Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu – Episode 03

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Three episodes in and I am not cautiously optimistic that this series will remain 100% awesome cuteness and will not devolve into a fanservice-fest the likes of To Love-Ru. Though…To Love-Ru started out that way. So maybe it’s not a fair comparison.

But still. Cautiously. I’m still weary of any future swimsuit episodes.

I think I’m starting to figure out why I like this show so much. Part of it is that I was incredibly surprised by it, part of it is the lovable otaku side (I was getting tired of loud otaku girls who act just like boys), and part of it is just…the romance.

Haruka is kind of like what fanservice anime used to be. Before it was all about making it border-line hentai. You know…just fanservice without anything else. I mean take the boobs out of most of those anime and what do you have? Nothing.

Love Hina had a reason to watch other than fanservice. I know back when I was an anime noob I enjoyed it a bit (now I find it really boring, but that’s beside the point). But Love Hina had a lot of fanservice so maybe I should chose a better example…

Karin! Now Karin had a really fanservice-y opening, kind of like Haruka. But the fanservice really didn’t pop up that often. The anime was nowhere as good as the manga and they pretty much ruined it at the end with their crappy “Hey! Everything worked out fine really easily!” ending, but you know…whatever. Haruka doesn’t have vampires so I can’t even expect them to have a crappy vampire storyline where everyone doesn’t die.

Haruka also appeals to both of the crazy anime fans in me. The one that likes cute girls and the one that likes romance~! And it does both so well. Do you know why? Because of its cliches. It only takes the good or entertaining ones (though it uses a couple of others in moderation). Whoever wrote this story knew what worked and what didn’t and took the stuff that worked.

Obviously, Haruka isn’t original. After this season no one will really care about the show because of that. It’s just…so much fun~! I’ll sit back and enjoy it as my favorite akiba-chan becomes cuter with each episode. I predict that in episode five I’ll start ranting about wanting a plushie of her.

But now, let’s move on.



More wonderful, wonderful cliches. Studying together~! I love it. I think once I saw this scene I automatically decided that I’d love this episode.

And I was right~! I freakin’ love it. Such a cute and easy set-up that we oh-so-rarely see anymore.

I will as always, welcome cute blushing with both arms wide, wide open.

Mika! I love devilish lolis! The only downside to Mika is that everytime she appears, the animators seem to like showing her underwear. But that’s not Mika’s fault, so I won’t hold it against her.

And another thing…I swear I’ve heard her in something else, but I looked up Mai Goto and found nothing. I haven’t watched anything she’s been in. So I have no idea what it is…it’s bothering me.

And my goodness…here is where everything could have fallen apart for me. But, fortunately for us all…

Haruka is reasonable. More reason why the ridiculous situations and fanservice in this anime don’t bother me. I don’t have some bitch of a main girl trying to beat up her love interest for something that’s not his fault.

And she treats her little sister like her little sister too. I love my reasonable Haruka~!

I know all the blushing can’t be screen-capped, but this one was especially “aww” for me because Haruka is just way too cute when she’s being shy.

Poor Haruka! Her secret was revealed in a way that wasn’t even her own fault! Even if she wasn’t a dojikko she couldn’t have avoided people running in the hall like that.

It’s a good thing Yuuto is pretty damn awesome. I think it’s because he’s a megane boy (they’re almost automatically awesome…to some extent). He “sacrificed” himself for Haruka! He’s so deserving of a cute girl like Haruka!

Though I do find it kind of funny how seriously everyone takes being an otaku…

Like this asshole. I wanted to punch him in the face. But he got completely ignored, and that’s almost as good.

Oh…and because I didn’t mention it before, the maids are awesome. Especially Nanami with her awesome sunglasses. Though I like Hazuki too. Okay, just to make this easy…I like them both~!

Ah…Haruka is so cute. And more awesome points for Mika who knows just how to manipulate her sister. THat lovable devious little loli~!

This part was really overdramatized, but stuff like this really does happen. Assuming Haruka was just as popular at her old school, people would probably act something like this when her secret was revealed.

When people turn a real human into an idol, as soon as anything that tarnishes their made-up image comes up, they act like they’re all betrayed and their opinion completely changes…or at least they enjoy talking about them even more.

Think of celebrity magazines basically. The popular stories are the bad ones. So if Haruka had her idol-like status at her old school, something like this really could have happened. Poor Haruka…

This time Haruka’s self-pitying didn’t bother me at all. Partly because it seemed more legitimate. Mostly because I knew it would lead to something great though~!

And I was right! Every single episode just seems to get better and better! First it was just the “aww” sort of introduction, than we had the princess carrying, and now a nice hug. I wonder what are we going to get next week~!

Heh. Classic love-com interruption. I love it.

The asshole appeared again. So annoying. I was starting to wish for him to get punched in the face or something…

…and imagine my surprise when Haruka answered my prayers by throwing the loser right into a tree. Just…awesome.

And just like that Haruka goes back to smiling like normal. Haruka is more than just moe now. She’s awesome. I adore her times one thousand!

I’m just going to start demanding her in plushie form now. Or at least I should get a figure of her (preferably one in her uniform, so I don’t want the two types that are available right now).

I look forward to next week. This anime is just way too fun.


  1. I prefer the awesome Nagato-meido – with a chainsaw!

    It’s clear that Mika’s the level-headed one in the family, and has probably been helping to keep Haruka out of danger for awhile. You’re right, it’s not her fault that they keep doing pantsu shots of her, so I won’t hold it against her, either.

    I don’t know why I like Haruka when I usually detest moeblobs. I guess she’s broken through blob territory and is a real person. I can’t figure out exactly why, though.`

  2. LOL! Haruka’s bein all strong now XD

    LOL those maids are just….awesome.

    YAY!! Devious loli!!!! LOL my dreams come true XD

  3. A non-annoying loli character. Cool. I love how her and the maids are YutoxHakura fans.

    Aww. He saved her.

    It looks like the school Hakura went to in middle school was an all girls school, so there must have been a lot of bitchness anyways.

    Hmm..Princess carry the 2nd week…Hug the third week..Maybe a kiss next week? There’s a kiss in the opening so I’m hoping for a lot of kissing in this show.

    Hakura juto throwing the annoying guy=Awesomeness. ^_^ I hope he doesn’t show up that much after this. BTW did you notice that a lot of background characters have no faces? It’s like Itazura na Kiss.

  4. MisterEd: The chainsaw is awesome.

    Even though she’s a rambonctious devious loli, I think you’re right. Mika may not seem like the most normal to any outsiders, but she’s definitely the one with a level-head.

    I can’t figure out why either. I kind of assumed I’d love Haruka’s cuteness for two episodes and then I’d get annoyed with her, but I just keep liking her more. I’m not sure if there’s some flaw in her that makes her not seem perfect, but…I guess it’s just her charm? It makes her seem more real…I don’t know.


    lol2728: Haruka being strong was absolutely great. That what might make her so likable. And the newly introduced characters…also awesome.


    warriorhope: They had to be supporters or else the maids would be too big of an opponent…with their chainsaw and hammer.

    Girl’s school…I didn’t notice that, but that would explain it even more.

    God I hope so. I want tons of kissing from this show to. But maybe it’s better if they make us wait a little while. Because after the first kiss, the other stuff doesn’t seem like such a big deal anymore.

    I don’t think he will…or I really hope he doesn’t anyway.

    Ah…you’re right. They don’t. At least most of the time they’re only missing faces in the dramatic scenes where they specifically don’t want faces to be distracting. In Itazura na Kiss they almost never have faces, especially in the early episodes.

  5. I wish I had as much good sense as you. I should be cautious about this show, but I’ve completely fallen into Fanboy mode for this already. I haven’t had so much fun giggling like an elementary schoolgirl at blushing, hugging, ohime-sama dakko, and on and on. This show is on the right road to being a simple and sweet anime that I can get my RDA of “awwwww” from.

    Mai Goto did a bang-up job as Yuki-chan in the absolutely adorable Nanatsuiro Drops. She’s also Mai (the little sister) in Yoake mae Yori Ruri Iro Na. And she was Sumomo (the little sister…again) in Happiness! She’s talented but she seems to appear only in eroge and their counterparts. :( Here’s to hoping she becomes more mainstream.

  6. Aww, I loved this episode! <3
    It was so sweet…and cute…and cliche but I don’t care! The cliches were done well and Haruka won me over again with her awesome moe-ness. Hmm, I’m wondering if this is gonna be a pattern from now on. If so, it should be interesting.
    Ah, Mika is like the best imouto ever! She loves and cares for her Onee-chan a lot…hehe, like how Komaki is towards Haine only a little different. And she accepted Yuuto. Yay! I was getting tired of bratty little siblings calling their ani/ane’s friends/potential lovers “Stupid” and all that crap. Mika is such a nice change.
    lol And the maids are awesome. I’m guessing they’re gonna collaborate with Mika-chama to get Yuuto and Haruka closer together. That would be great. ^^
    Ergh, is being an otaku that much of a big deal? I mean, yea, Haruka is an idol and all that but…she’s still human. Ah, fiction. Always dramatizes everything. *sigh* Hmm, but I wonder if this thing does happen in real life…with normal people.
    And yay for Yuuto covering for Haruka and giving her a comforting hug! So sweet! I like him. Why can’t every guy be like him? Actually, that’d be boring but why can’t guys be nicer like him? So sad…
    Haruka + judo + stupid asshole = pwnage. She’s awesome. I can’t wait till she gets more confident and won’t have to worry about her secret anymore. Of course, she still has to be shy around Yuuto. Cuz it’s so cute. lol x3

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