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I’m a shipper fangirl. Meaning than more than being just being all crazy and creepy for male characters, I’m much more likely to have an overly-dramatic reaction about something involving my favorite pairings.

A lot of the time my enjoyment and ultimate, “sink or swim” opinion of an anime or manga comes down to whether my favorite pairing ends up together or not. If my supported couple fails…my interest in the anime kind of disappears too.

This either makes me a snob or someone who just judges things harshly. I’m not sure which. But either way since shipping is the most dangerous activity you can take part in after lolicon debates (because that pisses off supporters and haters like nothing else), it’s time to take the defensive and explain myself.

I think I’ve always been a “my way or the highway” sort of girl when it comes to what I watch. I probably get it from my brother who is incredibly stubborn about the stuff he likes. Of course, I express my stubbornness in the girliest way possible by demanding all the pairings I support become the OTP.

I’ve been like this since I was five-year-old and used to watched Disney movies. I’d viciously hate anyone that got in the way of the romance. I threw a stuffed animal at the TV once when I was watching Beauty and the Beast.

Despite my intense love of…love, I’m still really shy about it. I can’t watch any movie where I know there will be kissing with my parents. Or at least I purposely try to not pay attention because otherwise I’ll either start tearing up or I’ll have to let out my fangirl squeals.

Admittedly, I take it far too seriously and it seems to have become something that might be just a little too important to me. I know it’s all just fiction, but I can’t help it. It’s like I need to keep all my romantic secrets to myself because they’re too important to share.

You know, except with complete strangers. That’s okay.

I’d say romance the main reason why I’m such a big anime fan. I like my comedies and some action anime, but nothing beats my romance. Nothing! And somehow so many anime get my romance, just the way I like it. On TV it’s all melodramatic and rushed. Movies are generally the same (though I have a few I’m weak for).

And…I’m secretly a nice girl. I’m pretty understanding about everything, but if someone messes with my favorite pairings…uh. I change a little.

I was once told that I have a look on my face like a loan shark who enjoys torturing a client who can’t pay their loan. I’m…not entirely sure what that means since it was my friend Ashley who said it (people who read this blog must think that she’s such a bully from the way I talk about her) and she always says things in a way I can’t understand. But…I think she means something like this.

I did realized recently that I had a rather devilish smirk while talking about enemy shippers. I enjoyed insulting their stupidity (talking specifically about the stupid ones) way too much. I pretty much automatically like someone less if they want a character to end up with someone else. Or I try to like them less. Sometimes my reasonable side gets in the way.

I’m just a little messed up. But aren’t we all? I feel it’s just a little bit better to obsess over a character’s relationship than to want the character all to myself. Since at least I know the difference between reality and fiction…right?

But now that all my dirty little secrets about how I take shipping too seriously are out, we should move onto the real point of this post.

What makes me decide what couple to ship?



Ultimately…for me, what it all comes down to is pure and simple love. The pairing I think has more love is usually the one I support.

Or rather, to word this in a fair way, the pairing I think will get to show their love more is the one I’ll support.

That’s why Sakura and Syaoran get to be the showcase couple for this post. When I started writing this I knew I needed to find an image where you could just tell two people were in love. And no image does that better than that one special image of Sakura and Syaoran.

What they have is the sort of love that just makes you smile and feel so happy and calm. When I watch CardCaptor Sakura, I don’t really let out “KYAAA!”s like you’d expect a shipper to. I just start smiling like an idiot and go, “Awww” every time Sakura and Syaoran have any sort of moment.

Basically, it’s just heart-warming. You can just tell they belong together and that each one of them is the other’s, “most important person.” It’s no contest.

But Sakura and Syaoran are a one of a kind pairing. I have other “aww” pairings, but there aren’t any other pairings that have the same innocence or warmth. Because no other anime has characters fall in love at such a young age I guess.

Which brings me to my next point. I don’t support “liking”. I support only what I can see as being love. Attraction alone isn’t enough. Crushes aren’t enough.

I didn’t become a real Amuto fangirl until the day I read chapter ten of the manga. Up until then I was just interested in their pairing because it was exciting and I felt like there was something there. Something more than just the teasing. And I was right. I read chapter ten and saw this…

That familiar smile and absolute happiness that always comes to me for my favorite pairings appeared so quickly and easily. Seeing Amu smiling like that and Ikuto being nice even though he’s usually teasing her. It got a really big, “aww” reaction from me. And that usually comes when two characters just seem genuinely happy together.

Simple, wonderful happiness. That’s what usually ignites the extreme fangirling.

Then came along the fact that Ikuto can’t help but be nice to Amu even though they’re “enemies” and the fact that Amu forgave Ikuto even though they’re “enemies” which means that something more than just a dokidoki attraction is going on there.

And once I get that feeling that real love, not just like, can come from a relationship, it’s set in my mind that they belong together. And it’s almost impossible for me to give up.

That’s the real basis for why I’ve always disliked Tadamu. Everything is shallow and I can’t see any “love” from them. I can just see them liking each other like kids their age do. And that’s not enough. I always say that it’s because Tadase doesn’t deserve Amu, and I think that too, but it’s mostly because of their shallow relationship. Of course, no one understands that, so it’s hard to convince them.

Basically to me…it’s all about this…versus this.

And I think anyone who doesn’t know Shugo Chara! and doesn’t have any bias already will agree. One feels like it’s real, the other one just feels shallow.

Because *starry eyes* and fangirl mode doesn’t mean anything to me at all. And that shallowness just absolutely repels me.

I just need to be able to believe that a couple really does (or can) love each other. If I don’t think they do, they might be my favorite pairing still because I like the two of them, but I’ll never support them in the same way.

And if they’re shallow enough, I’ll even be directly opposed to the pairing. Though it doesn’t happen too often. I can only think about three pairing I’ve ever specifically disliked that much.

I think all of this is the main reason why I’ve always loved Arina Tanemura’s manga. No matter what, I can never deny that the main pairing is in love. Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne, Time Stranger Kyoko, Full Moon, and Shinshi Doumei Cross. In each one there’s a scene after or during a big conflict where all the emotions come out and you just know that it’s love. It usually involves crying because they’re about to be separated or it’s when they’re reunited, but that’s what causes it to make sense for me.

I’ve never been in love before, but I have lots of people who are really important to me. And it’s just awful not seeing someone you really care about. The more you care about them, the harder it is to deal with not being around them.

So, the hardest thing in the world must be being separated from the one you really love. The one you love the most.

Then, if the feelings are strong enough to last after being separated a long time or to last through any other number of trials, that’s what really gets me.

The pairing I support are mainly chosen because I a) think they love each other and b) think that their love is strong enough to be tested.

And it’s a story. So of course the love is going to be tested. We can expect that the love will be tested. Especially if it’s shoujo or a series with any sort of focus on romantic relationships.

And that’s the only two sort of anime I ship for anyway. I don’t make up random pairings in shounen anime. You’ll pretty much never get enough development unless a female manga-ka is writing (Rumiko Takahashi just barely gives me enough development early on to keep me hooked).

But now that I’ve made it clear that I need a test, I should make it clear what I like that test to be. You can probably guess from what I mentioned already. It has to be some sort of separation.

It happens in all of the big Arina Tanemura manga. Being separated or even just the threat of separation. It’s happening now in Mistress Fortune. In CardCaptor Sakura, the threat of separation is what makes Sakura realize her feelings for Syaoran. Then their actual separation is what leads to one of the best moments ever in shoujo manga (I will always love their reunion in the manga).

As often as it occurs, I bet people are thinking that it’s just more of my love for cliches coming out. But no. I’m not just talking about the standard, “I’m transferring schools. Please wait for me” kind of separation. I’m talking about all kinds.

Being forced to be on separate sides of a conflict for example. Someone denying their feelings. A fight or an argument. All of these are ways of separating a couple. Obviously, some of them aren’t as dramatic as others, but any of these can be suitable.

Skip Beat! has an especially creative way of separating the pairing I like. Kyoko “lacks” the ability to love because of her past. And Ren doesn’t feel that he should be allowed to love.

I love my inner-conflicts. More difficult drama and then a happier, more “aww”-worthy resolution.

Dramatic isn’t always good. Especially if I’m left thinking that neither person feels strongly enough about the other for it to be realistic. Fushigi Yuugi would be a good example of this. Miaka and Tamahome got together in the third volume of the manga, leaving everything feeling incredibly shallow and melodramatic afterward.

I need to see a lot of interaction before the DRAMA hits too. A little drama sprinkled along the way isn’t bad, but before the big drama, I need to already be thinking, “These two suit each other.”

Because part of me thinking that two characters love each other includes me thinking that they could love each other. That they could work as a couple. When this missing and all I get is rabu-rabu or “cute” interactions, it’s too shallow again. I mean, even Nogizaka Haruka takes out the time to establish that Yuto and Haruka enjoy being together and can have actual conversations.

Bringing up my only current ship (almost every other pairing I like has already been resolved…), this is yet another reason why I prefer Amuto over Tadamu. Amu and Ikuto talk almost every time they meet and learn something new about each other. With Amu and Tadase, Amu is too busy being a fangirl and almost every time Tadase says something, it’s something that makes us all go *facepalm* because he’s being dumb (Amulet Heart gets mentioned way too much).

Basically, I like it when couples talk about themselves and their interests…not just romantic stuff. That sucks. No real couple I know ever talks like, “I like you because…” They talk about common interests and each other.

And the getting to know each other bit is always better if there’s some sort of strain on the relationship from the beginning. All of my really favorite pairings have that.

Haine and Taka-kun, Amu and Ikuto, even Sakura and Syaoran had it. In both CCS and TRC (In TRC, Syaoran tried to distance himself because Sakura doesn’t remember him and in CCS, well they had their rivalry). I probably like it that way because the “awww” moments are always better because I get to think, “they’re starting to like each other even though they’re not supposed to” or something similar.

Basically, I need two things from my pairings: the knowledge that they both love each other most (or could) and the fact that they both know each other pretty well (or are always learning more about each other) and can work well together.

Yes, the love does need to be mutual. I don’t hold onto “ships” if they “sink” (it’s only happened to me once though). And I only get pissed off if I think I was misled, like if a creator advertised my pairing and gave them more coverage as if they were the OTP (meaning that with three splash pages of Amuto and none of Tadamu I will be pissed at Peach-Pit if it ends with Tadamu).

Supposed “cuteness” (honestly, I don’t see it with Tadamu) isn’t enough coverage for a pairing after all.

And because I know someone will bring it up if I don’t…I do talk about how cute pairings are, but I only think a pairing is cute if I think they fit together. They can’t be cute together if I don’t think they fit together.

Actually, it usually gives me an “ugh” reaction instead. If they’re supposed to look “cute” together and I don’t like them I just feel kind of…disgusted. That’s a bit extreme, but I can’t think of any other way to word it. (Heh. Tadamu anyone? Even when other Amuto fans admit that they look cute together in certain moments, I still can’t admit it. They might look cute individually, but together it just repels me.)

But it all really just comes down to which I think pairing shows their love more. Which ones I think will do anything for their love. Which ones have that love so much that they overcome their tests, and usually, give me my happy ending. They have to be willing to sacrifice and do just about anything for their loved one. That is the standard of love I expect from my very favorite pairings.

I guess I kind of judge my pairings harshly and I’m unintentionally strict about it too. That’s why I only have seven pairs I can still go completely fangirl-crazy for even though I watch so much romance anime. Maybe that justifies the fangirl-craziness at least a little bit. Or maybe it just makes me even crazier.


Now I bet people are wondering why I decided to write this up. Well, it’s something that’s been on my mind since I read CCY’s post on shipping. Why am I so rabid about my pairings?

After a lot of thought about what I like about my pairings and all of that, it pretty much came down to just that. Putting a lot of thought into choosing my pairings. That mostly explains why I’m defensive about people challenging my opinion. I shouldn’t really need a reason to be defensive about that. It’s my opinion. I shouldn’t need to explain it in the first place.

However, I also have my reason for that, “my way or the highway” sort of feeling about my pairings. It comes down to the fact that I react to the pairing that has the most emotion and therefore makes me the most emotional. And if someone doesn’t react to the obvious emotional stuff, I think there’s something wrong with them.

Example: I don’t get why people who hadn’t played the Clannad visual novel supported anyone but Nagisa with Tomoya. They were the only ones who had any real mutual romantic moments. So they were the only ones that could really make me feel anything about them as a couple.

I guess it’s okay to support Tomoyo and Tomoya now that episode 24 is out, but anyone who supports Kyou and Tomoya really just likes Kyou. They need to admit that.

Then I kept thinking about my shipping choices more and more when the Tadamu fans started being stupider than usual. Then I came to the realization, that Tadamu arguments are all made up of, “They’re cute” or trying to defend against why Tadamu specifically isn’t a bad couple. They never really list out why those two make a good couple. It’s…shallow.

Everything made sense then. I remembered all the times that I called Tadamu shallow and realized that it was more than just a reason why I think it would be stupid if Peach-Pit made them get together. It’s also the reason why I dislike them together so much in the first place.

Of course, the ultimate point to my shipping has nothing to do with other pairings. I wish that wasn’t a part of shipping. It’s just me loving couples that love each other and that can work well together. That doesn’t need an explanation. That’s just my usual self liking some sort of realistic bit to my anime.

I’m probably thinking about this a lot more than any other shipper does. Everyone else just knows that they like a couple and that they don’t like another couple. Well, this explains it for me and knowing that I’m not just completely irrational makes me feel a little bit better.

I put a lot of thought into this stuff, so I like defending my reasoning. That’s not so bad.

It also explains why I dislike someone who doesn’t agree with my pairing (or really anyone who likes a pairing I specifically don’t). To me liking certain couples is like common sense. They’re the ones I think have the most love and the ones I think work together. It just seems obvious to me. And anyone who thinks there’s substance where I see absolutely none…I think poorly of their judgment. Unless they admit they just like the cuteness or admit to liking them for another reason they know is shallow, I think they’re stupid.

It’s harsh, but generally I find out that it’s true. After all, the most irrational fans in the Shugo Chara! fandom seem to be the Tadamu fans who insist on arguing or the Amuto fans who say they like Amuto because they like Ikuto (and think that’s a legitimate reason). I don’t see eye-to-eye with anyone who likes pairings for shallow reasons, even if we support the same one.

I have my shallow moments too, of course. For Macross Frontier I’m completely unable to decide who will show their love for Alto more in the long-run (I’m pretty sure it’s been about equal), so I just support Ranka because I like her better. She’s so cute and I like everything about her and I just end up supporting her. That’s the type of shipping I dislike, but since I’m not being rabid, it’s okay~!

I have many strange shipping rules that no one cares about.

Heh…now with all this over-thinking I have no doubt that I’m an otaku. I’m just probably more of a shipping-specific otaku. Because my “fangirl power” wanes when I have no pairings to ship. I’m a sad little otaku girl who thinks too much.

But now I can persevere! Now that I know my reasons, shipping can just be fun again. I can just laugh at all the people who try to argue with me about my choices, because there’s just no way they’ve put as much thought into it as I have.

And instead of trying to knock down other couples, I’ll just enjoy the “aww” moments produced by the pairings I love. Because as much as I over-think my pairings, all of them have one very obvious and simple thing in common…

Awww… (and some tehe~! fangirl giggling too)

I have my other weaknesses, many of them in fact, but the one thing all my pairings have in common is “aww.”

(Let me just apologize if there’s any errors in my writing or if I seem to be rambling. I pretty much wrote this in one sitting. Once I got all of this to make sense I wanted to just clear it out of my head before I got confused and forgot anything. And I like my opinion posts to be completely honest, so I post them without re-reading too much. I’ll reread it a few times after I post it to catch everything.)


  1. Errr… On one hand, I’d like to say fangirl shipping power GO! Yet on another, you sound so harsh towards those who may have just as enough ‘reason’ or put enough thought into whatever couple they ship just because it’s not the same one as yours -_-” Well, whatever (coupling) rocks your boat I suppose.

  2. Yes. I am harsh. It’s one of the overly-dramatic, “taking things too seriously” faults of mine that go along with…taking shipping too seriously.

    The ones that come up with well-thought (or over-thought in cases like mine) reasons for having the opposite opinion I do usually like though. My instant dislike mostly comes for the people who get all rabid about a couple I think is specifically…bad.

    But I know. I’m unreasonable. But at least I’m honest…I guess. And I usually stay quiet about my dislike for someone else and just quietly seethe…which should be the better thing to do, but still sounds pretty bad.

  3. I normally go for couples who are going to end up with each other. It’s quite obvious sometimes. ^^ like Ikuto and Amu. It’s obvious thatt hey will end up with each other. If the mangaka suddenly change, I think many fans will drop the book, cause it has been Amuto all the way. It’s just to shallow and weird to suddenly change like this.

  4. This reminds me of when I first got into anime a couple of years ago, and would have agruments with my mom abot who was better for Tohru, Kyo or Yuki.

    hm-hm. No one does romance like anime. (Although there are some good book series too).

    Hmmm. I agree with you about Kyoko and Ren, but it’s gotten to point in the manga were it’s annoying. I wish somethign would happen already Of course since there are enough cute scenes in chapters like 122, so it’s not so bad.

    Couples were one person is able to notice something’s wrong with the other person without them having to say anything. Like Ren and Kyoko, Kyo and Tohru, and (I suspected) Ikuto and Amu. I always go into fangirl mode when I see scenes like that.

    Speaking Tadamu fans, I saw one yesterday on GW that wrote: Tadamu pwns Amuto! And then when a person asked her to justify her feeling about the couple, she just elimnated the reasons she didn’t like the other choices for Amu.

  5. Well, I think rooting for couples is kinda…boring in my case, unless something good happens, but I never really get into it. I just pick a character to go with and that’s about as much rooting as I ever do. If a character happens to form a couple with my favorite character, all I do is, “Oh. Okay. They love each other. That’s good.” then move on.

    That’s why in Clannad, I find it pointless arguing which girl is better with Tomoya. Because he changes in each arc. It’s rare if I ever try to correct anyone, unless they’ve played the game. This blog happens to be an exception.

    But at least you have valid reasons for supporting couples. Better than most peop…uh…fangirls.

  6. Wow. You win. XD I don’t know, I felt really amazed by the sheer passion of your post, reminds me of some of the better stuff I’ve written about the anime close to my heart and why I think anime is such a powerful force in general.

    Or maybe that’s just the “oh hey maybe Amu x Ikuto is pretty cool after all” talking. I might have to re-read the manga.

    The tough thing about shipping is that frequently people mix up “great character” with “perfect for each other”.

    For example, I really like Kukai’s personality in Shugo Chara. Great attitude, laid-back, all that. Would I ship him with Amu? Hell no. Probably not with any girl. He doesn’t feel like the type to need to fall in love, too much of a free spirit. I think that’s something that people need to realize, that it’s not just about one character’s personality but both characters’, how they work with each other, and I think you nailed that.

    About what issa-sa said though … yeah, it’s important to remember not to be too vicious about your personal OTP, since shipping is one of the touchiest topics. I remember watching Shuffle! a while back … that was a firefight if I ever saw one. XD

  7. I apologize in advance because my comment will probably be irrelavent to your topic (for most of it) until I get your response and when I reply to that but holy shit, girl, you just wrote out what felt like half my life in this post and I am dead serious.
    You shall be crowned ruler of the world for that. Yes.
    I…really don’t know where to start. All I know is everything you wrote made sense to me and even if I disagreed on a few points along the way, I can’t remember them right now because I agreed so much on the majority of it that I just forgot. Hmm, I hope this doesn’t mean I’m a pushover but then again, my opinion sways a lot (not a good thing sometimes) and it’s a really complicated thing to put out into words so I’ll just stop that here (besides, I’m getting off-topic again).
    To be blunt, I’m pretty much in the same shoes as you are when it comes to shippings/pairings. ‘Cept I think the only difference (maybe, I dunno) is when it comes to analyzing them, I go near my limit but I never go over it (Of course, this is only in reference to me. I’m sorry if I offended you in any way when I said that because I’m never sure if what I say can mean something else or not, urk. I do that a lot…). I think if I ever did, my brain had to shut down for a few moments before I could function properly again. So anyways…yea, after analyzing I just go on my emotions from there…which feels like I’m on some kind of euphoric drug. I just know it. Agh, what am I saying? *braincrash*
    Well, I’m so…hmm, “moved” is not the right word. Impressed? Eh, not exactly the one I’m looking for but I liked this post a lot. So much that I have to ask, is it alright if I save your post for myself (meaning, as in document) so I can later put it on my wall or something and be odd about it? Really, I want it to be my guidepost! I don’t know what for (maybe for future writing references) but it’s a really good guidepost and I promise to fully credit you. ^^
    Anyways, thx for sharing your awesome thoughts
    as always and again, sorry for the dorkiness of my comment. Hrm, and if I hadn’t mentioned it before, sorry if I do a lot of excessive “flattery” cuz I know a lot of people hate that (I was a flatterer and have pulled out of it a while ago but some of it still seems to be there. *sigh*).
    *sigh* I hope I can really get back on topic on my next reply (if there is one, lol).

  8. Love has always been an important aspect in my anime watching. (Except for a few animes that were too good to be passed up…i.e Death Note) I don’t feel like watching an anime that doesn’t get me all “doki doki”. Lol, it might be a superficial reason but hell do I care.

  9. I completely agree with you on this. Like in CCS, my favorite moment was in episode 66 and 57 for a Sakura and Syaoran moment. I was going “aww” almost the whole time. For Clannad, I like Nagisa and Tomoya, because there were parts that I remember and it was like, “It shows they have to be together.” So when Tomoya confesses, I thought that was sooo sweet. Kyou and Tomoya are more like brother and sisters, since they argue, and Tomoyo was not even much of a thought. Nagisa and Tomoyo just clicked. I think Ikuto and Amu belong together as well, for the same reasons. They had their moments, and they were important. I never remember (if there was, I forgot since it wasn’t as good) a nice, deep, Tadamu moment like Amuto. Which reminds me, if you haven’t, you should Gakuen Alice. The romance is so sweet, but most of the best stuff is in the manga. If I go on, I might spoil it, so moving on. I always have to see at least a little romance in the anime I watch, or else I find no reason to watch it (unless the action takes me to the edge of my seat, then I’m ok with not much romance). I love how both characters develop their romance, and when they blush, have a moment, I giggle, go “aww”, or just smile. Romance is an important aspect to me, and I like the same genres other than romance too, such as comedy, and action. Oh well, I’ve been reading your blog, but I just had to comment this post. ^_^

  10. Starry: Ah. I forgot to mention that all specifically, but I go for couples that will end up together too. Usually because I judge my ships based on the amount of love (and compatability) I guess.

    It has been Amuto all the way. If it ended with Tadamu, I’d probably drop the manga out of stubbornness. I’d still watch the anime to enjoy Ikuto, Utau, Rima, and the other characters, but I’d be pissed. Because that’s not a “Hey! We tricked you by making you look this way” sort of surprise…you can’t do that with romance!!!


    warriorhope: It’s Kyo!!!! I decided that in volume one when I saw Kyo trying to apologize~!

    There are some good books. It’s the reason why I read everything written by Tamora Pierce. Romance and fantasy. It’s great.

    That’s true. Kyoko and Ren are moving so slowly again. But since I’m satisfied by all the cute scenes right now, I’m okay with it. I think we’re all mostly bothered because of all the arcs not involving Kyoko and Ren taking place. But the wait will make the ultimate conclusion even better!!!

    The idiots have invaded GW too? How sad. And how very like a Tadamu fan. Just plain rude…and what a complete fail too!


    kagaminokujira: You’re lucky then. it takes a lot out of you if you do get into it. The word “catfight” in its most literal meaning (scratching and clwaing viciously) springs to mind.

    If I played the VN first, I’d probably feel the same about Clannad, but since I watched the anime I’m stuck on NagisaxTomoya shipping. But I still think it’s stupid to ship Tomoya with anyone but Nagisa if they’ve only watched the anime. KyoAni always makes it very clear who the end girl is from the very beginning.

    I overthought everything and almost fried my head, so I better have valid reasons.


    CCY: Well, shipping is just about the one thing I get this passionate about (Except my anime girls…rather than boys which cancels out my super fangirling kind of). I agree, anime is a pretty powerful force…if you’re watching the right anime anyway.

    Re-read it~! Most of the people (about 90%) I talk to who have read up to volume three of the manga support Amu and Ikuto. They’re the most popular for anime fans too, but in the manga, the pacing works better. And the chapter that caught me as a supporter is completely left out of the anime, until recently (but even then they left out my favorite scene).

    Heh. Kukai. Strange that you brought him up as an example now. I would have agreed with you two or three months ago, but my mind was overtaken by a surprise scene in the manga. I won’t say anything more though. You can find out about Kukai’s possible partner on your own. At this point it’s all speculation anyway.

    *sigh* I wish everyone knew that chemistry and compatability were important too…or rather the most important thing. Judging based on pairing the favorite personality with the main character seems stupid. Unless it’s a dating-sim or VN adaptation…

    Well, I try not to be too vicious. I mainly get mean about my specific, “I HATE THIS” couples. Which might be worse, because I’m personally insulting people. But yeah…no fight like Shuffle’s. I got into that anime after it finished airing, but the shipping was still crazy. So much so that I got spoiled on everything when I just mentioned the series in a forum.


    xiao_jie88: You…agreed with me then? You poor thing! Are you shipping-tortured as well!? Well, I think everyone I talk to about SC is at least a little tortured by shipping anyway.

    Well, if you agree with me about a lot of my points on shipping, your opinion can’t sway all that much. One of my awful things is that it’s almost impossible for me to give up on a pairing…unless you know, it’s just done. My opinion never changes. I am stubborn (in a non-adorable, awful-reality way).

    Good for you. You have some moderation with the thinking. I overthink until I discover a miniscule flaw in my pairing and drive myself insane until I remember…oh yeah. Couples are never perfect. I did that with Taka-kun and Haine. (And I am impossible to offend online so no worries there)

    Going on feelings…like a euphoric drug. Ah! That’s a good way to explain it. And how shipping can so easily make me get carried away. It’s not my fault! It’s my adrenaline working…like a drug!

    I wish I could help find the word, but I am too happy with moved and impressed that I don’t want to. And do whatever you want to with my post! Just, don’t change it to make it say bad things about Amuto and good things about Tadamu. But since I know you wouldn’t, it’s fine.

    Personally, I like flattery. It’s rare for anything nice on the internet, so I always love nice things when I see them.


    steshin: I never finished the Death Note anime…just the manga. But I’m the same too. I’m watching Code Geass just for fun. I don’t care about any of the shipping. I started out the same for Macross Frontier, but that backfired on me. But it’s usually about the romance and all the wonderful dokidoki moments.


    blossomgirl101: Episode 66 and 57…YES! Agreed! (I needed to look them up quickly)

    Oh the end of Clannad. That was so sweet. Everyone complained about them dragging it out and not making it like it was in the original, but it was really sweet so I don’t care. KyoAni did a good job of making Nagisa and Tomoya really scream OTP the whole way through…and for making the other girls not seem much like real love interests.

    I think there was one moment for Tadamu that seemed kind of important in the manga, but it wasn’t that special. Even if it was, there’s been more moments for Amuto.

    I used to read Gakuen Alice. I do have my pairing in that one too. The scanlations got really erratic though, so I haven’t read it in a really long time. I should get back to it.

    Well, there’s usually at least a little romance in most anime anyway (agreed on the action too though, good action can even keep my mind off of romance).

    I’m glad you commented. Especially on this post. I’m glad to find people who agree with me on something like this.

  11. I was so SICK of all the “Eichi this, Eichi that” shit in Full Moon! D< GROW UP, MITSUKI!!!!

    I know he freakin died, but GET OVER IT. You have Takuto, who loves you a bajillion times more than Eichi EVER did!!! Takuto freakin NAMED you Mitsuki!!

    (Refer back to Volume 3 manga, little after story XD)

    Gawd, it just pissed me off.

    Anyway, Sakura and Syaoran are the best shoujo couple ever! (besides Amu and Ikuto XD)

    They BELONG together :D

  12. lol It’s fine cuz our tortured feelings are the proof of our love for those shippings! You can’t have love without a little pain (and this just proves we’re not shallow and dumb like most unreasonable Tadamu fans).
    Oh no, my pairings hardly ever sway because the good points on them being together usually outnumber the bad ones (I hope I’m making sense) so the pairing is pretty safe. I mislead what I said. I think it’s my opinion on a character who has potential on being the love interest is the one that sways the most, which kind of ultimately decides whether I can say “ok, that can work” on the shipping or not. And it’s usually with back-up pairings or the less favorable ones so yea. :/
    If couples were perfect, you’d be wondering if it’s true love at all, y’know?
    And yes, it’s addictive, no? lol xD
    *gasp* I would never do something so…so…see, there’s not even a word that’s bad enough to describe such an act. xD;

  13. Wow this looked like an essay lol but i read it until the end! XD Hey i am Pourpre and i just finished reading your long post LOL (i just started a blog with a friend, so i know that when you sit down and start writing, you go with the flow and the post ends up very long) I am 100% agree with you!! Is like you wrote almost everything i felt about couples! I say almost because i support Sheryl than Ranka(who i don’t like xP for my own reasons)

    Sakura and Shaoran are like the perfect couple after knowing each other. It’s like they can’t help but to fall for each other. I also love Arina-chi works, they are so inspiring in their own way, altough i was surprised of how shinshi ended. And now with Amuto, which is one of the main reasons why i watch Shugo Chara besides the cute design of Pit-Peach, Ikuto and the awesome outfits that Amu has! OK the shugo charas are cute and definately worth watching, they are just so cute!! Besides the ch are light enough to make you laugh. Oh yeah, i read the post about amu! and i also agree with you!! XD She is so cool&spicy! LOL They way you write tells me a lot about you lol and we are alike in many ways i think XD i am short too XP Oh just to ramble hehe my fav pair is AthrunxCagalli from Gundam SEED have you heard of them?

  14. wow, I never thought about it that much. but this has kind of opened my eyes to WHY I don’t like certain couples. but it’s also made me realise HOW most people tend to kind of support the same couples.

  15. lol2728: Hmm…I like Eichi. I always thought Mitsuki had a reason to cling to him so much too. She blames herself for everything that goes wrong, so I don’t think it’s really her fault.

    And I kind of think Takuto and Eichi loved Mitsuki equally. But that’s just me.

    Hmm…actually you brought up an important point for me. Are SakuraxSyaoran or AmuxIkuto better? I guess it depends on what sort of ending Shugo Chara has.


    xiao_jie88: Hmm…I wonder if knowing that we’re better and have more reason to be rabid makes us elitists. …but if we’re right it doesn’t matter anyway. If being right makes me an elitist, so be it!

    That makes sense. Back-up pairings do tend to sway a lot. I was all NagihikoxAmu for a while, but now it’s KairixAmu as my back-up. But that’s kind of due to the emergence of Rimahiko so maybe that’s not the best example.

    Exactly! The “perfect” couples are often the ones that are the most shallow anyway.

    It’s something the worst of the Tadamu fans might do. I think that describes the act quite nicely.


    Bluish and Pourpre: You didn’t even skim? I can’t help but skim when I re-read.

    Another person who agrees with me! Maybe I’m not so crazy after all. And the Ranka vs. Sheryl difference doesn’t even matter since I’m fine with Sheryl anyway (I just like Ranka like a crazy fangirl).

    Sakura and Syaoran are so perfect for each other that they fall in love in every form. I think everyone was surprised at ShinKuro’s ending (I kind of was, but I thought it made sense anyway). Oh over half of the fandom is into Shugo Chara! for Ikuto and Amuto. They find other reasons too, but it always comes back to that.

    I can tell from your comment that we probably do have a lot in common. I’d really like to read your blog.

    Cagalli and Athrun are still really popular, aren’t they? I like them together, but I never really got into shipping for Gundam SEED since I watched both series in the course of about a week.


    amuto007_is_mit-chan007: So can I assume that means you don’t like shallow couples either?

    I’m glad that a lot of people seem to support the same couples, because it means they do think about them if they end up with the same ones. I don’t hate the fandom as much as I thought I did because of this revelation.

  16. sometimes, when surfing the internet, looking for goodies on anime, i stumble on these kind of sites. YOU know, when that person posting SAYS EVERYTHING THAT YOU THINK!

    it’s amazing, and comforting, in a way. since now i know that i’m not the only one who thinks that way, i feel less strange! eh-heh-heh….

    thank you!

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