Shugo Chara!…Season 2!!!!

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This explains everything: Shugo Chara! Magical Girl’s Anime 2nd Year Green-Lit!

I’m writing this right after I opened the page up *hasn’t read it yet* Because the news need to be spread. Like…NAO!

Let’s see…Nakayoshi going to officially announce it on August 2nd. *squee* Two days before my birthday, what a nice present~! Thank you! How awesome would it be if I got that issue on my birthday? I know I won’t…but still…

So everyone, Ikuto’s arc will get animated. And it seems it will be in it’s entirety. That’s what a second season should mean anyway.

Now I’m really wondering what they’ll be doing with the rest of this season too. Hmm. Something to think about.

EDIT: I just have “Season 2” as the title, it’s not the sort of “second season” you’d usually get from mahou shoujo. Same storyline (with a possible filler arc). It’s more like a CardCaptor Sakura thing. The “second year” is probably just an extension. There probably won’t be a break. However, people don’t understand “second year” like they understand “second season” so I chose that as my title to get the point across. Just to make this clear…Shugo Chara is continuing. No need to be more specific than that really.

Sorry for any confusion. I was too busy having a heart-attack to properly make sense.[/edit]

Heh…I was up late and just happened to catch this news about ten minutes after it first showed up. I’m so proud (and glad).

I was in the middle of doing about five different things, opening up pages to read, but once I saw that title I stopped everything opened it up and opened a new post for Simplicity. Because I needed to spread this news and gush about it as soon as I saw it.

Imagine how disappointed I’ll be if it turns out to be wrong…or rather, how enraged. Don’t play with a fangirl’s heart. Especially not when she’s been up all night.

Well for now, let’s just celebrate! No more countdown to episode 51 after all! We’ll still have more to look forward to.

And thank you ANN for not being that far behind for once. This is the very first I’ve heard about it. No other blog I know of has spread the news yet.

Tehe~! I’m so excited! I’m calming down now but…wow, I was really beginning to doubt it. That makes it that much better! Satelight being Satelight I guess. They give me the stuff I want when I least expect it so I’m like…five times as happy about it.

You guuuys~!

But some speculation is in order. I don’t think any titles beyond episode 44’s “Kokoro no Kirameki” have been released and that might just be the aftermath of Utau’s arc (I can imagine them splitting up chapter 26 since it’s a really long one). So…what’s going to be happening?

I wonder if they’re going to just filler it up until episode 51 or if they’re going to continue to follow the manga and stop at 51 until they can finish animating it. Or maybe they’ll do a combo. I don’t know. More info will be coming out as things progress I’m sure. Let’s all be patient.

So…anyone else having overly-dramatic fangirl heart-attacks? Or is it just me?


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  2. When I read the news I went to tell everyone in my family. When I came back to my room, I was actually crying… is that overeacting? xDD.

    Anyway, I wonder when they’ll be airing this? Maybe it’ll be like Mermaid Melody, and they’ll air it exactly one week after the finale of the first series in the same slot and everything (because that would be so convinient for everyone who has gotten used to the weird sleep patterns… I have to go to bed at 2am on a Friday just to see the screenshots, to wake up at nine on Saturday…)

  3. OMG! OMG! This is awesome~! I just don’t what else to say except: Chapter 28 and 30 are going to be animated!!!!

  4. YES!!!! WOOHOO!!!!! I love statelight, I love Nakayoshi, I just freaking love everyone!!!!! XDXDXDXDXDXDXD

    Off to spread the news to my frens~!

  5. Awesome, this means I can hope for more Nagihiko in the future! I miss him so. ;w;

  6. The only downfall is that it might not be subbed, since Formula Sub are pretty stressed out about the series as it is. Poor guys.

    Though, I’m sure another subbing group will most likely come along, since it’s so popular lately.

    I’m so over the moon about this.. I’m trying hard not to wake up my dad by squeeling!

  7. […] 2nd season of Shugo Chara? Another 30 episodes of filler? I think I’ll have to pass. After 52 that’s it for me. […]

  8. yoohoo XD *fangirling around*
    hm, and maybe there will be more than 7 volumes? because I think we are in the 6th… now. And I don’t want so much fillers, but it’s good. very good. Thx :)
    and yeah, I have that heart attack XD



  10. xlapisxlazulix: No that’s not overreacting…much. I was so shocked and had so many things going through my head at once that I almost fell out of my chair. I got so disoriented.

    I…hope they don’t do it like Mermaid Melody. I wasn’t thinking about when too much until just now. I hope they wait until the manga either finishes or when it’s almost finished. Like maybe at least until Spring…or even Winter. I don’t want too many fillers.

    I can end up with a weird sleep cschedule again later.


    warriorhope: Yes! That’s what I’m choosing to focus on as well. All those wonderful Amuto chapters~!


    Starry: Heh. I know how you feel. But if you let people know, mention “reportedly” just to be safe. If it ends up all being false for some unforseeable reason, you don’t want them directing their rage at you.


    Nana: I miss Nagihiko too! He doesn’t appear at all in the second opening, so I was thinking we wouldn’t get to see him at all until the series ended. But with another season, that doesn’t seem to be true.


    Abstractsoul: I don’t really care about it being subbed since I’ve been watching it raw anyway. *selfish*

    But I’m sure someone else will come along. Every time Formula has slowed down, someone else starts releasing episodes also.

    I was too stunned to be loud when I heard the news. And now I’ve calmed down quite a bit…so at least I’m safe (my dad’s awake now anyway).


    Dindae: Oh. It will be more than 7 volumes. Volume 7 gets released in just a couple of days and the manga is still going strong. I’m kind of thinking 10 volumes now…because no one seems to like stopping with 9.

    Ah, but just in case you’re talking about the anime covering more than 7 volumes…they better. What’s the point of extending the series and not finishing things properly? I’d be ticked if it just ended up being more fillers that lead nowhere.

    I knew someone else would have that heart-attack!


    Haru: Hello. Glad to meet a lurker. And I second that reaction.

  11. OMG. THEY’RE MAKING A SECOND SERIES?! KYAA!!!! YAY! I was going all depressed when I realised there were only ten or so episodes left, but now… YAY!

  12. *Jaw drops* Seriously? Thank god! I AM SO FRICKIN’ HAPPY! Let’s all just pray that it’s true…To happy to pray at the moment! *Jumps up and down* MORE AMUTO! OH HELL YES! I LOVE YOU FOR POSTING THE FUYU!

  13. Kyaaa~!! Season 2!
    I started jumping as I read the title. I’m so excited… season TWO! *fangirl giggling* Ikuto’s arc! Yay!
    I was so sad about Shugo Chara! was going to end… but actually there will be more than 10 episodes left *_*
    I can’t stop smiling ^_^

  14. Well, that’s made my morning. Thanks. XD

    I do agree with a lot of sentiments over at Hinano’s post that it’s going to be More Filler Hell, but I think it’s still preferable to trying to cram in what is – I imagine, even though I haven’t read the manga yet – a lot of important material into the 10 remaining episodes.

    Plus now I don’t have to go through my separation anxiety freak-out phase as I was beginning to wonder how I would live without my Cool & Spicy fix. I’m easily satisfied.

  15. Yeah. I also want to see utakai and rimahiko and Ikuto’s new charanari and…Well, everything ^_^. It will also be fun to compare Tadase’s lame confession with Ikuto’s. Also, in the second season Amu might finally found out Nagihiko’s little secert.

  16. …I think I just died.

  17. Waii this is just the best think i have heart the last 3 month ^^

    thx very mutch :D
    i´m sooo happy about this news ^.^

  18. B[ I can’t decide weather or not to be estatic or not.
    FOR ONE – <33 Yay, more SC! Ikuto will get a proper arc. AND MORE AMU X IKUTO SMUT. Omgomgomg bed scene. ;^;
    If Satelight screws that up, I will never watch another thing they animate B[

    But, on the other hand – …Filers. Oh god the fillers. Ugh, maybe if they wait until the manga finishes, or until it’s 3 chapters FROM finishing or something.
    But, if it just continues after a month or something, that’ll just be.. horrible.

    Until we get an official release date, I’m not going to be fangirling just yet.

  19. Yes!!! I knew that something like this had to happen. This series is too good to have a small ending (the final 8 episodes after dia’s arc). There is still many important things that need to be seen in the series. Oh, we probably will even have the little kid from both ch 28 & 31 animated (wanna see his hair colour >.< ), and the bed scene, shower scene, brainwashed Ikuto and Tadase loosing very sightly his lameness, and so many more good scenes that satelight could come up with. *nosebleed*

  20. HORRAY!!!! I REALLY needed a season 2 XD But…when the Ikuto arc is over…Shugo Chara is over D:


  21. KYAA!Ikuto is going to end his Arc in episode 51?!REALLY?!OMG THATS THE LAST EPISODE!THAT WOULD MEAN A AMUTO ENDING!KYAA!*hours Later*Ahem….sorry

  22. Kyaaa~

    I almost couldn’t believe my eyes, lol XDD

  23. Hopefully they’re not gonna do the filler stuff -o-
    I hate the fillers, i only watch it if they have Ikuto involved! I’m excited about the episode where Amu gets Dia back and Utau Chara nari’s with Eru <3

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  25. Super Chan!!! No te la puedo!!! xDDD
    Well, this is gonna be a short comment since I’m way to excited to write much!
    This is a great Friend’s Day present~! x)

  26. Ow! my heart! oh no a heart attack! I knew fangirling would be the death of me! gasp. choke. die. revive because I will NOT leave this world until I see season 2….bcuz…well, it’s IKUTO! *much, much, much squealing* okay, calmed down, lets all pray to whatever gods we have that there won’t be too many horrifying fillers. I hate fillers…..unless there is some Amuto which almost NEVER happens. But I will watch! (and probably fangirl)

  27. Sweeet!!! I’m excited ^_^. question btw- do you know if the (translated) manga in the U.S. is far behind where it is in Japan? (It’s still running I assume?)

  28. SAWHHHHHEEEEEET!!!!!!!!!

  29. amuto007_is_mit-chan007: I know! Isn’t it great? It was getting depressing, mentioning how many episodes were left at the end of every post. And now this~!


    amayalee: You’re welcome! I needed to spread the news to everyone! Seeing all the happy reactions makes me happy too~! And it better be true!!!


    Kimberly Anne: Yes! Ikuto’s arc! A second season means…tehe~! Ikuto’s arc~! And likely, all of it!!!


    CCY: It made my week. I failed my driving test today and I picked myself up by going, “At least I have a second season of Shugo Chara!” *lame*

    There will be a lot of fillers, which got me down for a little bit, but…it means more Shugo Chara! And I can sit through twenty bad episodes just to get to some good stuff. And no episode has ever been completely bad. I’ve enjoyed something about pretty much every episode.

    Honestly, there’s not that much material left. But that’s just because the anime caught up to the manga. What hasn’t been animated is very important…especially with the latest chapter’s cliffhanger. It seems to mean that we’ll get an ending the same as the manga’s.


    warriorhope: Ah! Fillers officially aren’t bad anymore! Because they have plenty to add on to from the manga. Utakai and Rimahiko fillers! YEAH!! They did that in Mermaid Melody’s second season…I want it in Shugo Chara too! Fillers about the other relationships~!

    Heh…I really hope Amu finding out gets animated. Her reaction will be priceless.


    xiao_jie88: Glad I’m not the only one then. ^_^


    Linslet Walker: Actually…I think it’s the best for me too. This news is wonderful~!


    Samy: The bed scene…yes, it is most certainly being animated now.

    And about the fillers…that got me down a little, but I put it into perspective a little. We don’t have to watch the fillers. And as long as the fillers don’t mess up any of the characters’ personalities, they won’t be too bad. The only bad thing about the fillers is that they make it take longer to get to the good stuff. But if they didn’t extend the series at all, we wouldn’t even get more animated Shugo Chara.

    I’ll watch and blog everything no matter what anyway. That way people can know whether an episode is worth watching anyway. I’m determined to be excited about this…no matter what!!!


    ForeverOblivionL That really would be a small…and rather sucky ending. The ending needs to be much more epic than that. Like…Ikuto’s arc epic!

    Oh yeah, the little kid. I was too preoccupied by the many, many Ikuto scenes to remember about him…like the showed scene (I’m nearly overheated just thinking about that scene). I want to hear the little boy’s voice.

    Many other scenes Satelight could come up with…AH! Since Satelight likes repeating crap, I want them to have Amu’s daydream from episode 25 happen for real! With an almost-kiss or something! Yeah!!!


    lol2728: Heh. I think I’ll just be satisfied with them covering everything from the manga right now.


    Himre: It better mean any Amuto ending! No matter what!!!!


    steshin: It seems a little too good to be true, doesn’t it?


    mizakiwa: I think no fillers is impossible to wish for all things considered. I’ll just hope for good fillers (also impossible to wish for). But even I can deal with fillers if it means all the good stuff gets animated.

    Episode 43, right? Or it is 44? Either way, not too longer now.


    Reina It is, isn’t it?


    Kay: Yes! You must live to see all of Ikuto’s arc! No matter what happens, keep going until the end!!!


    Susie Q: Let’s see…volume four of the manga came out recently. That contains up to chapter 18…or 20? I forget. But the manga in Japan…chapter 32 comes out next month. The official US releases and the English scanlations are both really far behind.

  30. […] of the Shugo Chara 2nd season seems to be all the buzz recently, to which I have mixed feelings about, same with other people. I have yet to grow […]

  31. Yay for season 2! They had to do it cuz no matter what ending they came up with in 8 episodes would have been empty or cheesy or something. I cant wait to see my amuto. I’m suprised people are upset about this because of the fillers. So what? Fillers are everywhere. Just because it has fillers it can’t exist at all, is that it? I’ll take the fillers if it means manga stuff as well. Because the manga is really good right now. And I’ll take some more cute openings and endings, thank you.
    ……….amuto! kay I’m done.

  32. OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Yes!!!I’m so excited!!!!I’m having like a heart attck!!!But I cant die yet!! I freakin love you Satelight!Heck, I love everybody!*Hugs everyone who commented and random people*
    lol, I think I’m overreacting

  33. I can’t wait to see!!! That means more AMUTO!!!! By the way, do you have an Guardian Wish username?

  34. I’m expecting lots and lots of fillers, most likely I’ll skip it…unless they manage to make more filler characters like shion…who is pretty likeable. At least we dont have to have to watch the fillers…
    I hope the animation keeps up, maybe it’s me..but the animation currently looks nicer then animation from before. (Episode 41 has some pretty nice aniamtion and most frames does not look distorted)
    I wonder how popular would Shugo Chara be…it might have its chance to be as popular as fullmoon wo sagashite…and a slim chance to be like Cardcaptor Sakura.
    (slightly off topic…I found the official colouring book of Shugo doesn’t look great unfortunately T_T, Peach Pit release an artbook for shugochara please <3)

  35. […] off, I’m sure you all know that Shugo Chara has been extended. There’s all the debate about whether more fillers are good or bad or whatever. It […]

  36. YEYYYY~~~x3 when i heard there was a second season i started hyper-venaliting (or however u spell it)

  37. ooh… a new season! I’m thinking that they’ll do the Ikuto arc in the second season, with – what? – 6 episodes left or so after the Dia arc? That is SO not enough to fill in the incredible and awesome fangirl Ikuto arc. It’s not even completed in the manga yet either!!
    I’m sure there’ll be some fillers =( but I’m willing to flip through those to watch the Ikuto-in-bed scenes >3<


  39. OMG!!! Staying up late on my iPod touch is really worth it sometimes!!!!

  40. Don’t worry!
    Chibi Fansubs might be willing to do it if Formula isn’t!
    Chibi releases faster now…

  41. yes!!! i’m waiting 4 dis!!!

    i hope alice academy has season 2 alsoo…

    tnx! tc :)

  42. yay! 2nd season, will nagihiko be shown in these last shugo chara ep or will he be shown in the 2nd season? i cnt wait anymore!

  43. I’m so happy that theres going to be a season 2. they better not leave anything out about the Amuto parts XD. I think the rest of season 1 is going to be fillers. wikipedia has titles for the upcoming episodes and they all look and sound like filers.

    All I wanna see is more Amuto. XD (huge fan…probably not the only one)

    the only thing that worries me is that if there making a season 2, that means there might be a waiting period. AHHH!! XD

  44. Hi! I’m Isabelle, but my nickname is bella and i get called it alot. I was really happy when i found out about there might being another Shugo Chara season. I thought the first one was amazing, it had romance, magical powers along with twists and turns. I really hope the producers of the movie make a third season, it would be a shame just to let down the movie with only two seasons. The thing that i wish is that they will make it go as long as they can possible make it go on for because there are so many people out there that are such big fans and they might just have to say goodbye and watch the same thing over and over. It may seem like I’m exadurating, but I’m not. I also wish they could leave us their emails to beable to send them feedback and keep nagging them to make more seasons. hehehe xxx_ooo

  45. OMG am i like the only fangirl in the state of newyork!!?? i didn’t know about any of this!!( of course here they only have 43 episodes subbed). thx for the info cause i was wondering if they were goin to stop it after episode 51 and leave amu and ikuto hanging. So i’m leaving it to you guys to keep me updated:-)

  46. ooooooh! i’m lovin this!!! I LOVE YOU!!!! i AM a SHUGO CHARA FAN!! and when i read this… GOD! i YELLED at the top of my LUNGS!!!! whooo! what a relief… i was really hoping for a second season.. bcoz everytme my favorite anime ends.. i’d cry!!! oh well. this anime didn’t dissapoint me at all!!! xd

  47. i love Shugo Chara!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i know that in the end amu will go with tadase!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. oh my god! oh my god! a second season? i think im gonna collapse ’cause i really love shugo chara. the first time i hear it from my friend i actually think that its as exciting as some other anime and the first time i watch it……the only thing in my mind is amu and tadase(i dont like ikuto)well enough for that but im really glad

  49. OMG, I’ve benn waiting for this, i wonder if they’ll make more on the love side or on the fighting side. Im still so excited, Amu is so kool and nishikido and her would be such a CUTE couple!!!!! YAY IM SO
    HAppy!!!! SUGOI KAWAII!!

  50. But when is the subbing going to finish for the first season? Well I like the THANK the people who have subbed it so far and i know it is fustrating but think of how many smiles you put on everyones face right?

    Thanks :P

  51. I cant wait to see the second season!Especially when Tadase confesses to Amu!It will be so cute!!!I also can’t wait to see Amu yell at Ikuto I will be sooooooooooooo happy!Ikuto will finally get what he deserves.

  52. OMGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!I can’t imagine that there will be a season 2.But I wonder if it will be like other animes where you have to wait for 2 months.

    I’m so happyyyy!!
    ;____; hohoh….

    can´t wait for Ikuto and Amu *^_^* hope she consider her feelings for him!!^^

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  56. EeEeeeeeeEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!Yay! My sister was right. >.<!!!

  57. ack the whole ikuto arc animated i think im going to die! i love that arc!!!!!! ack you have to blog about those episodes dont worry i will leave plenty of posts!

  58. i think i had about 18 when i heard ikutos arc was coming and when i read it pure amuto awesomeness with one insy weensie tadamu moment but it is onesided really! so nothing to be depressed about well kinda but it hasnt happened yet and we will have much more amuto before that happens no worries fellow amuto fangirls no worries

  59. I know the new enemies:That girl calls Lulu and her shugo chara,Nana.Also appaers an ? Eggs,who looks like X Eggs,except who the victim perform a Character Transformation with a ? Egg.

  60. OMG!!!!!! Anyone know when Season 2 of Shugo Chara will be realesed? I mean like an actual date of some kind..

  61. Amu: It’s already airing in Japan. It starts with episode 52.

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