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I got Strawberry Panic a couple of weeks ago and I finally finished it recently. I was just taking my time to read it.

First…I’ll get to the story also, but before I explode I need to shout what has been on my mind since I first picked this book up at the store.

I love you Seven Seas!!! Make me your novel slave!

So…that’s out of the way now. Maybe I should move toward an actual review.

I think “girl-crushes gone wild” is how Seven Seas chose to market the Strawberry Panic manga. It pretty much fits the light novels perfectly too. They’re written by Sakurako Kimino who seems to specialize in bishojo stories for men, despite being a woman. But I’ll get more into the author later.

Yes, Strawberry Panic is yuri for those of you who haven’t even heard of it (if you were an anime fan on the internet in 2006, you probably should have heard of it by now). If the girls hugging on the front cover wasn’t a hint for “hey, this is yuri”…then I don’t know what is. Maybe if they were kissing it would even more obvious.

So all the people who get freaked out by yuri should just turn away now. Though I don’t see why anyone should be. I’m a teenage girl as straight as a ruler and I enjoy my yuri, but meh. I’m not here to judge. I’m here to review an entertaining novel.


The Story

Since this is my first review, let me just explain two things. My rating system is just the rating I chose off-the-top of my head when I entered the novel into My Manga List. It is by no means an accurate rating for the story.

Also, my review of the story also includes characters and all that. Basically, anything in the written text.

This novel really brings to mind the definition of light novel I found on wikipedia a long time ago which has since been lost forever due to massive editing wars constantly taking place on wikipedia. I can’t remember it word for word but basically: “a short novel using simpler language and words meant purely for entertainment.”

Oh how I remember laughing and thinking, “regular books aren’t meant for entertainment then?” So, I think it’s very obvious why this little “definition” was edited out. But Strawberry Panic is just the sort of series that, oh so perfectly, fits in with my blog’s motto: If it’s entertaining, it’s good.

With that in mind, Strawberry Panic is good. At least for..what it is. If you get my meaning.

I’m not sure if it works the same in the anime (I never finished it because I got bored, so I’m guessing the answer is no), but for a nice easy read to just pass the time, Strawberry Panic is perfect.

Somehow, while reading, I just couldn’t help but smile every so often, which is pretty rare for me when I read.

Sometimes it was the ridiculous cliches, sometimes it made me laugh with legitimate jokes. Then, every so often, I let out an “aw” for those rare serious moments. The ones that managed to get away from the complete ridiculousness for just a second and go for just a little believable sincerity.

The novel also moves quickly which leaves little time for my mind to wander (excluding the sudden and intrusive descriptions of the campus). If I have one complaint about Full Metal Panic, my favorite series of light novels, it would be that my mind tends to wander.

But Stawberry Panic only has three novels to fit in three competitions and develop a very large cast. And then all those girly relationships as well. With all of that to develop, Sakurako Kimino is going to utilize every page. Even if it means stuffing in really awkward explanations right before they become relevant.

So what makes it so entertaining? Well, let’s see what the novel has to say about itself:

The yuri novel you’ve been waiting for!

Atraea Hilla lush setting where three all-girl schools converge. Welcome to the oldest and most powerful among them, St. Miator Girls’ Academy, where gentle breezes scatter cherry blossoms to the ground and forbidden romance is always in full bloom.

New transfer student Aoi Nagisa is stunned when she meets Shizuma, the school’s top student, whose beauty takes her breath away. Find out what happens when Shizuma unexpectedly reciprocates Nagisa’s feelings.

Aww…that does such an awful job describing the book. It doesn’t include any of the things I like about the series. Shame on you Seven Seas. All you guys did was include a bunch of romantic yuri cliches. Poo.

Actually it includes everything I love, because it’s all the cliches that makes this so enjoyable for me. I like fun cliches, everyone should have learned that from Haruka. And the romance too. That’s one of the most entertaining parts because it can quickly switch between pure fluff romance, drama, and…well, girls making out behind some bookcases at the library.

Sheesh, Seven Seas. You have girls making out (or about to make out) in dark libraries and you choose to market it based on the “take my breath away” romance? I demand you take another look at the average reader of a yuri novel like Strawberry Panic.

But don’t look at me. I’m a strange variable that doesn’t fit any of the stereotypes of a yuri fan. Except you know, the fact that I’m an anime fan. And that’s it.

The dialogue is pretty basic, but it’s a light novel, so I can easily let that slide. It’s meant to be an easy read. It’s not any sort of translation issue, I asked someone and they said that the Strawberry Panic novels are just…like that. It was meant to be read easily and quickly…like in a train for example (I read mine in a car).

It’s for fun after all.

And the characters…well they’re all just as cliche as the rest of the story. Every single character I can connect to some other famous yuri (or at least harem) girl.

Of course, cliches are always a bunch of fun for me (I have no idea why), so I wouldn’t really recommend this for everyone. It really does fall under “guilty pleasure” really. It’s not trashy or anything, but it’s not something that you feel you should be enjoying. But if you go into it expecting it to just be simple, it’s quite fun to read. At least that’s what I found.


The Author, the Artist, and the Original Work

Sakurako Kimino did come up with Stawberry Panic all on her own, but the light novels aren’t the original work.

Strawberry Panic has an anime, manga, and now these light novels. All of them have been brought over to America. None of them are the original work.

The original work is a collection of 30 short stories published in Dengeki G’s Magazine. They were never collected in a bound volume, so good luck finding them I guess. Why it was decided to write a whole new adaptation to publish as a novel instead of just collecting the short stories…I’ll never know.

Now about Sakurako Kimino. She’s probably known to many as the creator of Sister Princess, a series that I’ve never really cared to check out…because it’s too obviously designed to fulfill fanboy fantasies. So much so that even I won’t touch it.

But what did interest me was one small tidbit in the back of the book:

In this series, she writes a pure, traditional yuri story freely drawn from her own experiences in an all-girls school.

“Uh…what?” was my initial reaction before I started to literally roll around laughing.

I believe her. It’s “drawn” from her experiences, but it’s definitely…improved quite a bit. But this just goes to prove that what you hear about girls schools is true. I heard all sorts of stuff like that from a friend (or acquaintance really) who went to an all-girls boarding school for a few months. Lots of fun rumors.

Though I will put emphasis on rumors. She wasn’t there too long so she didn’t get to confirm much.

But do you hear that yaoi fangirls? Apparently that sort of thing can happen if it’s all one gender of hormonal teenagers in the same school. I’d get your reverse trap disguises ready…and make sure you enroll in an all-boys school without a sister school full of girls.

Oh, but now I’m just too off-topic. Let’s move on.

I really liked the art in the novel, though since the emphasis is more on reading than pretty art in a novel, it was pretty rare. But I enjoyed it nonetheless.

It’s all done by Takuminamuch who draws the manga series as well. So, I am officially going to check out the manga now. Because the art is pretty and cute.

I couldn’t find any information on the illustrator at all really. I’m not sure if they did the short stories illustrations. I think they did some of them. But I like the art better than the first artist’s. It’s so pretty and cute. Especially the color drawings. And the chibi drawings!

And now I’m determined to check out the manga as well. More pretty/cute art.


The Seven Seas Love-Rant~!

Just to quickly remind you on where I stand with Seven Seas in case you forgot after reading all my un-serious review stuff.

Seven Seas! I fucking love you!!!

And you know…I want to be their novel slave. It’s officially a copyright term. if I say you use it…! Meh, I don’t care. I can’t do anything anyway.

First of all, I have to say, I’ve never picked anything up from Seven Seas before. But after judging by what they have picked up, especially for novels (Kanokon, Zero no Tsukaima, and of course Strawberry Panic), I’m pretty sure they know what the more otaku-ish anime fan wants.

Because some of the ones most serious about their hobbies are the ones obsessed with fanservice you know.

So what Seven Seas delivers is a light novel that’s…well…a light novel.

I only picked up an original light novel from Japan once in a used book store. It was small and had color pages at the beginning. It wasn’t a special edition or anything (that’s what you have to get to get color images with manga), it was just…a novel. Unless it’s a collection of short stories, the story is originally released in bounded form. So the color pictures are…in color.

And…and! Seven Seas actually published the volume in the same way. With color images.

Amazing…they actually published all the content that was available in a nice, appealing way so that the fans will want to buy it! No way!

It’s a fascinating concept. TokyoPop doesn’t get it.

And for the record: Seven Seas with three two-page color images costs eight dollars. The latest Karin (Chibi Vampire) entirely in black and white costs nine dollars.

Now for the part that made me giggle with over-excitement once I saw it and picked it up.

It’s so small (10.5cm x 15cm). It’s so easy to carry around! I love it!

This is mostly something that maybe only I can appreciate, because up until now I was able to carry around everything. I started out with a messenger bag that I used as a purse when I was fifteen and my purses have gotten progressively smaller every time I’ve decided to change until I’ve ended up with this:

It’s not very big and it’s useful for pretty much anything…except my massive shopping sprees. But it’s been pretty disappointing because until now I was always able to carry around a manga or a notebook so that whenever I’m forced to wait somewhere, I can just pull out something to do.

But no more. Nothing like that fits in my purse any more. I had to sacrifice extra space for the sake of convenience…and a super bargain (My purse cost me seven dollars! And I could back a delivery truck over this thing ten times and it would just get a little dirty).

However, there’s just enough space…

For my book! See all that crap in there…there’s a ton more that you can’t see. However, my book just fits in perfectly inside. It doesn’t even need to get shoved in there. I take it out and it still looks fine.

It is awesomely compact and I love it.

Now…I won’t pick on TokyoPop here as much, because they don’t have to make them all compact. I doubt anyone buys anything just because it’s smaller…you know, except maybe a cell phone or a laptop.

And Seven Seas even calls the novels, Light Novels…getting across the point that, yeah, it’s not a full length novel. It’s just a little bit different. Of course, they call it a “close sibling to manga” and that’s a little odd (but I get it, they’re trying to sell stuff).

Seven Seas also kept in the honorifics (and I love my honorifics), which is pretty necessary with all the oneesama-ing going around in this book. The one thing that I felt might have been a little bit much was keeping the Japanese name order. Even people in Japan change their name order when talking to someone who speaks English. It wasn’t really the necessary. I don’t see why Aoi Nagisa sounds so much better than Nagisa Aoi. But I don’t really care. I understand it either way.

Basically, to wrap this up, Seven Seas is my favorite publisher for light novels right now (not like they had much competition from TokyoPop). I’ll have to check out others to be sure, but right now…I love them~!

(Oh and next I’ll be reviewing another light novel from Seven Seas, Ballad of a Shinigami).


  1. Interesting review, although you don’t really talk much about the actual novel and it’s mainly full of blurbs and opinions. But I already made up my mind long ago that I will never buy the novel, but Seven Seas should think about getting Marimite. Or the Allison series. Either one is fine.

    Now, being a Chikaru Minamoto fan, I shall grab all pictures that have Chikaru in it. Don’t mind me. It’s what I do.

  2. Damn…just…DAMN!!! You have the Strawberry Panic! Novel?! I WANT IT!!!!! And its FLIPPIN HUGE!!! So…Thick…

    Anyway, that series was pretty…meh for me. I mean, who were those f**king skankbags who like…made out every other episode?! The blonde one and the black haired one? SKANKS!!!

    Oh, I SOOOO wish I could remember the names of the 2 girls on the front cover of that book! They were such a CUTE couple!!! >3

    Also, most of my old TV show memories are fading, probably because I can’t stop reading The Gentlemen’s Alliance Cross 9I need to buy volume 4 STAT!!!)

    I mean seriously, WTF? Ok, Mao-chan…this is the SECOND cross-dresser I have seen in a series T_T

    First Nagihiko, NOW MAO-CHAN?! DAMN IT, Arina Tanemura!!! Stop hurting me!!! Peach-Pit…you just HAD to make Nadeshiko a boy T_T Seriously, is cross-dressing getting popular in Japan, or what’s goin on?

    Also, Full Moon…Freakin SAAAAAAAAAAD!!!!!!! POOR MEROKO!!! T-T Losing her best friend!!! Also, Mitsuki is about as dense as a tree!!! STUPID!!!!

    Izumi….so…freakin…hot!!!! >3<

    Oh sorry, I’m off subject….anyway. Strawberry Panic! Good yuri series…I think I’d recomend it for well…yuri lovers O_o


  4. Also, before I go on any more, i must say that Utau’s new song on the Black Diamond CD is called…well….Black Diamond O_O

    LOL hoped that helped a little XD

  5. kagaminokujira: Heh. So you noticed, huh? I was having a hard time trying to blog something without any spoilers. Since reviews are things you’re kind of supposed to read so you can decide whether or not to look into something. I’ll need to keep working on it to make it seem just a little less…messy.

    Seven Seas should definitely get Marimite. If they can go ahead with Strawberry Panic, then they should have no problem with Marimite. Especially since Marimite fans are the ones more likely to buy light novels anyway. Everyone I’ve talked to who likes Marimite is pretty…dedicated (not sure what other word to use).

    Chikaru is my personal favorite actually. She’s the only one of the girls who seems even slightly normal. And so charming.


    lol2728: It is kind of thick but it’s an incredible easy read.

    Ah. I almost forgot about them. They aren’t really in the novel. At least not in any important way. God. I hated them in the anime.

    That’s Shizuma (silver hair) and Nagisa (red hair). They do make a cute couple. One of the reasons why I can find this series so charming despite the

    Yes! You found out about Maora! He’s a great cross-dresser. Not quite as good as Nadehiko, but he is quite good. And cross-dressing has always been popular in Japan…at least in anime and manga anyway.

    And Full Moon too! I need to reread that series. It’s been at least six months since the last time I read it.

    Ha. Well, yes it does suit yuri lovers best.

    I think that was your longest comment…at least that I’ve seen.

    Ah. It’s good to get confirmation on the song’s title. I’d been wondering a bit if it was just the band’s name or what.

  6. I gave up on the anime after three episode, I think. I got bored too. But you make the novel sound like crack … and I like entertaining crack stories … a lot. Sometimes things make a lot more sense when they aren’t made to make sense. Which is like how Geass on ly makes sense when you don’t think about what’s going on .. and damn I should stop mentioning Geass everywhere. Ugh. At least I know what other novel I should get aside OTRFK.

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  8. SSE put out a quality product, but thats all they do. Just try and get your hands on their other yuri titles. 99% of them are out of print with no reprint date.

    It’s a shame though because as you said, the light novel, and the manga are awesome and are both two of my favorite books.

    As for them getting Marimite, never going to happen. Two other companies already hold the manga license rights for both the manga and novels bersion of marimite and have chosen to do a limited release in only certain countries. Both are now close to going out of print as well, and no new volumes are scheduled for printing.

    Exven if by some miracle SSE were able to get the rights to the novels, they’d sit on them for over a year just like they did with SP, like they’re doing with Kanokon and Zero, and a few other titles they’ve licensed.

    SSE may put out a quality release, but i think i’d prefer a more consistent and lesser quality release from a different company.

  9. oh, and the anime is different to the novel and manga. The anime is more perverted in a way, but also changes the way things happen and flows. TBH i prefer the manga and novel, they make more sense. The anime id nothing but a sexfest without the sex :)

  10. As someone who goes to an all-girls school… ha.

    Not that we aren’t aware of the stereotype and make fun of them, but in a school of maybe 400 girls at most a handful have gotten as far as /experimenting/ (by which I mean nothing further than kissing O_O) – mostly the sluts, who do it so they can then post pictures of it on their facebook to get more male attention.

    You don’t need to have a sibling school full of boys to have a boyfriend outside of your school, you know.

  11. OMG im a Chikaru fan as well, shes the only girl that actually could give two shits about eveyone else not to mention she like a commentator creating an opinon on the acts of the other girls.


    ive watched the animebut apparently the novels and mangas go into the characters ore than the anime as the anime seems to take to long to explain everything.

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