My Precious Angeru~!

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Do you know what I got in the mail today? I’ll give you a hint…the picture for this post is the hint. *wink*

Oh wait, excuse me, “Angeru Wink!” *wink & hearts*

Yeah, I got my Eru keychain today. So happy~! I want to sing an Eru song~! Lalalala~! Eru kawaii~! Lalalala~!

And for those unaware, Eru is the cutest chara (ever) in Shugo Chara, she’s Utau’s neglected second chara (the neglect just make me love Eru more because I want to cuddle her).

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Anime Girls: Haine

July 16, 2008 at 10:00 am | Posted in Articles, Top Ten | 8 Comments
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Girl number 2, Otomiya Haine from Shinshi Doumei Cross. Just one more to go now, right?

Haine is the always-confused but still unusually awesome heroine of ShinKuro. She always does her best and she’s just…awesome. She’s awesome, okay? Let’s move on.

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Clannad 24 – Tomoyo Chapter

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Well, I decided to blog it…as a peace offering to all the awful, awful Tomoyo fanboys who I managed to get into fights with this past year. And now, I have to admit…Tomoyo is the best.

No, I’m just kidding. Can you imagine?

I’m still waving my Nagisa flag and Tomoyo is still my number two. Though, I have to say…I do appreciate why everyone seems to be so crazy for her route. Just, you know, it’s not quite my thing. But I do get it now.

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