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Yes. I am late with a post on Shugo Chara! again. It can’t be helped though.

To start, I am once again, very pleased with an episode of Shugo Chara!. Mostly owed to the Tsukiyomi awesomeness in this episode. I missed Ikuto more than usual. He’s been gone for four episodes at a time before and this time was only two episodes (and they weren’t even fillers). But Ikuto not appearing in episode 39 was a harsh blow indeed.

This kind of makes up for it. Though I still expect that scene somewhere. No one has any idea how much I looked forward to it! Kitty Ikuto~!



Picking right up where the last episode left off with a quick recap of the Kairi is a spy revelation.

Then it cuts to Easter’s recording stuido wheere Utau is recording her song again (for some reason). Kairi’s in there too now that he can’t be a spy anymore and Sanjou decides to let him know all about the plan. They’ve been smushing the X-eggs they’ve been collecting into the CDs they’re distributing.  This way Utau’s powers get out to more people faster and stuff (I missed a lot in the explanation, so you’ll have to forgive me). The X-egg CD makes Utau’s song more powerful and stuff. Kairi seems to not like the idea of all of this so Sanjou reminds him about how he was just a spy and betrayed the guardians and all of that stuff.

At Amu’s house everyone is sad about Kairi (except Eru who chooses to be cutely mad instead). Amu looks at that wristband Kairi gave her and says that Kairi must have had some reason.

Back at Easter, Utau finishes up and Iru happily greets her and want to chara-change instead of Dia (or something…I don’t know). Utau enters her room and finds Ikuto, so she automatically reverts to bro-con mode. She attempts to glomp him multiple times while Ikuto easily dodges. Utau tells him he’s being mean and when Yoru laughs abotu it, he gets flicked away. It seems Ikuto is there on theri father’s orders or something to play at the concer that night. Utau is happy that Ikuto will be playing with her singing, Ikuto seems much less happy since it’s Easter’s orders. He then says some bad things about their “father” (ooo, sorry if that’s a tiny little spoiler for anime-only fans, but I just can’t take it without the quotes).

Then Ikuto notices Utau staring at him (ji—-) and asks what she wants. Utau asks if it’s all right if she kisses him. Ikuto says no and Utau keeps asking (like “but it’s been so long”) and Ikuto keeps saying no. Then Iru suddenly gets ticked off about Dia and kicks Yoru in the face then kicks some boxes full of x-eggs causing her to get buried. Then Iru thinks about Eru, and awww…she misses her.

Outside, Kairi is talking with Musashi (about if he as regrets or something, I don’t know). Nikaidou then shows up and asks some questsions, but since Nikaidou doesn’t work for Easter (and isn’t dating Sanjou anymore lol), Kairi says he won’t answer. They talk a little and Nikaidou brings up Amu and true selves, leaving Kairi thinking.

The next day in the garden they find a magazine with Utau’s manager in it. After seeing the name Sanjou they decide that Kairi really is a spy (though this kind of bothers me because “Sanjou” was already mentioned to Amu back in episode 22). Yaya gets pissed and then starts crying and everyone gets sad again. Amu says she wants to see Kairi again and everyone agrees that they should see him. Then Nikaidou shows up (and Su turns into a cute little loving fangirl again). He gives them some tickets to the Black Diamonds Secret Live so they can find Kairi.

Kairi is hanging out at that place where he talked a little with Amu in episode 33, thinking about his true self.

That night the guardians wander around looking for the place where the live is taking place. Eru hears Utau before anyone else and leads them the rest of the way.

At the live, Utau and Ikuto are on stage with the rest of the band. Iru is still ticked about Dia being used for the chara change. Some fans talk about the new member (Ikuto obviously) and talk about how he’s good at playing the violin (Of course! Because he’s Ikuto! Heh…sorry). The song continues and kids start going into the x-egg trance and the eggs start appearing all over the place.

Then Amulet Angel suddenly appears with her, “WAIT!” and her mahou shoujo speech (the angel of love has arrived!), causing the usual “wth?” and embarassed Amu reactions. Everyone reacts to Amu’s appearance, (Ikuto purposely gets out of view). Utau transforms and Amu confirms that Utau really is behind Black Diamonds. Amu and Utau start their back and forth and Amu ends with, “Is what you’re doing right now really your true self” (or something along those lines). But the lights go out and Ikuto gets Utau to leave. Amu is about to follow Utau, but gets stopped by Kairi.

Sanjou leaves saying that she’ll leave it to Kairi. Kairi starts attacking Amu who transforms into Amulet Heart instead so she can block his attacks. Amu tries to talk to Kairi, but he knocks the two heart rods away, but the X-eggs start joining together, distracting everyone. The x-egg thing goes outside and Amu and the guardians chase after it.

Rima and Tadase chara-nari, Rima attacks with juggling party, but the eggs just go back together again. Then after Yaya’s failed attack, she gets to chara-nari into Dear Baby (that’s a weird name even for a chara-nari…). She uses an attack that makes some of the eggs fall asleep, but she falls asleep too. Kairi reappears to continue the fight with Amu, and Amu transforms into Amulet Clover and does some random attack on Kairi…that at least stalls things for a minute.

When Kairi tries to restart the fight, Amu tells him that she still believes in him even if he calls her stupid. She says that the Kairi who spent time with them was the true Kairi. Kairi thinks about his true self and why Musashi is his chara (because of the samurai stories he read when he was younger). He wanted to be strong and save the weak. The x-egg worm goes back into action attacking everyone. It goes after Amu who dodges, but ends up on the ground and can’t get out of the way of it the second time.

But Kairi chara-naris into Samurai Soul and protects Amu. They defeat the worm thing together (with Amu using Remake Honey Special now) and all the eggs are healed.  Tadase sees the shining white egg again and this time wonders if it might be the embryo.

After the fight, Kairi apologizes to everyone. Amu replies that everyone believes in him. Then he starts saying some samurai quotes or something (I had the same expression as Amu and Yaya trying to understand). But then Kairi explains it I guess (it’s about paths and stuff) and Kairi says that his path is Amu (woo!). Which causes multiple reactions (haha, Tadase get owned by a better guy once again).

Then the guardians hear from Kairi about Easter’s next evil plan. The CD is going overseas as well now. And of course, they have to stop it.



Another good episode. And next week’s is even better. And then the week after that is even more better.

And as usual with good episodes, I have a lot to say.

Another Utau and Dia screencap chosen just because I liked it. The background looks cool.

Aww…poor Iinchou. I feel so bad for him. Stupid Sanjou-neesan! Don’t make your little brother be a spai! As cool as it sounds when it’s said in anime (supai is the best engrish word ever…).

Oh the number of times I rewatched this scene. I know that other people have made .gifs of it, but I’m making my own later on too (I don’t like the ones I’ve seen so far). Even if everyone still says one-sided incest is wrong, they can’t keep saying it’s not funny.

I had a hard time deciding which tackle pose to cap, but I decided on this one. Utau fails in the cutest way possible. I love how she kept going after him even after she wonked her head. Utau’s bro-con is still so adorably wrong and hilarious. I’ve never seen incest come across as so innocently adorable before. Maybe because Utau has no chance I guess…


This was just adorably priceless too. And so was Utau flicking Yoru and calling Ikuto mean, but I decided to limit myself to two bro-con screencaps. And “Ji—” was my favorite. Because even Ikuto had a reaction to Utau this time and it was Nana-sama going “Ji—” too. And Utau interrupted a serious conversation with her adorable-ness. So yes, Utau’s stare won in the end. And Utau’s whining about not getting a kiss was cute too.

But the attempted glomps were still the best. I have to rewatch all this one more time, ‘kay?

Awwww! Iru misses Eru! Iru is officially my third favorite chara now! Or fourth…I don’t know. I have to wait until we get some Dia love in episode 43.

Yay for Nikaidou being useful! Yay! I’ve missed you, you silly teacher! I was expecting more Nikaidou in fillers. Satelight let me down.

Darn you Yaya. I’m not supposed to like you. But you had to go and be all stubborn about Kairi and then start crying in a cute way. Unfair. Now even when you’re annoying in this episode, I can’t call you annoying because I kind of think you’re cute now. It’s not fair!

Now everyone is going to think that because I only hate Tadase that I hate him for shallow reasons. But I hate him legimately okay! It’s just a matter of opinion!

Awww~! Everyone’s favorite crack pairing! It’s too bad that it just is impossible to work.

Nuuu! I’m probably just overreacting, but my, “Awww! Rima is so cute!” was cut short by Tadase being nice and me coming to the awful realization that…if the anime chooses to go with an anime-original ending (which other things in this episode seems to suggest) and if episode 38 strongly suggests Amuto, then they might want to pair Tadase with someone.

And pairing him with Rima means no Rimahiko! Hence my, “Nuuuu!” Besides, Rima desrves better than Tadase anyway! I don’t want to sacrifice my Amuto for Rimase (or Rimadase, whatever you guys want to use)!

Tehe~! But I’m probably overreacting.

Ikuto~! Your violin-playing is the best! It’s just too bad that you had to do it under such circumstances. And it’s too bad the awesome sunglasses came out at such a time too.

Heh. And I enjoyed the fans talking about Ikuto…because. I just did.

Black Diamonds sounds so cool with the violin! This means that this is the version on the CD too since Ikuto and Utau are both on the cover of the single. Yay~! I’m so looking forward to hearing the full version. I won’t be able to wait until the CD gets delivered to my house after all. I’ll need to listen to the full version right away.

And I’m buying the Limited Edition right now (I have no idea what the difference between the two is), but I’ll have to get the other one too! Because I want both pictures of Utau and Ikuto!!!

Amulet Angel. Still so incredibly, ROFL-worthy and so incredibly adorable. The mahou shoujo entrance is just wonderful~!

My only regret is that we didn’t get Ikuto’s reaction to Amulet Angel again. I guess now that he’s already seen it once, he’s used to it already. Because Ikuto’s like that~!

Aww. Ikuto hid because he didn’t want Amu to see him there! As usual, I can find my Amuto anywhere~! It’s just too bad that Ikuto hiding means there was no Amuto interaction (awww…*in a sadder way*).

And as usual, I let out a little giggle when Ikuto says, “Amu”. Because everytime I know he says it, I expect him to say it one way, and he says it in a new way that makes me all giggly. I don’t mind though~!

More Ikuto trying to hide from Amu! I don’t know if it was like this in the manga or not (Amu not seeing Ikuto at all), but I know one thing that’s different.

Where is my glowing key!? This is what I was talking about before. Now I really think they’re going for an anime-original ending if they’re cutting out the glowing key. Or maybe they just don’t want to open up a new mystery that they won’t solve because they’re going with the open ending. Who knows. But if it’s anime-original, I still want an Amuto ending.

Oh Iinchou. You megane poser boy you. Don’t attack the girl you like…at least don’t attack her unless you’re in a trance. Because in those cases it leads to nice shoujo drama goodness.

And because there was no Eru love until now…Eru~! She can’t fight! So cute! And she heard Utau’s song from far away! Also cute~! And even Iru can’t resist Eru’s adorable charms…more cuteness~!

Overreaction time again. Nuuuu! From now on I will be suspicious of every interaction between Tadase and Rima. It is not allowed. Not until Nagihiko comes and starts teasing Rima anyway!

Um…not much to say about Yaya’s chara-nari. Right now it’s kind of useless. I just had to screencap it because it’s a new chara-nari.

lolwut? This was incredibly random. I forget if it was in the manga or not…but lol. One of Amu’s other chara-naris does something random. It can’t all be Amulet Angel I guess.

Officially, the idea that “Tadase is girly because he’s in sixth grade” is rejected. Kairi is in fourth grade, his chara-nari has a veil…and he’s still not girly.

You Tadase fans need to grow up already. Sheesh. And just because I’m on the topic, “He’s a prince so of course he’ll have frills” is stupid too. He has an excessive amount of frills. More than any of the girls’ chara-nari’s. And Kiseki has a king/prince outfit without any frills. Grow up Tadase fans. We can say he’s girly or gay if we want to. And the fact that Tadase isn’t actually gay (as in homosexual) has nothing to do with it. He still fits the adjective using the definition: having or showing a merry, lively mood. His chara-nari is gay in that way too with his overly cheerful gay wink. So…shut up.

Sorry for that, I just needed to get it out of my system. I’ll continue to use gay if I want to now. Because I think the “merry” side of Tadase is lame too. So ha! Don’t argue with my opinion now little girlies.

This kind of occurred to me with other special attacks too, but I feel the need to mention it now. I am reminded of Kingdom Hearts 2. Very much so. People who’ve played the game will get what I mean.

Haha. Tadase = Fail. So, you’re jealous now? Too late gay little prince. You totally got ignored too. Ha!

See Tadamu fans (I’m sorry I have to address them again everyone), this is why I still don’t find Tadase “liking” Amu legitimate. He goes straight from ignoring her to being kind of posessive over someone who isn’t even his. You suck Tadase. Treat a girl right for once.

And…ending with a shot of Utau against a pretty starry sky, because we should never end on talking about Tadase’s lameness.

Utau~! I am greatly looking forward to the next two episodes!!!



Yeah, it’s called “Hoshina Utau! The Last Fight!” but as a warning to all the anime-only fans, the last fight lasts two episodes, so don’t get too excited about getting to all the Amuto spoilers you’ve been hearing about.

Plenty to look forward to in the next episode. Especially…

Utau and Ikuto as children! They are ten times cuter than Tadase! And ha Tadase fans! Tadase’s onii-tan crush is revealed in the next episode, so I can call him gay as in that way too. Ha! (No, I’m kidding…partially…)

Oh…and Amulet Devil. Congratulations are in order to Satelight since they managed to not make Amulet Devil look incredibly inappropriate. It’s shorts…couldn’t tell that in the manga at all. Not sure if it even was shorts in the manga.

Yup. Lots to look forward to next week. Only ten episode left now. Seriously…51 episodes is an odd number to end on. I’ll probably say this every time now, but why not 52?

Oh well…looking forward to next week.


  1. Matte mashita! xD
    Kyaaa~!!! This episode…this episode…WAS FUCKIN’ AWESOME!!!1! 8DDD
    Even if they left out a few tiny things but I’ll get to that later…
    Ahhh~! Everybody was just great! I can’t even dislike Tadase in this episode (I think I’m the only one who thinks so…well, the only one posting here, anyways)! *gasp* OMG, NO WAI~… so it had to be good, rite?! xD;
    I really don’t know where to start and I have so many things I want to rant and fangirl about (sorry ‘bout this. ^^; )…so I’m watching it again as I type and read your review. Lol
    Am I the only one who felt bad for the egg when they were just about to smush it with that contraption? “Mudi…? MUDI! Mudimudimudimudi-!” *smush* Aww, poor batsu tama…
    Ouch, that burns, Sanjou. Telling Kairi he’s nothing but a traitor. Just because she’s not chummy with her co-workers doesn’t mean she can take it out on her lil’ bro since he has actual friends who believed in him. :P
    Utau Chara-change Dia style! Though there isn’t that much of a difference in character. Heh, but Iru is lonely and jealous…and bored. Aww, Iru was so cute in this eppy! Her and her karate kicks. X3 && she misses Eru~! Ah, I also noticed Satelight did not put in an Iru “OMG, it’s Eru!” *happyhappy!* shot. Heh, maybe there wasn’t enough time to squeeze that in. But s’okay, since we’ll get to see them make up in the next eppy. Hu hu~! ^^
    Omg, Utau! You’re so cute and twisted! Jiiii… lol xDDDDD Ah, btw, did anybody notice that her shirt said “Blue Moon”? I wonder if that was in the manga…*goes to check*
    Aww, I bet the Utau hate has intensified after this episode…boo. But her song was awesome! So it cancels all the hate out with more than enough Nana-sama love to go around! Therefore, everyone should just spread the love and be in awe of her awesomeawesome voice! *nodnod*
    Haha, and I must point this out. First, it’s the smirk. Then it’s the jump. And now we apparently have a Tsukiyomi flick, too. Heh, that’s interesting. Which leads me to my next thought: Chara abuse. I think Yoru ranks second after poor Eru on being the most abused Chara in the series. Really, why are their owners so mean to them? Well, Yoru I can understand cuz he’s noisy but Eru~! My heart bleeds for you! ;_;
    Henh~, Nikaidou looked so much nicer as oppose to him in the manga, where he was all smirky instead. Heh, I knew they were going to cut out the cigarette part. Hrm, I was curious to know what he gave Kairi in the manga (my two guesses: nail polish or liquid cocaine *shot* xDD;; ) but they cut that out. Now I won’t know until translations come out. Buu~…ah, but I liked friendly, smiling Nikaidou so it’s ok. Hee~ NikaidouxSuu FTW!!! xDD;;;
    And finally we get to the best part: the secret live! Omg, I loved it! I loved it! I LOVED IT! *about to go beserk* Black Diamonds ~ violin remix version ~! *dies of happiness* xDDDD
    I wanted to scream so loud when I heard Ikuto’s violin but it was 12 in the morning when I was watching this so I couldn’t. Ahhhh~!!! You know that feeling were you’re absolutely in love and then a second later, you fall in love all over again? That’s exactly how I felt at that moment. Damn, the violin add-in is hot! I’m going to listen to that track on repeat for a week or longer! And they prolonged the song! *fangirl explodes*
    Lol, Eru and her Utau-radar and showy entrances. Eru, anata was suteki! Poor Amu, tho. ^^;
    Kyaa! And Ikuto hid when he saw Amu. Aww…I don’t know why I’m “aww”-ing but aww…
    Hey! What happened to the Lock and Key reacting to Amu’s speech?! I’m so confused and lost over this! Where is my tiny shiny moment?! @.@
    Ah…now that my Ikuto and Utau fangirling is over (so sad), it’s back to the main focus which is Kairi and his angst.
    Heh, but first, Tadase gets a point for actually being non-hateable today (agh, don’t hit me! Lol)! The gay transformation aside, he protected Rima-tan not once but twice! But not to worry! I have complete faith in my Rimahiko! Keesheesheeshee~! And he was actually jealous of Amu and Kairi’s sparkly, nice moment because it was Amu, not Amulet Heart. Good job on that, Kiddy King! You deserve a grateful punch in the face for acting right for once! Not that I care if you get ignored, which was amusing.
    Yaya…I’m too amused to be annoyed. Her Chara-nari is so…genki, cute in a way, and weird (her imitation of Amu is so lame and funny, too). I loved it! (heh, looked like she was trying to imitate the Kamehameha wave as well) Ha! Her butt inflated to rival Amulet Clover’s! LMAO And I loved her sad face when they were discussing how Kairi has betrayed them. Aww, Yaya-chama’s crying is cute when she’s not bawling like a baby.
    Finally, Amu said Kairi’s name for the first time! Yay! *clapclap* Holyshit, Iinchou was so friggin’ cool! I’m so glad he’s not emo anymore and he found his “rightful path”. Hehe ~.^ &YES! Samurai Soul’s transformation was not gay! Satelight, keep this up until the end (and add some more Amuto in there) and I’ll forgive you for all your past failures. lol xD; Ah, but really. The animation was so good (especially the special attacks) that I can’t believe it.
    WAHH!!! And next episode is the one! Dia finally talks! &&Kyaa~! Ikuto and Utau as kids! So cute! I want this eppy NAO!!! I want Amulet Devil Chara-nari and my full blow-out battle between my two favorite stubborn girls (Utau, watch where you point that! Jeez!) and shooting diamonds and everything! Omg, I can’t wait! *squeals of excitement* x3333
    *sigh*…I’m done. Wow, I’ve mostly fangirled for almost two pages. Damn, sorry ‘bout that again. ^^; And thx for the review as always!

  2. WOOT!! Amulet Devil nexted epi!!!! Awww!! I SUPER awwed at the Iru missing Eru thing XD

    AWWWWW!!!!! Ikuto trying to not let Amu see him! He probably feels super bad that he’s workin with evil instead of lovin his lady D:

    LOL! I LOVED the Utau glomple scenes XD I actually posted a comment on Veoh, saying “Keep dodging, Ikuto!” XD

    Ikuto as a little boy = Super kawaii!!!!
    utau as a little girl = Less bitchy (or not -.-)
    Tadase as a little boy = In my opinion? The only awww moment tadase will EVER get….EVA!!!!

    DAMN IT!!!! Can we just skip the Dia saga and go to the Amuto-ness now? I’m getting super sick of Utau…she’s pissing me off to the max!!

    Nana Mizuki = Super cute, so I like her
    Utau = Super bitchy, so I don’t like her

    That’s how things are for me! I like Nana Mizuki, but I HATE Utau. I don’t CARE if she turns good, I still don’t like her…-_-

    I wanna huggle little Ikuto =D Omochikairiiii~!

    Wow, ANOTHER long comment o.o WTF?

    Amulet Angel is still the best XD
    Amulet Devil will be even BETTER!!!! XD

  3. Wow, I’m ALSO reminded of Kingdom Hearts…BTW, KH is the BEST GAME EVER!!

    Sora in KH2….HOOOOOOOT ><
    Riku in KH2….Less of an asshole XD

  4. >.> I thought it was DAY Baby. Never trust Wikipedia on anything.
    Anyways, I thought this episode was good. ^^
    Amulet Angel was cute and funny, her mahou shoujo opening made me giggle. Utau trying to glomp Ikuto was also cute and funny, helped by the chibi…ness, and Samurai Soul was just TOO COOL. At the moment, he’s at the top of my ‘Best Chara Nari’ list for the boys (which previously consisted of Black Lynx and Sky Jack, in that order. Not much of a list).

    Since Ikuto was in that episode, now seems as good a time as any to tell everyone what I found out while reading manga-scans: My birthday is the same as Ikuto’s birthday! Or should that be the other way around… >.>;

    I’m looking forward to the next episode. I was watching the preview, and I was like ‘UWAH! AMULET DEVIL!’

    And um, is Seraphic Charm next week, or the week after that? Only, I’ve kinda been looking forward to seeing her in the anime.

    Ooh, and who else thought Yaya’s hair was cool all out of it’s pigtails and stuff? And the Black Diamonds song is awesome! And…. I wish they’d make Samurai Soul a proper henshin – transformation if you prefer – but he doesn’t come up again, as far as I know. >.> Could be wrong, since I’m kinda trusting wikipedia for this. Baka ne Kura-Chan, trusting wikipedia like the idiot you are.

    Anyways… hope the subs come out soon… *didn’t understand very much this episode* I’m going backwards now. >.>;

  5. Oh, and I forgot to say before, but the Sweet Appliqué attack was awesome. xD That made me laugh so much. Amulet Clover gets love points for that. She was co cute chibi-fied.
    And Iru was awesome this episode… *is using the word awesome rather too often, she notices*
    >.> NikaidouxSu WOULD be an awesome pairing if it would work. It’s so cute in a way. ^^ I like Nikaidou more every time he shows up now. And yeah… the reason I have so much more to say is because I’m kind of rewatching the episode. *Watching BITS of it*
    I’m gonna be so mad if we get a Tadase x Rima ending. And what was up with the worm? It was kinda awesome looking though. Sparkly… @_@
    Ikuto hiding from Amu was cute. I guess he doesn’t want to be seen because of what happened last time. In like… I dunno. Episode 11/12, maybe? The one where she found him in the park with all the X-Eggs.
    And onnnn the subject of Amulet Angel, I am going to be making an Eru plushie next week! *has already bought everything except the stuffing*

    >.> I’m going to be so bad at this. I have NO idea how to make a plushie.

    Oh, and Dia, next week or the week after that she gets um… un-X-ed. So, are they gonna change the ending to show her uh… normal form? Meh, I don’t care either way.
    Alright, that’s it now, I swear.

  6. and, also, I just needs to say this now….little kid Kairi….KAWAII!!!!! >D

  7. I went all, “OMG! Eeeeks*Fangirl squeal*! Awww…” For the glomp part. Utau-chan was so cute!!!!!!!! I love statelight for giving me this wonderful, glomping scene! It’s so adorable and funny. >.< Anybody who say that Utau wasnt cute in this scene will be wacked on the head hard by me.

    I went, awww…. when Iru missed Eru. She’s not that bad after all. :D

    I get a pretty bad feeling about Rima and Tadase. I have my suspicions too… But I don’t really mind. As long as Ikuto is still Amu’s I am pretty fine with who Tadase is with. Besides, Rima was already shown that she can whip Tadase into shape if he does anything wrong, in the bucket incident. Ha. So they should be fine together.^^

    Kairi’s chara nari is totally awesome and cool. *Shiny eyes* Tadase should seriously take some pointers from him. And it’s cute how he protects Amu, his one love. *Giggles* Now, Kairi is offically the next guy Amu will be woth if Ikuto doesn’t want her. (Of course, that won’t happen. XD)

    Yaya’s chara nari was quite cute. :D And she looks more mature with her hair let down too.

    I’m a little sad at not being able to hear more of Black Diamond, but hearing Ikuto play the violin made up for it. *Swoons*

    Utau’s singing ability is just to awesome. The song is still playing in my mind 10 hours after i heard her last sing. XDXDXD

  8. sorry, like 15th comment today, but…did we EVER get to see Rima chara nari for real before? I mean…her chara nari…is AWESOME!

    Her hair is just so….long O_O And Kusu-Kusu is just so….cute!!! >3<

  9. Damn it, another comment sorry….um…can you tell me how to make animated gifs?

    I dunno how….and is there a site to do so? o.o

  10. Kairi’s charanari is so cool. Definitly my second favorite boy transformation now.

    Surprised Utau and chibi Utau are cute! You really can’t take her brocon seriously.

    Iru missing Eru even if it’s only so she can be her up is adorable to. The Tsukiyomi charas are awesome. ^_^

    Yaya getting sad over Kairi being a supai (lol). Is Satelight hinting at YayaxKairi?

    You weren’t over reacting. I saw it to. Hopefully they’ll scrape Rimase when Nagihiko comes back.

    Ikuto playing the violin and wearing sunglasses! To bad about the circumstances though. I liked how there were fangirls for him in the audience. We get to girls besides Amu and Utau’s reaction to him much in the series so it was cool.

    Yep. He doesn’t get fazed by anything, so that makes the times he does get suprised the much cuter.

    heh and Amulet Clover is the most likely to be random after Amulet Angel.

    Ikuto and Utau as kids! Can’t for next Saturday!

  11. What a great episode, one of the best! It included Amulet Clover, probably that’s why. I enjoyed seeing Dia and Utau, kuto and his unusual skill, Amulet Angel, etc. You were so right about Utau making this brother complex very sweet and wrong at the same time.I’m aware that Tadase and Kukai/Kairi are the most loved male characters of this series and most fangirls are against it’s a surprise to see you supporting him.
    I wanted to choose Tadase in the 1st place as the most suitable for Amu, but I can’t anymore cos’ Ikuto’s got that special something.

  12. Ah, this was a good episode! I LOVED the attempted-glomping scene! I made a .gif of it, (which took over an hour because it was my first time making one) but it’s not very good…

    Oh yeah! Off the subject of this episode quickly! I know I WAS going to make an edit of Tadase, but he had TOO MANY frills, so it was impossible for a beginner like me. My friend made an edit of him though, using one of the older pictures from the series (When they went skiing or something…) and I instead made a (not too good) edit of Amuto from ep. 38. I wanted to show you, but how do i do it?

    Ok. back to ep. 41. There were too many Chara-naris! My head is spinning! But Yaya’s Chara Nari was cool. I like Yaya, so yeah…

    Tadase… leave Rima alone!

    Even though I support Amuto, The scene with Utau and Ikuto was just irresistible! Utau! You ROCK!!!!

    *sigh* No Amuto… Well, not much. Ikuto’s outfit on stage was a bit… weird. I don’t know, I just didn’t like it. It wasn’t… “Ikuto-ish” enough.

    Haha! Kairi’s sword thing got ‘fluffled’! (Don’t ask what it means, I don’t know. I just thought it sounded good to describe the action) Yay!

    Kairi’s veil thing… the first thought that popped into my head was ‘marriage’. I don’t know why…

    Next week is sure to be promising. Amulet …’s (what is it?) outfit looks a bit… strange.

    Kyaa! Ikuto looks CUTE! Kawaii! And chibi Tadase in the corner…

    Is it more likely to see Dia ep. 43, or end of ep. 42?

    Thanks for reviewing and HOORAY FOR FUYU-MAIDEN!!!

  13. First of all I wanna say I was so in my fangirl mode when Ikuto played the violin with Uti-chan~! I think is one of my favs scenes ever! Now I want the Black Diamonds CD even more~! [Damn T.T] And also was pretty happy when I saw the preview, next time lil Ikuto with lil Uti~! xD [Lil Tadase doesn’t matter… gay now, gay in the past, it’s not really important… But it’ll be cute seein’ Uti-chan arguin’ with him bcause of Ikuto x)]
    Then, that I was really happy of seein’ a non-filler episode, despite it had some extra things (like Uti chasin’ Ikuto, which I totally love and rewatched aswell xD) it follows the manga plot (this case, chap24]
    And no, in the manga Amu doesn’t see Ikuto and the random stuff about Amulet Clover wasn’t either.
    Wow, I don’t have much to say since I’ve read the chap long ago…! But I enjoyed so much this episode. It’s kinda good, yet sad, startin’ watchin’ episodes that are from those chapters that are suposed to have the ‘spoilers’ for some ppl, since they’re in RAW and important things happen…
    Anyway, I liked seein’ the chap animated, since we could hear Uti and Ikuto, and see Kairi’s chara-nari, which I liked too. [And it wasn’t a gay one at all, like Tadase’s!! It was nice seein’ a chara-nari from a young boy and without so many ribbons]
    Damn, I can’t say much more…! Now I really want to see the next ep~!

  14. i love kairi’s chara-nari!! <3

  15. Awsumness!

  16. Ooh wow I loved this episode. It was awesome, especially since I was actually in Tokyo the time it aired and I saw part of it (the whole battle scene starting with cute crying yaya to where kairi says the paths thing) Yahoo! The battle scene looked awesome, I liked it. Even Yaya’s uselessness because it was a new chara-nari and it was kinda cute. A couple of my anime-loving friends saw it and said “oh that’s shugo-chara! I think I’ll definitely look that up now”.
    (it was a group of us high schoolers adventuring Japan together)
    and i got some other shugo chara goodies like book 5 and 7 (six was sold out! nooooooo!!11). I love 7 cuz its full of all those new amuto chapters…..amuto….I can’t quite read very well (uh, at all really) but I can’t stop looking at the amuto ness. plus i kinda know what’s going on from you and a couple other bloggers. thank you!
    I also got toys and a crud-load of shugo chara flow cards. by the way, do you know how to play that? it’s like love fortune-telling but the instructions confused me and our translator.
    anyway, thanks for the blogs! and hurray for season two (wrong post I know, but yeah)! animated amuto animated amuto!! ^^

  17. @ lol2728: I made my .gif using adobe photoshop. (actually, it was imageready, but they both do the same thing) I went onto youtube and went by the rules of a video on how to make .gifs. Sorry, I’m probs not much of a help, but good luck!

  18. i’m realy looking forward to the last episode of shugo chara, What Wil Happen Then, Ey?

  19. I…didn’t reply to any of the comments about episode 41 yet? *failure* I lost track~! Sorry everyone~!


    xiao_jie88: Heh…I can still dislike Tadase. At this point even I think it’s insanely ridiculous how much I hate him, but I can’t help it. Something about him just pisses me off…every time he does anything. *sigh* But Tadase hate aside, I love this episode nonetheless.

    Actually, I kind of felt bad for the egg too. Poor little egg. I blame Satelight for giving the eggs personalities.

    And oooo…burn on Sanjou! She’s such a bitch right now. Looking forward to episode 43 so I can start liking her.

    Ah. That’s true. They didn’t put that in. But it’s okay, because Iru crying was enough cute Eru love…for now. We get more love for Eru next week~!

    Oh about Utau! There was something I forgot! I love how after her “Jiii” she tilts her head to the side and just looks so innocent when she asks to kiss Ikuto. lol. No one should hate Utau! At least this time she asked for a kiss…and she didn’t even fight Amu anyway.

    The Tsukiyomi siblings officially own anything cool. That’s that. I’m sure we’ll get something else those two have in common as well. But my favorite will always be the smirk. Nothing better.

    Iru got ignored in this episode too now that I think of it. Tsukiyomi chara abuse too. lol. But to be fair, Yoru usually deserves it. But not Eru!!!

    Smirky and nice Nikaidou are both acceptable. Ah…that’s right. Nikaidou did give something to Kairi. I’m going to try and find out what…

    I think with the violin the song sounds even better. I did scream a little when I heard it (but I have a CCS pillow I keep with me when I’m watching anime to muffle my fangirl screams). And I know what you mean! I can’t wait to get the song~! August 6th! And damn everyone if it appears online even one day later!!!

    I’d went “awww” too, so it must be an “aww” moment. And now that I know there’s going to be more Shugo Chara, I’m ticked about the key getting left out. It’s something Satelight will undoubtedly add into a filler later on. They like doing that…stretching out the lock and key stuff.

    Fine…I won’t hit you. I’ll just sit in my lonely Tadase-hating corner and throw darts at his picture…by MYSELF!

    But I’m just being stubborn~! The Tadase hate just went up for a shallow reason…temporarily getting in the way of yet another ship. Next he’s going to go after Utau (or Kukai…lol).

    Yes…Yaya. I think I’d like her more if all of his pictures weren’t in SD mode (it’s so hard to find a serious picture of her…making an AMV with her is hard).

    The animation was good. They’d get smacked for not using good animation on important episodes. I wonder if they got more money for their budget…

    Everything about the next episode is A-W-E-S-O-M-E! There’s no other way to put it. New chara-nari (again) and new attacks (again), and Ikuto showing how awesome he is (…again). I look forward to the fights. After this week, they better be animated nicely.


    lol2728: He should feel bad too! But it’s okay, if Ikuto feels bad on his own it just adds more love for him~!

    But Utau caught him in the end. tch

    Utau is the same Utau when she’s little. She still gets into fights over Ikuto, she’s just not trying to be evil. And she’s cute~!

    Awww…but you might just get swayed to Utau’s side after episode 43 (and 44 too). I always liked Utau, but it was after seeing two images of her from the manga that she became a favorite of mine.

    Nuuu! Amulet Angel is always the best…4ever!!!!

    Oh yes, Kingdom Hearts is a wonderful game. I want them to announce a third game already…or at least to get the games that have come out.

    And little Kairi…indeed very cute.

    We have seen Rima chara-nari before.

    I don’t know about other people, but I make .gifs using Adobe Photoshop, which is a really expensive software.


    Kura-Chan: “Day Baby”? Wow…I can understand why they’d think that since it sounds similar, but it just doesn’t make sense.

    And there’s one more mahou shoujo speech to look forward to!

    Kairi’s my…number three. Topped by Black Lynx and…secret manga chara-nari (which is evil, but awesome).

    *gasp* Lucky girl~! Have an extra happy celebration on your birthday knowing that from now on then. I only share my birthday with a race car driver… *sulk*

    Seraphic Charm is in episode 43 with Amulet Dia…so week after next. It’s just Amulet Devil next week. But I’m getting pretty impatient for Seraphic Charm too. It’s pretty much my favorite chara nari…period.

    Oh yeah, I liked Yaya’s transformation for that reason too. First time we’ve ever seen her without her hair in pigtails.

    Samurai Soul appears in the next episode…but then that’s it. I’m glad he didn’t really get a transformation, because magical boy transformations can ruin your view of a male character (Ikuto’s was super cool, but that’s…really, really rare).

    Amulet Clover definitely does get love points for that. She’s probably my favorite of Amu’s original chara-naris (if only it weren’t for that skirt).

    Yeah! Be mad with me! Rima and Tadase are officially rejected. I want Tadase to end up alone…or just not with Amu or Rima.

    Episode 12, yes. He didn’t want Amu to get all mad at him again like she did after that and he didn’t want to make her sad. Ikuto~!

    ERU PLUSHIE! Take a picture and show it to me! I don’t care if it ends up being bad. I want to see~! And give me any tips as well, because I’m getting impatient…I’ll end up making an Eru too at some point if there’s no official one.

    I was wondering about that too. I hope they have regular Dia show up. She’s so much cuter!!!


    Starry: Utau was cute!!! And I agree…no one is allowed to say that she wasn’t. She was just…far too cute.

    Rima could be good for Tadase, I’ve always thought they might be a good pairing…but! Rimahiko~! I want Rima to be with Nagihiko. And if Tadase goes out with Rima, it’s like Rima’s the second choice and that’s not fair!

    Kairi is definitely the second choice. Nagihiko was for a while, but I’ve decided her belongs with Rima so…Kamuri is second to Amuto! But…it better be Amuto.

    She should have her hair down more…or at least try not making baby faces all the time.

    And we’ll all get to hear it in full on August 6th anyway~! I’ll keep replaying parts of the anime until then.


    warriorhope: Kairi is second best right now (at least until we all get to see what Nagihiko’s transformation would be like).

    It’s absolutely impossible to take it seriously. It’s something that would normally be disturbing, but it’s just way too adorable. Therefore, people who take it seriously need to get kicked out a window. Dramatic yes, but maybe a nice impact will make their brains work properly.

    The Tsukiyomi charas are all my favorites right now. Heh.

    YayaxKairi…I could definitely approve of that. Iinchou is so serious~! Yaya might actualy be good for him.

    They better scrap Rimase in favor of Rimahiko. I expect at least…four Rimahiko fillers, and four Utakai fillers too…and twenty Amuto fillers (the last one might be a tad unreasonable though).

    There are Ikuto fangirls everywhere! At least if they want it to be realistic at all. Because I can’t even count the number of times I’ve seen. “So cool. Who’s the cat-boy? I like him already!” on youtube.


    Sarina: There was a lot to enjoy about this episode. So much…

    Where did you get the idea that Tadase and Kukai (or Kairi) were the most loved characters in the series? Or rather, that everyone hates Ikuto? It’s…pretty much the opposite. There’s really only one site where the Tadase fans outnumber the Ikuto fans, and that’s just because the Ikuto fans got tired of Tadase fans flaming them.

    Really!? *glomp* Thank you for recognizing Ikuto’s special something! You’re my favorite “originally Tadase” supporter!


    amuto007_is_mit-chan007: I want to see! If yours is good I won’t have to make my own (I got bored halfway through and scrapped mine for now).

    It was frustrating for me too and I’ve been editing pictures to my liking for three years now. But show me the Amuto one! You can upload it onto photobucket and post the link.

    You can enjoy Utau and Ikuto together, since it’s pretty much for entertainment value. So cute~!

    Well, it was black, so I think it was Ikuto-ish right there, but I get what you mean. I liked it because it was like…Ikuto the rockstar…with a violin! AWESOME! But that’s just me.

    ROFL. Kairi wants to be Amu’s bride~! Well crap, now that’s never going to leave my head.

    Amulet Devil. And for Dia, it’s the end of episode 42 and episode 43…both. Sort of. I think.


    Reina: I’m so glad! Everyone else loved Ikuto playing his violin too~! And Black Diamonds gets almost Equal love overall!

    And he cries in the past…again. I can’t even see little Tadase as cute, because I’m too annoyed by him. But I look forward to his argument with Utau.

    Okay, I was wondering about that. Amu didn’t see Ikuto. I didn’t bother to check the scans yet…but good. I’m not all senile or anything.

    That’s true…it feels weird finally getting to all this stuff that I’ve only hear spoilers about. I wonder how fans who haven’t even heard the spoilers feel. Excited? Or frustrated that it’s taking the manga so long to get translated…


    Luna-chan: Lucky! I want to see Shugo Chara in Japan. It would be nice to see it without any of the pixelation that comes with the raws.

    Yup, Yaya’s uselessness didn’t even annoy me. Not one bit. And make sure your friends do check it out.

    And even luckier! The manga! I still don’t have my volumes yet. I can’t order them until I get enough money. It’s not fair. And the Amuto-ness…I know there’s plenty of that in volume 7 (bed, shower, just plain adorable scenes everywhere else).

    I don’t know anything about the flow cards really. All I’ve ever seen is the images. I don’t know anything about how to play it (sorry).

    It’s fine if it’s the wrong post…the more I’m reminded about the second season, the happier I get.


    Amu+Ikuto=Love!!: The last episode…well with the extension of the anime, we’ll all have to wait to find out what happens.

  20. @Fuyumaiden: I’m having a super hard time trying to find book 6 online…or any books for that matter. Except on amazon’s japan site, but the book is only 400 yen and they want 3000 yen just to ship it! Yargh. Were you looking at any particular site, cuz if so let me know!
    It’d be easy living in Japan. Just go the bookstore and pick it up….sigh…..
    I cant wait to see Dia and Seraphic Charm. I’ve never seen SC before. The next episodes are going to be great! But I wonder what comes after that? Hmm…
    I know I’ve said this before but you have basically the best Shugo Chara blog around. Great summary and funny commentary xD And your hatred for Tadase makes me laugh everytime

  21. Well, I’m purchasing the special editions, but they have everything on YesAsia. It’s hard to find all the volumes because they all have different spellings (Shyugo Chara, Shugo Character, Shiyugo Kiyara, and more), so volume 6 is right here.

    But the shipping is still really expensive. I’m ordering through YesAsia, because I’m ordering over 100 USD worth of stuff and it gets me a deal on shipping.

    After that will likely come a bunch of fillers. But I don’t mind. Just glad to have more Shugo Chara~! Especially if the fillers are good.

    Oh “best”! Somehow that makes me so embarrassed (in a good way). But not many people are blogging Shugo Chara anyway.

    So glad to have my Tadase hate appreciated too btw.

  22. @Fuyu: I want to see that Manga Chara Nari now. >.>;
    …Maybe I can get Onii-Chan to buy me the manga off the internet for my birthday, like he did for Tokyo Mew Mew, back when I used to be obsessed with it.

    Oh, and since that may have been confusing as to the order of the list:
    1. Samurai Soul
    2. Black Lynx
    3. Sky Jack
    and Platinum Royale is not awesome enough to be in this list.

    As for the Eru plushie, I shall see if my friend will lend me her camera. ^^ …I still haven’t started. Mum’s been making me help her with stuff all week. I’ll start it tomorrow. *is going out today*
    I found a couple of sites online for plushie making:
    (since I’m yet to actually learn any proper HTML other than italics, bold and underlining, you’ll have to copy paste.)

    I also like Amulet Clover, except for her stupid skirt. Amulet Spade is probably my favourite of the originals, but I like Amulet Diamond and Amulet Devil a whole bunch. I think I can add Amulet Angel to that list as well.
    I <3 regular Dia. ^^ She’s cute. I kinda wish she’d stay. (she goes back to sleep until Amu shines again, right?)

    I should just stop reading Manga Spoilers and just wait until I can get my grubby paws on a book version (which will be never).

  23. Ever imagined Kairi with frills?


    His personality doesn’t match with it.

    Obviously, I’m a Tadase fan. While I’m not that thrilled or that intent on disliking Tadase’s frills and ribbons, a lot of nobles wear them. Medieval nobles wear frills and I think that’s where his clothes came from (I’ve seen this in games too like suikoden). It’s yellow, that’s okay. It’s small and he looks like a doll…well, I think that’s because he’s a prince >.> besides, we’ve seen pumpkin shorts before…*coughs*

    I don’t like Amuto. Ikuto’s coolness isn’t just affecting me. No interest, yep. I don’t know about AmuxTadase, but I liked it better. Well, in the past maybe. Doesn’t seem to be so fun now that Tadase’s talking about it XD

    I don’t completely like Tadase anymore. I think it was ever since his background got revealed, haha

  24. OMG. I cant believe, u , u forgot the picture of Yoru popping up with the head-lump and saying this is so pitifu k ingnyaa….

    heehee. Tadase give it up, nother character yonnger character can where FREAKING Veil and not look bad… your sad.

    OMG i think amu wasnt to happy about forming the Fragile Frightened Heroine pose at Kairi’s feet
    Yay! Sweet Aplique! HOW CUTE!!

    I wanna see her do that on Ikutos claws or utau’s Dream Triden

  25. Meikyuu: Seriously we’ve ALL given up on Tadase. Even the tadamu fans. We don’t need it to point it out to us. We know perfectly well. And we ALL know that sweet aplique only will happen once. That scene.

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