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Hehe, when I found out the issue came, I sang “Nakayoshi~!” like they do in the commercials. It took a while, but I have it now. I was a little worried because I didn’t know when I should be expecting it, but now I know. I just got it yesterday. So I can expect it a little before the middle of the month.

So, I just need that Eru keychain and then all of my anxiety will disappear. Eru~!

(Oh yeah, I’ll get the Episode 40 post done sometime later today)

Before I go any further, I want to brag. I got an extra issue of the July issue. That means an extra towel and everything too. There was a misunderstanding, so they started my subscription with the issue I already had. They had a “no return” policy, so I was worried, but when I asked if I could return it, they told me to keep it. They’ll start my subscription with the August issue anyway. But I get to keep the other issue~!

I love it when a company takes responsibility. It’s the right thing, but it’s just so rare. Now I really recommend Sasuga for anyone who needs to order a Japanese book.

But about the August issue…I got two Shugo Chara! furoku.

This first one is a really cute pouch that’s supposed to be like an orange. o cute~! I like the picture of chibi Amu.

Of course..I have no idea what I’ll use it for, but it’s still cute.

I also got this really cute deck of Shugo Chara tarot cards. They’re really small, and not really impressive but…cute~!

There’s 21 cards and they’re all pretty much illustrations that have just already been done. But they’re all really cute. Here are some of my favorites (or ones that I just find worth mentioning):

Ha! Ikuto is up higher than Tadase on the lovers card. And Amu and Ikuto get the “Wheel of Fortune” card together. And more love for Amuto…lock and key~!

And as far as the picture of Eru goes…that’s added there because I seem to have misplaced the actual card with Eru on it! Nooo! It was for judgment and it was really cute! I hope I find it soon. Sheesh…I wish I lost Tadase instead.

And these are just two images I wanted to point out. A cute picture of Amu and a cool picture Utau and Ikuto! We’ll be seeing them together like that in episode 41, won’t we? Woo! Looking forward to it!

And more flow cards. I keep trying to fight against the urge to get Flow cards, but now there’s one with Utau and Ikuto and Utau and Amu and…I want them all!!! Dammit.

But moving right along to what everyone wants…chapter 31 discussion! Plenty of spoilers beyond here, so back off.

I’ve been busy, so I haven’t gotten the chance to read much yet, but thanks to someone who sent me an e-mail, I was better able to understand what’s happening.

Basically, as a wrap-up:

  • Amu is all emo about what happened in the last chapter
  • Amu meets that little boy from before (the one she gave some taiyaki to I think)
  • Tadase stops being lame about Ikuto after talking to Kukai about his brothers (Kukai has like…four brothers)
  • Utau sends Amu a message saying that she’ll be in Hawaii and is trusting Amu with Ikuto’s feelings (or something)
  • Amu stops being emo, transforms and goes to find Ikuto. She ends up at the amusement park (the one from their late night date) and finds Ikuto with a blank stare.
  • Ikuto transforms with a different egg into “Death Rebel” it seems. Which explains why Ikuto’s chara-nari looked so different at the end of chapter 29
  • Ikuto destroys the merry-go-round with his scythe because he’s trying to go after Amu
  • When Ikuto goes after Amu again, Amu realizes she’s in front of the tea cups and refuses to move
  • Before Amu gets hit, Tadase shows up to help her
  • Tadase and Ikuto fight a little, Tadase tells Ikuto about how he’s no longer being lame (basically, I think he calls him “nii-san” or something again)
  • The dumbass director shows up when Ikuto is about to snap out of it and then messes everything up (I fucking hate that dude)
  • Amu and Tadase fight the director quickly with a combined attack
  • Amu gives a speech about her eggs and stuff
  • The egg that might be the embryo appears after Amu’s speech and the chapter ends

And Images: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3, Image 4

Whoa…this was a jam-packed chapter. I’m really wondering when the manga will end now. It probably won’t be too soon. There’s still a few stories that need to get finished. I’m betting on at least three more chapters.

It’ll sort of be a shame if the manga ends so soon after the anime though…because then the anime-original ending with pretty much be for nothing. Lame.

I especially like Utau’s message to Amu and the fact that Amu was willing to get hurt so she could protect the tea cups~! This is why Amu and Ikuto have to be the OTP! The drama and sacrifice! It’s the best! They’re better than any other pairing in Shugo Chara!

And…I don’t hate Tadase quite as much because of this chapter. But I will always find him lame and a shallow character. He should have known from the beginning that Ikuto wasn’t bad. And I hate him because he didn’t.

Tadase won’t be forgiven for his awfulness until Amu confesses her feelings to Ikuto right in front of the supid prince! Ha! That would be awesome.

Hmm…but I’m wondering what will happen in the next chapter. Any ideas anyone? I have a small one.

The stupid director gets his hands on the embryo and Ikuto’s still under his control (and forced to go with the dude). Then everything is all emo for a while until Amu realizes her true feelings for Ikuto! Hahahaha!

Okay…that’s not what I think will happen. It’s really what I want to happen.

Shit. Now I have to wait a month to find out what else happens. At least I have the awesome Dia arc in the anime to keep me occupied. And I still haven’t forgotten about the anime. I’m posting about episode 40 soon.


  1. You got so much Shugo Chara! things >w<
    I praise you for that, haha. Plus your extra towel!

    I recently bought the 7th issue of Nakayoshi at Kinokuniya, but they didn’t have the 8th issue yet :(
    Hopefully I go there again soon, so I could get it @v@

    AMUTO <3

  2. OMG, I wanna that magazine!! And those cards!! [I do tarot, but with Spanish cards that aren’t as half cute as those T.T] And all that!! Why those kind of things are not sold where I live?? This sucks =(
    Before I get myself depress, I’m movin’ on the chp31…
    If I tell the truth, I was expectin’ more Ikuto and less Tadase in this chap, but I liked it anyway. Specially the fact that Amu reminds her date so fondly ♥ I just can’t wait she finally realise her feelings for Ikuto and tell the world about it!! xD
    My God, I can’t beleive SC is near to the end =(

  3. I’m so happy that chapter 31 is out!! *Runs off to read it* Ok, back…THAT WAS AWESOME! Stupid Tadase, though. He seriously needs to grow up…I suppose he did a bit. >.< But Amu needs to realize that maybe the person she though she was in love with really wasn’t the right person at all! I want Amuto!! Thanks for posting! Where can I subscribe to Nakayoshi?

  4. lol That commerical. I did the same thing when I saw the title of your post.

    Cute! You can use it for pencils or stuff maybe? I already saw the tarot cards on GW. The Amuto one is awesome and I loved the Eru one too. Ikuto as the death card ^_^

    Utau and Kukai manage to snap the emo kids out of thier funk. (btw kukai brothers are hot) Random kid shows up again. Amu protecting the teacups, because they reminded her of a happy Amuto moment is so sweet and sad. I can almost like Tadase after this. (The keyword is almost though). Ikuto’s new chara nari is cool looking. I loved how in the picture Utau send on her cellphone as her looking all serious, while Iru and Eru are making funny faces in the cornor. Sigh. Even with all the action and drama going on I love that SC is still able to be cute.

    Also, the anime picture of the badass Tsukiyomi siblings is totally awesome.

    Anyways thanks for sharing Fuyu. ^_^

  5. You lucky, lucky girl, you!!! x3
    Oooo, the furoku is so cute it makes me thristy. xD; Cuz it’s so orenji and very summery. Ah, Amu looks adorable in that dress…and she’s drinking tropical juice. Cute~. lol, but what’s up with Dia trying to camouflage against the oranges? Silly people, Dia’s hair is red. Stop trying to play tricks on us, it won’t work. :P
    The tarot cards are nice but I’d rather have FLOW cards (more awesome, yea!).
    Ikuto, you look so cool with glasses! x33
    OMG, FLOW cards…crap, I feel like gettin’ them. I really want those now. Agh, but then I’ll have to go through every single package just to find one with Ikuto or Utau in it. *pokemon fad all over again* *sigh*
    Chapter 31:
    Nameless boy, I love you~! I don’t know who the hell you are or what your purpose is but I love you! I hope you show up in the anime! lol
    lol Kukai has a family. xDD Finally! …Which means Utau has to deal with them in the future…and they’re all men. Oh, that will be the best~! x333
    Wut? Utau is going to Hawaii? When she should know fully well that Ikuto is danger right at this very moment? …Aha~, she must know that the Amuto moment is coming up or something (since she’s our precious Ikuto psychic, after all) and probably doesn’t want to see it…or it could just be her job. W/e. She told Amu to get her emo butt out of the house to save Ikuto. For that, she gets more love~! x333
    Death Rebel looks so cool! 8D But Ikuto is suffering and being mindraped by that bastard director so not cool. Not cool. Not cool. I swear, I want to kill that man. Dx
    Yes, Amu, you’re a good girl. Don’t let the tea cups get smashed…you and Ikuto still have to ride in it many many more times. xD
    I am going to mush all my thoughts on Tadase for the past few days into this following paragraph:
    Holycrud, I considered the thought of pulling out of the Tadase hate (wth is wrong with me?!). o.O;; I have no idea why…and it scares me…wait, I do have a reason, I think. Going back to your previous post on that stupid little rant that lil’ bitch gave you about Tadatard being so cool and all that shit, it seriously made me want to tear his face in half. And I only skimmed it. I only skimmed it! I would have continued reading on and commented on it but flames lacking common sense, grammar, at least civilized behavior and so on…I just can’t read more than two lines of it without feeling so disgusted. Add that on top of the immense hate I had for Tadase at the very moment, I just had to get my mind away from all that negativity. And I don’t know what happened next but instead, I ended thinking over exactly why I hated Tadase. Well, first and foremost is the shallow, most-likely not going to happen Tadamu (even if Amu, for some ridiculous reason, does not get together with Ikuto in the end, I’d rather have her stay single than go with anybody! *off-topic*). Ok, pretty good reason to hate him for. He’s always in the way of my favorite couple and there was never a good reason behind any of them. And right after that should have been him and his royal gayness…but then I remembered saying once that I didn’t want to hate him (kinda like how it is with Suzaku but not really). That’s not to say I’m going to start making excuses for him again, oh hell no. So I just settled on the current choice: I’d rather not waste my time and energy on hating him when I can use that all of that to completely love and gush over Amuto. And since Tadase redeemed himself a little (like miniscule particle “little”) by wanting to help Ikuto in this chapter, maybe in a few years I’ll get over it and actually start to tolerate him (oh god, I almost typed “liked” *shudder*).
    Argh, I can’t believe I wasted my breath on him but it’s fine, I guess, cuz I won’t think let it weigh me down like it use to so no Tadase ranting from me for a while. More love for Amuto~! <333
    So anyways, back the manga. I heard rumors that it might possibly end soon…but not too soon. But the things that absolutely have to happen are:
    Nadehiko’s new Shugo Chara hatching, Utau coming back from Hawaii and being tsuntsun and awesome, Ikuto being saved (I’m hoping the Ikuto arc ends soon but I’ll get to that in just a sec), Nameless boy and the embryo explained, Gozen, the whole gang getting back together to take on Easter in one final boss match, Amuto moments (of course!) and so much more. And since there is like, what? 4/5 chapters per volume and the possible max of volumes that are going to come out is 10 (unless Amu starts using her toes), we still have…9 or 19 more chapters to go. O.O I want the 19 chapters, plzthx.
    Yep, so my thoughts on the series aside…next chapter, I hope the embryo escapes and regrettably, Easter people take Ikuto away and then the Guardians coming up with a plan to confront Easter, ending with a cliffhanger right in front of the building. And then for chapter 33, more battles ensue, Ikuto appearing, Guardians losing cuz he’s just way too strong or something, Amu standing her ground even while she’s getting hurt, Ikuto trying to fight the mind control, Amu hugs him and says some words to bring him back and maybe a possible “I like/love you” and/or kiss along with it as a semi-cliffhanger or that last bit can happen all in chapter 34, which will be overloaded and brimming with Amuto goodness, so ends the Ikuto arc…or they can just save Ikuto in the next chapter, which is fine with me as long as Amu is cryin’ and huggin’ him. *breathes…* xDDDD;;
    I dun care either way anymore…I just want Ikuto’s suffering to end and for pure lovelove Amuto to bloom in all its shining glory.
    K, I’m done. Sorry for my really sloppy comment (my thoughts are scattered everywhere). And thanx for sharing! ^^ Looking forward to the next issue.

  6. I just remembered. Volume 7 comes out this week! The cover is really cute.

  7. I’ll bet 5 dollars that ain’t the Embryo. I bet it’s Dia =D

  8. Amu is definately going to end up with Ikuto now. So Tadamu fans, Eat Your Hearts Out. Well, at least the ones who keep insisting that Amu will be with Tadase. I know some nice ones who like Tadamu but know that Ikuto will be with Amu in the end. ;) They are what i call, inteligent people.

    Btw, congrats on all ur SC stuff! >.< I am still waiting for someone to sell it in singapore…

  9. mizakiwa: Yes my extra towel. Now maybe I can actually use one (wasn’t planning on it until now).

    I hope you’re able to get it soon.


    Reina: If it makes you feel any better, the tarot cards are so small that they’re really not good for anything except…well decoration.

    Well, now that all of Tadase’s problems seem to have been solved I expect we will be seeing less of him now. And more of Ikuto since his problems really aren’t solved at all. But Amu remembering her date with Ikuto…really was wonderful~!


    amayalee: Yeah, I guess Tadase did grow up a bit. But he still looks like a girl!!! *spiteful*

    Amuto should show up soon. Maybe as soon as the next chapter…I really hope so.


    warriorhope: Heh. I knew someone would get it.

    But if I use it for pencils, it might get all marked up and…*gasp* no! Poked! I’ll probably just keep cute little paper things in there that come with Nakayoshi.

    Oh…the Eru one. *sob* I still haven’t found it. I wonder where it went. It’s only been in my room. Eru flew away~!

    Utau and Kukai are both good at snapping emo kids out of their funk. Yet another reason for them to get together.

    I really wonder why that random kid is important. Just when I was starting to think he might just be a filler character after all, BAM! He shows up again.

    I can almost like Tadase too…just…not quite. Maybe if they time-skip when the manga ends to him not being all girly…or if he just properly apologize to Amu, then I might like him. Doubt it though.

    Heh…it would have been impossible for them to make Ikuto’s chara nari no look cool. And I love that picture of Eru, Iru, and Utau too. Priceless. If any of the cuteness from Shugo Chara went away, I’d have another shoujo manga crisis.

    I haven’t seen the cover for volume seven yet! I want to! I really need to buy all those volumes of the manga already…


    xiao_jie88: I know, it’s all so cute. Especially my little pouch. I love it and I’m going to keep cute things in it. It’s officially…my secret orange compartment. I always wanted a secret compartment…just like Eru’s secret angel compartment where she keeps her picture of Utau.

    The flow cards… *emo* I need to find some place that sells them, then I need to get money, and buy them! I can’t resist any longer.

    What is his purpose though? It’s killing me. I don’t think he’s a future child, but…agh! I don’t know. Maybe he’s the embryo kid…who knows…it’s the first time I’ve had no idea about something.

    Ah, I look forward to seeing Utau deal with all those older brothers. Haha. More love for Utakai (even if we have to make it up in our minds sometimes).

    Yeah, Utau seems to be getting close to becoming an Amuto supporter. Yes…then all the awesome people will be on the Amuto side. Because Rima and Nagihiko already just want what Amu wants. Oh! Speaking of Rima! Since more characters need to meet Ikuto, I declare that when Rima meets Ikuto, she has to get jealous of him taking away Amu!!!

    No. That part isn’t cool at all. Someone needs to whack the director with Ikuto’s scythe. The best part about the scythe…it finally gave me a reasonable tool to be used to smack the director with.

    Yes! Many more times! At least one hundred. Though, I was a little surprised that the amusement park is still around. Now that we know it’s still around, Amu can never let them do anything to it. Too many Amuto memories.

    Tadase and his pairing with Amu being so shallow is probably my number one reason for hating Tadase right now since he’s not being lame about Ikuto anymore. But even if Tadase stepped aside…everything about him just makes up the sort of character I don’t like. Good choice on just giving up on the hate. I’m going to continue to make fun of him, but I think I’m just going to focus on the Amuto love too~! Though the Tadamu fans will continue to suffer my hate since the vast majority of them are so stupid anyway.

    There still seems to be a lot of things that need to happen now that I see them all listed out. I bet we have more than five chapters ahead. I’ll probably have to end up renewing my subscription after all.

    Absolute, “OMGYES!” to your chapter 33. Yes!!!! That needs to happen. Though I still want a dramatic moment where, before confessing, Amu realizes that she loves Ikuto. THat would be great…double Amuto. And then tons of drama and fluff!

    The pure lovelove absolutely must happen though. And more teasing. I want one moment where Amu is being all honest and Ikuto just decides to tease her, Amu starts being all tsuntsun and then Ikuto decides to be honest with her too. And more fluff from there…


    lol2728: Hmm…it would be interesting if Dia is the embryo, but then what happens to Amu’s dream of being an idol? Dia might end up being the embryo, but I hope she isn’t because I like the idea of idol Amu.


    Starry: Heh, when you put it that way I don’t even think the Tadamu fans are worth dissing. They’ll be punished enough when Amuto becomes the OTP!!! And intelligent Tadamu fans are acceptable. If they prepare themselves for Amuto, they won’t get punished anyway.

    Hopefully, you’ll be able to get your hands on some of this stuff. if not, there’s always the internet…

  10. Ah, yes! Just like Eru’s! Hehe ^^
    Probably related to the Embryo somehow since he seems like the mysterious character that gives power to the main hero/heroine when he/she’s in trouble. Like ChibiChibi from SM.
    Haha, I can see her putting every single one of them in line without a problem. She’ll become like…the matriarch or something of the Souma household. And she probably won’t get along so well with Kukai’s oldest brother (he looks so strict) but it’s more fun that way. xD
    lol Utau being an Amuto supporter. That’d be great. I can see her saying “You’re not going to lose to anyone but me!” Very cliche but I would love to hear her say it.
    And yes! Best friends must meet potential boyfriend to create controversy! lol Rima would be so jealous (like Kyoko, aww~!) and Nagihiko would have to be the patient one to listen to her ramblings and the voila~! We’ve taken another step into Rimahiko! x3
    Or just cut his head off with it altogether (*sigh* I’m so violent).
    Yep. Amuto prevails against all odds. *nodnod*
    It’s always ok to make fun of him and to give the immature Tadamu fans what they deserve. Cuz it’s really hard not to point and laugh when you see Tadase and Tadase supporters shouldn’t really care either way. They can just continue to like him and that will be enough. Lots of other characters have gone through the same thing. What makes Tadase any different? As for the Tadamu fans, it’s fine if they like the pairing just because they like it. But they shouldn’t go shoving their opinion into other people’s faces and claiming they’re’re right or flaming others when they don’t agree. They’re just asking to get bashed themselves for how stupid they sound. *sigh*
    Yes, dramatic moment! Like her diving into his arms, catching him by surprise, and the both of the pummeling to the ground (oh the ideas are popping into my head like crazy now, lol)…and this time, Amu’s going to be one on top! lol Ah, I miss that scene so I want another one except it’s Amu’s payback! xDDD
    And blushing!Intense blushing! We musn’t forget the blushing! x333 Haha, yes! Shy and honest love from Amu and flirty teasing from Ikuto is a must. It’s shoujo after all. haha I wub fluff. x3

  11. Hmmm..That’s true.

    I hope you find the Eru card soon. A lot of yaoi fangirls think the lovers card with Ikuto and Tadase has yaoi connotations.

    Yep. ^_^ I can see Amu going to see them when she has problem when she’s older, and Utau being tough on her, while Kukai tries to cheer her up.

    A lot of people think he’s either embroyo, or Amu and Ikuto’s kid from the future (people who watched too much Sailor Moon perchaps). I personally hope he’s Gozen.

    Yeah. If he’s like First King in the future or something, I would like him better. I think it’s less likely that he’s going to apolgize though.

    Totally! He could wear a paper bag and still look awesome.

    Hm-hm. As much as I love drama, shojo manga just isn’t shojo manga without cuteness.

    It’s purple this time with Iru egg on the cover.

  12. xiao_jie88: Ah. Like ChibiChibi from SM. That’s something that completely slipped my mind with all the ChibiUsa comparisons. Yeah, I can see something like that happening.

    No matter how strict the oldest one is, he’ll fall to Utau. He’ll start to say that she can’t do something, she’ll give him her stubborn death glare and he’ll just fail. No one can win against Utau (except Amu).

    I want her to say that now. Amu is all emo about not being able to do something for Ikuto (after the love realization of course) and Utau just shouts, “I left Ikuto to you! So you won’t lose to anyone but me!” It doesn’t matter how cliche it is. That would be just perfect.

    Nice. Making an already cute moment even better by adding in Rimahiko. They should just hire us to write fillers for the anime!

    Point and laugh. That’s all I’m going to bother doing anymore. I tried replying intelligently in a “Why does everyone hate Tadase?” thread and I get smacked with questions like, “What about that? Huh? like they were so smart…when I’d already answered the questions in my post. Silly Tadamu fans. They’re so whiney too. You never see Ikuto fans creating threads that go, “Waaa! Why don’t the Tadamu fans like Ikuto!?” Lame little kids.

    You just read my mind! Exactly like that! Diving into his arms and everything! Amu pretty much tackles (possibly crying) and starts being all honest, Ikuto teases her, she gets a little mad, then Ikuto gets to be all honest. And wonderful raburabu from there.

    Oh and from the scenario I was talking about in my episode 40 comment. Heh. Amu realizes how she feels about Ikuto, that makes her “shine” again, Dia hatches. Amu gets to use that awesome Dia attack, fizes Ikuto’s violin and then the previously mentioned honesty, teasing, and raburabu from there~!

    That’s just me putting it into reasonable theory form though. I don’t expect it…not all of it anyway (the amuto raburabu is absolutely expected).


    warriorhope: Heh…of course they would. The yaoi fangirls just jump on whatever they can get. I bet they didn’t bother to explain the question marks. Oh yaoi fangirls…

    Yes. Exactly like that. Utau getting her to see the truth and Kukai getting her to feel better. They’d make such a great cheering up Amu team.

    Nice! I know the Gozen is First King theory, but Gozen being the kid. Yes. I would absolutely love that because it’s so unexpected.

    Tadase won’t apologize because as some Tadamu fangirls pointed out to me, Tadase already thinks he’s apologized. All he did was explain himself. I don’t think he ever properly said, “I’m sorry.”

    Because he’s Ikuto! The paper bag would just automatically look cool.

    Ooo…so it’s Iru this time. That’s good, especially since we were expecting her last time. I need to see the cover…I bet purple looks cool.

  13. Heh, yea~…I can see that happening. Utau definitely pwns all except Amu (cuz Utau’s just too tsuntsun sometimes).
    Omg, yes! That would be perfect! She’ll catch the next, fastest plane home from Hawaii and then pull a Maguri on Amu. That would be awesome! 8DDD
    I know, rite? We make such better fillers. Lol
    Really…so childish. *sigh*
    Yes! Yes! And he has to hug her real tight to him! I would overflow with happiness and melt! *squee!* xDDD And we still have to hear him say “I love you” to her! All he did so far was confirm that she was the most special to him. That’s nice and not that I’m complaining or anything but Amu would like to hear those three words from you, Ikuto~! X3333
    That’s the perfect scenario that should happen! Probably not in the same way but Dia definitely needs to come out from hibernation and Amu definitely needs to “shine” again. What better way to trigger that than when she realizes her pure feelings for Ikuto? It’s like how Maron gained courage when thinking about Chiaki (gah, why am I putting in so much Arinacchi references?! xD; ) and then went kickass! Oh yea! I’m so ready for this moment! Bring on the raburabu, Peach-Pit! *dork* lol xDDD;;;

  14. Hi there!! I was wondering, where could I subscribe to the Nakayoshi magazines??? I don’t read Japanese but I’d still like to purchase them. I also happen to live in Canada. So, do u think I could subscribe to them in any way?? Hope u reply to this soon!! ^_^

  15. LOL… I just went onto the Sasuga website u had onto ur post…man! Its like $329.75 for a year!!! Do u buy a year subscription or the monthly?? Hope u reply soon!! ^_^

  16. Nice If u dun want the cards or any thing GIV MI!!!

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