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I am revived! Yes! Well, 14 hours of sleep will certainly make a person feel better. And this episode of SA helped a little too. If it had been awful, that would have just been the final blow and I’d have retreated to my little emo closet by now.

No, no. I’m lying. I would have totally busted out the wiffle bat instead. Either way, if I’m happy or pissed off, fangirling gives me POWER!!!!

And that’s enough. Moving on. Because this episode was awesome.



We get to find out just what happened on Sunday. Kei and Hikari went on a date and Hikari, dense as always, saw it as a challenge and tried to act like a cutesy shoujo manga girl on the date. After a while, she realizes that Kei is all tense and after he runs off she helps him beat up a bunch of people that are following him who work for his dad. After she and Kei get away, she starts crying because she didn’t know anything was wrong.

Kei tells her that he was supposed to go to an omiai (arranged marriage meeting basically) that day. Hikari gets mad at him and tells him to go because it’ll cause his dad trouble. Kei decides to go after that, but Hikari stops him suddenly, not sure of why herself.

But the answer as to why will have to wait because Kei’s dad and his shota-voice comes in and ruins everything. Then the girl, Sakura, Kei was supposed to meet from the omiai comes around and basically kidnaps Hikari. But after a brief time together, Sakura and Hikari become fast friends. Sakura explains that Kei isn’t really her type, but since there’s no guy she likes, she’s willing to marry Kei for her father’s business. So she asks Hikari what type of girl Kei likes, so Hikari goes on a quest to find out.

Of course, once Hikari asks Kei the next day, he gets pissed and leaves. Since Kei refuses to tell her, Hikari decides to go around asking everyone else (it makes Akira cry when she asks her).

Hikari decides to challenge Kei to find out. Kei figures out that Sakura is the one who asked Hikari to find out. Then Kei says that it’s weird that she’s helping Sakura since she stopped him from going to the omiai meeting. And just when Kei has her trapped, Hikari says that she did it just to annoy him. But as she’s running away she’s blushing and thinking that she doesn’t really know why.

Hikari meets up with Sakura agin and promises to find out again. Then Sakura, who goes to the same school as Yahiro, meets up with him and hears about Hikari and Kei’s relationship. Hikari decides to challenge Kei again, but since it’s useless Kei decides to just tell Hikari, that his type is a completely normal girl. Hikari asks why he told her so easily and he says it’s because she’d be in trouble if she didn’t know. Dokidoki moment ensues~!

Then Hikari is thinking later and Sakura comes out suddenly and tries to kick her. She thinks that Hikari lied to her about her relationship with Kei (rivals…) and is really mad. Hikari starts thinking about everything and decides to tell Sakura what Kei’s type is, even though she doesn’t want to, but she starts crying. So Sakura stops, and the awkard situation is stopped by Ryuu, Megumi, and Jun appearing.

Sakura turns all sparkly eyes when she looks at Jun, who matches her idea of a perfect boy (a prince) and an intense reaction ensues. She immediately goes for Jun, pissing Megumi off. Sakura doesn’t care about Kei anymore because she found her prince.



I think this is the first time that I haven’t minded when something I liked from the manga was cut out. It’s either because I’m used to it, or this episode worked just fine without it.

Hmm…yeah, I really liked this episode. Not as much as episode 13, but…this is probably my second favorite. I’d say it’s mostly because I am so pleased with Sakura. Oh Sakura~!

Just to get it out of the way though…what I wanted to see was the shoujo manga dress. Because it was fun seeing Hikari wearing something so girly, and having Kei tease her like that is always a plus too. But it’s okay, there was nothing stupid or unnecessary added in this episode, so I can deal with it. And this episode was still plenty of fun without it.

Oh Hikari’s and Kei’s date was so much fun, despite how incredibly short it was. It ended up being like…two minutes, didn’t it? Poor Kei…even though he’d waited so long.

But I just loved all of Kei’s reactions to Hikari trying to act cute, especially when he just laughed at her “pretty talk” Ah…priceless.

Ah, and I enjoyed this scene too. We’re really getting to the part of SA that I love. When Hikari’s the one who usually gets all ticked off and flustered. And Kei just get to mess with her. Heh. Revenge!

Ha…more points for Kei. Once Kei decides to be all forward and stuff with Hikari, things go so much faster. I can finally forgive them for cutting out Hikari’s blushing in previous episodes, because Hikari gets all confused and blushy about Kei in this episode anyway. Yes~!

It’s strange that I didn’t have this reaction when reading the manga, but when I saw this scene in the anime I went, “Ha! That’s right bitch!” Because Hikari pissed me off when she told Kei that he should go to the omiai. I wanted to smack her. But it’s okay, because revenge is coming! Ha!!!!

But I really enjoyed this scene~! Hikari and Kei~! It’s just too bad it was completely shattered with Kei’s dad shouting. THat was freakin’ awful. The worst way to break up a fangirl moment. I hate you shota-voice.

Yeah!!! Sakura!!! I haven’t been so pleased with a character in SA since Yahiro showed up (but we all know they messed with him as time went on). But Sakura is freakin’ awesome! She was already one of my favorite characters, but now I love her even more!!!

They chose a really good seiyuu, Natsuko Kuwatani if wikipedia is right today. I don’t really follow her, but once I looked her up, I definitely realized that I’ve liked every role she’s been in. She’s played Arf in Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha, Ryoko Asakura in Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu, and Lutecia and Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS.

And her character design is nice too. It took a while getting used to the pink hair. Her hair is pink in the manga, but you don’t really see it that often…because it’s in black and white.

And I can forgive Hikari for being dumb, because we feel the same way toward Sakura. Sakura~! I swear, she’s really close to being on my top ten list. She’s probably number twelve or something.

AH!!! And I love how quickly she can change her mood! Yet another awesome ojou-sama!!! She has three personalities and I love them all. Her nice, perfect ojou-sama side, her idiot with Hikari side, and her kick-ass evil aura side. Oh and there is one more, but we’ll get to that later~!

Heh. Kei’s pissed-off reactions to Hikari being stupid never cease to amuse me. They’re always great.

Woo! I love this moment! Even more than the shirt-grabbing! You’ve got her right where you want her Kei! GO FOR IT!

Okay…for once I won’t get pissed at Hikari, because that was pretty good. She managed to get out of that situation quite well. And I laughed quite a bit. But poor Kei…

It’s okay though…he’s already planning his next move.

lol, How come the more I watch this anime, the more it does seem like Kei and Hikari are rivals? Because in every time it seems like one of them wins or loses. Heh…and right now Hikari’s been the one who’s been losing. Heh.

That’s right! You should blush you stupid girl! Ha! I’ll enjoy this while I can because I still know what comes later (boooo).

It suddenly occured to me when watching this scene…I wonder if Sakura comes from a yakuza family or something. I know she doesn’t…but how funny would that be? It’s overused, but I still think it would be funny if we suddenly found that out.

Heh. They make a good set of friends. They’re both so devious. I love it. I’m looking forward to the next episode because of this too. Hehehe.

Haaaa! Victory for Kei! At least temporarily! With how awesome Kei is with Hikari, I am incredibly disappointed in her for not having any real reaction until now. It’s not fair!!! Stupid Hikari.

That’s right…you should cry. But you know what’s kind of frustrating? Even after crying and all those wonderful memories of Kei she still doesn’t realize anything. Stupid girl. They better get to the good stuff from the manga though.

Yes! And now! The fourth personality of Sakura. Borderline creepy prince fangirl! If I were Jun, I’d have started running already.

Kiraaan~! Heh. Sorry, that just cracked me up. What’s with SA today? It’s making me laugh!

Yes! The extreme reaction! I was looking forward to this almost as much as all the Hikari and Kei moments. It was just perfect and it made me laugh even more than I did in the manga. Priceless. I love you Sakura! You and your prince fetish!

This episode was awesomecakes. I seem to be using that term a lot more lately, so I’m officially adding an awesomecakes tag now. Awesomecakes~!



Well, this is the last couple the anime will be getting to. Sakura and Jun. No love for Ryuu or Megumi. But at least I still have the manga.

Too bad though, I really like Megumi’s pairing (tehe~! It’s a secret). But Sakura and Jun are good too, so I am satisfied.

And one more prince reaction for the road.

A lot of the next episode seems to be filler, but it doesn’t seem like they’re really taking anything out, so no complaints from me really. Hmm…but I wonder where they’re going after episode 16. Episode 17 is called “Restraint and Smiling Face”, but I can’t really see how that goes along with chapter 24. Hmm…well I guess I’ll find out next week.


  1. LMFAO! Sakura is scary @_@ I’m only up to volume 3 in the manga, but DAMN!!!! She’s kick ass!

    And WTF is with Yahiro makin friends with all the girls? I bet he’s gonna do somethin pervy. LOL JK.

    WTF?! Sakura and Jun?! But…well….ok, I’ll give her that one. Jun IS adorable ^^ but Ryuu needs love too T_T

    LMFAO! Hikari cried LOL! Kei ALWAYS wins LOL! He really IS Number 1 XD

  2. […] This episode was the long awaited Kei & Hikari date episode! I’m not going to get into it since I think you should watch the episode for yourself on Veoh or something, even if it is raw. Or, since I’m lazy, you can read a really good summary here. […]

  3. Ugh, I finally caught up. Took me so long. I fell out of SA since I left and finally yelled at myself to watch it when I had nothing to do. And now I’m back~!!! xD
    lol A few things on the new OP and ED:
    OP – lol wut da hell is this? It’s not the boys’ singing that weirded me out. It’s…this song! It’s so weird! I don’t know whether to like it or dislike it but it made me LMAO so hard. xDDD “We wish you GORGEOUS 4EVER!” and Ryuu wearing pink earrings? Oh god… xDDDD;;;
    ED – I like it. It’s cute. Not original but better than Yuko Goto singing solo. I mean, her Mikuru voice is cute and I don’t think it’s bad like how a lot of other people think it is but maybe she should just save that voice for a kiddy shoujo anime. Well, anyways, girl chorus will always sound ok because if one sings off-key, the others will just cancel them out.
    Ok, back to the eppy…
    SAKURA~! I’ve been waiting for Sakura for what seems like ages! xD
    Ah, but first, the date! It was cute~… x3 Short but nonetheless, very sweet. Ha, and so hilarious. Learn from this, kids. Never follow Hikari’s example of “dating lessons” from shoujo manga. You’ll look like an idiot. xD Aha, Kei is completely mellow with it, tho. Silly dude. x3
    And yay! We have teeny tiny development! Hikari’s feelings are tired of her being so slow and decided to take charge on their own. Lol
    Heh, funny. It was the opposite for me. I didn’t have a reaction to Hikari pulling Kei’s coat in the anime but in the manga, I did. Hmm…Ah, but I’m glad they kept the crayon sketchiness down to a minimum in this one. It’s still annoying but it only lasted a few seconds (like their date~ *sad*).
    lol “That was…to annoy you.” *shatters* I loved that part. Hikari can be occasionally clever to get herself out of sticky situations (mostly with Kei). xD
    *sigh* Agreed. She’s so dense and stupid about love it kinda makes you feel glad that nobody like her would exist in real life. I mean, maybe under extreme circumstances it might be understandable but Hikari is not extreme. She’s normal. Except for the fact that she is probably the only girl in history whose never once thought about love. Oioi…
    And then it’s Sakura! xD When I saw her in the preview, I inwardly squealed. She looked so cute. I didn’t mind the pink hair as much as I thought it would (it just boosted the image of her name). And her VA is Natsuko Kuwatani?! OMG, I love her! She played so many of my favorite secondary characters. Good job, Gonzo. ^^
    I loved the “Pair of Idiots”. xD It’s just awesome. Hmm, I think it’s her multiple personalities that I like so much. She’s like…every type of girl in one body. I wish I could be her. Lol xD; And I wouldn’t be surprised if her family is a yakuza one or have relations to one. I can totally see that happening.
    Kiraan~! xD …I’m left speechless for this. And Sakura blew steam instead of having a massive nosebleed but eh, I don’t mind in the least.
    So yea! Barbeque next week! Awesome! Yahiro, for once, won’t have to sit in the dark and look like a villain anymore. Yay for more SakuraxJun! And oi, she’s talking to weird little mushrooms. Weird. Can’t wait. ^^

  4. I’m disappointed that they took out the “shoujo manga girl” moment, but since the rest of the episode worked out, meh, it’s fine. Actually, the second half of the episode was on the same level as the manga, so it was pretty good all things considering.
    Sakura’s design is great. I sorta forgot they made everyone’s hair colour “natural”, so I didn’t really notice that it was pink. I guess I assumed it would be… I was more puzzled that her uniform was green since Yahiro’s is blue and they attend the same school. But details, details…
    It’s okay though…he’s already planning his next move. ^_^ When I read that though, I was thinking about chess. Kei is pretty careful with the way he moves, but Hikari’s pretty dense with this sort of thing, so subtlety fails on her. Just keep trying, Kei, just keep trying…

  5. Hikari is so stupid!!! she cried and thought of those memories and still didnt relized anything at all!! She is so stupid she even had flashbacks 2 show her how much he love her stupid stupid stpid!!! Sakura & Jun nice 2 look at but maybe not such a good couple her evilness will come out when Jun wants 2 leave her “not gonna be a pretty sight.Ryuu oh my Ryuu he never gets any action he is just apart of the SA 4 the kicks of it plus he is cute ^_^.Yeah i 4got that part were they put a spark on Jun man that waz funny.

  6. i’ve never watched anime in such a long time.
    im soo happy that my Boy Friend told me about it.
    Say, when will episode 16 come out my boy friend is OBSESSED
    Hikari is sooo funny, being dumb and not knowing that Kei likes her.

    #1) throwing stuff at boys (the one that made him jealous)

    #2) being serious about what Yahiro said to Hikari

    #3) smelling her hair

    #4) kissing her check

    #5) caring for her during the wrestling match


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