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Well, I decided to blog it…as a peace offering to all the awful, awful Tomoyo fanboys who I managed to get into fights with this past year. And now, I have to admit…Tomoyo is the best.

No, I’m just kidding. Can you imagine?

I’m still waving my Nagisa flag and Tomoyo is still my number two. Though, I have to say…I do appreciate why everyone seems to be so crazy for her route. Just, you know, it’s not quite my thing. But I do get it now.

I’m just giving my overall thoughts on the episode all together without any recap. My impressions are all you really need. The people who are interested in this are the people who are going to want to watch it anyway.

But…I plan on blogging the Clannad After Story, and I love Clannad, so I want to blog this episode. Just sorry to say that it won’t do anything to stop the stupid variety of Tomoyo fanboys from calling me stupid. Heh…like I care.


At this point, having seen some clips of Kyou’s route in the game, knowing pretty much all there is to know about Nagisa and her after story, and also having seen both this episode and reading the Tomoyo After manga…my ranking stands as thus:

Character: Nagisa, Tomoyo, Kyou
Story: Nagisa, Kyou, Tomoyo
After Story: Nagisa, Tomoyo

Kotomi and Fuuko weren’t included…for being too moe or…being annoying. Don’t care.

Nagisa still wins everything. But that’s only natural. I’m a Nagisa fangirl. I admit my absolute bias. She’s the only non-shoujo girl to bust her way into my Top Ten Anime Girls. I love Nagisa and her dango pillow.

Of course, once I actually go through the game it could all change.

But there you go Tomoyo fanboys…I still don’t buy that you all like Tomoyo just because of her story. Just admit that you’re moe for her like I admit I’m all crazy for Nagisa and we can just move on. That’s all I’ve ever wanted. Admit your bias!!!

Hmm…on a more serious and less fun note…I did enjoy this episode, but I wasn’t crazy about it.

I loved Clannad even when every one else complained, both anime-only and Visual Novel fans, I loved Clannad because…hey! It kept me entertained.

Another World, Tomoyo Chapter…did not entertain me…not in the same way.

It wasn’t the, “awww” sort of sadness I come to expect from Clannad of any KyoAni adaptation of a key game. It was just kind of emo…and I wasn’t amused. (Okay I was, but all of that was just me being inappropriate)

I mean…I’ll watch it again with subtitles, but…eh…I understood enough to know that won’t change much. It was kind of even hard to sit through the whole thing once…so I don’t know if I want to watch it twice, but I will.

Really, I think I wish they’d animated Kyou’s route instead. It’s not like this was bad, just…everything I’d heard about Tomoyo’s route being kind of generic was…well, true.

Of course, to be fair, any storyline from a key adaptation automatically seems at least a little familiar.

I did enjoy Tomoyo being Tomoyo. She proved quite a number of times why I like her second-best…you know…aside from being voiced by Houko Kuwashima. Yeah, I’ve always had a weakness for Houko-san (her absence is a pretty big reason why I deem Tomoyo After and automatic FAILURE…for me at least).

And it was so nice seeing Tomoyo showing that she was in love with Tomoya. In the anime she was always so calm about it, and only got a little sad at the end. But here’s she’s blushing and it’s cute.

Sunohara was Sunohara, so he’s going to be entertaining no matter what. And because none of the other Clannad girls show up, I got plenty of Sunohara to make me laugh. Ah…no matter what he does, he almost always ends up looking like an idiot and it always makes me laugh.

But Tomoya wasn’t Tomoya I was used to or even the Tomoya I’d heard about from how he acts in the visual novel. It’s not fair. I got emo Tomoya. And as fun as I think it is to hear Yuichi Nakamura use his “emo”ish voice, I don’t want it for Tomoya. Noooo. At least not yet. Not when the drama reminds me of stupid problems from girls and boys in my high school.

Granted, Tomoyo’s and Tomoya’s problem is more legitimate than regular high school angst, but it didn’t stop me from being reminded of it.

Really, what probably leaves me feeling not so impressed is the fact that the episode only had time for plot. What I really like about Clannad is all the extra stuff that makes the characters more likable. And…when they don’t have time for that, it doesn’t have the same effect on me.

*sigh* I missed my ROFL moments really. And the touching family stuff. Romance doesn’t have the same effect from Clannad.

But whatever. Let’s move on now. Here are my shallow, fun observations now that my actual thoughts are pretty much out of the way (I’ll get back to a few points later).

First off, I lied when I said I didn’t really enjoy watching this episode, I just didn’t enjoy it in any legitimate way. You’ll see what I mean by some of my comments. And if you enjoyed this show legitimately, I suggest you don’t read them because I can’t watch the episode without laughing.

Hey…she still wake him up and goes in his room once they start dating? I find that inappropriate.

No, I’m kidding. At least in the anime, nothing could seem more innocent. Look at them. Nothing going on at all.

Heh. Sunohara was still entertaining. That’s good to know. It’s just too bad that he didn’t get too much screen time. Then I would have enjoyed the episode a lot more. Because almost every time Sunohara did appear I laughed. Sunohara is pretty much the greatest comedy relief character ever.

Nice Tomoyo. Too bad it gets you into trouble. Didn’t quite think that one through, did you? But still…nice. As always, I admire your boldness. Just…nice.

Aww…blushing Tomoyo. See, even from a Nagisa fangirl’s POV, this episode is worth it just because we get to see Tomoyo blush. It’s cute.

Poor Tomoya. Apparently all he has right now is Sunohara. In Nagisa’s version of the anime, when Nagisa isn’t around he still gets to hang out with his harem. I wonder why Nagisa gets to win…

(In case you couldn’t tell, because I know some people can’t, this is where I start just entertaining myself)

Ha! Even in another world you can’t kiss anyone but the destined girl. Too bad for you Tomoya!

And…who else thought, “Um…pervert…” when they saw Jun Fukuyama’s character just standing there

I…couldn’t pay attention. I was too stunned by the fact that Jun Fukuyama and Yuichi Nakamura were in a scene together. I get my favorite seiyuu girls in scenes together all the time, but it never happens with the guys. So…I enjoyed it. I had to rewatch it to catch the plot stuff, but I enjoyed it the first time just because.

Aww man…the ice cream fell. That’s so dramatic and it makes me sad. So symbolic and just…*sigh* Beautiful. I love it when they reach the halfway point with this stuff. It really makes me think.

Stalker. That’s all I have to say.

Smiling Tomoyo~! She looks so happy. Too bad about what happens next…and in her after story (oops…ha, like that’s even a spoiler, bad things always happen in visual novels).

Aw…now bad things are happening to a crepe. It’s dripping! First the ice cream, now the crepe. I can just see the signs piling up…

Desserts are serious business.

And…because I was busy thinking about desserts (and laughing way too much for something that’s not that funny), I didn’t realize they were breaking up until about halfway through. I had to rewatch it. My self-entertainment probably screwed up the drama of this scene.

And more serious, melting, ruined desserts. That’s three…three! At least three times that they’ve done a close-up anyway. It’s not that strange that I noticed it…right?

See, this is what I’m talking about when I said generic. The whole, breaking up with her so she can do what she wants, and then the “doing stuff on our own” montage with the obligatory walking past each other in a hallway. I’ve seen a bunch of generic movies with stuff like this.

But then, this is one of the points where I’m betting that it helps to have played through Tomoyo’s route. Because…no passing each other in a hallway scene, right?

Houko-san Engrish is appreciated. Please and thank you’s all around.

Ha. Black-haired Sunohara. lol. We get to see him like this again in the After Story, right?

Added because Tomoyo looks pretty. I think until this scene I thought Kyou might have been prettier, but no. Now Tomoyo is prettier than Kyou too.

But Nagisa’s still the cutest.

And because I didn’t have any self-entertainment going, this scene actually did manage to get an, “Awww” from me. But I have to give part of that to the fact that it’s a scene in the snow. Snow and winter are a couple of my emotional weaknesses. Set any sad or touching scene in the snow (or at least have them wearing some winter clothing) and you’ll probably get the reaction you want from me.

But now, to wrap it up…this was a good extra episode. Though I still think I would have preferred a Kyou episode just because Kyou really got shafted in the anime. Her arc didn’t even get any specific time set aside. She got pretty much the same screentime as her sister who is supposed to be a side character.

Or maybe since Kyou got to be a part of Tomoya’s everyday harem, Tomoyo deserved the episode more…I don’t know. I just really want to see Kyou’s route. I really have to get the game once I have the money. I know that it’s possible to find the English patch out there, so I’ll just have to find it.

One thing is certain. This episode absolutely solidified my desire to play the Clannad game. After I buy a few of those things that have been nagging at me for a while, I’m getting Clannad. At this point, I pretty much need it.

And I definitely have to at least start playing it before Fall comes along with all of my classes.

Tomoyo and Kyou are in my top three favorite Clannad girls and after them is Misae, Yukine, and Mei…all side characters. So if I want to properly get to know all the characters I like, I have to go through the routes where I get to see more of them.

And everyone keeps talking about Sunohara’s route too…which I need to play for both Sunohara and Mei!

So yeah…I’m going to buy the game. I have one purchase I need to make first, but then I’m getting Clannad. And I’m going to blog about it too! Yeah! Look forward to that! It’s just too bad that it probably won’t be in time to make up for the lack of Clannad before the After Story.


  1. awwww, NEVER seen the show, but god……Tomoyo is PRETTY!!!! She kinda has the same cutsey eyes as Tomoyo from CCS…seriously XD

    awww, the ice creams always get the punishment D:
    WHY, GOD, WHY?!?!?! No the frozen treats!!! NO!!!

    LOL, sorry, went a little overboard….OMFG…Jun Fukuyama!!! Long time no see, dude!!!

  2. This post reminded me that I have to watch this, lol. It makes me laugh how Junjun’s character doesn’t even have a name in this. Ha. Somehow, it’s just really funny.

    Emo-Tomoya?! Nuuu … I can’t handle that. I already hated it in the movie. T_T … but maybe it’ll be acceptable with You-kyan’s voice rather than NojiKen (not that I hate NojiKen, I just like You-kyan’s Tomoya more)

    … and yay Sunohara <3

    (amazing how I didn’t mention Tomoyo at all in my comment … woups, now I did … Well, somehow, blushing-girlish Tomoyo kinda creeps me out … I liked her calm innocent-like personality in the anime … )

    -runs off to watch the episode-

  3. Aish…I watched this around noon and now…I forgot what I wanted to say about it. xD; I was busy looking at the fall lineup. lol
    Hrm, let’s see…well, I’ll say this first. My Clannad hype has died down quite a bit and probably won’t go back up until I see a longer trailer for the After Story. Heh, yea, so I just watched this for the sake of watching it, not really expecting to be impressed or wow-ed or anything (ok, maybe that bit’s not so true but I kept my expectations low for obvious reasons). And I…didn’t feel anything. I even let my TomoyaxNagisa bias go a lil just for Tomoyo. Still nothing. I dunno, maybe it’s because this was after episode 23, TomoyaxNagisa is so ingrained into my head, After Story trailer (& Ushio~!), the “family” theme not present or something else but my reaction is the same/similar to yours. Not entertained for the OVA itself and I guess a little disappointed as well. The only things I think I truly enjoyed were the voice-acting (superb, even if it didn’t choke any emotion out of me), animation and Sunohara.
    From a TomoyaxNagisa fangirl’s perspective, it just felt strange. Nothing else more to say there. :/
    The main pairing aside, it still felt strange. Tomoya back in his house with no mention or appearance of his dad, Tomoyo blushing because they’re a couple (she’s cute when she blushes but I like her cool, composed façade better), Tomoya being the sweet boyfriend then turning emo after their breakup (I miss my sarcastic, humorous Tomoya). Argh, everybody seems OOC. Not that it’s drastic or anything and I do understand that couples will be smiley&raburabu with each other. It’s just…so weird. @.@
    Ah, and the family theme. I miss that. It’s not the thing that drew me into CLANNAD the most (the characters’ stories were) but it’s one of the main reasons why I love CLANNAD so much. Here…there’s none. It’s just high school romance drama, something I would label Kyou’s arc as. Only Kyou’s arc does have the twins’ relationship to cover the family theme.
    Eh, moving on…here’s what I didn’t expect (note: the following are completely derived from my own opinion):
    Angry Tomoya – Yea, I’ve seen him before but the Tomoya I’m familiar with wouldn’t resort to violence. Well, it’s understandable since someone’s trying to get between him and his girl but…yea. I just don’t like his character that way. :/
    Tomoyo listing off reasons to stop the break-up – Ok, that’s not exactly how I wanted to word it. I know she’s desperate and afraid of breaking up. Ok, understandable. And then she begins to tell Tomoya she has to be there because if she isn’t, “Who’s going to wake you up on time? Who’s going to make your bento?” and so on. Still understandable. And I guess this part is just me but I absolutely hate it when people say that. It makes me think they’re saying “You’re worthless without me!” or something. Now I know Tomoyo had no intention of making it sound like that and in no way did it even come close to something like that. I can still discern desperation between criticism or however you want to word it. Still, Tomoya is almost an adult. He can handle himself just fine. He doesn’t need someone to hold his hand. What he really needs is to learn how to do those things himself and I am so very glad that that happened. Basically, it comes down to this hard, cold truth (it goes off a tangent here): The only one you can rely on, from the day you were born till the day you die, is yourself. You may have family and friends for support or you may not, you’re still going to have to deal with the fact that most of what you do is determined by yourself. You can fall in love and be with that person for as long as possible or you can break up somewhere along the way and be depressed about it. If things come to worst, that doesn’t mean you just stop living. You have to move on.
    …is what I’m trying to say. Eh, this is weird. Sorry for the off-rambling. Back to the issue here, I’m glad they showed Tomoya and Tomoyo continuing their daily lives without each other, even if they were still emo about the break-up. I think that’s all for my dislikes…
    On another note:
    Sunopi – Ha, he never fails to amuse me. And yes! We got to see his real hair color! X3
    Jun Fukuyama – Junie~! You do your job so well! You did it so well that I wanted to hit that student council kid with sharp rocks for repeating “Anta…” this and “Anta!” that. xDDD;;; Haha, and Junie and Yuichi Nakamura (I wish we had a nickname for him) doing a scene together is epic win.
    Yuichi Nakamura – Great performance as always. Haha, does anybody else but me think that he plays blue-theme characters a lot? Like Tomoya (though I think blue is the equivalent of black in CLANNAD), Ikuto, Kuugen (from Wagaya no Oinari-sama who has blue eyes). Those are the only important main roles I can remember.
    Houko Kuwashima – She’s so great! ^^ She’s not my favorite but she’s awesome. Her Engrish is funny but applauds for effort.
    And finally, the snowy scene. Eh, still didn’t feel anything. I watched it with a blank look on my face and went “meh.” I didn’t even go “aww”. Hmm. :/ But I like the animation, oh yes. ^^
    *sigh* Well, that’s all. I won’t be watching this again anytime soon. But ooo, when you do get a chance to play the English patch, do post your review about it! ^^

  4. Hehe, This was a nice one. To be honest, I never really liked Nagisa. So I’m happy with this little Tomoya x Tomoyo thing. XD

    Oh and yes, as you pointed out, does there really have to be an obligatory walking-past-each-other-in-the-halls scene? Couldn’t they have come up with something new? lol

  5. I send my condolences for the actions of my fellow Tomoyo fanboys. I must admit that Nagisa is probably the best match for someone like Tomoya, for even Tomoyo might not be able to provide him with that emotional support that he needs. However, I also thank you for keeping an open mind and giving the pairing the consideration it most certainly deserves. Again, thanks, and please keep these blogs. They can be quite informative indeed.

  6. Wow, I never realized that Tomoyo’s storyline was this boring. Seriously. They removed a great deal of (almost all of the) build-up, took liberties with several scenes, and made a few subtle changes like lots of ice cream and Sunohara not giving good advice; yes, he’s supposed to. I know. It’s scary to imagine Sunohara being helpful/insightful.

    And Tomoya is not supposed to suddenly become a good student, but oh well. And where was the perverted, light-hearted, teacher assaulting, suspended delinquent? He was just…depressed.

    They added in most of the plot, but it made me yawn. The episode feels really superficial. Tomoyo anime fanboys were seriously shafted this time around. Or maybe they’d think they weren’t. That’d be funny.

    And after watching this, I really don’t want them to animate Kyou’s route. Please. Don’t. KyoAni. Just go work on the After Story and Haruhi Season Two. Just. Don’t. Touch. Kyou’s. Route. Please!

    Oh well. Now back to Little Busters and G線上の魔王.

    On an unrelated note: I’m officially a Kurugaya fan. Masato is hilarious. Mio = sick girl moe. Making Rin angry is fun/hard to deal with during baseball.

    On another unrelated note: I’m a VERY BIG Kurugaya fan. Haruka is strange, but useful. Hard to get the ball to Komari. Sasami is officially the “Kyou” of Little Busters. And did I mention I am a VERY VERY BIG Kurugaya fan?

  7. Is it just me, or does the melted crepe slightly resemble a vagina when he pushes it together :O

  8. lol2728: Something that Tomoyo’s get to have in common I guess. But that is kind of true. I guess because CLAMP is so good at drawing the moe eyes.

    The desserts…oh my those desserts. They were just too much fun.


    saimaisama: It is funny. Especially since he’s almost always playing the main character, or at least a very important side character.

    It was more acceptable, at least for me. I wasn’t able to finish the Clannad movie because I just didn’t like Tomoya being different. It wasn’t bad I just didn’t like it. It didn’t matter since I already knew how things ended anyway.

    Hmm…I like her calmer personality better actually. But seeing her blush was so rare that it just felt like an incredible treat.


    xiao_jie88: That fall lineup…all I have to do is read that term and I drift into wonderful daydreams. Three anime I just couldn’t be more excited about coming up…

    Mine has as well…especially once I heard the OAV episode was going to be about Tomoyo (I miss Nagisa…). I had to entertain myself with the most random things…

    I think our complete lack of feeling toward this episode, from what I’ve been told, is because all the emotion was left out. I haven’t rewatched it yet…but it seemed like everything was just plot and…meh.

    But since they stuffed Tomoyo’s route into 24 minutes, I think it’s okay. I enjoyed all the animation, the acting, and the music. I…guess that’s enough.

    Agh! But I was kind of looking forward to getting a peek at the perverted Tomoya I get to hear so much about! Not emo Tomoya! Or at least regular Tomoya! He’s too nice in this!

    But yeah, the lack of the “family” theme kind of bothers me in Tomoyo’s route. It’s just her past, and that’s it? It doesn’t really seem like enough. It really is like high school drama. A bunch of scenes in this remind me of TV and movies I used to watch when I was twelve (I have outgrown my melodrama now), like the walking past each other thing. The only thing that seemed like something from a Key VN was the snow scene at the end.

    Tomoya should only be allowed to hit walls in the After Story (so Nagisa is there to stop him~!). I don’t like Tomoya getting angry like that either.

    I didn’t like that either. Tomoyo listing off all that stuff. I felt bad for Tomoyo because of how desperate she seemed. She started acting in a way that seemed out of character…and it was just weird. It was kind of like when you watch someone embarassing themself and you geel bad for them. I’m not supposed to feel bad for Tomoyo. Not like that anyway.

    Heh. Yuichi Nakamura does have a nickname. The popular one seems to be “You-kyan” anyway.

    Ah. He does. Though it might partially be owed to the fact that lots of anime guys are blue-themed. But hey! Maybe he can continue his blue-themed characters with Taka-kun.

    …OHMYGOD YES! I said that on a complete whim, but now I totally want that to happen!

    Oh I will. Every time I complete an arc, I’ll write about it. Though I’ll probably do a combo post on Fuuko and Kotomi since every one says their arcs were so well-covered in the anime.


    steshin: Aww…you should like Nagisa. Though I respect your opinion…because I have to (No, I’m just kidding. I’m a petty fangirl sometimes).

    Maybe it’s new in Japan anyway…since I’ve really just seen the walking past each other thing in teen movies. Just, you know, it’s in every teen movie ever.


    AquaticIdealist: Woo! Thank you for saying that~! It just about made my day (I invest way too much into Nagisa…).

    But I only keep an open mind for Tomoyo and Kyou so there’s no need to thank me. Fuuko and Kotomi get no consideration from me (so, I’m actually pretty cloesd-minded). But thank you for being a nice considerate Tomoyo fanboy. She deserves nicer fans than some of the ones I’ve met.


    kagaminokujira: Ah. I thought so. I got the feeling from how everyone talked about Tomoyo’s route that this wasn’t quite what it was supposed to be. I suppose that just what happens when you try to fit so much into such a short amount of time.

    Sunohara already gave good advice in the main story, so I don’t know why they’d cut it out here. It seems weird.

    Tomoya was disappointing. Since I’m a Nagisa fangirl, I was hoping most of my enjoyment would come from Tomoya being Tomoya. And I kind of wanted to see what you were talking about with him being perverted…but alas…no. Just depressed.

    It’s missing the usual feeling that comes from a Key storyline I think. At least in the KyoAni adaptations, things move slowly. It starts off really light-hearted and funny and that makes the drama…well, more dramatic. In this everything felt kind of forced.

    Ah. Haruhi season two. I really wonder when that’s going to come out. I’m going to start taking bets on whether it’s before or after the novels get published in English…sometime later in 2009.

    Little Busters! Really? I…am officially jealous. Which version are you playing (I can’t remember if the new one is out yet or not)?

    I’m going to get Little Busters and somehow stumble my way through it. I can’t wait for an English patch on that one. I’ve seen very limited clips (like…four) and I…I’m already completely Rin’s fan. I decide my favorite girls so quickly. I have everything for Little Busters that I can find online. Pictures, MAD videos, the opening (which I watch way too much)…just not the game yet. I need to buy it after Clannad. Reading about it makes me want it even more.



    Well, I think it might have just been you until I read that. Now my mind is permanently in the gutter about that crepe. lol

  9. I’m playing original version right now. Little Busters EX will be available near the end of July in Japan. For you, I’d suggest getting only the original instead, unless you’re comfortable reading and seeing hentai CG of your favorite Key heroines.

    Also, is your Japanese good enough to play through any VN? Listening to voices only gets you so far, and you’ll be lost on Riki’s dialogue/monologues if you can’t read it, since Key doesn’t do voice overs for the player character, except for baseball.

    The main heroine is your favorite, huh? I used to be a fan of Rin since I did her route first, but meeting Kurugaya changed that. Mio might also work as your favorite too, but the rest you might find too annoying, since they’re close to being Kotomi/Fuuko like.

    Don’t bother waiting for an English patch for Little Busters. You can learn Japanese in the same amount of time it takes for anyone to finish a patch, and besides, most of them (like NNL) use dictionaries and grammar books anyway. Last I checked, they’re still working on Clannad and Tomoyo After, so it’ll be years before a Little Busters patch comes out.

  10. I already started making a list of what I need to watch cuz I can’t remember all their names! xD; Ooo, but I do want to watch the first episode of each anime that Nana-sama is working in to see how that turns out. I didn’t see the name of one of them on the list yet and there’s not a lot of information about it but I’m constantly checking.
    Yea, I think it’s mostly that, too. Eh, but at least they tried. Better effort than no effort.
    Yea! Tomoya probably wouldn’t be so perverted with Nagisa since Nagisa is…Nagisa. But if it’s with Tomoyo, then it’s definitely ok! It’s at least interesting. This Tomoya, however, is… bleh.
    That was pretty much all the “family” there was in Tomoyo’s route. Huh, and here I thought that Kyou’s route was the one that strayed most away from the main theme. I guess not. And yea, the drama made me want to roll my eyes. As for the snow scene, KyoAni had to animate it or else this episode would have been an utter failure.
    Yep, agreed on hitting walls (so after he calms down, he can propose to Nagisa~!) and Tomoyo. Especially since we all know Tomoyo is always calm and composed about things. To see her acting like this just makes you want to shake your head.
    Yay! I’m gonna start calling him that from now on! Lol Haha, the thought of You-kyan playing Taka-kun did cross my mind (I actually think he’ll be perfect for it) but then I’m also thinking of Haine being played by Nana-sama at the same time and then I remember Shugo Chara! and then I go “Nuuu~!!!” xDDDD;;; Ah, I’m such a dummy. Of course, Nana-sama would not use the same voice but it’s because I know what characters they played before that I can’t help but laugh and headdesk myself. Oh, boy…

  11. kagaminokujira: I’m not comfortable, but somehow I already ended up seeing scans from a magazine with some of the CGs when looking for pictures of Rin. But…maybe I’ll take a little bit of a wait and see attitude with it. I won’t need to start playing it until I finish Clannad.

    No…not particularly. Which is probably another reason why a wait and see attitude would be best. But it’s been getting better anyway. No matter what I’ll probably finish before they even start working on a patch anyway.

    Yes, the main heroine~! Her attitude and love for cats won me over far too easily. As it is right now, Mio is probably my second favorite out of the girls. But all of my favorite characters from the comics and what little I’ve seen of the game seem to be the original memebers of the Little Buters. Rin and all the guys.

    Yeah. They’re still working on it. Though apparently Clannad is almost done. I’m going to use the scripts when I play it though. There’s no way I’m going to wait for a Little Busters patch. It probably won’t be too useful by the time it comes out anyway. Like you said, I can learn Japanese in the same amount of time.


    xiao_jie88: I will watch at least one episode of everything Nana-sama is in as well. Because no more Shugo Chara in the fall…so no more Utau. *emo* But I already know I’ll be watching Hakushaku to Yosei anyway.

    If Tomoya was perverted with Nagisa, it wouldn’t work. It needs to be cute shy blushing with them! Or something just as good. But no pervertedness. Even though they end up having a baby (lol). But I still would have liked to have seen it with Tomoyo.

    With all the talk about Tomoyo’s route being amazing I was certain that something bigger had to happen than just the romance. I heard there was more to Tomoyo’s flashback too, but it didn’t take up that much time anyway.

    The proposal! That’s the scene I’m looking forward to most in the After Story!!!

    I think you’d get used to it faster than you’d think. Heh. Personally, I think Nana-sama and Yuichi Nakamura would be really good playing opposite each other…legitimately (lol). But I won’t be greedy. I’ll be happy with just Nana-sama (and pretty happy with just Yuichi too).

  12. Still I think Kyou is cuter than Tomoyo.Especially with a pony tail.But Tomoyo looks nice too.My list would be:
    1.Nagisa and Mei
    4.Misae(Love Satsuki Yukino)
    5.Yukine(Love her story)
    7.Tomoyo(I don’t know why but I don’t like her)
    10.Kouko(I love Fuuko but her sister is strange)

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