Mistress Fortune – Chapter Two

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Yet another wonderful chapter of Mistress Fortune. I’m posting about it late again, but this time my fangirl excitement is still fresh. Because I just read the translation yesterday. With many thanks to chiibi for that by the way. Wonderful scanlation again~!

And just like last time, I am using Endless Youth & Co.’s raw preview scans.

But moving on…this month there was a side story for Mistress Fortune in Summer Ribon Special. It came out on the eighteenth and aside from the news here, I don’t know anything about it yet. I don’t have anywhere I can buy it right now, so I’ll have to rely on some kind soul buying it and scanning it for the rest of us. And of course, I’m almost completely useless without translations too. But…heh, I’ll blog about it if I get the chance.



Before the manga even came out we got a little peek at what would be happening in this chapter on Arina Tanemura’s radio show. Which I haven’t really been keeping up with by the way. *fails as an Arinachi fan*

Basically, what we got as a peek was what you learn in the first few pages. Kisa-chan went on a diet, which upsets Gin-kun because her boobs will get smaller (lol).

Ultimately, it causes a petty little fight between the two of them. And as a sidenote, the ebe from the last chapter has been named Ebeko (and the most awesome joke follows it) and is working with them now.

Eventually Gin-kun and Kisa-chan get trapped together so they make up. Then some serious character development happens and I’ll leave it at that. Then there’s also some less-serious character development that is ROFL-worthy.

And…it ends with a really big cliff-hanger. As was expected since the series is only three chapters long.

Now go read it if you haven’t already. Shoo.



The last chapter was cute and so much fun. This one was even better~! Because we’re all familiar with Kisa-chan and Gin-kun now, everything from them is already like an inside joke.

And my god. The best inside joke ever is in this chapter too. It seems Arina-sensei knows what we’ve all been saying about her character names for so long…

Kisa-chan with pigtails! Cute~! I forget if she ever showed up with pigtails in the last one, but even if she did, I did’t go on enough about it. Because it’s only for the one page and it still left such an impression on me. Way too cute! Especially with her cute little frown too!

Gin-kun is so serious about his perviness that it’s just absolutely adorable. He gets depressed just because he thinks Kisa-chan’s cup size might go down. In real life I’d probably smack a guy to the ground for being like that, but Gin-kun is just so cutely innocent about it. I’m almost on his side.

Gin-kun kind of deserved it this time. It gets explained later on, but he said it in such an insensitive way. He deserved to get blasted by Kisa-chan this time.

And I love Kisa-chan’s glare before she decides to blast Gin-kun. Absolutely great. He knew what was coming…

This is the joke I was talking about, with “Meroko” and “Maron” I really burst out into laughter…especially because of the way Ebeko was sitting. lolz. I can list at least five other names Arina-sensei could have used in this part too. So many rare names.

I’m just going to say that Ebeko is the best mascot character in an Arina Tanemura series (Meroko and Ta-kun don’t count). She’s my third favorite character too. So devious~! And her mini-fight with Gin-kun was so entertaining.

Oh. Ebeko got Gin-kun good~! Poor Gin-kun…it’s okay though. Things work out just fine for you later on. Almost too well actually…

And just a teeny bit more love for Ebeko now. *sigh* I wish there was a bigger possibility of this becoming an anime. Because as much as I laughed reading this, with the right seiyuu, I could laugh even more when watching an anime.

Come on! Someone! I don’t care if you add tons of fillers! Because that’s just fine anyway…please…I know it’s incredibly unlikely, but do it anyway. I want to know what Ebeko’s voice sounds like too. So at least a drama CD!

Awwww. I love it when a girl tugs on a boy’s clothes. It’s cute. Especially with Gin-kun’s adorable blushing reaction. Tehe~!

“What would we do if we couldn’t see each other…compared to that…something like mail addresses…are worthless things.”

Gin-kun~! If you hadn’t already earned my fangirl love, you certainly earned it with this scene. Way too sweet! And the way he seems so embarassed when he’s saying it too! Kyaaa! I can still giggle just thinking about it.

Gin-kun’s past caught me by surprise. I’d expect it in a longer Arina Tanemura series, but in this one it really caught me off-guard, especially with the way Gin-kun acts. So it pulled and extra, “Awww. You poor thing!” out of me.

I don’t know anything about the side story, but now I’m wondering if it has something to do with Gin-kun’s past. Since it really didn’t get more than a page in this chapter of the manga.

After my, “Aww” sadness, I got picked right back up by Kisa-chan’s incredibly inappropriate sympathizing. It worked, but only a girl like Kisa-chan could get away with comparing messing up rice with causing your house to collapse on your family. I guess it’s her cute inappropriateness that cheered Gin-kun up.

Aww…more awws. The “be at your side” stuff was so cute. I really wish that this series was longer. Because Gin-kun and Kisa-chan are just so cute together. But I guess because it’s so short is the reason why they get to be so cute together, huh? Not much time for drama, so it really all gets to be cute fluff…and I love it!

ROFL. He got a cheek grope by accident. I didn’t know whether to feel embarrassed for Kisa-chan or happy for Gin-kun when this happened, so I just laughed.

I think this manga has more boob jokes than any other shoujo manga I’ve ever read. See shounen romance? You can have boob jokes just be cute and funny if you do it right!

lol at the blushing frog. I’d be embarassed too KeroKero-chan!

And after all of his talk about Kisa-chan’s e-cups and his jealousy toward Ebeko, once it happens, he can’t take it and he faints. He’s such an innocent little perv. That’s how I can still love him I guess!

That causes his beserk mode. Nice. I don’t think Arina-sensei could have made this any more entertaining. I can still laugh about all of this even though I’ve already read the chapter five times. It’s still funny. So ridiculously funny.

I love how cutely happy Gin-kun gets after he hears Kisa-chan is going to stop dieting. He looks so…proud of himself. And Kisa-chan’s expression is just priceless too.

And Kisa-chan’s “pervert extermination” afterwards was even more fun than usual.

The telepathy scene was so cute. More points for Gin-kun! It was just…so sweet. I love it. Smiling Gin-kun and smiling and blushing Kisa-chan. I couldn’t help but smile~! They’re almost there!

And to get them there…

Dramatic cliff-hanger! Dun Dun Dun!

This means we should get a kiss in the next chapter. Because it’s the last chapter and because of Kisa-chan possibly going to America, there has to be a confession from either Gin-kun or Kisa-chan. The only question is…who? In a story like this one for Arina-sensei…when it’s shorter, it’s usually the girl. ION, Time Stranger Kyoko, in both of those the girl confessed first.

Personally I hope Gin-kun says it first. That would be cute~! But it’ll be cute no matter what really.

Ah! And one last image that I had to post…

Agh! I don’t think it’s even possible for Kisa-chan to get any cuter. Look at her! So…cute~!

And I guess that’s it. Let’s all look forward to the next chapter and any news about that side story as well.


  1. yay! kawaii-ness!!! LOL cheek grope FTW

    Ok, BTW Fuyu-chan, I’m working on my Amuto video, but it’s gonna take a while since I have like 5 other videos to finish ><

    Also, I’m gonna do a fandub for the Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni series ^^

    AKA The opening and a few other scenes ^^

  2. Yay! Chapter 2! Haha ^^
    I loved this chapter down to the very last bit. And I love this series…which is why I’ll be so emo when it’s over next month. It could have at least lasted for five chapters! *sniff*
    But, omg! Kisa-chan with pigtails! Kawaii~! x33 When I saw that, I was reminded of Utau. lol
    Aha, I heard the spoiler beforehand on the Ribon community and laughed when I saw that Gin-kun was upset about the diet cuz of her boobs. I’m just glad it’s only Kisa-chan’s boobs he’s interested in (ack, sounded so wrong! lol). Otherwise, I would’ve smacked him, too. Gin-kun, you’re such a dork. Lol xD
    And che! He really did deserve that punishment for being a jerk towards Kisa-chan. Other than that, I already forgive him cuz his reason is that he doesn’t want to be separated from her! Aww~! And he was blushing so much he had to hide his face! Gin-kun, you’re so shy! *giggle*
    Ebeko = the best mascot love ever. She is awesome. Period. Lol I thought she was going to be genderless since she was…an alien. But w/e. Ah, but I loled so hard at “Don’t call me that when the series is just three chapters long!!!” *Casanova mode* “Call me “Maron” or “Meroko” like you actually thought about it.” LMAO Oh, Ebeko…you’re the greatest. And Gin-kun’s reaction was priceless. Arina-sensei knows how to keep her fans amused. xD On top of that, Ebeko gets even more love because she pwned Gin-kun. Yes. Gin-kun was pwned by a little female rabbit thing. Instant. Win.
    I totally second the thought on at least a drama CD! If they stopped before halfway for Shinkuro, then they can make up for it with a Shinkuro anime and a Mistress Fortune drama. It’s only fair. Nyah. :P
    I loved the jar moments. My favorite couples should be shrunk and stuck in a jar more often like Kisa-chan and Gin-kun. xD;
    Huh, I didn’t find Gin-kun’s past dilemma so surprising even when the series is this short (that’s why Arina-sensei should continue it so he and Kisa-chan can find a way to bring his mom out of coma!). It’s pretty typical and an ordinary plot tool. Either the guy or the girl having some tragic past. I’d ask for something more different but since it’s under these circumstances, I’m happy as it is. Lol & loved Kisa-chan’s way of “understanding”. She’s so cute. X3
    Poor Gin-kun. I’m surprised his beserk mode doesn’t tire him out. Of course, since he was able to make Kisa-chan go back on her diet, he’s probably already rejuvenated by the thought of her E-cup size not shrinking. *sigh* Silly boy…
    Telepathy scene was so cute~! Argh, but just when they were about to start conversations and such, Kisa-chan has to go to America. Urgh…stupid life getting in the way of love. I hate it when that happens. Then again, unless Kisa-chan is forced to go, she might choose to stay. Hmm…but I’m sure some controversy will come up. Like maybe she doesn’t want to go and Gin-kun tells her to, causing another big fight between them and then a confession (in this case, most likely from Kisa-chan) or it could be the other way around and he’s the one who confesses to her (I like this one better, heh). It doesn’t really matter. I think the simplest solution would be for him to go with her to America, unless he’s dead set on staying in Japan because of his debt to Hakase (hah?). Well, I just want a lovey-dovey moment. That’s all. :3
    I’m going to take hunch that the sidestory would probably be about how Kisa-chan and Gin-kun met and how she came to fall in love with him. She did that with Komaki and Kusame. :/
    Yep, can’t wait. ^^

  3. I have a theory about the next chapter that I somehow forgot to put in my blog post. LOL. I’m probably going to be wrong, as always. But perhaps Kisaki will go to America and say “You’ll wait for me right? Because I’m definitely come back!” … or something like that. Then there’s gonna have a time skip and the whole “I’m back/Welcome home” type thing. Ugh. I think I just recycled that from CCS. Well, there’s also the possibility that Gin-chan will follow Kisaki =D … All in all, I’m just on more on the side of Kisaki going to America … it’s better for the story that way after all!
    Personally, I also hope Gin-chan will confess first. With the way things are going, it seems more possible for him to do it right? RIGHT?! Agh, my poor heart.
    And as for Ebeko =D She’s so totally epic. What more can you ask for? Devious mascot pwns. I’m totally praying for a Drama CD too! For the sake of Ebeko’s voice and for the sake of hearing Gin-chan’s pervy lines in flesh. I still picture SuzuKen and Shimo-chan voicing him … for their ability to go from genki to serious/dramatic so damn well. And I wanna hear “pervert extermination” in the flesh too!!! WAAAA T___T
    I can’t believe I have to wait a month again for the next chapter. -sobs- And I’m going to stray away from spoilers for the sake of screaming either “I’m right!” or “Damn, I was wrong” when the chapter comes out. =D
    I’m not sure whether I want to be right though. It’ll be fun if Arina can surprise me … well, she always does so that makes 80% wrong and 20% right. But even if I am right, it won’t make the chapter any less cute. =D ’cause EVERYONE knows its going to be a helluva cute. =D

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  5. I loved that Ebeko glare at Giniro, too!

    I haven’t got my Ribon Special yet (my boss is going to Japan in a few days and I asked her to pick me up a copy) but the title page says that the reason the Ebeko came to earth will be revealed. So… I don’t think we’ll see any more about Giniro’s past. Hopefully Kisaki’s, since she’s all chibi on the magazine cover!

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