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Yes, I know the post is late. Life got in the way so if I hear a single complaint from anyone, all you’ll get is hikikomori jokes and sarcasm from me. I’ve been really busy this week and am in no mood to be my usual understanding self (Don’t laugh. I am nice…most of the time).

Anyway, this episode was…awesomecakes~! Yes. It’s the most I’ve ever enjoyed an episode without Ikuto. But, part of that might be because it’s my first time even really seeing the storyline. I know this is from the manga, but I never read or even heard many spoilers about this chapter. So it was very fun for me to watch~! It was like hearing everything for the first time.

Because of that, my summary might be wrong in a couple of places though (I don’t know), but I’m using it as a good excuse to start shortening my summaries. Because I really don’t have time for the incredibly long ones anymore.

Oh but first! There was a new ending!



Um…what’s this song called? I haven’t really been paying as much attention lately…let’s see…Ah! Gachinko de Iko! right? Well, it’s really cute. This is the most I’ve liked an ED since the first one.

YouTube Link

It’s still just the charas, but the song and the way the charas are moving is just so cute that I cannot resist. And the stupid children’s drawing looking crap is gone. So I can accept an ending that’s just the charas. Though I wanted some images of Ikuto and Utau~!

But I enjoyed the animation much more this time around because…well there’s a few reasons. 1: The stupid drawing style is gone, 2: I like this song better and therefore like the movements better, and 3: Ran, Miki, and Su got the spotlight again, but it wasn’t overwhelmingly just them. I got plenty of cute Eru~!

I love Eru…in case you didn’t know.

I also loved how the charas kind of danced. And their marching was really cute. Oh! And when their heads were bouncing, mine just did it automatically too.

Also…I know that the whole, recap the episode in the ending thing bothers everyone, but I freakin’ love it. It means I get to play, “Spot the Amuto” again, now that chapter 27 and up might get animated. I look forward to playing “Spot the Amuto” since I haven’t played it since episode 12. (Oh and that one was a good one, Smiling Ikuto~!)

So, Gachinko de Iko! is my second favorite ending overall. Honto no Jibun was my favorite, then Renai Rider, and I wasn’t really fond of Kiss!Kiss!Kiss!, but I’m glad they’re ending on a nice new opening.

Now, overall includes the animation, so I’m thinking Gachinko de Iko! might be my favorite ending song. Maybe I even like it more than Minna Daisuki…I’m not sure yet. I’ll have to wait until the single comes out, which I will definitely be reviewing. Look forward to it!



At Kairi’s house, Sanjou is laying around on the couch while Kairi cooks. Sanjou talks about her new plan involving the CDs a little and it involves Seiyo Gakuen and the students…and taking down the guardians. As usual, Kairi takes care of his sister after he falls asleep then talks a little about his siter and why he has to do what she says (I’m guessing mostly).

At Rima’s house, Rima is laughing and watching her favorite gag, “Bara Bara~nsu!” with KusuKusu. But then Rima’s mom comes home and changes it to the news. Rima’s mom gives her a note that she has to give to the guardians, her withdrawal from the guardians. Her mom is making her quit the guardians the very next day. And her mom says some really selfish things while Rima just stands there silently.

At school, Amu and Tadase let everyone know what is going on with the CD. Tadase says that he’d be the same if it weren’t for Amu, and a lame Tadamu moment ensues (before Eru busts it up to embarass everyone). Yaya is jealous of Tadae transforming too. After some more talking, they figure out that all (or most) of the CDs seem to be in the school. After briefly wondering why (and Kairi looking guilty) they decide to collect them all.

Rima is still troubled about what her mother told her while she’s helping to colelct CDs. Rima runs off somewhere and the letter falls out of her pocket, Amu sees it. After wondering about it (I think Amu gets the idea that it has something to do with Rima’s parents) she has one of her charas give the letter to KusuKusu and has KusuKusu pretend that no one else saw it. Kairi puts all the CDs he still has in his locker since he can’t really hand them out anymore.

After everyone finishes, they’re back in the garden. Amu declares that whoever is doing this must be awful, and Kairi feels bad. Amu notices, but Kairi says nothing is wrong, so Amu turns her attention back to Rima. Then plans get made to stop the CD by following the music that night and finding the person responsible. Everyone gets all enthusiastic because they have more people who can chara-nari so it’ll be easy. Tadase is embarassed by his chara-nari, but Amu says she thinks it’s cool (Amu…your taste doesn’t count for anything anymore). Rima ruins the enthusiasm suddenly by saying she’s can’t go. She says some stubborn things and runs off. In the car, Rima’s mom says that it’s good that she quit (or something) and Rima is incredibly unhappy in the backseat.

That night the ominous Easter van is out and about with Sanjou, Utau, and Dia. They stop at Seiyo and play Utau’s awesome song for all the little kiddies to hear. Amu is running down the street for the “partol” and she briefly talks about how hard it was for her to get out of the house. She stops to worry about Rima and is about to call her, but is forced back into action when Eru hears the song. She ends up at the school (and so does Tadase) and x-eggs start coming from the other kids. Amu transforms into Amulet Spade and Tadase transforms too.

Then Utau controls the x-eggs and has them attack Amu and Tadase. Yaya shows up to help and ends up being useless. The x-eggs attack again and we’re supposed to be left going, “OMG!?” I guess.

At home, Rima is thinking back to how her family used to be. When she was little she could get them to laugh by making a weird face and they were all really happy. Then her parents started fighting about work and when she tried to make them smile by showing them a weird face, they pretty much just called her stupid. Rima cried back then and she starts crying again as her parents are fighting again.

Tadase, Amu, Ran, and Eru are trapped by the x-eggs and Sanjou comments how it’s just as she planned (Heh…Keikaku doori). Kairi watches with his bag of bad CDs feeling all guilty again. Su tries to give Amu her cell phone, but the phone gets knocked away. It automatically calls Rima’s cell phone.

When Rima picks up her phone at her house she hears Amu in trouble and heads straight for the door. Rima’s parents try to stop her, asking her where she’s going at that time. Her dad starts to take her away from the door, but the letter Rima never handed in falls out of her pocket. Her parents see it and start fighting with each other. Rima tells them they look stupid and tells them everything she’s been holding back. She shouts to them that ouside of the house is her world (or something like that). She leaves the house and thinks about the guardians while she smiles and then she transforms.

Amu, Tadase, and Yaya are all still in trouble until suddenly Rima’s attacks comes from nowhere and frees everyone. RIma saves the day! Rima gives Amu the go ahead and Amu busts out Colorful Canvas SPECIAL, Tadase does white decoration, and Amu finishes everything off with Open Heart. All the eggs are healed, and since her plans are foiled Sanjou drives off. As the van goes by Amu spots Utau and more specifically, Dia. Then Rima gets Amu’s attention and they high-five as they undo their chara-nari’s (it’s so corny, I freakin’ love it).

All the eggs return, everyone goes back to their normal selves. Then they see that same white egg again. Then suddenly a bunch of parents are with their kids, and Rima’s parents show up too. Everyone gets pissed at the guardians for having kids out that late at night. But the first King shows up with some lie about watching the stars that night and it turns out he’s the chairman of the school board or something too.

Rima’s parents try to drag her off again, but when Rima looks back at Amu, Amu gets RIma to chara change and does Bara Baransu with her. Everyone laughs but Rima’s parents. Rima’s parents tell her to stop doing stupid things but Amu tells them it’s not stupid. Rima just wants her parents to smile and be happy and Amu asks when the last time they smiled was (or something) she tells them to look at Rima’s face and Rima is clearly looking like she’s upset for them. Rima’s parentsfeel rightfully guilty, Rima smiles at her parents and says, “let’s go” (or something). As Rima walks away with her parents, Amu thinks, “ganbarre” (Yes! Rima! Ganbarre!!!).

Amu tells them that Utau seems to be the one responsible and for some reason everyone is shocked. Kairi is walking around nervously because he has to bring the CDs back to his sister. Amu and the others find him, and Kairi drops the bag full of CDs, spilling them onto the floor. Miki starts to wonder if Kairi was the one distributing them, but Amu insists that he wasn’t. But Kairi himself says that he’s a spy and their enemy.



Woo! Lots to say about this episode. It was good~! Rima-tan~! I am filled with Rima love right now! If I did my Anime Girls ranking right now Rima would be at the very top!!!

Capped just because Utau looks freakin’ awesome in this picture. And pictures of Utau looking so awesome in the anime are pretty rare…at least rarer than in the manga.

…okay. Utau always looks awesome. She just looks extra awesome in this picture. And hey! It’s been a while since we’ve seen the uniform, right?

lol. Sanjou is wearing sailor fuku. What’s the best way to describe my reaction to this…ah yes. I snickered. Never had to use that word before, but I totally did.

I think Rima’s awful home life made me even sadder in this moment. Because she’s laughing one moment, then her mom comes home and Rima completely loses her smile. It’s sad. It’s really, really, really sad. I hate Rima’s parents. They’re selfish assholes.

Seriously…they’re trying to make her quit the only activity that’s ever really made her happy. What kind of parents are they? They don’t notice how unahppy their daughter is? And no one is allowed to say, “well it’s just manga.” Because no. I know for a fact there are parents out there like this and it pisses me off. Someone should smack their face into the dirt and say, “Be a fucking parent!” to them. Or worse. Worse might be better.

No one should make a sad face like Rima, real or not.

Lame as always. I’m not sure who I want to smack more. Tadase for being lame, or Amu for not thinking Tadase is being lame and being lame herself. Maybe Amu’s actually earned the smack this time.

And I am thankful once again for Eru. She ruined the Tadamu moment and broke it up (twice) when I was about to just start fast-forwarding through the episode. Tadamu messes with an otherwise completely awesome episode. Lame. But at least we have Eru.

Heh…once again, more points for Amuto. Because even Eru couldn’t interrupt an Amuto moment. Ikuto’s too good to be disrupted so easily.

Aww…Iinchou. You poor boy. Don’t worry! All will be well soon! Hang in there just a little while longer Kairi!!!

So it’s confirmed. Tadase’s transformation is super girly and lame on purpose. I think Amu deserves another smack for even saying that Platinum Royale was cool. No Amu. You, Utau, and Ikuto are cool. Rima, Kairi, Nagihiko, and Kukai can all be cool too. But Tadase is lame. LAME. Remember it.

Rima says such stubborn things when she’s upset. I love her more. And now everyone has to realize that Rima just says mean things because of her crappy life. Rima’s is not a bitch. She’s a cute girl with crappy parents. And if they don’t realize it…well, that’s just because they’re the stupid fans becoming so popular in Shugo Chara! discussions these days and I don’t care about them anyway.

Utau looks so cool. She really does look like a rockstar. Utau forever~!

…Yeah. I have nothing else to say. Just more blind Utau worshipping.

Rima’s flashback made me get all teary. They didn’t even have to use that music box music that automatically gets me all teary. They just used one of my other weaknesses, a little girl crying. It’s just so sad. Rima’s such a good girl and is doing whatever she can to help her parents, and they call her stupid!?

I think part of what got the tears out of me was the fact that, yeah…this does happen to kids. Parents so wrapped up in their own lives. And it’s easy to identify with, because I think everyone had to see their parents fighting at least once when they were younger. Then when I imagine that happening all the time, and I just feel…so bad.

But yeah! Rima stood up for herself! Go Rima! Go find your friends and the place where you can be happy. Because your parents are just crappy and selfish. So go ahead and do something you want Rima! Woo!

Seriously, this made me so happy.

Go Rima! I was so happy to see her smiling so happily. We haven’t really gotten to see her smile like this at all yet. It makes me so happy~! Rima~!

Ah…and one more. Rima~! It looks like Rima found the place where she belongs, right? So cute~! I love mahou shoujo for this reason.

What’s with all these special attacks all of a sudden? My mind can’t take it. Where is my mahou shoujo stock footage, huh? First they randomly redo Spiral Heart, then because of the manga they make Spiral Heart special, and now Colorful Canvas special. I’m just used to a big event causing a new/better attack I guess. This stuff is coming out of nowhere.

But…I do like it. It makes me pay attention when I’m usually just lost in my own head. New attacks are cool.

I guess because I never read this chapter of the manga, I never realized that Amu had to see Dia and Utau to know what was going on. I…kind of thought they knew from the beginning. I mean, can’t they recognize Utau’s fantastic voice? And who else would be releasing CDs that turn kids’ eggs into x-eggs?

I know. It’s mahou shoujo. Logic doesn’t exist. *sigh* I know…but even I can’t help but wonder sometimes.

Hey! The first king was useful! Good. Now make him useful again and bring back my Ikuto kitty scene. I’m serious. That scene is cute and I want it back. I’ll complain every week until I get to see it. I was so disappointed when it didn’t show up!!! Gah! Satelight!!!!

Aw…Amu’s such a good friend. Embarassing herself for Rima. Friendship in mahou shoujo is just great, isn’t it? *sigh* Almost as good as romance…almost.

Haha. Rima’s parents just got lectured by a twelve-year-old. Who’s stupid now you assholes?

And not even those assholes can resist and be mean to Rima’s super innocent cute and smiling face. Now go off and be parents already! After this I think we can assume that everything is all right at Rima’s house, because at least it hasn’t come up as a problem since. So, I’m happy. Everything is solved for Rima.

Now then…we just need to get Rima’s love life in order. Who’s with me!? Rimahiko!

OMGNOWAI! Kairi’s a SPAI!!! Yeah, we’ve known this since the beginning, but it was just fun to say. I can’t take it too seriously since we all know that Kairi is such a cute boy with a crush on Amu. It’s impossible to take him seriously as a bad guy. And it all gets resolved next week anyway.

Hang in there until then Kairi! Just one week (or less really since my post is late).



Next week is more awesomecakes. Mostly because…Ikuto is back! Let’s throw a welcome back party! Yay!

Though…we wouldn’t even really need to welcome Ikuto back if he’d shown up in episode 39 like he was supposed to. Normally, I can take two weeks without Ikuto, but not when I know Ikuto was only supposed to be missing for one week. Boo! You suck Satelight!

Now…non-fangirl things (temporarily).

Amulet Angel with more ridiculousness and even…confrontation!? No! Eru is too gentle! And Kairi, put that sword away silly.

Hey…Yaya’s chara-nari. I couldn’t care less. She’s just as useless in that form too anyway.

Woo! More Utau’s song and…Ikuto~! *throws streamers* Welcome back…again!!!

How can there be that many awesome genes in a family? Seeing those two together just makes me remember, “What an awesome family.” Of course, they don’t have things so awesome right now, but whatever.

We’ll get to hear more of Utau’s song and we’ll get to hear some of Ikuto’s violin in the song! Yeah! It’s been too long since we’ve seen Ikuto play his violin. Not since I got to play “Spot the Amuto” in the ending, once again, in episode 12!

Anyway…looking forward to next week. It’s just too bad all this awesomeness means we’re heading for the end. Stupid Satelight, they should just extend it anyway. I want more!


  1. Haha, I was waiting for this. x3
    OMG, RIMAAAAA~~~~!!!! She was so cute and miserable that I wanted to go into Rena-take-home-mode and squeeze all the sadness out of her!
    But we save the best for later, yeayea?
    Ah, the new ending…I love it. I really do. Much better than Kiss!Kiss!Kiss!. The animation was cute, the charas were cute (ah, they’re having so much fun! I wanna join them! lol), everything was cute. x3
    Moving along…I was so excited when the Utau and Dia shot came up and was just about to scream “Satelight, you did something smart!” until I noticed that Utau had much less hair than she originally does…yea. Not cool. We know she’s under huge pressure and stress because of Easter but don’t make her lose her hair because of it…at least not in way I can see it. Ack, it’s very trivial but I hardly ever get a decent Utau shot and when I do, it’s always on the verge of falling off “decent.” *sigh*
    Sanjou wearing a sailor fuku made me laugh (ah, but she does care about her bro at least…until she became money-crazy).
    ERU~! DAISUKIIII~~~!!! OMICHIKAERI~~~!!!! xDDDDD;;; Srsly, ERU RAWKS FACES!!! She is a true angel (with accessory lightening bolts and cellphone reception bars). We need to add Eru to the T-shirt-making list because of all her awesomeness, yesyes?! <333
    Ahaha, ignoring Tadatard and “Tadamu”…*Eru lalala*
    Ergh, I wish they would play Black Diamonds longer without any interruptions. I know the other characters need their screentime, too, but I would like to hear Nana-sama’s awesomness straight through without having to rewind and fast forward, plz. *sigh* -_-;;
    Yaya, it was a good, little effort on your part…but you really can’t useful, can you? It’s so sad that I have to say it like this. I like Yaya sometimes. :/
    And here we go…Rima, you were so friggin’ AWESOME!!! xDDD Aww, man, she was so cute when she was crying and at the same time, she was trying to make herself look cheerful while trying to cheer her own parents up. And they ridiculed her. Their own daughter. Those horrible excuses for human beings! Dx
    I’m so glad she told them off. And called them iditos as well! Yea! You go, girl! Big idiots really deserve to be called idiots!
    And then she’s smiling (and yay! Happy music in the background during transformation!)! Rima-tan has such a nice smile. She should smile more. Cuz she’s so much prettier when she does. x3
    lol I went “Whoa!” at the attacks in this eppy. Juggling Party was…wow. Animation has gone up quite high in this eppy (argh, but I wouldn’t have minded if they used that kind of money for episode 43 or an Amuto episode). I approve. It was great. And then they gave us Colorful Canvas Special. I effin’ love the glowy sparklies and colors! YEA! xDD
    Shodai King, stop being cynical and smiley face and give me more hope for Amuto, plz.
    Ah, I loved the friendship moments between Amu and Rima! It was corny but it was touching. ^^ They are literally best friends now. *so happy*
    So our Rima-tan’s problem has been more or less settled (I hope she’s happy and stays that way), Ikuto returns in the next eppy! YES! With sunglasses, too! WAHHHH~! I can’t wait to hear how Utau’s song will sound like with his violin. And I want kitty Ikuto in it, too. Satelight, plz don’t fail me.
    Oh, and Kairi continues to angst. Yay for the angst! Angst build-up in this case is a good outcome. Yea~… I can’t wait to see his Chara-nari. Hopefully they won’t gay-ify it like Tadatard’s. Actually, I think you’d have to try really hard if you want something as gay as Tadatard’s Chara-nari. You actually have to try. Not that’s depressing. *shakes head*
    Well, thx for the summary as always! ^^

  2. Haha…this was a good ep…except for the Tadamu of course! I totally feel that statelight backed themselves into a corner. In the manga, so much stuff is happening and they won’t have time to do it in the anime…and if we don’t get to see that Amuto-ness I shall be mad, cause it’s just too cute!!!!! They have to extend it…why wouldn’t they? Shugo Chara is really popular in Japan…it would be stupid not too. Thanks for the review!

  3. rima’s too cute.
    i must ignore some other things.
    except hwo can you like the first king….when it’s possible he could be tadase’s father or something???? XP

  4. This time, I swear my post will be short.
    Because you wrote just everything I thought just a minute ago. Everything. I completely agree with you about all.
    So… I want to see the episode 41! I can’t wait! Why do they broadcast Shugo Chara only once a week? It’s mean! T____T
    Well, I’ll be here to comment your next rewiev, anyway. Bye^^

  5. YESSS!!!!!! I have been stalking ur blog since yesterday for the epi 40 review and it has finally come out! Yays! You offically rock!

    More Utau~~~~~ Yippee!!!! >.<

    Hmmm…. although the Tadamu scene was lame, it was pretty funny and the character animation was cute too~! Now, if only it wasn’t Tadamu….

    I can’t wait for next week episode!!! More Utau awesome song and Ikuto’s appearance plus some awesome fighting and new charanari, what’s not to love?

  6. Rima! She was adorable in this episode. The next time I see someone bitching about her on CR I am so telling them off.

    We also got to see baby Rima. So cute. We’ll get to see kiddy Utau and Ikuto in around episode 42, I think. (I could care less about seeing kiddy Tadase again).

    Poor Kairi having to take care of his drunken sister again.

    Thanks goes to Eru for breaking up the Tadamu moment. (Is she an Amuto fan now?) Pink hearts. (Shudders) Amuto doesn’t have heart backgrounds.

    Rima parents acting stupid and fighting in front of thier kid. -_- And she finally tells them off.

    Ah yes. First King saved them from a far worst enemy then Easter: a mob of angry parents. I don’t why satelight couldn’t have wedged the scene into one of the countless filler episodes.

    Amu sacrificing her cool & spicy facade for Rima, and telling Rima’s parents off, totally redeem her for being stupid with Tadase earlier. I loved the high five scene.

    Kairi looks like a magene charater for the first time at the end of this episode.

    Next we get to see Kairi’s chara-nari for the first time I think. Cool. Utau and Ikuto in shades. ^_^ I love how a rock song is going to be played with a violin. If the Ikuto Arc gets animated we’ll get to see him play it a lot I guess.

    I like the new ending. All the charas except Dia smiling together. (even though it will never happen in the actual show)

  7. Did I just seriously see Rima and Amu perform the DBZ fusion stance?

    Well, don’t mind me. Carry on with your fangirling.

  8. You know, I’ve been following your blog ever since like.. December. Back when you were on your LJ, and then, I read back to all your SC! entries [I love reading other fangirl’s opinions!]. And I’ve never really been able to get myself to comment.
    Not sure why I’m choosing today, rather than back on 33, 38, 26, etc.

    Know what sucks? Now, there’s a Tadamu background. D8 Fail. It’s not even pretty either. It’s just.. pink. With hearts. Some yellow is mixed in, too, but, not much. Too many hearts. I guess that fits them though. They’re both girly, so pink fits! All they ever do is blush, and it gets annoying. WTG Eru! Granted, that’s just about all Amu does around Ikuto as well [well, not all, but he just teases her all the time, so there’s not much time for her to calm down to say something intelligent], but, there’s development there too. It’s just.. not manly for a man to blush as much as Tadase does. Though, nothing about Tadase is manly. [Seriously, I can’t believe they gave him such a gay transformation scene. I laughed so hard I cried.]

    The new ending is fantastic, though. I keep replaying it. I can’t wait for that single to come out.

    But, this might be the last SC! ED/OP we get. Unless Satelight extends the series… Which they better! I doubt they can finish the Ikuto arc in 8 episodes. Not to mention the 44th episode is titled ‘Kokoro no Kirameki,’ and I can’t think of anything to do with twinkling in the Ikuto arc. Meaning, that’s probably just another filler to skip through. Or, worse, what if it’s another flashback episode? The other was ‘Kokoro no Suketchi,’ and I don’t even know why I watched the first. It was mind-numbingly dull.

    But, Amu was so fantastic this episode.
    As was Rima! Her heartless parents finally got told off.
    And, Kairi is finally out in the open as a spy. Exciting. I love being back on plot!

    The episode preview scared me though. Just because of the annoying freaking voices in the background.
    I was just like, “Yeah, we get it. You believe in him. STFU now.”
    And then I squealed like a happy fangirl when I saw Ikuto looking so hot with his black outfit and sunglasses, playing his violin. It’s been like 29 episodes. About time.

    I type way too much. B[
    Maybe this is why I don’t comment more often. Too lazy. ;D
    I actually think is the first comment I’ve left on any anime blog, and I’ve been reading them for over a year.

    Well, I can’t wait for the next episode!

  9. This episode was cute! I cried when there was the Rima flashback, too. I also know how she feels. It really is horrible to have to listen to your parents arguing in front of you. At least my parents aren’t as bad as Rima’s which I’m thankful for, but I still feel REALLY sorry for her and anyone else in her situation.
    Back to the episode! Thank you for summarizing! I had close-to-nothing of a clue of what was going on. I got the general idea of it though.
    Even though I didn’t… ‘approve’ of the Tadamu moments, I have to say… they’re faces were cute! It was just the expressions… But the people themselves… Ugh. I wanna see Ikuto with that kind of expression! And They cut out the kitty scene! -SHOCK HORROR- Evil people…
    Preview… OMG! I think I’m going to have a heartattack! It WAS him! I knew it! Nooo!!!!! Have you read chapter 30? anyone? Nooo! Tell me it isn’t speeding things up! They’re messing up the order! Argh! Noo!!!! If… Wait. WTH?! A VIOLIN?! In a ROCK song?! Ikuto’s beautiful music! They’ll… They are EVIL! Easter, I mean. Evil, I tell you, EVIL! Waah! They can’t, they just CAN’T do that to him! -sniff-
    I’m going to go mad now. Waiting for the episode… My friends suffered my hyper outburst this morning…
    Thank you for summarizing and HOORAY FOR FUYU-MAIDEN!!!!!

  10. I know I said I wouldn’t do consecutive comments, but this is a one off. I meant chapter 29! not 30! or maybe it WAS thiry? One of them! Sorry.

    -fangirl spaz-
    This episode made me so happy. It’s really sunk in how gay Tadase’s transformation is. I’ve seen it before episode 39 in manga pictures but.. It’s just so… GAY. I giggle everytime I see him transform. I love Tadase too, just not as much as Rima right now.
    This episode was beast. I’m so happy for Rima. She’s so sweet. I get why someone could hate Rima back when she acted like super-bitch (although I liked her back then too), but how could she still have haters? She’s flippin’ adorable.
    I’m not a big fan of the Tadamu moments, but it was fun to see Eru break it up.

    I can’t wait for the next episode. Hopefully Kairi’s problem is solved and he gets a Chara-nari.
    I usually don’t get too excited about seeing Ikuto, but that screen-cap of him playing Violin while Utau sings was beyond awesome. I’m especially looking forward to that.

  12. I Cant wait to hear Ikuto and Utau playing together XD!*Hugs rima* Sadness gone away!*Slaps parents* Go **** yourself!*hugs Ikutos preview*Its been TOOOO long kitty!AMUTO AM-U-TO!XD *Slaps self*i cant calm down <..> >.<

  13. xiao_jie88: Yes! It’s the same for me! Stupid toy companies…where is my Rima plushie? How can I squeeze the sadness out of that cute little girl if there’s nothing to squeeze!?

    Kiss!Kiss! felt like such a disappointment. But at least we had Minna Daisuki back then and now the new ending makes up for it.

    Ah…yeah…I noticed that too. But I was able to forgive it because Utau looked so cool when I ignored it. Her hair wasn’t as thing as it’s been other times anyway…or as crazy overly-thick either.

    Yes! Eru t-shirt! I will wear it everywhere the I don’t wear my Amuto t-shirt! Because Eru is just that awesome. Pretty much right after Amuto. AND OMG! If we make a t-shirt with Utau and Eru…crazy awesomeness and super angel love~!

    I know…but next week is the concert, so we’ll probably get more of the song then. That’s the first time we heard a big chunk of Meikyuu Butterfly, during the concert…so…soon!

    I know! Rima was so cute when she was crying, it made me want to giggle-scream and cry at the same time. Rima~! And because she’s so cute it just made me hate her parents even more. They’re awful! But ha! They got told off by twelve-year-olds…twice. Amu and Rima~!

    Yes, Rima is the prettiest when she’s doing her real smile. Her bishojo ranking just went up…legitimately.

    I think juggling Party was the most badass a clown attack will ever possibly look. The animation in general seems to have gone up this episode, since I had less, “Ew…awkward” moments. They do better with the plot-relevant episodes.

    They are best friends! Now if Rima and Utau meet we can finally have our stubborn girls trio!!!

    Ikuto looks awesome in sunglasses. And I hope that both versions of Utau’s song get included in the single. Ikuto’s violin needs more love. And so does kitty Ikuto! If it isn’t in this episode, it better be in one of those fillers Satelight seems to be planning (fillers…ugh!).

    Well, Kairi is one of the anime boys who can angst without being all gay (unlike a certain someone), so his angsting is approved. And yes, Tadase’s was gay-ified on purpose, so I bet Kairi just has a flash of light and transforms automatically. Then he gets to look all awesome.


    amayalee: Of course, Tadamu is just automatically awful. And I agree about Satelight. Though right now all sorts of information about future episode seems to be coming out…I really can’t see what they’re planning. I hope that the possible fillers means they’re extending it. It’s the only reasonable choice for them anyway, considering Shugo Chara’s popularity.


    annaberry: Well, I like the first king because he is the amuto foreshadower! He makes all these comments about the lock and the key. And he likes Ikuto’s kitty ears, we share a common interest, so I am forced to like him (lol).


    Kimbery Anne: I officially declare you incredibly smart then. But it’s hard not to agree with Rima being incredibly cute anyway.

    I know…I wish it aired more often too. But then I’d be complaining that it went too fast. I just can’t win.


    Starry: *sigh* The animation was cute…I do have to admit that. But I’m find with it being Tadamu, since it was a pretty shallow moment…and it got interrupted by Eru! Ha!

    Oh, everything about next week is just going to be awesome and lovable. Chara-nari, Amulet Angel, Utau’s song, Ikuto in sunglasses, and even a ROFL incest moment.


    warriorhope: Let me know so I can tell them off too. Pooheads.

    Episode 42~! I hope so. I love seeing all the characters when they’re younger. Even Tadase because he made me laugh (aha! He was always that lame).

    If Eru isn’t an Amuto fan yet, she will be once she sees them together because their love power exceeds Tadamu’s!!!! *sparkle* Yes!

    No Amuto does not. They have sparkly and pretty gradient backgrounds. But never hearts.

    Rima’s parents still deserve a good kick in the ass though. They better be treating their daughter like the queen she so rightfully is.

    Because if Satelight put that moment in another episode, they would have jus repeated it anyway.

    Oh yes, it did redeem Amu. I think I forgot to mention that, but Amu is back to being awesome again…even with her awful, awful taste.

    He does, doesn’t he? Now Kairi gets to be a poser too.

    You don’t get to hear rock music with a violin very often, that’s for sure. But I look forward to it!

    Ah…if the Ikuto arc gets animated we’ll get to hear a new violin song, right? Because Ikuto’s song is not to be used for x-ing eggs!!!

    Heh…I know, but the ending was still so much fun to watch.


    kagaminokujira: Yes. Yes you did. Bara-Bara~nsu is the DBZ fusion stance reborn as a gag…or something. I never ceased to be amused by that fact.


    Samy: Well I’m glad you decided to comment then! But now you have to comment on Amuto events in the future~!

    I know. It’s lame. But there was bound to be a Tadamu background someday. At least it’s pretty crummy and girly, and Amuto still has two…and they’re both cool and pretty.

    The Tadamu blushing got old very fast. And even if Amu’s flustered all the time, she does manage to have real conversations with Ikuto every once in a while.

    And agreed. Tadase isn’t manly it all. Tadase fans are getting all up-in-arms about so many of us calling him girly, but…come on. He’s not manly at all. What else can we call him?

    I know. Me too. It’s such a cute song.

    Ah! That’s true. It might be the last. They really, really have to extend it. Yet another reason! They can’t finish Ikuto’s arc so quickly…especially since it hasn’t even finished in the manga.

    Hmm…Kokoro no Kirameki…maybe that has something to do with Dia. But if it’s another flashback episode I’ll really, really be ticked. Episode 23 was just awful.

    Oh yes. Rima telling off of her parents was the highlight of this episode for me. And finally! The plot!!!

    Heh…that was kind of annoying. I haven’t really listened to it since, but I remember going, “WTF?”

    Ah! It has been so long since we’ve seen him playing his violin! It’s not fair!!! But we have it again now, so it’s okay!

    Heh, I don’t think it’s too much. There’s lots to talk about. And you should comment more often. I really liked talking with you (or commenting back anyway). You fangirl views today were all just so wonderfully similar to mine. I love sharing the fangirl excitement.


    amuto007_is_mitchan007: Thank god my parent’s aren’t like Rima’s either. But I certainly do feel bad for anyone who has parents that are as bad as Rima’s. Oh it makes me want to get all teary again!

    I’m glad if I helped then.

    I don’t approve either, but the way their faces were drawn is cute. Chibi is almost always cute.

    I don’t think it’s speeding things up just yet…though I’ve been wrong before. But I think things are still just following the manga properly…whatever chapter it was (I can’t seem to recall right now either).

    Easter is incredibly evil. I really hope they all get smacked in the face with some blunt object soon. Ikuto need to be a free kitty.


    13Cici: See! You’re someone who can freely admit that Tadase’s transformation is gay even though you like him! I knew I wasn’t just being “insensitive” when I said Tadase’s transformation looked gay.

    I also liked her back then, but I can understand it too…for back then. It’s just stupid to have people hating Rima now. They’re just being stubborn since they sad they hated her so much. Losers.

    Agreed. It was fun to watch Eru break it up and embarass them to no end.

    Yes! I hope so too! Kairi’s chara-nari~!

    I do. I get very excited when seeing Ikuto (but everyone knows that already). Ikuto and Utau just look…even cooler when they’re standing next to each other. I look forward to more of that concert in the next episode.


    Hime: I know! That’s what I look forward to most in the next episode! And…all those actions…I support ALL OF THEM!!! But no need to slap yourself, keep the excitement going! Well, actually it might be better to calm down since that much fangirling can be bad for your health.

  14. They must be punished for delaying the goods…or we can forgive them when they give it to us for free. I like the second idea better. 8D
    Yea…at least we got an Utau shot. Better than nothing. ^^
    Yes! We must have Utau/Eru love! And put Seraphic Charm in there, too! That Chara-nari will probably only appear once in the anime unless they decide to extend it or make it come back for the end if they plan to have an anime original (nuu~!).
    Yep, that’s what I’m hoping for. :3
    I love it when parents who don’t listen to their own children get scolded by someone way younger than them. Cuz they’re acting no better than how rotten kids behave. And I’m also glad that they interrupt Rima or Amu with “You’re just a kid! Don’t talk back to me! I don’t want to listen!” crap. A lot of parents are like that. Too stubborn and think they’re always right. At least Rima’s were able to see how awful they’ve been to her.
    Hehe, I’m gonna make an AMV especially for the stubborn trio. It’s gonna be so fun to do! ^^ I just need to figure out how to work the effects into it. *still so confused*
    ooo, that’d be nice. “Black Diamonds ~violin version~”! *squeal* That’d be awesome! x3
    Yesh, Ikuto’s violin definitely needs more love. Especially since it’s a treasured keepsake of his father’s which has been ruined by those Easter bastards! Poor violin. ;_;
    If kitty Ikuto is gonna appear in a filler, than I want that eppy to be an Amuto one. Hehe xD
    A flash of light and falling sparklies is good enough for me. And maybe a sharp gleam from his sword. Yep, that shouldn’t be so hard. It also won’t waste screentime.

  15. Can do! ^_^

    Yeah he was, wasn’t he. I can’t wait to see Utau and Tadase fighting over Ikuto while he just stares at them with a blank look on his face.

    Heh. Yep. I hope she goes into angel of love mode when she sees them together.

    Yes. They have a spakly background (that actually exists!), but no lame hearts. Maybe the hearts refer to the girl Tadase had a crush on first.

    Definitly. How could they have given birth to someone so cute anyways?

    lol. That’s the Satelight way. (ex. sprial heart, lock and key, etc.)

    Her aweful taste is just her trying to hold on to her first crush, so I can forgive that. Tough, “stop being an idoit” Amu is the best.

    Yeah me too. When I first saw it in the manga, it was just awesome. Oh I could see that, since he’s suppose to get all pocess and use to violin to conjur up x-eggs right?

    The new ending is cute. I still like the first ending the best though. Embroyo in the new ending I think.

    Oh by the way I was on CR today. Look what the noobs are saying now:

    “I almost forget about Eru!! she pisses me off!!”

    -_- It wasn’t just one person either. There like six people who said it as well as talking about how much they hate Utau and Rima. I’m going to stay away from the CR forums from now on.

  16. xiao_jii88: I like the free idea better too. The only thing better than plushies of Shugo Chara characters…free plushies.

    Seraphic Charm~! Only three more episodes until we get to see that. Episode 43 has the Amulet Dia title…so…not long~! I hope Seraphic Charm gets to appear more than once too, but I’ll be satisfied with any combined Eru and Utau.

    Because they’re acting like children they deserve to get scolded by children. I agree 100%. Loser parents. But you do have to give them the credit for realizing the truth once it was pointed out to them. They weren’t that dumb.

    Oh I’ll look forward to that! I need to make on too. I have the one going for all the Shugo Chara girls, but I want one just for my top three girls.

    The violin…I hope it gets healed or something soon in the manga. Ah! That’s how Amu can bring Ikuto back. Oh yes…the Amuto moment is unveiling itself in my head right now. I’ll get to that in my other reply.

    Of course. It has to be an Amuto one.

    That’s exactly what I want. Nice, cool, and simple. Perfect for our Iinchou!


    warriorhope: Oh I know! Ikuto’s just so cute when he’s a kid. It’s easy to see how he grew up to be such a calm teenager, he’s had every one fighting over him and being all crazy for him since he was little.

    Yeah! Sparkly background that actually exists is ten times better than hearts!! Because the hearts aren’t even real!!!

    It is the Satelight way. And it is perfectly acceptable when it is Amuto related (double lock and key!!!!).

    Ah…that’s true. Amu’s going to grow up soon and realize that she can’t just keep chasing after her first crush forever. I look forward to that being followed by immediate Ikuto loving.

    Right. So a new song needs to be used for that. Because Ikuto’s “beautiful, but sad” song can’t be used for bad-doing. No way!

    S-six people…t-talking about my sweet angel like that? No….Noooo! That’s the final straw. Utau was somewhat understandable, Rima was even less understandable, but now my sweet Eru?

    I officially declare the CR Shugo Chara forum the worst forum on the internet. All the Amuto fans seem to have evacuated from the stupidity so it’s overrun by the idiotic Tadamu fans anyway. And the idiots think that it means Tadase is more popular now (lol, no…you guys just freakin’ annoyed everyone and they went to talk with intelligent people).

  17. Where’s the forum? I shall head there and declare my love for Utau NOW!!!!!! >.<

  18. Starry: The mosted hated characters of SC is the forum name, I think.

    Fuyu: Oh that makes sense. I always thought that he grew up so serious/calm because of his complex home life. Yep. Popular with the ladies (and boys like Tadase) right from the start.

    I think the fact that she didn’t freak out and decide to go out with Tadase when he confessed in chapter 28 is an indication that she was starting to let go of her crush for him. and realize that she was in love with somebody else.

    Yeah, I know what you mean. I think I saw some anti-amuto forums too. I didn’t click on them though because I didn’t want to get even more pissed off.

  19. it is a coul episode i which i haved see it

  20. heya

  21. Seriously, I can’t tell you how much this episode PISSED ME OFF.

    Like, Rima’s parents calling her stupid cause she wanted them to smile? BASTARDS!!!

    Thats NOT parenting, thats ignoring and pretty much hating you child!! I wish she had better parents!!!

  22. ikuto is gay

  23. kuak: no u. (lol)

  24. This episode is home to the GREATEST RIMATAN MOMENT EVER> \

    ANyone know where I could download for my YouTUbe account?

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