My Precious Angeru~!

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Do you know what I got in the mail today? I’ll give you a hint…the picture for this post is the hint. *wink*

Oh wait, excuse me, “Angeru Wink!” *wink & hearts*

Yeah, I got my Eru keychain today. So happy~! I want to sing an Eru song~! Lalalala~! Eru kawaii~! Lalalala~!

And for those unaware, Eru is the cutest chara (ever) in Shugo Chara, she’s Utau’s neglected second chara (the neglect just make me love Eru more because I want to cuddle her).

Eru cost me $6.50 including shipping. I think it’s the least I’ve ever had to spend on something from Japan before. But the person who I got it from doesn’t really do it for profit. She’s just helping people get these things from Japan and doesn’t charge much more than the price it actually costs her. Just a little extra to pay for the trouble and then the shipping.

If I bought Eru on ebay, she probably would have cost me $12.00 the way everyone jacks up their prices on there. So I am incredibly thankful to stormfaerie and her wonderful shop of wonderfulness on livejournal.

Now then…let’s move onto the Eru love~!

(First of all, apologies for some of the blurry pictures, my mom’s camera was being picky)

Every year I get an early birthday present, and this year Eru is it. Eru in all her cute angel glory was just too much to ignore. And in order to get her, I had to use my parents credit card (just a couple more weeks for me…) so it made sense. Otherwise I’d just owe them more money.

I forget what the actual size is. I think Eru’s about 5cm tall (1.5 inches), her width…is just whatever matches her height I guess. I mean, she’s so adorably chibi-proportionate just like she is in the anime and manga.

And the pose they have her in is the cute, classic, good Eru praying and/or lecturing. Since it’s Eru, I think she’s lecturing~!

I was actually really surprised about how well-designed and made Eru seemed to be…especially considering how small she is. There were some paint overlaps, but that happens with full-size figures. Eru is only 5cm tall and she’s pretty well-detailed. As detailed as a chara can be anyway. Her face especially looks cute.

And it comes with Eru’s cute little egg on the chain too. Eru’s egg is my favorite design. So simple and pretty. Now I really want those cute little chara action figures I mentioned before (they’re at the left in the picture). Because now I want Eru’s egg! And more Eru too. More Eru is always good.

I didn’t know what to do with the keychain once I got it. I was thinking of using it on my keys, but if I lost Eru or if she got damaged I’d be all emo for the rest of my life (well, for a while anyway). So for now she’s sitting on my bulletin board with my three Tsubasa keychains that I don’t know what to do with (Maybe one of them can be for my keys instead now).

But Eru-run is so far away from my desk when she’s up there, so I’m looking for a better place to put her. Preferrably, I’d like to find a way to have her hanging out on my desk so I can at least poke her whenever she’s being cute. They really should make a plushie though. All of Amu’s three main charas get plushies…so I want Eru.

Well…so far Eru is my favorite Shugo Chara related merchandise that I’ve gotten. I have the two posters, the orange pouch, the amulet tarot, and the two little towels. Those are all mainly just furoku, so they aren’t too impressive.

But I have the Humpty Lock too (that comes with the eggs and the cute little Ran, Miki, and Su) which cost me $30.00 or something. And cute little $6.50 Eru is still my favorite. Because she’s just so cute~! I love her~!

And it’s really about time that I got something Eru-related…especially since I still can’t find Eru’s tarot card (nooo!).

Now…be jealous of me! Unless you have Eru too! Then we can giggle together over how cute Eru is.


  1. SUPER COOL!!! Where did you get it from? What site did you order it from? o.o I wanna know! Ebay doesn’t have it!! T_T

    Angeru Winku!!! -wink and hearts- Eru forever! ^^

  2. I. Am. So. JEALOUS!!! xDDD
    OMG, you finally got Eru! And she’s so cute! Kawaii~!!! Eru wa KAWAII~~~!!! <3
    Ah! And her egg…looks like an eraser from here but I’m sure it looks so pretty up close. Gawd, I want an Eru key chain now!
    Lucky you…
    You should put Eru on a special pillow right next to yours whenever you go to sleep. lol, dorky, yes, but she’ll chase away all your nightmares of Tadamu. lol
    Oh, speaking of pillows…we should tell them to make an Eru pillow…and a whole Shugo Chara room set…yea… 8D

  3. AHHHHH!!!!!!! I’m so happy for you1!!!! XD

    God…. it high time they start selling some Shugo chara stuff in Singapore now…Heck, I’ll check the mall on Monday… >.<

  4. Adorable! I wish the idoits on CR would see it and realize how stupid they are.

  5. OMG! You are sooo lucky! Eru is just the cutest, I agree! Yay!

  6. xDD. I have Iru. We match <333! I wish I got Eru though, especially after last episode with all her “rabu rabu rabu”.

  7. Hehe, u finally got the keychain~!! That’s great! xD It’s soo cute~!! ♥ Wouldn´t expect anything less from Eru! She’s all cuteness. [Wow, I’m jealous! I wanna Eru’s kc too… And the plushie!! Damn, I’m so Eruless, I wanna be all emo about it T.T]
    It seems to be a good design despite of the size, since the dolls/toys/stuff don’t always resemble the original thing, specially if it is a draw as Eru is. And even has the Eru’s tipical pose, she’s so adorable ♥
    I’d like to have some Shugo Chara things… Not only Eru, something!! At least something… But if I could choose maybe I’d buy the Eru kc~ [Or the tarot cards …]
    Hehe, lucky u~! x)

  8. [Btw, sorry about the double comment, my comp isn’t workin’ pretty well.]

  9. lol2728: I got it from a very nice person who is living in Japan. She sells some Shugo Chara things through livejournal for incredibly reasonable prices. She posts in the Shugo Chara community whenever she finds something new.

    I’m hoping I can get the cute little action figures from her once they come out.


    xiao_jie88: Haha. You should be. Because Eru is most certainly…cute~!

    Well it looks pretty, but it’s really just a flat plastic sort of charm thing added onto the keychain.

    I totally should. I have a little pillow I can use and everything. Those awful dreams of gay princes will never bother me again!!

    Yes! Eru pillow~! Then I could always have wonderful sweet angelic dreams.


    Starry: I hope you find some Shugo Chara stuff. If not you can always check online…if you’re able to buy stuff online.


    warriorhope: They’ll never realize how stupid they are. If they ever become smart, they leave CR. No one on CR realizes they’re stupid…not while they’re still on CR anyway.


    amuto007_is_mit-chan007: Yes~! She is! She’s just so lovable and I’m very lucky to have her.


    xlapisxlazulix: Iru is good as well! I almost got her too, but enough money. I kind of wish I did…but eh. But at least we can each be happy knowing someone else is giving the other Utau chara a good home!…or something that sounds less corny.


    Reina: Ah! The plushie! They need to make one and I need to get it!!! I need to hug Eru!

    They did a really good job catchy Eru and her sweet angelic, but slightly weird (in a cute way) personality. I love whoever made this keychain. So adorable.

    Well, then I hope you get Eru someday as well…somehow!

    And the double comment is perfectly okay. I already fixed it.

  10. eeeek >wv<

    I’m glad you were able to buy it at a low price, they’re usually soo expensive!

  11. […] Poor Haruka. I’ve heard about those awful machines. They never give you what they want. In this case, I’m glad I don’t have access to them. I pay just a teeny bit more, but I’m able to just buy them. If I lived in Japan, who knows how much money I’d spend trying to get my Eru. […]

  12. where’d you get the tsubasa ones?

  13. mizakiwa: I’m glad too. I’d seen keychains like Eru charged for outrageous prices in so many places. So I was glad that I was able to get her so reasonably. Because she’s Eru…I needed her.


    annaberry: I got the Tsubasa keychains at an anime store in a fairly nearby city (Boston).

  14. hmmm…i sorta like eru sorta not really. but u could say shes cute!

  15. Toooooo cute!
    I want them too +_+ *enter in “I-would-kill-to” mode*
    Eru keychain is absolutely the cutest, but I really like also Sakura and Syaoran ^_^

  16. […] Chara community on LiveJournal should already be familiar with. The same person who sold me my Eru keychain (so cute…). However, I’ll keep things vague because she isn’t selling these […]

  17. […] want to make dozens of Eru idols when you have the ability! I myself can’t resist buying any Eru item I come […]

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