Shugo Chara!…Season 2!!!!

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This explains everything: Shugo Chara! Magical Girl’s Anime 2nd Year Green-Lit!

I’m writing this right after I opened the page up *hasn’t read it yet* Because the news need to be spread. Like…NAO!

Let’s see…Nakayoshi going to officially announce it on August 2nd. *squee* Two days before my birthday, what a nice present~! Thank you! How awesome would it be if I got that issue on my birthday? I know I won’t…but still…

So everyone, Ikuto’s arc will get animated. And it seems it will be in it’s entirety. That’s what a second season should mean anyway.

Now I’m really wondering what they’ll be doing with the rest of this season too. Hmm. Something to think about.

EDIT: I just have “Season 2” as the title, it’s not the sort of “second season” you’d usually get from mahou shoujo. Same storyline (with a possible filler arc). It’s more like a CardCaptor Sakura thing. The “second year” is probably just an extension. There probably won’t be a break. However, people don’t understand “second year” like they understand “second season” so I chose that as my title to get the point across. Just to make this clear…Shugo Chara is continuing. No need to be more specific than that really.

Sorry for any confusion. I was too busy having a heart-attack to properly make sense.[/edit]

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Overly Romantic Shipping

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I’m a shipper fangirl. Meaning than more than being just being all crazy and creepy for male characters, I’m much more likely to have an overly-dramatic reaction about something involving my favorite pairings.

A lot of the time my enjoyment and ultimate, “sink or swim” opinion of an anime or manga comes down to whether my favorite pairing ends up together or not. If my supported couple fails…my interest in the anime kind of disappears too.

This either makes me a snob or someone who just judges things harshly. I’m not sure which. But either way since shipping is the most dangerous activity you can take part in after lolicon debates (because that pisses off supporters and haters like nothing else), it’s time to take the defensive and explain myself.

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