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Not enough Mio-sama. That sums up my feelings toward this episode pretty well. They decided to focus more on the many other girls (that don’t have incredibly awesome laughs), and one of the boring ones specifically too.

And let’s just add in that the fanservice has returned as well. In full force! With boobs!

Of course! The boys want more than just the no-pants shots. They get to see no-pants whenever they want to in this show. Heh…I find the obvious fanservice in the show…just so funny.

If it weren’t a Gonzo anime that I could watch all legally, I would have dropped Strike Witches with this episode. However, Mio-sama will help me persevere. So many girls I don’t really care about have been introduced. Though considering the sort of anime this is, it’s to be expected, isn’t it?

There are enough girls that I can like. Partially because of their wonderful seiyuu. And hey…I watched To Love-Ru for a pretty long time. And that anime only had three characters I like who never appear enough.

I can still handle Stike Witches. I am not so easily turned away. This is officially a battle between me and Gonzo now. I’m doing my very best to like Gonzo because they’re trying some ideas I like; and Gonzo, as always, is doing their very best to turn me away. Why do you hate me Gonzo when I try so hard to like you? You even had Nana-sama in a series and I still couldn’t watch it!

Well not this time! I’m going to finish watching and blogging Strike Witches…whether you like it or not!



Because this is the first time we really get introduced to the large cast, I may have more to say…because believe me. I have something to say about everyone. Even if it’s just to say that I have nothing to say. It’s partially practice so I can remember their names.

Wha…? I thought Yoshika was supposed to be a loli? What’s with the cleavage? Alright, so she’s fourteen. She just doesn’t act of look like a teenager (except for the cleavage). Got it.

Mio-sama~! I love your sword practice. Please continue to be awesome so I can continue to watch this show, okay? Thanks~!

Awesome laugh…needs to be recorded. That is all.

Ugh…Yoshika. I thought we were done with all of this. Stupid girl. No one expects you to shoot other people. And you use a gun anyway when you’re flying! Your attempts at still being anti-war are freakin’ stupid. You’re already in the war. You might as well have tools to protect yourself and others.

I hope you get trapped somewhere and you end up needing that gun. Stupid girl.

First out of the characters…Minna! She’s so nice and understanding, but she still maintains authority. I like her. And she’s played by Rie Tanaka who always makes nice characters just sound wonderful. She is officially on my good list.

In this anime, there is only room for good and bad characters to me. (Yoshika is bad and Mio is supremely good by the way)

Heh…the boob-grabbing in this episode is pretty out of control. I was specifically going to find my way around it, but it really had to be mentioned…especially since I couldn’t find some boob-involved picture of a certain character…

Charlotte…you American (or excuse me, Liberion), you. I don’t really like her personality or purpose, but I am entertained by her. So I guess I like her…but she’s on the bad character list (at least for now). Liking her is mostly owed to the seiyuu, Ami Koshizumi (Kallen from Code Geass) anyway.

I have fun watching Charlotte and her…ways…because all I can hear is Kallen. And what’s best about her, to further the Code Geass connections, her nickname is Shirley! Oh it’s priceless. Too bad she’s not from Britannia (But it’s okay, because Britannia is secretly America, like Liberion).

Not much opinion on these two. Sanya sleeps a lot and Eila just seems normal. Sanya might as well go in the bad character list if her scenes are mostly of her being tired (and somehow, I suspect they might be).

I swear I’ve heard the name Lynette Bishop some where before. Anyway, Lynette seems like the most annoying and cliched sort of character after Yoshika. She’s…not very fun. I think I’m putting her in the bad character section. Because she’s just too un-fun.

Her low self-esteem and shyness is the worst of it, so maybe she’ll be better in the next episode. And seeing her together with Yoshika is kind of annoying. They’re too similar. Though I will admit a certain weakness for her, because I like dojikkos.

Erica didn’t say anything. She looks pretty normal and she’s voiced by Sakura Nogawa, a seiyuu I love but so rarely get to hear, so…she’s automatically in the good character list for now.

I do not like anything about Francesca. She’s annoying. That’s all I can really say about her.

Heh…Perinne. My jealous Mio-sama fangirl. I like her. She’s so ridiculous and annoying that I actually like her.

Her seiyuu makes me laugh too. Miyuki Sawashiro has done a lot of roles, but I prefer to just let everyone know that she’s the X-charas and Yoru in Shugo Chara!. Yeah…

Okay, Mio is my favorite and Minna is my second favorite, just because they’re both so awesomely calm. Yoshika comes uncontrollably flying right between them and they have no reaction at all. Nice.

Woo! Finally someone lectured Yoshika. Gertrud is automatically my third favorite character! She just seems cool.

Plot-related for a minute here…I’m a little curious about the Neuroi. They seem like just random monsters attacking for no reason, but in this episode they have plans and…they’ve taken over a continent. I’m really wondering if we get to find out more about them, or if it’s just a gigantic plothole.

Ah…I like Eila after all. Compared to everyone else, she just seems so normal and it’s refreshing. Even if her being normal is weird considering the situations. I’ve never heard Erika Nakai before (she doesn’t seem to have many roles at all), but she has a nice sounding voice.

See…they’re way too similar. I can’t take it.

I did like the fight scene and the way Lynette beat the Neuroi, but then she got all smiley…and I don’t know…it ruined the awesomeness I guess. Smiles aren’t awesome.

And because I don’t want to end on a bad note…

Another Mio-sama laugh. Absolutely great.



Next week seems to be about Gertrud. Since she’s my third favorite character and also a character with limited screentime this episode, I’m looking forward to it.

I dread an episode about Francesca coming up though…I bet each character gets one. All I’ll do is complain during Francesca’s. I can already tell.

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