Strike Witches – Episode 04

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Is it just me or does this series seem to be moving along quickly? It feels like it should only be episode three. Or rather, that I’ve only been watching for three weeks. It must just be me then. Being busy in summer when you should have nothing to do (like…no job), sucks.

But anyway, this week was about…Gertrud. Needed to go to my handy little cheat-sheet to remember. Too many pants-less girls in this anime. Can’t keep them all straight.



Well, now that I know exactly what to expect from Strike Witches, I’m having a bit of trouble. I enjoy it more now and I enjoy it less.

More, because it’s impossible to disappoint me. I take it for what it is. Less, because the lack of pants aren’t funny anymore. I’m used to it now.

So…I don’t really have much to say anymore. It kind of sucks. All I have is Mio…and there was almost no Mio in this episode. Booo!

First, have to get this off my chest about English nicknames. It’s something in anime that has always bothered me. “Trude” is not a nickname for “Gertrude”. Not one I’ve ever heard anyway. The appropriate nicknames would have been Trudy or Gerdy. Gerdy sounds lame, but it’s still more common than “Trude”.

Trude might get used once in a while really quickly…but all of the characters wouldn’t call her that all the time. No wonder Gertrud seems so ticked all the time. It’s like if people called me “Mantha” instead of  Sammie.

So…freakin’…annoying. She’s twelve, but she acts like a spoiled brat five-year-old. I want to throw her out a window. Too bad about her being a witch though. She probably wouldn’t get hurt.

Ha. Mop. This is why I like girls like Perrine no matter how cliche and annoying. You always know that’s going to get some sort of payback accidentally…so they can get all pissed and annoying again. But still. I enjoy the ride.

lol. Stalker. I love all the stalker shots I’ve been getting in anime lately.

It’s…really like they all try to make every backstory and character as cliche and generic as possible. Except Mio-sama and her awesome laugh (awesome girls with eye-patches may be kind of unoriginal…but they’re still awesome…especially with awesome laughs).

This eyecatch felt really inappropriate with the happy-happy music they played with it. More unintentional funniness from Gonzo. Appreciated.

Nuuu! Gertrud! You started liking Yoshika too soon! Not fair! I’ll disown you!!

And while it’s on my mind quickly…is it just me or does Gertrud’s character design not really match her personality…at all? She has a really cute design with those ribbons for her pigtails but she’s almost in the same league as Mio. It’s wierd. Oh well, I like her more for it.

And now Perrine is all tsundere for Yoshika. That ended far too soon. I hope she’s still almost the same level of bitch in the future.

And…just because Mio-sama didn’t get to be too important in this episode…Mio shot for the heck of it.

It was awful though! She didn’t even laugh! How am I supposed to enjoy this show if Mio doesn’t laugh!?



Swimsuit episode.

Focusing on Charlotte and the annoying loli. Yay. Though in some clips from the preview Charlotte did look kind of cool.

But I’ll never, ever like Francesca. Everything about her is annoying. None of the guys would even like her if it weren’t for her being an incredibly shameless loli. Or maybe they like annoying twelve-year-olds. I don’t know.

Yeah…I don’t really care about next week. Just if there’s a light-hearted swimsuit thing going, I expect to hear Mio-sama laugh.


  1. Francesca is so cute though… (´・ω・`)

  2. Cuteness sugars over a multitude of sins, it seems.

  3. MIO-SAMA!! WAAAAH!! No Mio-sama love D:

    OH GOD! Tomorrow is Shugo Chara!!! And on Cartoon Network tomorrow is Code Geass SQUEEEEEE!!!!!

    I am SUPER excited!!!

    Also, I’ve been making a LOT of Amuto fan fics…
    -sigh- In one of them, I made Amu lose her memory

    I’m a mean person like that >:3~>

    Anyway, Fuyu-chan, hope you’re feeling good! SQUEEE, can’t wait to see Chibi Ikuto!!! >////<

  4. Anonymous: Cute…yes. Unfortunately, she’s also incredibly annoying. I just can’t take her.


    The Animanachronism: It helps when she’s the one with the least pants too. But some of the “cuteness” is so cute that it’s grating.


    lol2728: It’s sad, isn’t it? No love for Mio. At least you have lots of other things to look forward to.

    Ah, fanfics. Maybe I’ll check them out sometime. Are they on

  5. —–
    FuyuMaiden: Yes, they are on ^^

    My username is Chara-Nari2728

    Remember that…future stuffs are important xD

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