps trying and getting up that’s what matters, no matter what else is wrong with her. Amu ends saying she believes she can shine too.

Dia undoes her chara-nari with Utau and goes over to Amu and baically accepts her. Then much to everyone’s surprise, the Humpty Lock glows yellow. The x on Dia goes away and Amu and Dia are englufled by the yellow light as everyone wonder if it’s Dia’s chara-nari.



Wow. The budget for this episode must have gone way up. It was…amazing. Everything about it was great. It’s like Satelight purposely scheduled this episode to show up after the second season announcement so that when everyone went, “Why is there going to be more of this?” Um…yeah. This is why.

I don’t even care about fillers right now. I seriously don’t have a single bad thing to say about all of this.

The story too! The spoilers and scans alone didn’t quite get everything across. Though I will give some credit to the wonderful emotional ability of anime. No wonder Shugo Chara won the 2008 Kodansha award for best manga. Everyone is always distracted by the shipping, so I think we all tend to forget that Shugo Chara is a great manga. And despite filler crap, it’s a great anime now too. Best mahou shoujo of the 00’s confirmed now.

I can’t even stop liking this anime even if they piss me off with a non-amuto ending. And on that note, I know all the Amuto fans will disagree with me, but this is the best episode in this anime. It’s not even my favorite (I’m an Amuto fan too afterall), but this is the most well-done and overall best episode. No contest.

I was actually excited to watch it twice. And because there was so much content that was important, a lot of things got left out of my summary too. This episode was crazy good. I can’t even think of how to express that.

And…because of this much content, I have a lot to say too…and a lot of screencaps. Too many, but I don’t care.

Black Diamond PV is awesome. I’m all psyched to get both copies of my CD now. Yes, I’m getting both. I need both covers with Utau and Ikuto. I can’t help it.

Hmm…following the manga, Utau’s behavior in that room is definitely more than just “Utau being Utau”. I feel bad for Utau even having to be in that room with that loser. In case you didn’t know, I hate the director. Keep it in mind.

There’s my Utau! You’ve been coming and going during the last few episodes. Glad to see she’s thinking about her actions again. In the last episode, she didn’t even realize that Ikuto didn’t like what they were doing. Not like Utau at all.

Dia~! Your voice is so cute! We got to hear Dia say, “betsu ni” back in episode 39, but hearing her fully now just makes me so happy. Still don’t know who her seiyuu is though.

I have to take a deep breath every time I see this picture so I can contain fits of, “OMG!SOCUTE!”

Anyway, now we all know why Ikuto never reacts to anything, even his sister’s bro-con. He’s been dealing with everyone tugging at him since he was a little (incredibly cute) boy.

More cuteness~! Utau had such a cute voice when she was little. And more awesome points for Ikuto. He played so well when he was young. Manga-followers know why of course, but still…wow. I can’t wait until the next Shugo Chara OST comes out. This is just another of many songs I want to hear.

Tadase has been upgraded from rejected loser, to good friend. Yay. I still don’t like him (he gets so annoying), but he offers good advice like a good friend. He can even get his own girlfriend, but not Rima.

Ami-chan~! So cute! I’m looking forward to seeing you next week (hopefully). I’m not sure because Ami should have appeared twice this week, right? We didn’t see any mysterious traps walking around, did we?

That gives me a bad feeling about the fillers…but let’s not think about that anymore.

More of Utau reflecting on her actions. Her revelation kind of reminded me of something from the Full Moon manga.

And as a completely irrelevant note…I like Utau’s outfit. She’s the second best dressed girl in Shugo Chara. I’m glad this part is taking place in summer, because that outfit is a lot cuter than the puffy jacket.

Ah! So cute~! I’m sorry to anyone who disagrees, but Utau is officially the cutest little girl from Shugo Chara. Amu was cute, but she still wasn’t that cute. Utau’s cuteness is a whole new level of cute. She was so innocent and pure-hearted!

I mean she still is. Which is why I don’t take her bro-con seriously.

Amulet Angel~! Is it just me or is Amu not really that embarassed about it anymore?

Psh. Everyone thought the last episode had a lot of chara-naris. This episode had about nine different transformations. It was crazy. Even characters who never had transformation sequences before got them. So…much…

Nice rant Utau. Most of the episode I think Utau’s ranting was just showing her desperation, but this one is actually kind of justified. Amu doesn’t really know much about Utau. Though that is partially Utau’s fault for not opening up.

Dia’s speech about how Amu’s wavering kept Amu from shining got me smiling. It gives some more evidence of a popular Amuto ending theory that I’d love to see brought into realization. If you’ve heard it, you know the one~!

Booo…Utau doesn’t even take the time to be properly tsundere to Amu’s declaration that she likes her. She really is a desperate girl. Her stubbornness has gone overboard.

See? Amulet Angel is useful! She held her own against a scary pitchfork/trident thing. And with flags too! More love for Eru for being so undeniably adorable.

Tehe~! Yoru’s “WAIT!” was so cute. Yoru’s still my second favorite after all (I like the abused charas). And classic Ikuto entrance too. So forgive me from switching into Ikuto fangirl mode briefly here.

I don’t mind…but Ikuto’s already transformed into Black Lynx four times…why are we giving him a full transformation now? I liked the moon transformation from episode 13 better, but this one’s…fine too. There’s a certain part that got my indecent fangirl side giggling like crazy. But what part will be my little secret for now.

*fangirl squeak* (Yes, new fangirl reaction introduced)

This was in the manga and I so wanted to see Ikuto do his awesome cat-like stuff. I was so overwhelmingly pleased with his fight.

Ikuto’s good at being a villain too. Or maybe it’s just all that Tskuiyomi, “can’t lose” stuff kicking in. Either way, Ikuto was awesome. Four against one and he was so clearly winning.

Though maybe it’s just three against one, because Yaya didn’t do anything again. Ikuto didn’t even have to do anything to win against her.

Well, I guess we now know which side Utau’s tsundere-ness comes from. So…does this mean that her innocent bro-con side is from Eru?

…Heh. As much as people may argue with me about that, that actually makes sense.

Yay! Reunion! Even the devil chara Iru can’t resist Eru’s angelically cute charm. Iru is officially my third favorite chara. She’s got a tsundere side and she likes Eru. She can’t be any lower than third.

Amulet Devil’s chara-nari was cool. It’s too bad we don’t get to see too much of it. Especially since in the anime it actually looks appropriate so I can like it.

Nuuu! That’s not my Utau at all! Except for the fact that Satelight actually drew her twintails right.

Yeah, on that note…the animation was insanely good this episode. Not just the action stuff, but everything else too. The characters moved more and showed more expressions…like this. It really added to the drama and stuff. It was great.

And more love for Nana Mizuki and the benefit of watching anime. In the manga (spoilers or even reading), you just get the feeling that Utau’s being a bitch. In the anime, you could hear how desperate she sounded. She was rushed and agitated.

Everyone always thinks Utau’s just being a bitch, but she just got really desperate in this arc and was trying to hold onto a lot of things. It started with Utau going after Amu because of Ikuto and then because she declared that she wouldn’t lose, she kept getting more desperate to follow through on her declaration. I think somewhere along the way she kind of forgot why she was fighting Amu in the first place.

Amu’s speech was nice. It was good to see her stop being emo about Dia and stand up for herself and her beliefs. I’m reminded again of why she’s an awesome mahou shoujo heroine.

Yeah! She earned that really drawn out chara-nari! Shine Amu!

Dia~! Smiling~! And without her X! I’m really looking forward to seeing Dia’s true form in the next episode now.

But we just leave off with the promised chara-nari. If I didn’t already know it would be like this from the manga, I’d be kind of ticked.

Still looking forward to Dia’s chara-nari nonetheless. Hopefully it’ll kind of bring back the sequence used for Ran, Miki, and Su. Yes, I’m actually looking forward to stock footage.



Well, it’s called “Chara-Nari! Amulet Dia!” so…obviously there’s that.

Utau’s chara-nari with Eru too (Looking forward to that more than anything~!).

Aside from that we have Sad Utau (turning back into lovable Utau), more little Utau, Ikuto being a good brother, and…well, Amulet Dia.

I don’t think next week’s animation will be quite as good, but I think it’ll still be above the average for this anime. This week was just crazy. Like…the best mahou shoujo action sequence ever, or really second to CCS’s second movie (that was awesome).

Well, thanks to Satelight for giving me reason to watch this anime through the future filler crap. If Ikuto’s arc is done even half this well, it’ll probably be worth it.



    Amulet Devil…so…freakin…AWESOME!!!

    LOL Eru is still funny XD

    LOL Ikuto-kun, your scary!!! ;////;

    LOL Ami is still FREAKIN adorable XD

    hoooooooold on….I thought Kairi had left already… O.o

    I mean…wait…what? OOOOOOOOH, he leaves AFTER Amulet Diamond…my bad XD

    More love points for Iru~

    Also, it can now be said that I officially no longer hate Tadase.

    After hearing his little kid voice, my kawaii meter burst.

    Ikutos little kid voice…its…twice as sexy as his normal one O_O -faints-

    Utau’s little kid voice was UBER kawaii!!!!

  2. Pure win this episode. And I agree with you. Although I too am an (obssessed) Amuto fangirl, this has got to be the best episode in the series (so far at least).

    “We didn’t see any mysterious traps walking around, did we?” Lol, I laughed at that comment XD According to the manga, Ami and trap-kun were supposed to show up. I hope both they really do show up next episode. After all, Ami is essential for the plot and trap-kun is supposed to show up (unless that Satelight decides to let Kairi stay in the series till the end of this season <_<)

    It’s almost impossible to not give a good rank (in favouritism) to the SC of the Tsukiyomi family. All the chara’s are so cute, especially Eru ^^

    And, well I guess that my Ikuto fangirl moments were high when I saw Ikuto’s transformation. I watched it many times (and freezed the video in ‘that’ part that I too will keep to myself XD), and got chilled just by hearing Ikuto say “Ore no Kokoro, Unlock!” Sexy voice <3333

    Next episode might too have a great animation, and I’m looking forward to Amulet Dia and Dia’s real appearance. In a way, I’m also sad. She looked so pretty in this episode with a smiling face and warm eyes. I streamed the episode (so watched it online and directly), and almost cried when I saw her (I also almost cried when I heard chibi Utau singing. So sad T_T)

  3. I watched this before you posted the summary.
    Iru is officially one of a favourite Charas now. ^^

    xD In the bit where Ikuto and Kairi were fighting, I was like ‘Crap! Who do I cheer for?!’ because even though I like Ikuto and Amuto and stuff, Kairi is also one of my favourite characters(why do I always like the guys with green hair? =/).

    While I was watching this, I kept saying stuff out loud (like ‘Good girl Ami! Interrupt the Tadamu moment’ and ‘Amu, you should carry a bucket everywhere when you’re with Tadase, in case someone calls him Prince’) and at the end I was yelling about how it’s not fair and how can they have an ending like that an make us a wait a week for the next part (normally I wouldn’t care, but school days go so much faster than holiday days). That earned me a fair few weird looks… (since the sitting room is the best place to hook up to our wireless, and my parents were in there).

    So, I really liked this eppy. And and and… Amulet Devil was AWESOME! She’s one of my favourites now. I also like the fact that Ikuto finally gets a proper transformation (It was only a couple of weeks ago that I was saying to my friend that if they’re going to have him transforming so much, why don’t they give him a proper transformation sequence). Devil’s Tune was so much cooler than I expected.

    I wish I’d understood more of what they were saying, but I honestly didn’t understand very much this week.

    Looking forward to Seraphic Charm. ^.~

  4. I saw those too! I think you can change Ikuto’s hair to normal instead of wearing cat ears too.

    The fight scenes in this episode were the best they’ve ever been for SC.

    @_@ So many transformation scenes, especially the super one with all the guardians.

    The Tsukiyomi siblings as kids!! Even Tadase was cute in the flashback. Yeah, he would make a good friend for Amu. It would be even better if he was a reverse trap or actually gay, but it’s still good. It’s nice when Tadase doesn’t act like a spoiled kid.

    Since Ami is a plot device for that part in the manga Satelight will probably include her.

    I guess Amulet Angel can fend off Lunatic charm because Eru is use to Iru’s teasing.

    Iru and Eru are cute as a pair. I hope the 2nd season has fillers with them in it. Otherwise we have to wait until chapter 29 is animated to see them again.

    Ikuto ^_^. I guess if it doesn’t involve him fighting Amu, he’s willing to fight as hard as he can. Though I guess since the guardians aren’t use to fighting with thier chara-naris yet, (except for Rima) might explain why he was able to beat them all at once.

    Amulet Dia looks so cute! It will probably replace Amulet Angel as my favorite chara nari outfit for Amu.

  5. I need to get it out of my system. Sorry, but I know that it was meant to be dramatic and all, but after Ikuto appeared, I couldn’t stop laughing. First of all (I’m sorry, Ikuto!) but Tadase now has competition for girly movements during Chara Nari. Seriously, he was like a ballerina! (Sorry Ikuto!) And… OMG, I was laughing sooo much! Especially when it came to Yaya attacking (which never happened because of Ikuto’s drop-dead-gorgeous smirk). That was hilarious! And he’s too thin! (Well, he looks thin when he’s glowing) And his voice… LOL! He says ‘Ore’… why are there two different versions?
    Okay, I’m good! OMG! I LOVED this episode! But there were like a million different Chara Naris! Too many!
    Tadase was so cute when he was little! Kawaii!
    Ikuto–! He was adorable! And the fact that Utau and Tadase were fighting over him… Cuteness overload! But seriously! They were just so… CUTE! I can’t think of any other words to describe them!
    Utau was so good at singing when she was little! Same goes for Ikuto’s violin! And Tadase was a good by-stander (I find him annoying, but with an expression like that, I can’t be mean to him!)
    LOL! Tadase in king mode was funny, because Ami was so sweet!
    Blah! all the Guardians Char Nari’ing and then standing there with dramatic backlight (provided by Ran, Miki and SU) Was somehow very amusing!
    Right, when they show next week’s episode, I’m making a .gif of everyones Chara Nari’s, but I can’t do it without Amulet Dia and … Charm (Utau and Eru) so yeah…
    Utau! You’re such a stubborn girl! and I personally think she went a bit OTT, which just added to the humor I somehow found in this episode!
    Ah… this was a great episode! I’m looking forward to next week’s!
    Thanks for summarizing and HOORAY FOR FUYU-MAIDEN-SAMA!!!

  6. lol2728: I edited your comments so they’d just be in one comment. From now on please don’t try to comment too much. I wouldn’t normally care, just that this post was especially long and the comments make the page even longer.

    I kind of can’t help but hate Tadase because something about him just annoys me. But I agree, he is more likable in this episode.


    ForeverOblivion: Knew it was the best. But whatever the final Amuto moment is in, that better be the best episode.

    I knew they were supposed to show up! I like Kairi and all, but I miss Nadehiko! When’s he coming back? Ami better wander her way there at least though.

    Oh~! I wonder if your “that part” is the same as mine (It probably is, that is just too much to ignore). And as always, I love Ikuto whenever he says…anything~!

    Oh Dia was a definite highlight for this episode. Having her accept Amu was getting me all emotional…but then the episode ended and the bouncy music kind of ruined the mood.


    Kura-Chan: I cheered for Ikuto, because he’s Ikuto and I knew he wouldn’t hurt anyone (because he’s Ikuto!). Plus…he’s Ikuto.

    Your parents heard you going on about all that weird stuff? You officially beat all the other “My parents heard me!” embarassing stories (the rest are all of us just doing little screams).

    Amulet Devil was definitely a lot cooler than in the manga. I don’t really care about Ikuto getting a proper transformation though. I liked his transformation back in episode 13 the most (that was cool~!).

    I actually had a harder time understanding this week. There was a lot of dialogue that had some…substance. It was harder to understand.

    Seraphic Charm~! My favorite girl chara-nari! It better look good.


    warriorhope: It seems that he can. I’m going to keep him in nekomimi mode all the time though. Because he’s Ikuto (if cat ears are available, they are necessary). But I can’t tell if he has his tail or not (HE BETTER! He’s Ikuto! He needs his kitty tail!).

    The fight scenes were a lot of fun to watch. So unusual for that much effort to go into a fight scene for magical girl anime. I guess because the title is “The Last Fight” they had to make it a really big fight.

    Oh Tadase…he would be so much more likable if he were actually gay. The missed opportunities. But it’s fine if he’s just a good friend for Amu I guess.

    Ami doesn’t show up in the preview, but I really, really hope you’re right. At this point I’m not sure…but I want Ami to show up.

    Ah! More good reason for fillers. More Iru and Eru! Especially Eru. I’m really going to miss her when she’s not hanging around Amu all the time (I think I’ll have Eru withdrawals).

    Even so…Nadehiko fought against Ikuto with just a chara change once (ah, but Ikuto didn’t even chara change that time). But even if you only count half for Tadase, Yaya, and Kairi, Ikuto still easily beat 2 1/2 people. I’m still chalking it up to Ikuto awesomeness.

    Amulet Angel stays my favorite out of sheer stubornness (because it’s Eru’s…), but yeah, I really like Amulet Dia.


    amuto007_is_mit-cha007: It wasn’t meant to be dramatic, just really awesome. Even I can admit they kind of overdid it.

    But as far as the girly movements go, I think it’s a little different for Ikuto since it’s just his cat-like movements showing up. Watching it a bunch of times it all looks cat-like to me. Tadase’s just looks girly, and he even did a full twirl and stuff.

    But what do you mean by two different versions? Like his voice? Or…I’m confused. Sorry.

    Tadase was cute when he was little, even I can admit that (But I still kind of think he’s annoyingly cute). His naivety and stuff works when he was little, I just wish he’d act his age now. Of course, to me Utau and Ikuto were a thousand times cuter anyway (so…cute…I almost can’t take it).

    Oh. I’ll hopefully look forward to seeing that .gif. But since the anime has been extended, there might be one more that you’ll have to do in the future~!

  7. You’re absolutely right about the fandom; Shugo Chara ISN’T the best manga/anime I have ever watched and read, and that honestly the Amu-haters, Tadase-haters, and etc. really are >__>[A lot of ranting on LJ as well]

    Agreeing 100% on this episodes animation, I mean usually I would skip a lot because it would bore me. It seems so much more high quality this week o_o![oh mai, we got to see a tail grow out of Ikuto’s butt :O]

    Oh and the Shugo Chara figurines are adorable :O!

  8. I have no idea why did you delete my comment, I totally agree with everything you write.
    I LOVE Ikuto, and I saw you skipped that part when he did his chara-nari. I know it’s hard to admit, but these girly spins were gay. I have to admit it.
    That was a hard period for an Ikuto fangirl like me.

  9. That. Was. EPIC!!!!!!!!!!11one 8DDDDDDD
    I loved it so much I couldn’t go to sleep after watching it two times. Really, frickin’ awesome. SATELIGHT! Did you change production directors or something?!?!?! xDDDDD
    On the second season, all I have to say about fillers is that I completely welcome them with open arms. I don’t care if they’re gonna be bad or good. I’m just so effin’ happy I’ll get to see Ikuto’s arc animated and nobody can rain on my little parade! *radiance* lol
    And agreed, Shugo Chara! = best mahou shoujo of this decade. If you put all the rest beside it, they’ll pale in comparison in some different area or another.
    Oh dear, oh dear, where to start? …*screams* It was so great! I’m gonna watch it as many times as I can today even if it kills me! xD
    Black Diamonds PV was awesome. It was short but it was friggin’ awesome. I especially loved the shattering diamonds at the end. God, I want to scream all over again. Why can’t real life music videos be that awesome?! Or rather, I should say the ones in America. Egh, I can’t stand watching a lot of those. *disgust*
    Waaah~! Utau is so great at being emo! Not the best, but emo, struggling Utau just gives her more depth so nobody can say she’s a bitch just because she acts like one or she gets in the way of Amuto or whatever. Actually, I’ve never thought of Utau as an obstacle for Amuto. Maybe slightly but since we know she’s Ikuto’s sister and that she will never have the chance to be with him in that kind of relationship, it really only adds up to her weirdness (which is cute~). And notice also that there was only…*counts* two actual scenes (not counting this confrontation since there’s very little Amuto) where all three of them (Amu, Ikuto and Utau) had interaction and only one time where Amu was secretly being jealous of her but that’s because she didn’t know they were siblings yet. IMO, you’ll need to have triangle moments happen more than two times to really have me consider the thought of the other girl/boy having a chance. Even if Utau wasn’t Ikuto’s sis, it still wouldn’t be enough cuz her job is always getting in the way. Maybe, I think, I dunno…
    Ah, and is it just me or the more times I see Utau (being emo), the more she resembles her brother? Or maybe it’s just the lighting or something? I dunno, but I like it…hehe
    Sankyuu, Ami, for cockblocking! Lol Though it’s not even the proper term to use for Tadamu but w/e. And Ami is so cute~! “Utau wa DAAIIIII-SUKI!!!” Hau! Omochikaeri~! xDDD;; I hope she shows up in next week’s episode (cuz then that means Trap-kun will be back!) cuz if she’s not used as a plot tool, I will be pissed. We need our hefty moe innocence to bring Utau back from emoness.
    Ah, now that you mention Full Moon, it kinda reminds me of how Meroko was going to leave. Hmm…
    & I want that outfit…
    OMG~! Chibi Utau~! So cute! Kawaiii~! Kawaii sugi~! *explodes* Srsly, anybody who dares to think of bashing Utau from this point on will be mowed over by a tractor. Utau had always been good. She just got really badly side-tracked onto the wrong road.
    Lol Amu’s use to the dramatic entrances now.
    Chara-nari overload…it was awesome but it was overload…and it’s really hard to laugh silently to yourself when it’s like that, y’know? *watched this at 12*
    Ah, that “What do you know?” rant…I always love to hate it and hate to love it. One side is usually the hypocritical one (though in this case, it’s understandable), and the other is just too stubborn to stop what they are doing. Pfft, and Utau is so slow. Amu has already declared that she liked her twice (gah, I love you, Amu) loud and clear and Utau still won’t give in. It’s not cute this time around. Just ugh. Hmm, yep…I can’t wait till they go out for lunch with each other. Hee~!
    &OMFG! Dia spoke! She spoke! She said something! *screams* xDDDD And her voice is so nice! And I have got to say, that even if she’s X-mode, Dia has got to be the smartest/wisest of all the Charas. You hear her say those things and you just know it. Heck, she even knows that Iru was having doubts, too. How awesome is that?
    Wah~! And I can’t fangirl if there’s Ikuto~! He was awesome like always! Nice entrance there, too (lol, Yoru). The light was blue…and his fight and moves were…yea. It’s like…deus-ex-machina reversed. Lol
    Ah, I loved it when Eru and Iru stopped the fight to “talk.” “Iru!” “Ugh, what do you want, Eru?” lol, Iru…she was so cute. And I went “Ha!” when Iru ditched Utau. Served Utau right. At this point, it was like she was viewing her Charas more of as tools than…her Charas. That’s why I didn’t feel bad when I saw her crying in the preview (and she’s happy later anyway so yea).
    Hrm, now that I think about it, Dia never really considered Utau her master (even temporarily), don’t you think? How she wouldn’t listen to her when Utau told her to come back and how she often addressed Amu’s weaknesses and, in a round-about way, helping her realize how to become stronger? Wah! That’s definitely what I’m getting here. I love Dia more because of that! Haha xD
    Amulet Devil = win. I had funny thoughts spewing all over in my head, including “Amu, your papa would die if he saw you like that!” lol
    And whoa, Dark Jewel vs. Amulet Devil made me think of nukes. I’m surprised they didn’t blow the helicopter away. xD;
    NANA-SAMA~!!! Omg, all the emotions were there and it moved me to the friggin’ core! I f***in’ loved it! This is definitely the best episode of this anime (until Amu saves Ikuto, maybe). I declare this now, no episode can be called win if Nana-sama’s voice is not making the speech. That. Is. The. LAW!
    I also agree on Utau’s non-Utau-ness is also due to her desperation to win over Amu. But it’s because she was so desperate, that she was more losing than winning. And that’s why she crashed and burned when Dia left her. She’s reached too high and as a result, fell hard. Oi…
    Wah~! I was moved like everyone else by Amu’s speech! Haha, even Ikuto, too! xD For the first time in a while, it’s not just fancy words. It’s real true belief. And Amu’s not even transformed when she does it! More points to that. And much credits go to her VA, Kanae Ito (whoa, rookie immediately starting with a main role? Damn, she’s good!). She gets the COOL&SPICY across. Haha ^^
    Yay! Look how happy Dia is now that her X is lifted and she’s gone back to Amu (aww, she was loyal to Amu all along. More love for Dia!) & finally, Amu’s shining moment…isn’t until next week. Buu… Damn, I can’t wait for next week now! Amulet Dia (she looks so pretty~!) and Seraphic Charm (I need a better shot). It’s gonna be awesome. Animation is in top notch, too. I want this eppy NAO!!!!
    K, I’m done (2 pages again, ha…). Thanx for the awesome review! ^^

  10. Did you noticed that Iru forced Amu to transform like what Eru did on episode 33? Oh yeah!!! That episode was just the best!!!! I’m surprised that they did a good animation on that episode. I can’t to see Amulet Diamond in action too!!

  11. why hate tadase?? : ( but oh well, ikuto has a great asset and good-looking too but no offense, i like tadase better though..

  12. God, I think I nearly passed out when Ikuto transformed. To start it off, you get Nakamura Yuuichi’s… unbelievably hot voice [I am so very grateful that he was casted as Ikuto]. And then.. omg. When ‘that’ part came up, well, I think you can imagine a fangirl’s reaction? I ended up rewatching that transformation scene like 50 times. But.. why is his naked glow manly, while Tadase’s makes me tear up in laughter?
    When he was up in Tadase’s face, all “this is Amu and Utau’s time,” and did that.. thing with his eyes, that was also reallyreally hot. Good god, those eyes are way to hot. That voice is way too hot. Ikuto is just.. way too hot.
    And, I’ve rewatched that violin scene with Utau singing so much~ I want that song. I will set it on repeat so much. Same with Black Diamond! And the new ending. But, I am sort of ticked that Amu never got to sing with Ikuto, but Utau did. B[ Why? Amu is doing a lot of the things with Ikuto that he did in the past that made him happy. Cutting out the violin/singing was just stupid.
    God, I love the new SC! music so much.
    Dia was also really cute. I loved her smile. I loved Eru and Iru’s reunion.
    No comments on Amu and Tadase’s scene. Except, I did scream “WAY TO GO AMI!” out loud when she crashed their convo. o;
    I would ramble more, but I have to go watch it again. I hope the production quality stays this good for the rest of the series, and hopefully through some of the 2nd season. Somehow, I doubt it.



    AMULET DIA!!!!

  14. omg this show is the awesome i
    just finish watch the episode ans i loved it because i get the chance to see all the transformation of all guardians omg was so unbelievable i just love shugo chara and i share the same opinion this is the best magical girl shoujo that i´ve ever seen besides ccs this really rocks and i love eru and yaya with her ducks and ikuto with that face and amu´s little sis omg with thse same laugh as tadase so cool i was really laughing to death
    thanks 4 the good news about the new season of shugo chara u just can get enough of shugo chara

  15. @ Fuyu: I agree that Ikuto’s transformation in episode 13 was the best by far, I just thought it was a little unfair that Tadase gets a proper transformation and he doesn’t. =/ Didn’t. Whatever.

    And it honestly wasn’t THAT embarrassing. I’m kinda used to it. *always makes stupid comments while watching stuff* It was at first though. ^^;

    I saw a picture of Manga-Amulet-Devil, and while she was awesome, I kinda prefer the anime one because it looks less inappropriate. Also, I’m pretty sure it was shorts in the manga as well, because it looks like the skirt goes between her legs. Might be wrong though. =/
    I like Seraphic Charm, even though I have a hate for anything overly poofy and pink. *mostly tomboy* Utau manages to not make it look stupidly girly. I’m looking forward to her and Amulet Diamond. A LOT.

    I’m kinda glad it was harder to understand… makes me feel less stupid for not understanding anything.
    I should seriously find that Japanese CD mum bought me. I’ve put it on a whole bunch of times, but never actually got past the first part. I suck. xD

    Ack! Rambling again! Gomen, gomen. I’ll shut up now. ^^;

  16. @Fuyu: I rewatched the preview, and DID see Ami there. It’s in that mometn where all the guardians surround Utau and Amu to protect them ^^

  17. One of the best episodes! You heard it before but this sort of episode requires a second viewing. I know this question isn’t exactly related to this subject, but I was wondering, if you had to pick just one character, who would be your favourite? I like Rima the most.

    Loved the tension between Utau and Amu, still I don’t think Utau is that mean. Tadase was extremely adorable in his chibi days.
    Ikuto gets a special point for scaring the 4 guardians. It was a bit laughable when Ikuto hit Kairi, a sweet but funny moment.
    I’m looking forward to the Dia transformation in next episode. Also I’m glad you’ll continue to blog this series because some bloggers are tempted to leave it.

  18. Rawrrrrrrr. America effin sucks so this is always manga spoiling for me but its worth it. Either way since the subbing groups take so long to actually sub the episodes I have to go on the small amount of japanese I know and your blog to tell whats going on without the pictures. Also the fangirl squeak has been around for a LONG time and was used at least 5 times during this episode. Ha ha haha ha.

  19. Fuyu, I really don’t get you xDD. When Tadase gets a spinny, sparkly man-henshin, you can’t stand it, but when Ikuto does it, you fangirl xDD. (But honestly, at Ikuto’s age, you’d expect… well… to see something, at least). Anyway, this episode was amazing. Even as an Amuto fan, this has got to be my favourite. Nana Mizuki was great here – especially with loli-Utau’s voice and Ikuto’s seiyuu (I forgot his name) did well with the “Black Linx” (<3<3). So Seraphic Charm is next episode… can’t wait to see her animated!

  20. This episode was AWESOME!!!!!!! I was holding my breath during the fight scene. Literally. I was like dying for air by the time the ep was over lol. Wow. that really was the best episode. Everything was so good. it was so intense. Just wow.
    Little Utau was so cute Awwwww! And little Ikuto Ikuto! double Awwwww!they had like the cutest voices!just too cute!!
    Like, a lot of transformations in the ep.And Ikuto’s full transoformation was HOT!!!!!! I liked one little part to. tehehehe.but everbody transformed. Cool. im ok with that. lol though at Yaya. All ikuto did was smirk and she freaked out. Ikuto pwned them all. Thats how cool Ikuto is.
    Amulet Devil was really cool. I loved the guitar.
    too bad it didn’t really last.
    Has anyone noticed Ran, Miki and Su weren’t really involved in this ep(lol, except with the lights).Maybe its just me.
    Utau! I loved Utau’s outfit. too cute. Utau was really desperate in this ep. But she was so cute still. Utau is too cool.
    This episode was too cool. I loved . It really is the best so far.

  21. Youki: Yes! Glad that someone else knows all this too. I hope the ones that really needed to read it checked it out (maybe they;d realize how annoying they are), but knowing them I kind of doubt it.

    It felt like I was watching a different anime altogether…or that the anime was suddenly made by someone else. So much attention to detail, it was almost scary.


    Bloc Party: I didn’t delete your original comment. I just didn’t approve it. I’ve deleted now because you replied again. Sorry for the confusion.

    I mentioned Ikuto’s transformation quickly, but I guess I didn’t really get into it much. A few people seem to think that it was girly though. For me Ikuto’s transformation just looked cat-like. At first when I was watching I though, I felt like it should have been girly, but to me it just didn’t seem that way. Then I watched it again and everything just seemed catlike. So it fit.

    But that’s just how it was for me. I’ve watched far too much magical girl (or really magical boy) transformations. And Ikuto’s was definitely on the lower level of girly.


    xiao_jie88: I just think Satelight tried really hard on purpose just to make us all shut up about the fillers. And it works. No one’s talking about dreaded fillers anymore.

    Now I’m really looking forward to the confrontation between Amu and Ikuto. I know they can animate things well now. I don’t care about fillers at all.

    The others either focused too much on shallow romance or were too bubbly until it got really depressing at the end, or they’re just filler plotless crap. Shugo Chara definitely wins.

    I’ve already watched it five times. Ikuto’s fight alone has been watched about twenty times (such cool animation!).

    I can’t stand watching them either. They’re so boring! Or just gross. But Black Diamonds~! I want them to make a full version! Or I’ll make one myself!!!

    I don’t think I’ve ever thought of Utau as an obstacle for Amuto either. At the beginning, I kind of think she even helped it along. Amu got a little jealous and Utau also pointed out to Amu that Ikuto hasn’t paid attention to any other girls.

    Utau kind of does resemble Ikuto in some of those scenes. I’m not sure what it is, but I definitely see it too.

    Ami gets to be my favorite interferer after Eru now. Anytime anyone interferes with Tadamu, it’s good. It seems that Ami will show up next week, but I can’t help but think that Nadehiko won’t! They’ll probably have Kairi stay around for the rest of the “season”…which I really wonder what they’ll do with the rest of it.

    Everyone is getting swayed by Utau’s extreme goodness now actually! Even more will be pulled over to the good side after we all see Utau’s angelic side! Kyaaa! I can’t wait for that!

    I know what you mean. I like it because the speech usually leads to one side getting their act together. And it’s always nice because in the aftermath, you get to see how a friendship grows. Utau says that Amu doesn’t understand anything now, but later she actually opens up and gets Amu to understand. It’s nice~!

    Dia seems to be the only chara that doesn’t act ridiculous, so she just seems to much smarter than everyone else. Dia is so…cool.

    Ikuto was just awesome. I can say it in a hundred different ways, but that’s just what it all means. Awesome.

    It did serve Utau right. She was getting too desperate to win that she forgot her childhood dreams and everything. I am so looking forward to the next episode. I’m going to keep some tissues nearby for Utau’s realization.

    I think you’re right, Dia never really considered Utau her master. Like Eru and Iru when they went over to Amu. Dia was just with Utau to get Amu to properly understand.

    Her papa would die if he saw her like that. Too bad it’ll never happen. Just the one transformation.

    I know. It was crazy how strong both of them were with those chara-nari’s. And then “Glitter Particle” from Utau was even more, “Whoa…”

    Yes. Nana-sama~!!! She’s the best. There never was a doubt in my mind, but now she’s on an even higher level for me. Amu saving Ikuto…that’s going to be an insanely good episode. I just know it.

    Yeah, Utau fell hard once she fell. But because of that, she’s able to let go. She had to lose all hope, realize that she’s been going in the wrong direction, and now she’s the lovable Utau~!

    Yes~! Ikuto too~! Amu’s speech really was amazing. I got kind of teary when I heard it…still do. Kanae Ito really is a good seiyuu. I’ve thought that since episode one, but now I’m really going to watch her in the future.

    They don’t want to be too spoiler-y so we don’t get to see Seraphic Charm yet, but I’m looking forward to the combo for, pretty much, the two best girl transformations in SC!. I really hope we get to see Seraphic Charm in the future too.


    xxHinamori_Amuxx: She kind of did. Iru and Eru are pretty similar when it comes down to it. Both so lovable.


    anonymous: Because Tadase’s just the sort of character that annoys me. I really can’t help it. It’s just my opinion. And it’s fine if you like Tadase better. I’m not offended at all.


    Samy: Oh we are all very, very thankful for that. He’s not Ikuto without Yuichi Nakamura!

    I’ve only gotten to fifteen times watching the transformation scene (and the whole fight after it too…). And Ikuto doesn’t look girly because he’s Ikuto. It’s that simple. It’s impossible for him to seem girly.

    OMG! It was wasn’t it! Ikuto’s expressions in this episode were just off-the-charts amazingly hot. He’s way too great!

    Utau was so cute when she was little. I hope that song is included on the CD or something. Utau~!

    Actually, I’m pretty ticked that Amu still hasn’t sung with Ikuto too. Maybe they’ll still include it in a filler. Because I really want to see that. It’s the scene that made me go, “OMG! THIS IS MY OTP!!!” and it still hasn’t shown up in the anime. Pretty disappointing.

    Ami interrupting was great, especially since it was just funny all on its own too.

    It probably won’t stay this great, but I’m willing to bet that we’ll have another great episode like this at some point in the future.


    Amu+Ikuto=Love!!: Heh. Agreed.


    alex: So much fangirl love in one paragraph. Yeah, you’re right. Everything was just absolutely great in this episode.


    Kura-Chan: Ah, I get what you mean. Yeah, Ikuto deserves the extra screen time too.

    Really? It’s always incredibly embarrassing for me even though I should be used to my parents hearing me say strange things by now.

    Yes, much less inappropriate. In the manga you never even got a shot from behind so you really couldn’t tell what was going on there.

    Seraphic Charm is different because it’s Utau and…it’s angelic. Being angelic let’s you get away with more.


    ForeverOblivion: Ah. You’re right. Ami is in there. I still doubt that Nadehiko is going to show up though.


    Roxy: This episode pretty much requires a third and fourth viewing too. I’m going to keep watching it all week.

    Pick just one character…out of all of them? Ikuto. Then Amu, Utau, Rima, and Nadehiko. But Ikuto is my number one.

    Utau isn’t mean, she’s just desperate. And Tadase was cute when he was little. I wish he’d stayed that age forever.


    Mikan: The subbing groups are having a hard time because the anime is so long I think. It’s really difficult. I’m trying to help by letting everyone read some summaries to keep them all satisfied.

    The fangirl squeak may have been around for a long time, but it’s the first time I’ve used it on this blog (it’s all been *sigh* *gasp* “Kyaa!” >////< and so on).


    xlapisxlazulix: It’s because Ikuto’s motions seemed catlike to me. Otherwise instead of fangirling I would have been in a rage like, “AGH! Don’t make Ikuto like Tadase you freakin’ morons at Satelight!” except with more swearing. And I just like the color blue to explain the glowy-ness.

    But I can always admit, I have an Ikuto bias.

    Yuichi Nakamura is Ikuto’s seiyuu~! And he was even more awesome than usual in this episode. Everyone did their very best in this episode it seems, because pretty much everything was perfect.


    Lo-Lo: Well, I didn’t hold my breath that much, but I get what you mean. I kept on taking deep breaths and trying to contain myself!

    The Tsukiyomi siblings are always at the top of looking good…at any age.

    Oh we all seem to be liking one little part, don’t we? But Ikuto is definitely the coolest boy in this show (oh he’s just the best overall, no denying it for me).

    Yeah, Amulet Devil didn’t last long at all. It’s too bad since I really liked it.

    Ran, Miki, and Su really weren’t involved. They were the only charas who didn’t do any chara-nari’s at all.

    Utau is great. I love her as much as always, but I’ll still love her more next week.

  22. Chan.. [Chan = +”wow!”]
    This episode was absolutely amazing.
    Since I’m a manga follower, I usually have my personal tough criticize about the difference between manga-anime and the adaptations… But this was really good. Not even a light bad critize went trough my mind. Even with if it was a non-Amuto ep, I would agree is the best. Besides, this was a high-expectation episode, since so many things that ppl wanted to see happened [Lil Tsukiyomis, Amulet Devil, Utau-Amu confrontation, etc…] and it definitely fulfilled them.
    This one was all about Uti [well, the ep’s title is for a reason!], and they’ve made it great. All the emotions in the right place. I really enjoyed lil Ikuto and lil Uti~! They were so cutee ~!!!! xDD I do know why Ikuto plays so well, the violin, but one thing is knowin’ and other is listenin’. Even when she was much younger he played so well…! And generated in me what I think it had to. And the way he managed to make Uti and Tadase stop arguin’~! So cute ♥
    And lil Utii~! Oh, she was sooo adorable and cute!! And her voice so sweet, with the innocent touch that a cute and pure girl should have. I’ve never was more “Awww!! ♥” for an anime lil girl.
    Regardin’ Tadase… I wasn’t actually pissed by Tadase as usual… Strange ¬¬ And, I did like when Ami appeared and he chara-change with Kiseki. The laugh was cool. And btw, if the anime keeps followin’ the manga, Ami will appear again, she needs to. Otherway… well, that’s a spoiler! Can’t talk about it =X
    Anyway, the climax between the guardians and ‘Easter ppl’ [technically, Ikuto and Uti r still workin’ for Easter] was pretty good. That reminds me that Utau didn’t tell anything about her past and we’ll hav to wait chap29 animated.
    Oh Ikuto, it wouldn’t be a good episode without you and you hottness~! And I really apprecite you let Amu and Utau have their fight face to face, they needed it. And yeah, ur cat-sexyness helped too ♥ [Btw, the only thing it was not good was Yaya. Damn, she annoys me, but that couldn’t distract from the good ep, of course~! And Ikuto fixed it ammediately after ;)]

    Iru and Eru are such a good combo!!! It was so cute!!! x33 I loved the “welcome” that Iru gave to Eru, with the fake kick and everything. I do think Eru is the side of Utau that wants to be good and friendly [as I think she is deep inside] and Iru is the side that Utau needed to go with the Easter stuff… Like someone to remind her the reason of why she’s doing the X-eggs thing and make it right, but other to tell her that she’s not like that and that’s not correct~! The bro-con…? Frorm Eru. From Iru wouldn’t have any scence for me.
    And while I was readin’ the manga, I didn’t think Uti was a bitch, but it didn’t transmit the emotions that Nana Mizuki did. More points for the anime~! The first episode that I actually enjoyed more watchin’ it than readin’ it. That’s a huge achievement.
    I was waitin’ the Amu-Dia speech~! Amu was too emo about Dia and I really wanted to see the moment she finally spoke up! Well done Amu ;) And Amulet Dia and Dia’s true form is in the next epi~! I remember when I cut the cover fo chap26 to get an only Dia pic with her cute pigtails and lil outfit! I put it up in my cr Shugo Chara group and days after half of cr had the same pic… And Uti’s Seraphic Charm~!!! Wow, I have to see that.
    I’m pretty happy for hadn’t lost my hope~! The good part the manga is here and is good. And the best part is comin’ soon…

  23. Just because of Fuyu-chan I became a kind of SC!-Fan. Your love for it is really a promotion^^.
    I don’t watched many anime episodes (yet) and I only read some of your summaries and the chapters at onemanga so I would like to order some of the japanese manga online – SC! is not licenced in my country…So I would like to know if this arc is in vol. 6/7 which I’m excepting to order.
    The anime looks great. Utau is just beautiful (Dark Jewel!! O_O) and the voice actors are wonderful, especially Amu. And I’ve just got the “Meikyuu Butterfly”-single <3…
    Thanks for your work, Fuyu-chan ^^

  24. EeEeEeEkkks!!!!!!!!!!! *Fangirl squeal* This i the best episode ever!!! And I agree with you that the animation is ridiculously good too. The only thing I didnt like about this episode was that Utau sounded so desperate, and her charas all left her. (My hearts breaks for her…:( Poor Utau-chan… )

    Other then that, i love every single cscene of this episode~! Even the part when Tadase came to talk to her. He’s a good friend. ^^ Which come bak to another thing, it’s unliely that Tadase and Amu will end up together because Tadase is way better off being Amu’s good/best friend then her boyfriend. XD

    Ahhh… Can’t wait for the next episode. ^^ XDXDXD Sat come quickly please~!

    Btw, when does the shugo chara manga come out in each month?

  25. So, it’s finally coming to a close, the Daiya arc. Well, I’ve been looking forward to Amu’s chara-nari with Dia and it’s finally gonna happen (never mind if it will just turn out like Ran, Miki and Su’s in yellow XD)!

    Also with Utau with Eru, it’ll definitely be a sweet episode to watch.

  26. For the voice… I meant that there are two different ways of saying ‘Me/I’ (For boys. As far as I know, there’s only the one for girls) There’s ‘Ore’ which is what Ikuto and Kairi say, then there’s ‘Boku’ which is what Tadase says. I thought maybe it was because ‘Ore’ is a more mature version or something, but Kairi’s younger than everyone, so I don’t know.
    And I can’t help but think of a ballerina when Ikuto Chara Nari’s. It’s just the sequence when he’s glowing. I can’t help it. And his voice when he says Anrokku is just… OMG, it was too funny for me. I rarely get to make fun of Ikuto (If he was a real person, he would never have heard the end of this! Until I found someone else to tease. Joke, joke!) so this is just…
    Anyway, I suppose I can see the cat-like movements, but still… And he looks too thin when he glows. And I completely freaked out when his tail came through, because I jumped to (wrong) conclusions…
    All in all, a great episode. and Amulet Devil was cool! I thought it was a bit… revealing, but oh well. Can’t be helped.

  27. Like…OMG!Iru i love you!And Ikuto come here you!*Hugs* Your still…Se- NO I CANT CALL YOU THAT CUZ UR A ChILD >< damn you Ikuto…u and ur lovable ness when you were a kid.Utau your just so Kawaii!And tadase….I still hate you…Kinda…but you like Ikuto say BACK OFF FROM AMU BITCH!Whyd he say Boku?Its Atashi!And ikuto…Your pretty good even when you were young ^^ Aruto…hope ur watching over your AWSUM son!Oh and Eru ur just to kawaii for words….I lub you.And Amu chan…YOU LIKE IKUtO!And if you dont…ill get Nagehiko over here….No wait hes mine…COME HERE KUKAI!

  28. I need a moment.

    AHH! OH MY GOSH! -spazspazspazspazspaz-
    Okay. Moving on.
    This episode was just awesome. Maybe my favorite so far. And what better way to start off an awesome episode than the music video for Black Diamond with Ikuto’s awesome violin skillz?
    I thought little Ikuto, Utau and Tadase looked cuter in the manga (I was never a big fan of the anime art), but Ikuto and Utau’s song completely made up for it. Tadase looked so cute while listening to it too. That scene was just plain adorable. I have to re-watch that.
    Speaking of Tadase, Tadami is now my favorite crack pairing. If ami was just a little older, I could imagine those two getting along real well.
    It took a while, but I finally love Ikuto. In the beginning he really creeped me out (especially when he licked Amu’s egg. I’m never going to let that go). But he’s slowly grown on me.
    The 4-on-1 battle was awesome. Rima and Kairi were really awesome. Ikuto was winning, but Kairi looked so bad-ass when he fought him. And I think Rima even got a hit when she did Jungle party. The only ones who weren’t kicking but were Yaya and Tadase. I forgive Tadase because he looked kind of cool when he had to be saved by Kairi. .. Never mind. He didn’t look cool. But I forgive him anyway.
    Amu and Utau’s battle was just… I can’t even describe it. I love them so much right now. Iru and Eru made me smile. They’re so cute. Speaking of Iru, I’m glad satelight made Amulet Devil a little more appropriate. Now I don’t feel guilty for loving that transformation.
    Lastly, I loved every single Chara in this episode. They were all so cute and cool. Iru showed her good side, Eru was her usual self (which is always good), yoru’s “wait” was adorable, and I’ve started to like Ran, Miki and Sue again. Dia’s smiling face was so cute! Now I’m excited to see her new for next episode. Can’t wait until Seraphic Charm.

  29. i totally loved this episode and i was shocked when you didn’t say somehting about tadase ruining the scene when they were little kids. i agree with Eru being behind the bro-con XP
    i just loooved the scene when they were little and Ikuto was like do you evne know what that means?

    everything was perfect in this episode.
    dia’s true form is okay for me i saw a pic…probably from the manga….but i still like her in the X form…XP

  30. oh and also.
    the animators should do like little chibi shorts after the actual anime is over (kinda like Avatar the last airbender’s animators did for like 3 episodes) and totally relates nothing to what occuring the episodes and like have a little pairing fun in one of the shorts. :)

  31. Um….okay, where do you pre-order those amazingly cute chibi figures? I can’t find a site…

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