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Finally Girl number 1, Amu-chan of Shugo Chara!. It feels kind of anti-climactic given my current feelings toward Amu…but whatever.

Amu is the Cool and Spicy heroine of the amazingly popular mahou shoujo anime, Shugo Chara!. She’s a fairly insecure girl with tons of dreams and an incredible amount of confusion when it comes to guys. But I’m sure almost all of you know that anyway.

(The Usual Spoiler…anime and manga)

Oh I was so looking forward to writing about Amu when I first started my ranking. Of course…it’s a little harder to give the same absolute glowing praise I originally wanted to considering certain manga events. She has slowly made my 99% into 85%.

But I will give Amu the benefit of the doubt and let her keep this spot since I’m loving her in the anime. She’s the most current girl on this list after all (well, along with the other Shugo Chara girls).

Seriously though…if Amu makes that bad choice that 15% of me thinks she might, she gets kicked off of this list entirely. Not kidding. She’s only the second favorite, if she does anything that is against my number one, Amu-chan gets kicked to the curb.

But that won’t happen. And even if it does, I’ll pretend like it’s something I don’t fear right now and I’ll fangirl endlessly about Amu anyway.

Hmm…I think the first thing that really drew me in about Amu was her freakin’ awesome clothes. Yup.

I was going back and forth for a long time about whether or not I should check out the increasingly popular mahou shoujo anime, Shugo Chara. Everything that I’d seen (just promo pictures really) seemed oh so typical. And as much as I love mahou shoujo, I do not love the typical ones.

But then I kept seeing pictures of Amu. And while in most of them Amu was all smiley and cute and made me go, “Ugh…typical.” I kept running into images of Amu having this, “I’m awesome” attitude.

So, I relented and decided to watch the anime. At least the opening. Though, truthfully, Amu became a typical girl again in the opening and if it weren’t for a certain pair of siblings looking awesome I probably would have stopped right then and there.

But the opening I watched on YouTube was interesting enough to get me to watch a full episode. And the opening scene did it. As soon as Amu went, “Are you stupid?” I went, “Oh shi–I want to watch this.”

Oh Amu, your Cool and Spicy-ness makes us all into mindless followers.

Except when you kind of piss me off. But I’ll set that aside for now.

Of course, once I found out Amu was a girl hiding her “true self” I kind of rolled my eyes at first, but then Amu’s struggles made me think of my own days as an 11-12 year-old and I couldn’t help but go, “awwww” out loud.

Because I don’t think any girls can say that they’ve never hidden their “true selves”. Most of us don’t turn it into an “outer-chara” but I think we’re all guilty of…being a little tsundere toward our friends, family, and yes, guys we may like.

I know I regularly pretend that I have absolutely everything in my under my control. When my parents offer help I say, “No, I’ve got everything covered” when I really want to say, “Oh Mommy! Daddy! I don’t understand this at all! I need help!!!”

But I’m going to be an adult soon, so part of it really is just, you know, trying to be mature.

Of course, I was much more guilty of being a fake around my friends and family when I was younger. Exactly when I was around Amu’s age actually. Up until I entered fifth grade, I was in a smaller elementary school. There were four in my town. Then you enter fifth grade and suddenly you’re shoved into a classroom that’s at least 3/4 filled with unfamiliar people.

And to familiarize everyone with my situation, allow me to break this down. The schools could all be separated by the sort of people who went to them; there was “the normal school” full of normal kids that is right in the center of town; “the high school” which was split evenly between rich kids and poor kids and caused all sorts of cliques and none of the kids acted their age; “the mean school” which was just full of kids who lived in “the bad part of town” and was full of kids whose older siblings and parents were not good influences; then there was the “nice school” which was the nicest school with three playgrounds, and took in the kids from the “family-oriented” side of town because all the parents that put their family first wanted to live near the nice school.

I went to the “nice school” and was stuck in a class abnormally full of kids from the “high school” and the “mean school”. I was the only kid from the “nice school” which had less kids total than the others, but this was definitely different. I was the only kid from the nice school in class. The classes even sort of came in pairs and my paired class only had two kids from my school and I had only been in the same class with one of them once in first grade.

And, of course, somehow everyone else had managed to get their friends in their class. So I was like the new girl…except no one was interested in me because the majority of people were new to everyone else.

I was an easy target for being picked on because I was the shortest girl in class and, let’s face it, I came from the nice school, I was nice. But after the first month, I started acting like I thought I was better than everyone else. Which, come to think of it, when I think of watch a bitch all the other girls were, I probably was.

One girl made a comment about my department store t-shirt and I’d simply smile and go, “Hmm? Funny how you know it came from there. It’s just a shirt I got from my grandmother. She’s coming to visit today. I wouldn’t be such a bitch to not wear clothes she picked out for me.” Of course, that’s just the nicest way I did things. Rumor-spreading was much more common.

And it was all, not me.

Fortunately, it only lasted the one year. After that, with few exceptions, I was able to be my normal dorky self because I luckily ended up in a class full of kids I knew, either through the one friend I made, or because they were in my previous school.

Of course, from time to time up until I entered high school, I was forced to pretend I was someone else. All girls do.

And that is the best reason I can come up with about why I love Amu. Oh, there are others, but that’s the main one for me, and I think for a lot of girls. We can all understand what Amu is going through. I bet most other girls can come up with their own long story about “pretending to be someone else” from when they were Amu’s age.

Even adults are always pretending to be someone else when they’re at work and stuff. Everyone has to act like a professional. At least most of the time. And teenagers too. In order to get through high school, you have to pretend like certain things don’t bother you, even if they do.

So yeah, the main reason why I find Amu such a likable character is because she’s so easy to identify with.

Now, let’s move on to the less personal and more fangirl worthy attributes that make me love Amu.

First of all, even if it’s supposedly a “fake” chara, Amu’s Cool and Spicy attitude is just…awesome. I don’t care why Amu has that attitude, if it’s fake or whatever (though personally, I think it’s become a real part of her personality since she’s been that way so long).

To state it simply, Amu has all the necessary cute traits for the heroine of a mahou shoujo series, but with less FAIL attached. Much less.

How many mahou shoujo heroines can we list that we want to just smack across the face because you just know they could never save the world. Doesn’t matter how awesome the anime itself is, or even if you like the character, she still fails. There’s nothing extraordinary about her except for her special powers. In fact, she’s usually below-average.

Here’s a small list: Maron from the KKJ anime (I think she develops well in the manga), Ichigo from Tokyo Mew Mew, Lucia from Mermaid Melody, and of course, Usagi from Sailor Moon. And those are just off the top of my head. I’ve never watched any of the Pretty Cure anime, but I have no doubt all those girls are likely mary-sues or made of fail.

But Amu is different. She has her problems, but I find it easy to believe that she has awesome powers, because she’s just so incredibly awesome.

Also, I find it actually pretty believable that pretty much every guy in Shugo Chara! is after Amu because she’s just so awesome. Though, in the real life, I think Amu is the kind of girl who wouldn’t be surrounded by guys. At least between pre-teens and teens I’ve found that guys tend to not go for the girl with the awesome personality.

But since all of the guys (except Tadase that moron) seem to have a genuine interest and reason to like Amu since they all started going for her after getting to know her.

Oh and while we’re on the subject of Amu’s reverse harem, I just have to say. Amu’s relationship with Ikuto probably helps to make me like her so much.

Not just because I’m an Amuto fangirl (though I can admit that plays a part), but because Amu just gets way too cute around him. All that blushing and stuff. It’s great. So cute~!

And we all know by now that I love my tsundere girls. And, of course, no one can bring out the tsundere side in Amu like Ikuto. One moment she’s yelling at him and calling him a pervert, then the next she gets all disappointed that he’s leaving and goes all shoujo eyes on him.

God, those two really do just belong together. But I will keep my Amuto out of it now…*sigh* But it’s really hard.

Also, about Amu, I love her sturbornness. It goes along with her tsundere-ness and her Cool and Spicy-ness, but it needed to be mentioned as well.

Amu can’t even be honest with herself sometimes and I think it’s so cute. Normally girls who don’t know much about themselves and are confused about their own feelings bother me, but because Amu is still just twelve she gets away with it. And because she gets so depressed and is so hard on herself, more points for Amu-chan~!

Besides, Amu’s been growing up and has gotten a lot of character development over 41 episodes and 31 chapters. She’s actually grown up a lot.

And another reason for me to love Amu is purely self-satisfying. She’s (almost) always right. Like me~!

Heh. By that I mean that we generally have the same opinion about things. If Amu usually says something like, “this is lame” around the same time that I’m thinking the exact same thing.

In episode 1 when Amu got all embarassed by the pink cheerleader uniform, I was right with her going, “That is freakin’ embarassing.”

She likes Utau, her clothes are awesome, her dreams (aside from the cheerleader crap) are pretty damn cool, and she always knows when things are lame. And her taste in guys is pretty good too if I may say so.

Well, the last two are most true with the enormous exception of Tadase. I really hope she kicks him to the curb one of these days. Personally, I’m hoping she confesses to Ikuto right in front of Tadase. That would be awesome.

Oh yeah. And back to Amu’s wonderful choice in clothes…seriously. I want her entire wardrobe. There’s a few exceptions (like the jacket from episode 18), but I want her clothes~!

And Amu always wears things so well. She has the look down, but without any of the crappiness that is usuall attached to the sort of clothes she wears.

Her hair always looks good, her clothes are always cool, but she does everything in moderation. No crazy-ass fugly hairstyles that just grab attention and make people go, “ew.” She doesn’t have an excessive amount of accessories.

Yes, Amu’s taste in fashion is pretty much perfect. That’s why so many of us girls want to go out cosplaying as her. She just looks cool.

Seriously, Amu’s clothes are…even better than the clothes for an Arina Tanemura character and I always love what those girls wear.

Hmm…and I guess that’s it. I’ll end on the final, rather shallow note about Amu’s wonderful clothing. After all, her style was so prominently displayed in all the pictures in this little article.

And…let’s leave off with a cute picture of anime Amu since I only seemed to go for the manga pictures up until now.

Aw, how cute. It’s the only magazine poster of Amu that I don’t have (and don’t really intend to get), but it’s currently serving as my desktop background.

And next week I’ll do a wrap-up of my anime girls and discuss what I’ll be posting on Wednesdays from now on.


  1. Who called it?!
    Okay, so I love Amu’s clothes too! I want some, but I if I bought cosplay clothes they’d look really weird probably. Eh, Hot Topic works I guess.
    I feel so special that I knew that Sakura, Haine, and Amu were going to be in here.
    Even if your favorites are a tad…obvious.
    I like Amu a lot, but I would count Ushio as my number one. I just really love Ushio for some odd reason…

  2. What bad choice are you referring to? Is it about choosing one of the boys? or about the ending? This series is clearly aimed at younger girls, but I like the story anyway and you’re right about Amu having a great style.

  3. Well, I KNEW it would be Amu XD Besides, the answer why was obvious: Because, HELLO? Her clothes are FLIPPIN AWESOME!!! Plus she’s got a stalker (AKA Ikuto) who happens to be the hottest teenage boy to ever hit a shoujo manga XD


    BTW, I’ve started to watch Code Geass on TV (so english XD) But OMFG….Jun Fukuyama voices lelouch in the japanese one?!

    OMFG…..So shocking O_O

    You know what would be HILARIOUS? If Ikuto was vocied by Jun Fukuyama. I mean, Ikuto with Jun Fukuyama’s evil laugh…f–kin priceless…XD

  4. Amu-chiiiii~!!!! Hehe xD
    Wah, never thought she would be number one. Close to it and maybe on a few occasions, I thought she would but hmm, to really secure that spot. Not surprising, tho. Cuz she’s COOL & SPICY, after all! Lol
    Ah, Amu, Amu, Amu…I have such mixed feelings about her now. More good than bad but still, very mixed. I hope she pulls herself together in the next chapter (she’s half-way there *wink*) so I can fully ramble about how cool she is again. Haha
    Well, going on about first impressions, I wasn’t too impressed at first glance. I was more into P-Pit’s RM at that time when I heard that RM had stopped cuz of some problems with its publishing or P-Pit wanting to focus on other projects and that’s when I first heard of SC! I said “Ugh, you’ve gotta be kidding me. They’re putting a mahou shoujo series over my Rozen Maiden!? How dare they!” Yep, so I had an initial grudge against SC!…which was why I started so late into it.
    Ah, but then I saw that “He Said, She Said” Amuto AMV on youtube cuz I was bored and somehow I ended up watching it through related videos and then “Hey, this looks cute. & I’m bored so I’ll go check it out.” Yea…most of my sanity and supposed “behavior as a young adult” went down the drain after that. Thanks a lot, Amuto…but I wurve you so I forgive you. <3
    And then I saw Amu for the real first time. She appeared so cheerful in her three transformations (my reaction was “whoa, three, huh?”) from all the pics I saw online so I didn’t think much of her. But then it was her delinquent-esque attitude changed everything…well, almost. It was an Hmm, omoshiroi… moment. Me interested = will continue watching.
    (Btw, has anyone ever imagined Amu as a real delinquent? I think that would be awesome. Probably will never happen, but still…)
    Then it was the clothes (omg, awesome!), more COOL&SPICY, and just everything Amu so I gave up into the fandom. xD
    And putting up that act to hide her “true self”, I thought that was so cute (then again, I think almost anything is cute) and I just loved her more because of it. Heh, she looked so “bah! Can’t take it anymore!” when she’s not acting cool&spicy. But I get your point on everyone having some sort of front a few or more times in their lives. I did that throughout all my past school years and now I do it at work, too. ‘Cept in my case, it’s reversed. I act all nice and obedient on the outside but my real self is loud and rambunctious. It’s very tiring so I feel your pain, Amu, albeit in an opposite way. Henh. ^^;
    Hmm, one thing that I really liked about Amu was that she wasn’t the typical magical girl heroine to me at all. I guess this is due to the aloof image she gave off at first and most importantly, as you have said, she had less fail. Very good point on that. Most mahou shoujo…actually no, let’s just say about 88% or some higher percentage of them are dojikko and/or Mary-Sueish. But it’s because they’re like that, they’re “pure” or something. Yea, that worked the first few times around. Now, they’re just bleh with glowing accessories. : P
    Moreover, I think that kind of girl is often the main character because the more you get to see her failures and shining moments as the heroine, the better you feel about yourself cuz you’re glad that there’s somebody that much dumber than you can exist (even if it’s not real) and when you see her, you’ll say “If a girl like that can do something great, then it shouldn’t be that hard for me” or something. I dunno but I’m pretty sure there is some psychological motive behind it especially since mahou shoujo are aimed towards young, often wavering in their purpose, girls.
    Amu, on the other hand, can see on an eye level with others without degrading herself or making it seem as if she’s superior to them (even at times, she is but it’s for good reason). She’s sees them as equals, people on the same footing as her who have struggles just like her, regardless of what those may be. Example: Ever since that episode where she purified that girl’s X-egg (the one who had to transfer) and told her “Heh, just kidding. I’m actually in the same boat. Let’s try doing our best”, I was immediately impressed. She really does get the message “Don’t give up” across in more realistic ways than others do. For one thing, she knows she has the potential and she knows that others have the potential, too. The other girls, try as they might, have either too much or little to none whatsoever and can only make speeches about it, not actually do them.
    Also, Amu is occasionally clumsy, but it isn’t to the extreme where’s she tripping over nothing. She can be discouraged but somehow manages to stay on her two feet without breaking out into tears (constantly) like most heroines do. Adding to that, you notice when a lot of girls are depressed and trying to hide it, they’re just screaming “Please comfort me and show me love!” Ugh. From Amu, I hardly get that. When she’s down, she really tries hard to get back onto her feet and is more worried about her mistakes than wanting to be comforted about it. Which kinda leads me to her tsundere-ness. And tsuntsun Amu is so cute! x3 Especially around Ikuto! Wah! lol xD
    Seriously, how often do we get to see tsuntsuns in the main heroine? Not a lot. It’s even rarer when they do it in a good, right and cute way. That’s why Amu is so awesome cuz she can totally pull it off without trying!
    And then there’s her other faults that I like such as her unintentional boy-craziness (it’s humorous), her slowness and occasional indecisiveness because even though she’s cool, she still has the common idiotic traits of a main heroine but it only makes her more believable, and so on.
    *sigh* And of course, her clothes are the best. In other series, they almost never pay attention to details like that (it just had to look casually good and it’ll be fine, meh) so I’m glad P-Pit made Amu truly stand out in the most ordinary way possible. And it’s a shoujo manga, after all.
    I have nothing more to say about Amu as of now so I’ll end it here. Ah, but we’ve finished the countdown. I feel a little sad. *sad* Boo…well, I’m sure I’ll be as equally excited about what you’ll post next so no worries. Hehe x3

  5. Althought Amu-chan isn’t my favourite character, she’s one of my favourites ;P
    Peach-pit can be professional designers now, Amu-chan’s fasion style to be effecting her fans (similar to how many girls love how Nana dresses (Nana from nana))I want her wardrobe…but it’s probally quite expensive ^_^”
    I like Amu-chan’s outside personality…when she’s c ool and spicy then her ‘nice’ inside self which feels a little typical. But Tsunderes FTW, they’re one of the most realistic type of typical characters you can get…if that makes sense.

  6. Part of Amu’s cool-and-spiciness comes from her VA, Itou Kanae (who is now also appearing in Birdy the Mighty Decode). Just saying. I can too easily guess what her “bad choice” in the manga is, but she has a chance to realize her mistake and go for Ikuto in the end.

  7. Yay Amu!!! Her clothes definitely are awesome, but besides that she’s a cool but still pretty normal girl. Kind of like lots of girls’ “would-be self”- you can relate to her but also wish you had her strengths. She’s pretty level-headed, even when she has doubts and worries. I like how she usually reacts reasonably to things and isn’t annoying by being dumb, helpless, crybabyish, etc. like some other “heroines (I use the term loosely)” in anime (like girls in shows based on dating sims…). She likes boys, and okay bakes them cookies once in a while, but thankfully isn’t desperate and doesn’t have marrying someone as her life’s goal.

    Also I really like Peach Pit after seeing zombie loan, really different but like shugo chara a fun show with great characters. Have you read/seen any of their other works you’d recommend?

  8. Erin: I’m trying to make some of Amu’s clothes myself. First it’s her uniform…then I go after everything else…like that apron from episode 3.

    They are a bit obvious, aren’t they? I tend to go on about them a lot.

    Ushio~! She deserves to be someone’s number one. She’s a great character, so there’s nothing odd about it.


    Roxy: It involves my shipping, so yeah, it’s about choosing one of the boys. She hasn’t done it yet, but if she makes the wrong choice I will ignore her FOREVER! If she makes the right choice, her ranking goes up though~!


    lol2728: I trust Ikuto’s judgment in who he choses to follow around. So, yet another reason for her to be number one.

    Yes~! Jun-san voices Lelouch in Japanese. And because of this I refuse to watch the English version, because it’s just not at good! And the evil laugh would be funny for any character, it’s even funny for Lelouch and he does it in every episode.


    xiao_jie88: Oh Amu is definitely getting there. I’m more than 85% now…more like 90%. I pulled myself together and translated some of the lines from the most recent chapter…Amuto~! It’s just…great. The word, “memories” came up and it just made me giggle for some reason. I can’t wait to see that chapter animated.

    I still haven’t read Rozen Maiden *failure* I started late just because I hadn’t really heard of Peach-Pit (though I’d already read the first volume of Zombie Loan, I just didn’t bother to find out anything about the manga-ka).

    Oh the AMVs, that’s how I first discovered Shugo Chara too. But for me it wasn’t an Amuto AMV, so all of that just happened to be a very pleasant surprise. I was expecting Shugo Chara to just be something to pass the time with. Now look at me.

    Amu as a real delinquent would be awesome. Maybe if she gets all emo about not being able to help Ikuto she’ll get like that~! Or not. But it would be fun to see.

    As I thought, no one can help but put up an act when they’re out in the real world. My poser-self right now is quiet, polite, and generally well-behaved. Since in my house I’m loud and incredibly sarcastic.

    “Pure” shouldn’t equal crappy though. And I’d say the majority of them don’t pass for pure either with the way they chase after boys. Absolute…fail. But I watch it all anyway. I get the feeling that after Amu, I’ll be more judgmental about magical girls now.

    I guess that’s what they’re trying to get you to think. It worked on me when I was little and watched Sailor Moon…for a year anyway. Then I just took it as a cartoon and ignored the logic that Sailor Moon would never really be able to save the world.

    Oh I loved that speech. I totally forgot to mention those speeches in my post. But yup, when Amu talked to that girl…Yuki (I think) after she healed her egg, I kind of went, “How useful!” It was…a useful mahou shoujo speech. No way!

    Amu’s really only clumsy when she’s flustered, so it’s okay~! And her falling almost always leads to moments that I like, so even more okay. Amu’s really mature for her age, or at least she always tries to act like she’s mature…which makes her realistic again. Pretending to be happpy when you’re sad is really common at that age, because you don’t want people to treat you like a kid. And Amu is definitely not needy like other girls.

    Usually tsundere girls are the side characters who are just meant to be rival and they lose. Which is true for Utau (aww, poor Utau), but Amu! She really got me loving the tsundere type. Before her I was always like, “So annoying! Just admit it already!” But with Amu, it’s different. I can have a little patience (but she better not test my pateince too much).

    She has some of the idiotic traits, but they aren’t over-dramatized, so it’s completely acceptable for me.

    And there’s even more clothes in the anime. I wonder if Peach-Pit designs them all (like CLAMP did for CCS). If not, they have someone good designing that stuff too.

    Well, I’m thinking about doing another countdown, just not sure what I want to countdown next yet.


    LilaChan: Oh it is expensive. Anytime I see something that looks like something Amu wore, it’s usually about 40 dollars (or more). Unfair. But I still want to dress like her (I probably can’t pull it off though).

    Oh it does make sense. Tsunderekko’s are pretty realistic. Everyone hides their true selves because they’re afraid of getting hurt. But tsundere like in anime, where they’re purposely being mean to someone they like…a little less realistic. But Tsundere like Amu and Utau is pretty good.


    hashihime: Oh yes. Part of Amu’s appeal is definitely helped along by Kanae-san. That was definitely part of the appeal in Amu for me at the beginning, hearing the way she said, “Are you stupid?” and then her ROFL reaction to falling into a hole. I haven’t watched Birdy yet, but I intend to now. I was trying to wait until Shugo Chara ended so I could enjoy Amu being a voice with no other attachments, but now that Shugo Chara has been extended, that’s useless. I can’t wait that long.

    She better realize her mistake…or I’m disowning her. But I’m sure she will.


    susieq: Agreed on…everything. She’s a (fairly) reasonable girl and I love her for that. And she’s believable as a heroine without seeming too awesome, because she has real, but not overly dramatic, problems too. Amu is just great. And you’re right, romance isn’t her main goal (it just the main goal of all of us shippers out there…). The most recent arc in the anime proves that Amu has her priorities straight.

    Well, Zombie Loan and Shugo Chara are all I’ve really read. I read one chapter of Rozen Maiden…I enjoyed it, but it’s not enough to make a recommendation on. However, since everyone I’ve ever talked to about it loves Rozen Maiden, I’m going to go ahead and recommend that.

  9. If you hadn’t put up a post about this, i wouldn’t have realise how much i am like Amu. For one thing, I often put up a front too in school and outside… I will be all nice, sweet and obedient, but when i am at home, i often get into fights with my sister, defy my parents and give them a I-dun-care-wat-you-are-thinking or yeah-yeah-blah-blah-blah attidude. I am usually in a bad mood at home too. Hahas. Kind of childish, but well, I have to release my stress on school life into somethng right? However, through my stressful school life, I realise that i can act really well, so well that sometimes i can forget that it’s just a act, so when i reach home i get horribly depressed and tired.

    I understand how Amu feels… sometimes, i just want to show people what i am really like…But I dun even know what kind of person I am in the first place…

    Not only that, after Amu joined the Guardians, she had more frens and was able to show her true side to them more. I joined my school’s student leader board last year, and I found a really good, friend, she was really understanding, and she shared some of my interests too. When i am around her, i feel more assured, and it was like, i can really trust her and that she will understand me if I had any problems…

    But onto a lighter note… can’t wait to see what things you have for the wednesday post instead. XDXDXDXD I’ll look forward to it~!

  10. Yes, Amu IS the best character (after you get to know her). I can relate to her a lot, too. And I know what you mean, about hiding your actual character. I never thought about it, until I was reading this and thinking “ah.”. ^.^ I got bullied when I was in elementary, and I had to pretend to be tough and brave (Yeh rite. I’m a big sissy) so they would stop. actually, they only stopped because my best friend friend stood up for me.
    Her wardrobe rocks! Love her style! Sometimes I wonder how it is that she ALWAYS has something to wear for an occasion. Oh well.
    Anyway, great article/featue/summary thing (not sure what to call it) and hope to hear from you soon! Bye!

  11. Amu-chan~! Wow, I was waitin’ for this article and it’s finally here~! x)
    There’s so much to tell about her~! I absolutely love her. It’s one of the characters I feel identify with.
    It’s funny how I stated watchin’ SC. Was pure coincidence [or fate, maybe…?]. I was into Kamichama Karin in that time, when I started to make manga part of my life. So, this girl in was also a KK fan, but one day I saw she had changed her picture of KK and put one of a girl with pink hair in an egg[Amu x)]. As I though it was curious, I asked her about the pic and she told me that was from a serie called Shugo Chara and it was awsome, that I should see it. As in that time I didn’t know much about anime, I though I’d be good give it a try. I went to youtube and searched for the 1st episode… and youtube didn’t work. Damn it. So, I researched a lil and found out it was also a manga and I went to a site where I could read it. So I did. At the beggining, despite Amu was great, it didn’t seem any extrordinary for me… ‘Til she felt into a hole and landed in a hot but perv guy ? I was getting more exicted about it, and I don’t know when or how, but I became a SC fan, an Amuto supporter, an Ikuto lover, and an Amu follower.
    Ah, from the very fist time I liked Amu-chan~! We all knew her Cool and Spicy at first, and right then we knew the real Amu. Was just great. ‘Cause the first Amu was awsome in the anime way, but if she were like that for real, wouldn’t be so interesting[The good thing is that she does dresses cool and spicy. Yay~!].
    And real Amu is just… lovable. I’m sorry to hear your experience at school. I was new at school once. But due my lack of memory, I lost some memories from like 1st to 5/6th grade, so I don’t remember much[the few things I remember from my old school, suck. My mom say I asked her to take me to other school]. But I do know that everytime I’m round of strange ppl in a group, I show myself as a social girl, shameless and a bit cheeky. And the ppl beleive it, when in fact I’m like a lil frighten kitty that wishes the ground swallow it. Took me long to made good friends. When I saw Amu in the same situation, I was just pleased. Really liked that, specially when I saw that in her house was the same, not only with school kids. The pretending thing is so difficult, and I think everyone did/does it. Even the adults (it’s like The Little Prince says).
    I think the Cool and Spicy way went along with her bcause it came up as casuality, but after havin’ that reputation, she started thinkin’ things before sayin’/doin’ something and tried to fit with her character. Like an actress does when she reads the script.
    Oh, and the guys in real life are such morons!!! They don’t go for the personality, they go for the stupid, easy, ridiculous… ¡¡She’s not even pretty!! She fatty too!! *Ejem* Sorry, personal experience. What I wanted to say, is that if the guys really went for the personality, maybe mahou shoujo anime wouldn’t be so popular. But yes, Amu is a girl a guy can fall in love with. Oh Amu, you deserve to have so many followers! You earned it!
    And even though all those reasons, Amuto is an important factor. I’m not gonna talk specifically about the cute scenes, the important moments of Amuto, or Ikuto, since is an Amu article and it’d take much longer. When Ikuto is around her she’s so herself in the cutest way posible. The way she yells at him, gets all nervious, blushes, smiles so fankly… And I firmly think that she’s her ‘true-self’ with him, and that even if she acts as she was tough, she likes when Ikuto is his perv mode, and actually enjoyed the ear bitting…! Oh, Ikuto, you’re such perv kitty ♥ ♥ ♥
    Back to Amu!!! Lol, her stubborness~! Wow, Peach-Pit likes to make cute stubborn girls~(Amu, Uti, Rima…!) Also something I identify with! More points for Amu! Haha… But really, I think is part of her charm.
    And she her looks helps too. I also love her clothes!! Yeah, there’re a few exeptions, but her style is damn cool. If I cosplayed as someone, she’s be my first choise. And the second one. And I absolutely adore her hair!! I would totally use the same hairstyle if I had straight hair. She is pretty. But not when the plot makes the character pretty, you know, when all the characters treat the main girl as she was a beautiful girl but you look at her and isn’t really that pretty, as in Kirarin Revolution. You look Amu and she IS pretty, not only for the characters in the serie. Rima and Utau aswell~
    But Amu is just above everyone. ♥

  12. amu’s wardrobe is awesome!!!!

  13. I love Amu’s wardrobe.
    My hair is just like her’s, only blonde. It’s the same length and layered. So I practice doing her awesome hairstyles in my room a lot.
    good times. <3
    Anyway, Amu really is an awesome character. I’m sick of these typical shoujo characters like the ones you mentioned. They tend to be stupid and unlikable. What first got me into the series is to see that Amu is freakin’ awesome.
    Although there are times that AMu bothers me. She seems to have a lot of mary-sue like qualities.
    Every guy is after her, and she always seems to be the center of attention. Also, she has FOUR EGGS. That’s my only issue with Amu.
    She’s not a total Mary-sue though. I think she’s a really well developed character.
    The last thing I want to mention is that I love Amu’s age. Most female main characters in shoujo tend to be 14-16.
    But not Amu. She’s an adorable little girl.

  14. …First of all, you captured what I like about Amu neatly. And in the process, why I ship amuto so hard- Because I’m really, really sick of ships in which I only like one half of the ship (usually the male half) and think the other side needs to get slapped. I recently made a foray into romance manga and went through like 23 completed series, and trust me, I am up to -here- with the stupid heroines.

    And I agree ith you that “cool and spicy” feels like it’s become part of amu’s character. For exmaple, she often talks the X-ed people through their X-ness by being all “You’re so dumb.” Then she ruins it by saying “Just kidding!” but you know what? I still love her.

    13cici: I agree that she has traits of a Mary-Sue, which bugs me… But I don’t like her being so young, mostly because I’m an Amuto shipper and the pedophilia element that’s present in my ship of choice… disturbs me. If she was a couple of years into puberty I’d be less creeped out about Ikuto being attracted to her and feeling her up and stuff. I mostly get around the squick by PRETENDING IT’S NOT THERE (oh, fangirl denial, don’t you love it? Not. Gah. It’s not the age difference, it’s the age difference combined with how young she is. If she was 25 and he was 30 – and eventually they’ll be that age- or even if he was… 24 and she was 19, I wouldn’t care. But he’s older than her by about HALF HER LIFESPAN.

    Not that it stops my shipping.)

  15. A random other comment:

    If Amu ends up with someone other than Ikuto, it had better not be Tadase. Of all the members of her harem, is “love” for her is most superficial. I think the two of them as FRIENDS FRIENDS PLATONIC “JUST FRIENDS” could be sweet… But anything past that makes me want to retch, honestly. It comes across as so fake. (Is it wrong that I wish he was gay? Then he would be amusing AND non-threatening. And I would be able to allow myself to wholeheartedly like him for his ridiculousness rather than having to hold myself back because… if he and Amu end up together… it will be the first time I hated a character for interfering with a ship. )

    what do I mean by “someone other than Ikuto” then?

    Nagihiko is growing on me, just because I think his love is so sweet and tragic. They won’t end up together, but if they could I would mourn for Ikuto and my beloved ship but not… hate Nagihiko. Because I can really believe that he likes her.

    Also that blue-haired glasses guy. Basically… ANYONE BUT TADASE OH GOD.

    Because I totally don’t by this new crap of “Oh, Amulet heart is part of you, so eventually you’ll be the same person”. Sweetie, she’s as much the same person as amu as /your/ chara is you. That is, she’s an exaggeration of a segment of Amu’s DESIRED personality, but she’s NOT amu, and she never WILL: be amu. Amu might become more like her, but she never will become /her/. So you’re still deluding yourself and Ads.kjgslkjhgk not Tadase, not Tadase, nooooooot Tadase.

    (Really. I don’t hate Tadase. I think he nice. Just. Not with Amu, please.)

  16. Just 3 words : AMU IS AWESOME !
    she deserves to be number 1 ! she ROCKS ! ^^

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  18. Lol everything is true.Amu’s Tsundere-ness toward ikuto which we all think is so totally adorable.I have to give it to her.She’s got some pretty good guy’s.(Not including Mrs.Gay).And her taste in fashion rock’s.Yes..Im TRYING to stay out of my Amuto obsession..Im failing.Because I watch Amuto vid’s 24/7 And if im not doing that im trying to find Amuto spoiler’s.And if im not doing that im thinking of Ikuto Naked…Mmm….OH Nevermind!(Is a Pervert) And if im not doing that?Im calling Tadase-Chan Gay.And editing his hair and makeing it Pink.And a Im Gay arrow across to his face.But..Back to the point.I want to hear Kanae Sing.Since I heard Nana do it now I must hear Kanae.It’s just not right if Nana-Chan get’s all the attention.Even though I Love Utau-Chan….And Eru (Never Forget Eru!Num 1# Eru fan club rule ;)!)And also more for Amu’s Fashion.Currently im working on a Cosplay..And Im not really giveing much effort.Im also trying to get Yoru and Iru’s Key Chain.Im close to getting Yoru..But Iru is so far!Oh well.Sexy Cat boy’s come first ;).And I have a soft spot for Iru’s Tsun-Tsun.It’s waaaay to adorable.And I HAVE MIKI AND ERU RIGHT NOW!Well…The Key Chain’s…I need to save up for the egg’s..And im trying to get the Humpty Lock and Dumpty Key.As a Amuto Fan-As a Shugo Chara! Fan-As a Human.Anybody who like’s Tadamu must just have a thing for Gay guy’s.And I really just went “Aww!So cute!Kamuri is soooo my back up couple!” When I saw Kairi’s Confession.To bad it wont happen.But seriously..Can I at least see Kairi come back?Pleasssse?I looove My Kamuri!And Amuto!More Amuto and Kamuri Filler’s Please ^_^!Well that pretty much end’s my Very-Off-Topic Post..Yeah.Janei!


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  20. hola lindas fotos chus

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