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The post is late…again. I had tons of stuff to do on my blog when I turned on the computer to watch SA. So…many…comments. Yesterday was certainly a record-shattering day for this blog. I was out of the house yesterday, so I didn’t catch much.

Moving on, this week’s episode of SA was a nice enjoyable episode. The perfect thing to relieve stress. It seems like SA finally turned into a decent anime. It’s just too bad it took so long. Everyone already dropped it. Most of us left read the manga and continued watching out of duty…or something.

Really, I think we all just remembered that the manga got better, so we assumed the anime would get better too (or at least easier to watch). At least I thought so.


-Will Be Added in Later-

I was going to do a summary right away since this episode of the anime is different from the manga, but I had trouble understanding a few things. I’ll add it in after I watch a few more times. It’s definitely an episode I need to rewatch with subs.



This episode was different…but in a good way. After the first episode with Sui I assumed that it was going to suck whenever they translated really short chapters. But this episode was good.

They changed a lot, but all the changes they made didn’t piss me off like usual. I was kind of disappointed about Yui and Yahiro not organizing the barbeque, but everything else was fine. Better than fine actually, I enjoyed the rest of the changes and additions.

Rejected. lol. I love how Sakura’s “USO—–!” stretched into the opening title.

Let’s just have this stated nice and clearly in the beginning…Sakura is officially my favorite girl from SA, even though she’s not even in the SA class. She’s just too great. All the little things I loved about her in the manga are just brought to life in the anime. And there’s even more things I notice, like her yakuza daughter side…

Akira should have known better than to make fun of Kei about something involving Hikari. When will she learn?

And Sakura cannot be deterred! She gets absolutely rejected and she keeps going anyway. Awesome.

Kei’s so easy to understand~! I love scenes like this. It’s so cute that it even makes me forget that even though Kei is easy to understand…Hikari doesn’t get it.

Sakura’s multiple, “Eh?” and “Are?” were so cute! I think Natsuko Kuwatani is a seiyuu I’ll have to pay a lot more attention to in the future.

I love how Sakura’s dad helped her along. I miss Yahiro and Sakura’s devious combination, but having Sakura’s dad do everything was still pretty lol-worthy.

Besides, having Sakura’s dad know about Jun means we can move right along without clearing up the stuff about the omiai. I will miss having that chapter animated, but there’s other things I want more.

Hehe~! I love it when Kei is so cute and happy. Especially when it’s such a small thing. It’s so much better with everyone else’s face in this picture. This is my favorite screencap for this episode. Just…great. It’s so great I shouldn’t really need to explain it any further.

I didn’t really notice until I watched the anime that a lot of the members of the SA don’t interact much. It’s mosty limited to certain groups and then just the overall group.

There’s the nosebleed. The steam was nice, but Sakura really can’t be Sakura unless she has a nosebleed too.

Posted for being an unexpected and giggle-worthy anime-original moment. If this was in the manga I wouldn’t think anything special about it (I’d just get pissed if it weren’t included). But! Because it’s only in the anime it was a nice little surprise!

I also liked that they added in Jun’s little history with that girl. It made me feel sadder for Jun. Or just got an extra, “aww” out of me really. She’s so mean~! Well, I can only say that because I’m an outsider to the situation. if I was in the girl’s place, I’d be mad too. But still~! Poor Jun!

Nice Kei! Every time Hikari gets flustered at all I enjoy it. Kei’s gotten really good at that now. I’m so glad Hikari pissed him off. Payback~!

lol…irony. Kei got Hikari good again. She didn’t get flustered, but it’s still some nice payback.

I don’t really have anything to say. But since “kiss” is in the title of the episode (Like/Love and Kiss…or the other way around, whatever) it needed to be capped or I’d be a failure.

Whoa. That pretty much sums up my reaction to Jun’s “other personality” just…whoa. My reaction was kind of the same as everyone in the anime.

Everything was different. His attitude, his voice, his overall look. Even though I knew it was coming I was still like, “whoa.”

More Kei teasing Hikari. And Jun’s harem. It’s really too bad Yui wasn’t in this episode like she was supposed to be. I can’t properly call just Sakura and Akira a harem. It’s just two girls and one of them likes Jun anyway. That’s probably the only thing I really feel like complaining about with the changes. And it’s such a small thing too.

Heart-shaped onigiri. lol. Well cooking is definitely not one of the things Sakura and Hikari have in common.

I hope we get to see more of Sakura and especially her relationship with Jun in future episodes. The next episode is at her school…so hopefully!



They’re combining two chapters.

Chapter 26 and…

Chapter 28.

Meaning we skip over chapter 24 and 25. *sigh* Unfortunately meaning we don’t get this scene. Noo! Oh well, I kind of figured that from the beginning.

This also means we’re skipping chapter 27…so…are they going to use that stuff about Kei’s grandpa at the end after all? I’m kind of okay with them not going back to it at all though. We only have eight episodes left and I kind of want to get to other Hikari and Kei stuff more. So…yeah.

Well next week gets more into Tadashi, Akira, and Yahiro…so look forward to that I guess.


  1. awww, no kissing next episode D: Oh well…OMFG WTF? Jun is all….yeah…WTF?

    LOL Hikari is just so dense…makes me wanna slap her.

    Kei, LOL the evil aura’s are still wonderfull XD

  2. Oh, I love Sakura too! And I totally agree with you that her “are?”‘s were so damn cute.

  3. lol2728: *sigh* Yes, no more kissing. None until Kei and Hikari (possibly) get together! Not that I’ve seen in the manga anyway. Unfair!!!

    Well, I like Hikari once she stops being the densest piece of crap ever. I hope she gets over it soon…


    Taiyaki: Yes! More love for Sakura! Everything she does is either incredibly awesome…or just plain cute. She’s everything that Hikari completely lacks and she’s awesome for it~!

  4. Judging by the following titles after the next episode, it looks like any hope of them returning to chp 24-25 as a setup for the conclusion will have to come around episode 20. And chp 25 was actually pretty touching to read… =(
    That scene with Kei all flowery and everyone else all grey – awesome, especially since it’s juxtaposed. He’s a pretty simple guy after all, if only Hikari wasn’t so dense, she’d have no problem understanding him…

  5. Ahhh! I’m so late in commenting! Buu…
    And it was a Sakura episode. I fail as an SA fan. *sigh*
    Ah, but I liked this episode. I didn’t laugh as much as I thought I would (hmm, must be because Yahiro and Yui are not present) but I still liked it. Cuz of Sakura, of course. x33 She is awesome. I love her determination. It’s just so…inhuman. And her character, too~! AH! I just love Sakura! xDDD
    lol KeixHikari moments were wonderful, too. Kei, you really make a great Maou. All he needs is an actual love rival Iori and he can fully show off his demonic glory. xD; Ah, but it usually wears off quickly when flowery-mode takes over. Kei is so simple and so cute~! x33
    And Hikari…is as air-headed as ever. Her facial expressions kinda even that out for this episode but sometimes I really want to punch her over the head and say “Boke!”…but it’s fine cuz she’s so flustered now when Kei’s teasing her. Kyaa~! Teasing between couples are so cute, especially if it’s the guy the one doing it. lol xD
    I like Sakura’s dad in the anime even though he replaced Yahiro when he shouldn’t have (grr). Ha, and it’s so weird that he has pink hair and such an old face.
    And finally…Jun Chara-Change! *shot* xDDD;;;
    My love for Jun went up by a lot cuz of this episode. I was meh towards him in the manga, even after his secret revealed but seeing it animated was too great. I love my pimp-Jun! lol And I love normal, sweet Jun even more cuz he’s so shy~! Aww!
    I demand more JunxSakura in the future! I want to see pimp-Jun again!
    Ah~, next episode is that chapter, eh? Aww, no kiss scene between Hikari and Kei. That’s sad…I hope Gonzo will make up for it in the last episode or whatever episode. They’re on a good streak now so hopefully, they won’t jump of it on a whim to do something stupid. Hmm, but yay! More Tadashi and Akira development! And Yahiro needs to come out from behind the curtains. Seriously, he’s been doing nothing but moping around in the dark. I want my playful Yahiro back. >:/
    Yep, can’t wait. ^^

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