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Girl number 2, Otomiya Haine from Shinshi Doumei Cross. Just one more to go now, right?

Haine is the always-confused but still unusually awesome heroine of ShinKuro. She always does her best and she’s just…awesome. She’s awesome, okay? Let’s move on.

To be honest. Haine’s a girl I can’t say much about. She was originally ranked number one, but because I realized I don’t have much to say about her anymore, she’s suffered the same fate as Sakura and had to get knocked down a rank. It’s not as awful as when it happened to Sakura, because Sakura is the anime girl that I love most consistently, but still. Such a shame.

I think part of the problem lies in the fact that I talked so much about Haine already when ShinKuro ended. The more I talk about a character, the more fangirl love gets out and my excitement just sort of fades away.

Now I’m thinking Haine probably belongs behind Sakura…but I already said a couple of times that this ranking is incredibly unreliable. One week a character will be my new favorite just because there’s new info about them out. And what when was the last time I heard something new about Haine? Yeah…even Sakura’s been more current than Haine.

At least I have all the nice pretty scans of Haine that have appeared online recently because of that wonderful, wonderful artbook. I still need to get mine…but I’m waiting until I get a job now. It’s still incredibly easy to find the Full Moon artbook (and fairly easy for the KKJ one too)…so I’m not worried.

See? *sparkly eyes* This is so pretty. I feel my fangirling returning! Woo!

Now for something with more substance.

I love Haine as much as I love every Arina Tanemura heroine as I’m reading the manga. That’s where the love always starts. Because as soon as I start reading a new manga from Arina Tanemura, I fight a little, going, “This girl is so boring.” Then by chapter five I’m more like, “Tehe! So cute~!”

Of course, I like Haine as a character, and not just being a creation of Arina Tanemura. It all came out wrong when I said that.

Let’s see…basically, because of Arina Tanemura being so good at developing and creating characters…I’ll always love the character when I’m reading the manga. And because Arina-sensei purposely wrote ShinKuro “following” the characters instead of creating some crazy strict outline, I like Haine even more than what’s normal.

Yeah that’s it. To sum up my first reason for liking Haine…I want to be a writer, and what I always spend the most time on is creating characters. And what I’ve always spent the most time doing when reading or watching…anything is analyzing the characters.

Everything Haine did made sense to me. If I thought about her motivation and personality.

Of course, that doesn’t mean I agree with what Haine did do. Hell no. She made some really dumb choices. I’d never do half the stuff she did.

Become a yankee? No. Try to earn my father’s respect after he sold me? I’d do my best to act as if he didn’t exist or I might be petty and try to ruin him or something (I’m spiteful). Pretend to love my best friend so she could realize the truth? That scares the crap out of me. No. Fall in love with a boy after meeting him once or reading a book written by him? Uh…as sweet as I think the book thing was…no.

Of course, among all those choices, there are some I wish I could do. But mostly, I think Haine makes a lot of bad choices.

Her life isn’t in order, she is way too forgiving, she is both too selfish and selfless, and she wavers between guys way too often.

But those screw-up ways of Haine are what make me like her. More of that protective instinct of mine. And certain traits (like that cute selflessness) make me want Haine as a friend.

Ah…but if I think about that for a moment…perhaps this post won’t be as lame as I thought after all.

That selfisheness, naivety, lack of order, and wavering are all things that bring to mind one person. My very best friend, Ashley.

Score! I finally know someone who slightly resembles an anime character! And it’s an anime character I like! Or perhaps more accurately, that’s why I like Haine so much.

Wow…never realized this before. There’s even more that they have in common when I think about it. An incredible amount of friends, really popular with boys, is able to love too much.

Why are they mostly the bad ones though? I wish Ashley had Haine’s ability to stand up for herself and her friends more. That would be useful…less work for me.

Ashley is, of course, also lacking in that ability to heal everyone. But that’s usually because she’s too busy being selfish, until the moment where it really counts.

So going back to the original point, which really makes more sense with this, I love how realisitc Haine is.

Haine’s like every other shoujo girl and has her mary-sue moments (the ability to heal everyone for example, and her awesome yankee skills). All those bad choices are enough to make me completely see past those “perfect” traits.

I love Haine the her screw-up. I loved it when she just ran off from all of her problems in the last chapter of the manga. It was just so like her. It was not at all what everyone wanted her to do, and I loved it.

Because Haine is just Haine. She messes up, she is easily confused, and…just slow.

But that’s all part of her charm. Her ridiculous, cute, warm, loving, shoujo charm.

Of course, just to clarify, I don’t love all screw-ups. I only love the ones who mess up with good intentions. Or they at least have to feel bad when they screw up.

Because even when Haine had her selfish moments, she always agonized over them after. She disliked herself for making perfectly human mistakes.

Heh. Just like I said in the beginning. I like Haine because of her character consistency and how believable she can be.

It’s all connected for me, isn’t it? I guess I really do still love Haine more than I thought. I just found out midway by connecting her with my best friend.

Hmm…but I’m just going to say in this one case that reality is better than fiction. Ashley’s never caused me as many problems as Haine causes for her friend.

But yup…set aside all of the mary-sue traits and all that extra DRAMA stuff, then you can easily go to a high school and find a girl that acts like Haine.

I did after all. And I didn’t even know it.

Oh and one more thing that’s really just separated from all of my other reasons for liking Haine.

I love selfless, cute little girls. The ones who have a difficult homelife, but persevere nonetheless.

And when Haine was younger, that’s exactly what she was. She wanted to make her father proud of her.

Every time you saw her when she was little, she was always doing her best, trying to be cheerful even when she was unhappy. And she just loved both of her parents so much! Such an innocent and cute child. I want her!

Oh~! And she was so kind-hearted and pure that she fell in love with someone because she could feel their kindness…through a book. A book!

And even when she grew up, Haine kept a lot of that purity, even though she thought she was “tainted” (and I think it’s sad that she thought that, more love for Haine’s other side).

Yes, Haine most certainly has her mary-sue, absolutely cute, can-do-no-wrong side. And I love her for that too.

Ah…I just love her for everything. Let’s put it that way. Everything she does, wrong or right, I love her. With proper reason.

And just ending with my favorite picture of Haine now. I love this picture~! It’s a lot bigger than what I usually post on here…but come on. It’s so nice to look at.

Just to say as a final note, Arina-sensei’s art and the way she designed Haine definitely adds even more to me loving her. So pretty.


  1. Ah! So Hainekko is second, huh? Hehe, I also thought she was gonna be the first but I get your reasoning on why her rank moved down.
    Oh, but absolute shoujo squeal first: HAINEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE~~~~~~~!!!!!! x33333
    That’s better. Lol xD
    Hwoo, I understand what you mean on the fangirling going down. Heh, I ranted so much about Haine in your other Shinkuro posts, I don’t know what to say about her anymore. ^^; Ah, but she’s always going to be an all-time favorite of mine. Just like Sakura. Haha, I’m still teeter-tottering between them on who I love more.
    Well, anyways, back to Haine…I agree with mostly everything you said. And you brought up a lot of points that I never thought of before. Like her bad choices, although I think I would call them “not-her-best” choices since we all know Haine’s not exactly bright and almost naïve to a fault. Huh, maybe that’s why I never thought of it that way. Her innocence made me overlook it. Ah, but if you put that aside, they do seem pretty, well, bad. I see, I see. *nod nod*
    Wow, she resembles your friend in a way, eh? Pretty cool. ^^ I would love to meet a person who is like that (similar, that is) and if I ever do, I’ll probably freak out and say “Let’s be friends!” lol They probably won’t be if I say that. xDD; But it’s ok cuz it’ll probably never happen. Nobody can be as selfless as Haine (that’s just impossible). *sigh* Reality, reality…
    Ooo, very nice statement there. “ All those bad choices are enough to make me completely see past those “perfect” traits. I completely agree. And her screw-ups I love even more! X3 It’s so…cute and purely innocent! I don’t know what else to say about them. Lol
    Ah, her laments over her mistakes. I can understand why she would feel bad over it but sometimes she does it to the extreme. This can be a Mary-Sue type trait, too, right? We see that pretty often in other anime/manga girls as it is so yea…Heh, but then she would be a double Mary-Sue or…not? Argh, I dunno. A contradiction within itself or something like that. It’s pretty easy to notice Mary-Sue traits (at least it should be) but when you put everything else on top of it, it gets so complicated. *sigh*
    Oh, but I absolutely love her selflessness and determination. It’s so admirable. And she’s so brave and strong but weak at the same time. Ah, and I must point out here that unlike Arina-sensei’s previous heroines, she had the courage to come forward and face her problems head-on unlike Maron and Mitsuki who (initially) wanted to hide their weaknesses away. Maybe that’s why I she’s my favorite Arina Tanemura heroine. ^^
    Ack, my thoughts are all scattered now so I guess I’ll just end it here before I get more confused. I LOVE and adore Haine and I probably always will…and I’ll love her even more if/when the anime comes out and if/when (PLZ!) Nana-sama is her VA. I can just die happy after that. *goes off into fangirl daydreams*
    Hehe, thx for the Haine pics. She looks so pretty~! And I love her clothes~! AHHH~!!! Arinacchi should start her own clothesline! I would totally buy ‘em! xD
    Yep. ^^

  2. The worse part of all these is. I still can’t distinguish Haine and Ushio. When they are both together they look like twins!

    But even then I preferred Ushio to Haine.

  3. I thought she was going to be number 1 too, but I can understand why it changed a little.

    Haine is cool as a heroine. Tough, able to bring people together and just a little stupid. Being a bit screwed up makes her seem more human. The mary-sue charactistics that she has that are common in shojo manga heroines make sense too. Because if they acted like real people the story wouldn’t be able to move forward.

    But yup…set aside all of the mary-sue traits and all that extra DRAMA stuff, then you can easily go to a high school and find a girl that acts like Haine.

    Yeah, I could see girls acting like her too. I don’t know any personally, but I can see them existing.

  4. Haine-chan~!! xDD So, she’s the second one, huh? I had a doubt about her bein’ the 1st or the 2nd one… Now I know x)
    I think Haine is awsome, that’s exactly the word. If I tell u the truth, I didn’t expected much of her when I started readin’ SDC, but when I saw that she could fight, that definitely opened my mind a little =) Not all the tipical heroines were yankees in a past. I though that was pretty interesting.
    I do agree she made things I wouldn’t do in a billion years, but if she didn’t, we wouldn’t have story, right?
    I love the way she can be so naive aswell mature, or the way she was always thinkin’ about the others and in the same time worried about herself. ‘Cause the father stuff was really complicated. He didn’t show any regard (¿?) for her and he actually sold her, and she still she was so concerned about bein’ a “good girl” for him and pay to the Otomiyas for “keeping her”. Or like the Ushio stuff. There are a lot of examples… I can’t imagine myself doin’ that kind of things [b]ever[/b]!! But she did them in such a good way…
    And I think her life was well developed. At the beginnin’ we saw how was she at the present and then start seein’ her past things… But not in order, just in the timely moment. It was great, the story is abolutely great. But it wouldn’t be so good without a character like Haine-chan.
    Wow, I can’t really write much about her either, don’t know why…
    And btw, yeah, she’s soo pretty ♥

  5. YAY!!!! HAINE!!! I just barely got to first volume, but I blow through manga quickly. I read 3 manga books in one day @_@

    I LOVE The Gentlemen’s Alliance!!! Ushio is my fav =D Ushio and Haine are awesome girls!! Fangirl love all around!!! ^^

  6. So that’s left with Amu? XD

  7. xiao_jie88: *sigh* It really is sad when the love for my percious anime girls fades a little. But Haine wil probably always be a favorite of mine as well. Especially because of my discovery~!

    That’s true. “Not-her-best” might be a better term to use for Haine’s less admirable choices. Though I think Haine becoming a yankeee might me the one that does qualify as a bad choice (even if it made her super awesome).

    Selfless as Haine…that would be so nice. I’d probably freak her out and demand to be friends as well. It’s a good thing she doesn’t exist in that case.

    Perfect girls who make bad choices are just so much easier to love. Thery get to still be cute and innocent, but without being called perfect! Somehow in the anime fandom, being “perfect” is a bigger insult than being a “screw-up” isn’t it?

    Hmm…well I think it’s a common trait, but I’m not sure it’s a Mary-Sue trait. At least from how Haine goes about doing things. Mary-Sues get to solve their mistakes by talking to someone and getting them to just see the truth. Haine gets into fights and does things very…differently. Basically, she takes a very non-Mary-Sue-ish approach to solve her Mary-Sue problems. lol

    That’s why she’s my favorite too. It’s understandable why Maron and Mitsuki can’t face their problems, but I just like Haine more for doing it anyway. Because if she wanted to hide, I think it would have been okay for her too.

    No! You can’t die until…until Nana-sama voices two Arina Tanemura characters! Yes! If Haine is voiced by Nana-sama someday, that becomes the new goal!

    She should! I think it’s the most I’d ever be willing to spend on clothing (I am usually so cheap about my clothes).


    Endz: Everyone says that, but I have a pretty easy time telling them apart. Ushio’s eyes are screen-toned differently. Though there are plenty of scenes where they do look similar (it’s hard when Haine has her hair curled).


    warriorhope: All those wondderful and not-so-wonderful traits…Haine really ended up being an unusually well-rounded shoujo manga heroine, didn’t she? I forgot to mention that before, but the fact that she’s kind of one-of-a-kind helps a lot too.

    And they do exist. I only know one personally, but I know there are more. I feel like if you look around it’s easy to find more too.


    Reina: Every one was so good at guessing where Haine was…first or second. Even guessing first is technically right since that’s where she was at first.

    Yup, awesome is the best word to use I think. Yankess exist in shoujo manga, but they’re pretty much never the heroine, so Haine is a lot of fun. Fighting heroines are rare and yankess are even rarer.

    No. We wouldn’t have a story. At least not an interesting one.

    I think I know what you mean. All those choices wouldn’t work…but when Haine made them. *sigh* Haine’s just great. Such a nicely developed character.

    I guess it’s because you can’t say as much once you know everything. We can’t say, “I think Haine is like this” anymore because now we know for sure.


    lol2728: Really? I hope you’re enjoying it. And I hope I didn’t spoil anything for you if you read a lot of this.

    Ushio is a really popular character. I like her a lot too. Yes, both she and Haine deserve plenty of fangirl love.


    Starry: Oh. I don’t want to really say…but I guess it’s pretty obvious, huh?

  8. Perhaps her decision to become a yankee was pretty bad, yea. But then, she was in pretty deep agony and needed to take it out on something (even wanting stronger opponents to beat her up so bad that she wouldn’t feel the pain over her Kazuhito’s “betrayal”). Usually, when you’re “lost” like Haine was, you can’t really think straight over anything. At least, I know I probably won’t be able to. :/ Hmm, but then again, I wouldn’t know.
    Hehe, it is? Hmm, probably…maybe “perfect” is almost equal to “untouchable” whereas “screw-up” is like “haha, you’re so clumsy! But so amusing! I like you!” or something…I dunno. ^^;
    Haha, good point there. She really does go about her issues differently (cuz she’s a boke who doesn’t know formalities, lol). Non-Mary-Sue-ish ways to solve her Mary-Sue problems. Yea…that makes sense. Heh.
    But she didn’t! Which is what makes her so great! X3
    Ah, you’re right! Although I’ll probably be easily revived when the news of Nana-sama voicing another Arina Tanemura character reaches me, lol And she must do more than two! Even if it’s not an anime, she should voice in every Arina Tanemura drama cd from hereon! xDDD;;;;
    Haha, I absolutely hate buying clothes. I don’t mind having them but shopping for them and trying them on, one after the other, and then having to spend my precious money on it drives me insane. Ah, but all that would be pushed aside I get to wear the same shoes as what Meroko or somebody wore. Lol

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