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I am…so tired. It’s only 7:00 PM here too. But now that everything is all settled I need to explain things. Then it’s off to bed (or relaxing anyway). Special A’s review will have to wait until tomorrow.

You may or may not have noticed my general “ugh-ness” throughout the past ten or so days. I doubt you did at the time, but you probably noticed the general lateness of my posts, more grammar mistakes and typos than usual, less substantial stuff in my posts, and all around crappiness.

Well, I just had the week from hell. (After here follows a rant poorly disguised as an apology)

I generally, don’t have to do much. I’m still under eightteen and due to certain circumstances, I didn’t have to attend school last year (and quite a bit the year before as well). But that’s nothing new, all the really dorky anime fans have some sort of story that basically says, “Haha! I have no life” mine’s just slightly more legitimate…ha.

Also, due to the certain reason I couldn’t attend school (illness), and the fact that my “illness” basically just amounts to me being tired all the time…I am exhausted.

Agh! The next time I find a boy with a sick girl moe I’m going to kick him in the face. There is nothing cute about a girl who is too tired to do anything. You guys should be stabbed in the hand with a pencil and get one of those ugly purple scars for a while. I’d do it myself, but being a sick girl…I’m too tired.

Basically, my week consisted of filling out a ton of applications and dropping all of those off so I can get a job. Then I had to go to my college and finalize my dual-enrollment. Then I went out to do all sorts of “fun” things that I now regret. We have two sets of family friends visiting from out of town. Now added onto all that, I had to practice driving so I would be able to get my license today.

Did I get my license today? No, of course not. No one in my family has ever gotten their license on the first try. Something always goes wrong. My mom had to drive a car she’d never driven before, so she messed up her turn signals. My dad missed his appointment because their car broke down on the way. My brother’s instructor gave him inproper directions. And me? Well, the brake light apparently burned out on the way to the DMV. I didn’t even get to take the test. *headdesk*

At least my mom had the foresight to cancel that appointment I have tomorrow. I’ve been like the walking dead for the past four days. I probably would have failed my test anyway.

So, in order to make this anime related…check out this crap I got because being busy included going to stores:

Viz has gotten so much better at translating manga since I first bought something from them six years ago. They do 100 times better than those crappy scanlations we all had to suffer with for so long. Soon! Soon I’ll be able to read chapter nine…and be able to freakin’ understand it.

“And what talk without the princess caused her to decide the parting!!”

WTF does that even mean!? It would have been better if you had just translated everything into romajii if you’re going to be that crappy about. Seriously!

So…uh…yeah. Looking forward to volume two. And volume one was good also, honorifics ftw!

I also got myself up-to-date with the volumes of Skip Beat! viz is releasing. Though the lack of honorifics still makes it feel awkward when I’m reading it. “Mr. Tsuruga” just sounds wrong! No one would call a twenty-year-old Mr. anything. Or is Ren twenty-one now? Well, whatever. The answer’s still the same.

I’m getting myself psyched up for the anime in Fall~! I think they’ll at least get through the Tsukigomori arc. Which is good, because I love all those developments. But some of the best moments are at the beginning of the manga anyway. So I’m going to be a happy fangirl no matter what.

Well…as long as there are no miscasts. So I hope they just go along with the Drama CD cast. That would just be great. I only listened to parts of it, but it was all good. Too bad there aren’t any cast announcements yet. There’s not even a website yet…

No recent scanlations…no news on the anime…my Skip Beat! excitement will fail me again at this rate!!!

Moving on, this is the second light novel I’m going to review. I know I haven’t gotten my Strawberry Panic review up yet. It’s just part of the busiest week…ever. That’s all.

And…uh…that’s it. Except for the wii. Which I’ve been told is region-free, which means I will totally be getting this game for it. I’ve heard from six different people that wii is region free and if six different people were either mistaken, or flat-out lied to me…I will be pissed. Well, if I find out after I get the game anyway.

To wrap this up, I’ll be returning to a somewhat normal blogging schedule this week. Just SA tomorrow and then after that everything should be normal. And all those extra little articles and reviews I promised will be on the way! Hopefully!

Oh yeah…and I’ll start replying to comments like I’ve been wanting to. Only been able to reply to a few at a time. I’ve missed that…

And that’s it. As usual when I do a lame, boring, or angry post (and hey, this is all three), you can have a cute chibi picture:

In honor of the manga not sucking!! Yeah! Look how happy Kyoko is! Aw, and look at how serious Sakataki is.

Dammit…even all these years later, I still want a Time Stranger Kyoko anime just for those two. Unfair.

And that’s it. I’ll stop being lame tomorrow.


  1. You guys should be stabbed in the hand with a pencil and get one of those ugly purple scars for a while.

    I already have an ugly purple scar, except it’s pink, and it’s from doing dumb stuff. =(

    Although I’m surprised that sick girl moes exist outside of akihabara. I thought it was one of those “only in Japan” things.

  2. I thought you were blogging at a fairly normal rate. I’m impressed that you managed to do all that, but then I’m like the most lazy person in the world.

    Plus the scanlations of TSK were like two pages at a time and hard to read. That’s why I decided to only read one chapter and wait for the English release.

    Yeah, I wish they would used honorfics in Skip Beat. I think Kyoko calling Ren Mr. Tsuruga her though, because she’s a little Tohru and speaks formally a lot (Actually Kyoko reminds me a lot of Tohru, if you know Tohru snapped one day and declared her revenage on Akito or something). I’m more worried about the part were Ren gets all angry that Reino says Kyoko name without a honorific. Yeah, he would have to be becuase Kyoko turned 17 in the manga recently.

    Yep. The Dark Moon arc is going be awesome if they get that far, especially That Scene from volume 12. The last chapter in volume 13 is cute too. I hope they have something about the anime soon.

  3. Aish, such a busy schedule. @.@ Sorry to hear about your test. Hopefully, it’ll be no problem the second time around.
    And there’s no need to apologize cuz we understand. You just take your time resting and doing what you do best. ^^
    Ahhh! You got it! I think I’ll go to Barnes & Nobles to skim it again tomorrow cuz the whole “Princess-sama!” thing made me quirk the first time. Now I’m over it. But agreed, Viz has improved greatly on its translations, though I wish they didn’t have to make such drastic changes to people’s names. I know the romaji will look different in English but Widoshiiku = Widshick…hmm, sounds lame. *remembers GenbuKaiden* Ugh…maybe I’ll just get a marker, cross it out, and put the better-sounding ones in its place (nuu~! My precious manga!). Eheh…yea.
    Oh these translations are even worst: “That sort of thing…Understood to become serious…” and “Everytime true feelings are said, a strong child has been…?”
    It’s so bad, it makes me laugh. It’s like they used an online translator to do most of the job. *sigh*
    Well…will be patiently waiting for your posts. Thx for sharing your merchandise and cute chibi pics of Kyoko-chan and Sakataki-kun! <333 Argh, at the very least they could have created a couple of drama CDs for it. Even if it’s just those, I would’ve been satisfied. -_-;

  4. […] like I’m not the only one feeling like total crap. I’m not sick though. I’m just dead. Maybe my slow brain is still trying to recover […]

  5. Fuyu-sama! I really do worry for you now! Get better soon!!!!

  6. dingsan: Are you sure it’s not from pissing off a fangirl? I’ll believe you for now. And any of the moes exist…anywhere I think. I talked to a guy who was into sick girls online…he lived in Canada.


    warriorhope: Ha! I tricked you then! No…I’m just generally a perfectionist. So I see the past week as an absolutel failure. Except my Utau post which was done ahead of time.

    Agh! The scanlations! That reminds me! My prophecy came true. OneManga did post them…right after the manga was released. *headdesk* Well, the joke’s on the losers who read it this time because they don’t get to know what happens in chapter nine. Ha!

    Ah…yeah. Kyoko is kind of like that. Incredibly polite, mother issues. Just the added on fairy tale obsession and crazy quest for vengeance and Tohru could definitely be Kyoko.

    That’s right, she turned 17 over the course of four months, right? (Maria’s christmas party was looong)

    That scene. Oh yes. I really hope they get to that one. Heh…every shoujo manga seems to have “that scene” doesn’t it?


    xiao_jie88: Hopefully. I don’t want to be the first person in my family who messes up by themselves after all.

    I didn’t mind “Princess-sama” when I first saw it, but when I read the volume it made me twitch a couple of times. Especially since Sakataki just called her “Princess” once. But everything else is wonderful, so I don’t mind. Well, except Widoshiiku’s name. That’s just a weird looking translation.

    Agh! It hurts to remember that awfulness! Why did it have to be the Sakataki x Kyoko chapter too!? I wouldn’t be surprised if they just used an online translator actually.

    Drama CDs! Yes! With different seiyuu than the ones from the OAV of course. I didn’t much care for them.


    amuto007_is_mit-chan007: Thank you! I’m feeling much better now.

  7. Subtle sarcasm stings =(

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