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More fanservice and moe stuff for me to blog. Yay~!

Seriously…I think I like these sorts of shows more than any normal fangirl should. Normally, I don’t discuss these shows when I watch them, but…Haruka is an otaku. And she’s cute. I want to watch it. Besides, the fanservice really isn’t that bad. Not even using my “I can ignore everything” standards.

So…uh…I hope you enjoy me acting like a fanboy and a fangirl, because I’m blogging Haruka as well. Fanboy for my, “Whoot! Haruka is cute!” and fangirl for my, “Ah! They’re blushing~!” I’m just not sure when I’ll be blogging it. Fridays if I decide to watch the raw I suppose, and after the fansub if I decide to go that way after this week. I’m just not sure yet. It seems easy to understand right now anyway.

I’m not entirely sure if I’m going to blog Haruka all the way through either. But I’d be more likely to drop Strike Witches than this. I enjoyed it about ten times more. Because even if the fanservice goes up twelve notches, the romance is still cute~! I like blushing.

And, in case I didn’t mention it before…Haruka is cute. I wish there really was an otaku girl out there like her so I could get the permission to glomp her at a convention. If you ask it’s all right! Apparently.



I really like it when an anime gets creative with their opening and no matter what you say about fanservice anime, they’re usually the best at doing this. To Love-Ru did it last season (as fanservicey and generally awful as that show has become, you have to admit, the opening is pretty cool). And the people behind Haruka made a very entertaining opening this season.

Basically, I’ve started watching an anime just because I like the opening. Kanokon almost tricked me last season (ha, but I got like one minute in, went “WHOA” and ran in the other direction). Other openings that made me absolutely have to see the show: Kanon, Air, Code Geass, and Uta-Kata. It usually works out for me. I’m sure there are cases I can’t remember just because I didn’t end up watching them for…more than a minute (like Kanokon), but in Haruka’s case it worked out. Because it gave me cuteness, and I want cuteness.

Well, first off…I don’t know how familiar everyone else is with Nogizaka Haruka, but because I was so interested in it ahead of time, I looked around to find what little information was available. I found a bunch of illustrations from the light novels on the anime site. And at least three of them appear in the opening (that I caught). Here’s two of them (1 2).

Also noticed something that seems plot relevant. I smell a love triangle. And I’m on Haruka’s side. Because Haruka is cuter. This other girl is officially my enemy (no matter how nice she might be). I’m so happy to find a two girls-one guy love triangle. Because my Shoujo manga always has a bunch of guys going after the same girl (booo). Whenever two girls like one guy, one is very clearly supposed to be the loser. It’s not fun (unless the loser happens to have a brother complex).

And as far as the ending goes…it has dancing. Pretty well-animated dancing. Which we should all know by now, is the otaku favorite for endings…thanks to Suzumiya Haruhi.

But it’s not just dancing. They also have cool little manga images flying in. It’s really cool. The people working on the opening and ending got creative and I love it~!

Also adding in the fact that all the girls are dressed as maids…man these people really know who their target audience is, don’t they? And they’re singing too of course. Of course. No dancing without singing.

I especially appreciated this shot though. Because I am going to do the fangirl thing, and turn a boy’s romance into a giggle fest…for me! Yeah!

Oh, and the songs…aren’t really anything too special. They’re both typical, but they both perfectly suit their incredibly fun accompanying animation. Yes~!



Tehe~! I’m going to skip summaries on Haruka this week, because the first episode basically just cover the premise. Haruka is an ojou-sama who is secretly an otaku. Yuto is the boy who discovers her secret and decides to keep her secret. They get along which will eventually lead to this. Someday~!

Really, I don’t have much to say about specific scenes. I think it can all be covered by, “I think this is cute.” Seriously. The fanservice (at least in this episode) is almost non-existent. And the fanservice in later episodes seems like it will just be like…a trip to the beach or something.

Ugh…these two are supposed to be Yuto’s sisters right? Or is one of them his teacher? I forget. Either way, they’re annoying. They make up the one cliche in this anime that I hate. I hat the drunk, half-dressed onee-sans. Always have. Always will. But usually they make the main character a bit more likable. Because, as long as anything is realistic, he won’t be a gross pervert…because he has to live with those two. Though, he’s still a guy. I’ll only expect so much.

But I get asked how I can tolerate fanservice-y crap. The only time I can’t tolerate it is when people are purposely being perverted. More than anything, if the male lead in a harem anime is any more perverted than what I consider normal (I’ve had guy friends, I have a pretty good grip of normal) I am out of there. And if all the girls are just air-heads who throw themselves at the guy, I get sick of it then too.

However! Yuto seems to be a solid male lead. And from watching the opening it seems like there’s really only going to be one other girl after him (and btw, I think her name is Shiina if I got my information right).

Haruka looks cute with a ponytail. I hope we get to see one again. Oh! And pigtails! And braids! Please~! (See, this is me being a fanboy in an incredibly girly way…isn’t it?)

Awww. Why aren’t all otaku boys this cute. This is the first non-scary otaku that I’ve seen in anime that doesn’t have glasses and isn’t socially incapable. I don’t care how cliched Nogizaka Haruka is…I automatically give them points for making Nobunaga likable. At the very least, it’s the first time I’ve found an otaku boy likable.

I love how overly dramatic and serious Haruka is about being caught. She could have just been all casual and would have gotten out of there without her secret being exposed. But if Haruka wasn’t like this she wouldn’t be as cute…and we wouldn’t have a story.

So…in this episode, this is really the closest we got for fanservice for Haruka. They did show more after, but she’s wearing tights, so no pantsu for you boys. For a “fanservice anime” female lead, Haruka…is wearing an awful lot of clothes. Every part of her body except her head and hands is covered.

Ah! I got it. There’s only so much clothing alotted for moe and fanservice anime, and because the Witches opted for no pants, Haruka gets all the extra clothing. How nice. But…I guess her uniform is kind of tight. I don’t know…

C-cute~! >////<

I decided that Haruka is the kind of moe I like with this scene. Her, “wawawa” is so cute too~! Kyaaa~! The poor girl. I want to give her one little hug. Because…so cute~!

Ha. Poor Yuto. He’s getting ignored. Haruka really is too unbelievably shy. It’s cute how embarassed she is about her hobby. Because I can kind of understand. But, Haruka is one of those girls that’s really smart, but once she gets embarassed she has no common sense, right? That can be a little annoying, but for right now, it’s cute for Haruka.

Ugh…fanclub. I knew this was coming. Well at leas there’s girls in the fanclub too. It’s not just going to be a bunch of guys who hate Yuto because he’s jealous. But, I can still just foresee the fanclub being annoying saying Yuto’s not good enough for Haruka or something lame.

This was when I decided I wanted to watch this show. You can’t tell as easily, because the image got resized, but…blushing~! So cute. I want more blushing…in every episode. And not from Shiina! From Haruka and Yuto only!

Haha…the shipping has begun before the rival even appeared.

Ah! I just love how quickly Haruka went, “sumimasen!” after she realized that she messed up. She’s so cute.

They’re laughing together! If a pairing can laugh together, I almost automatically consider them a success. A lot of romance anime, both for guys and girls, leave out the most important part of a relationship. Which is, of course, enjoying being with each other. Usually it’s just blushing and that doesn’t work at all. In real life, all the happy couples I’ve ever met spend a lot of time laughing together.

It seems insignificant, but it’s actually important. Another reason why I figure Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu is a keeper. It’s the first love-com to surprise me with actual basis for a relationship in a long time.

This scene was so cliched, but I love it. Calling each other by first names is something I’ve always been weak for. And even if Nogizaka Haruka is full of cliches, they’re all the good cliches. And I love it. I’m already expecting more fanservice in the future (if I expect it, it won’t disappoint me when it shows up), but as long as they keep these sorts of scenes I’ll be happy.

Yes, I’l definitely be seeing more of Haruka. I’m setting special time aside on my Fridays.

I think Nogizaka Haruka came as something of a surprise to me, I was planning on blogging it from the start, but I was expecting a lot more fanservice after seeing some pictures from the light novel of Haruka and her…cleavage. I was expecting it to be more of a…guilty pleasure, you know?

But this turned out very cute. Cliched? Yes, but mostly the good cliches. I watched most of the episode with a smile on my face. And with all of my other anime either frustrating me, turning me into a raving fangirl, or slapping me in the face with a OMG twist every episode…Haruka is a nice, simple anime that I can just enjoy.

I’m kind of still expecting to be letdown partway through, but for now I’ll just enjoy it.



lol…there is none. It was just people talking with the title from the next episode on the screen. I assume they were talking about the next episode, but I kind of just tuned it out because I don’t care. I’ll be surprised instead.


  1. I was expecting something else outta Haruka’s character from the little research that I did {I hate spoilers so I kept from reading too much ^_^’}…good thing she didn’t turn out the ‘rich oujo-sama’ that I was expecting!

  2. awwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!! gawd she is soooooo cute! BEST MOE ANIME GIRL EVA!!!!!!

  3. LOOKS GREAT!!!!! cant wait for subs to be out!!! :D

  4. I had decided to see this anime as well (so little good things from summer series <_<)

    I thought that Haruka was going to end up with a different kind of personality, but this shy and cute ways of her also are great. An otaku girl… that’s original(at least for me) ^^

  5. Two cute otakus in one show. How strange, but cool.

    Poor Yuto. He reminds Kairi from SC when he’s taking caring of his drunk sisters.

    Fanclubs. -_- I was already annoyed by all the screaming fangirls and fanboys in Shugo Chara. I hope they don’t show up to often.

    Hakura is adorable. Everything from her hair to her reactions to her voice.

  6. Hmm, this one completely escaped by attention on AniDB when I was going through summer releases. I think the ridiculously long name might have had something to do with it. =)

    The premise seems pretty interesting. I shall ignore the panty shots and give episode 1 a shot.

  7. “my”, not “by.” =(

  8. Nice! I like the main characters, I’ll definitely watch this show cause I’ve noticed most bloggers talk about it.

  9. Turns out I don’t really like Haruka … probably because of how cute she is. Sorry for not making sense.
    On the other hand, I love Nobunaga. Of course that was AFTER I got over the fact the name made me remember Inuyasha’s Nobunaga (the first episode I watched of Inuyasha was the episode Nobunaga appeared in lol)
    I am sticking to this anime for the sake of Pyun (Hatano Wataru) though … and the pretty eyes. ^_^

  10. I’m sorry for the stupid question I’m gonna make but…
    What is a ‘fanservice anime’? And what is the meanin’ of ‘otaku’ in this case?
    I couldn’t undertand much that, sorry >.<

  11. 53RG10: I did a lot of reasearch and I still expected something totally different from Haruka (tons of fanservice mostly). But yes~! Haruka is the good kind of oujo-sama. She’s the cute kind that isn’t bratty at all. To me it is the only acceptable ojou-sama.


    lol2728: I know she’s so cute. I won’t call her the best, but she really is great!


    dKiWi: I’m waiting for the subs too. I think I missed a lot of dialogue. what came across was mostly, “THIS IS FREAKIN’ CUTE!!!”


    ForeverOblivion: All I’ve picked up from the Summer Season is crap…and a sequel (that’s crap). So Haruka is a very nice surprise for me.

    Otaku girls aren’t really that original (I’ve run into three in anime I think), but one that’s actually shy and tries to keep her habits a secret is pretty rare.


    warriorhope: Ah, now that I think of it. It is kind of like that. Poor megane boys, taking care of drunk nee-sans.

    I hope so too. The first time I saw a fanclub in any animwa (I think it was Fruist Basket) I already hated it after five minutes. They better not show up much.

    I know. She’s really cute. >_< I might be buying a figure of her. It depends on if I continue to like the anime and if I have enough money by then.


    dingsan: Probably. I didn’t notice it until I accidentally clicked on the website in a Summer preview and saw super cute Haruka on the page. Then I just decided to find out everything about it.

    At least in Haruka’s case the panty shots are easy to ignore because of her tights. Can’t see the panties.


    Roxy: It does seem to be popular from what I’ve seen. I think it’s because it turned out to be such a pleasant surprise among crap.


    saimaisama: Heh…I know what you mean. Haruka is right before my cuteness cut-off level. If she’d been any cuter I wouldn’t have liked her either.

    lol, I wonder if they ever will bother to explain why his parents gave him the name Nobunaga. But either way, Nobunaga is the cutest otaku boy I’ve seen…in a long time.


    Anonymous: Basically anything with a lot of panty-shots, and nudity is fanservice anime. Because there’s no point to the nudity, except to please the fans. And otaku is for a person really into anime and all the culture that goes with it. In the anime they’re using “akiba-kei” which pretty much means the same thing as otaku for us.

  12. Oh…! Thank you very much ^_^
    Oh, so this girl is and otaku and keep it as a secret? Like me!! I’ll definatly gonna watch this. Even though it’s a ‘fanservice anime’. Thanks =)

  13. […] that makes this so enjoyable for me. I like fun cliches, everyone should have learned that from Haruka. And the romance too. That’s one of the most entertaining parts because it can quickly switch […]

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