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July 12, 2008 at 2:29 pm | Posted in Site | 7 Comments

Obvious and stupid title. I know.

Well, the summer season has officially begun. That’s a pretty banner-worthy event, right? A whole new season of anime. Now that every anime that I’ve considered watching has aired, I’ve been able to choose my favorite among the new anime.

And that is, of course, Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu. It’s cuteness and surprising lack of fanservice has completely won me over.

I took the images from the anime’s website a while ago. They actually seem to be from the series of light novels, but they’re gone now. And…I made this cute little banner.

Oh and the, “I giggle because I’m a girl” thing…heh. I couldn’t think of what else to put there. I was going to go back to the original, “Because entertainment is just that” but I like changing the little “slogan” on my banner. This time the banner-worthy event wasn’t anything that I really had an opinion on, just a new anime.

So basically I just started thinking, Haruka is a girl otaku, I’m pretty much a girl otaku (I’ll probably grow out of full-blown otakuism someday, but for now…I cannot fight it), so I decided to go with a quote about being a girl. And then with my recent flame, I remembered the first stupid comment I got. It’s in the episode 34 comments.

Basically, the idiot was somehow under the impression that I was a guy, and therefore me saying “giggle” and being exciting about a sleepover was “gay.” But…I’m a girl so…no.

Really, not sure what caused him to think I’m a guy (I had the ShinKuro banner up at the time), but whatever.

And basically, that’s where the quote comes from. Girls can be anime fans too!

Anyway, that’s all I really have to say about that. You can still see my Skip Beat! banner on the Banners page.

Oh yeah, I changed my icon/avatar also…just thought I’d mention it. It’s a really cute picture I found of Amu.

And while it’s on my mind, my Shugo Chara! post will be up a little later than usual today. I know a lot of you are looking for it. Please be patient. There’s something else I need to post first (I haven’t even really watched the episode yet).


  1. yay! VERY COOL BANNER, Fuyu-chan! I now declare Haruka cuttest anime girl EVER!!!!!!!

    Well…besides Eru and the Angel Wink attack. AWESOME!!! At first, I was like meh with Eru, NOW I LOVE HER!!!! hehe ^_^

  2. Cute banner! ^^

  3. Ah! Cute banner! ^^ And nice slogan! I still can’t believe the idiot thought you were a guy. Such a retard. -_-;
    Anyways…Haruka is so cute! ^^ *sigh* But too bad I won’t be watching it. It looked interesting to me at first and I might watch it later but right now…”eh” is all I can say.
    It lacks fanservice? o.O Nooo…
    I think it’s the fanservice that turned me away which is disappointing. The other summer animes didn’t really interest me that much so nothing new for me to watch. *sad* ;_;

  4. lol2728: Haha, well I wouldn’t go that far, but Haruka is indeed cute. Cutest girl I’ve ever seen in a fanservice anime anyway.

    How could you have ever been “meh” about Eru!? Well it’s fine if you love her now~!


    Starry: Thank you!


    xiao_jie88: I know. I’m pretty sure nothing about this blog says, “guy” so I’m sure he’s just stupid.

    “Eh” is a pretty good way to sum it up actually. But it’s the cutest most enjoyable, “eh” I’ve come across in a while.

    Oh it does lack fanservice…for a fanservice anime anyway. Especially when you compare it to the Spring Season’s offerings (To Love-ru and Kanokon…ugh, especially Kanokon). Even when they do get fanservice-y they don’t really dwell on it. It barely lasts three seconds (except with Yuto’s older sister…those drunks).

    Heh…all I picked up for the Summer Season was fanservice anime anyway. Zero no Tsukaima, Strike Witches, and this. The summer season really is disappointing. I’m kind of happy though, since nothing I started in Spring has ended yet anyway.

  5. A GUY?! Of COURSE girls can be anime fans! I’m basically the only anime fan I know (apart from my best friend, who goes to another school and a guy in my form. One of my friends LIKES anime (depending on what it is) but she isn’t a fan). But you make really cute banners, and this is no exeption. Nice job!

  6. Ah, I see. Heh, looking at screencaps made me think otherwise. I think I’ll watch the first episode later this week since I have nothing else to watch in the meantime.
    And yea, me too on the spring season. They’re all gonna probably end between the end of august to like…the middle of september, right? And then will be the fall season. So no big complaints here. I’d rather have a good handful of anime to keep up with than too many (I dropped VK, but that’s for a different reason).

  7. amuto007_is_mit-chan007: Well, it’s just one of those awful myths of the internet, “there are no girls on the internet” combined with the fact that anime fanboys completely forget about shoujo being…for girls. Idiots. Seriously, I was talking about Shugo Chara too.


    xiao_jie88: Heh…well everyone likes screencapping all the fanservice there is to screencap. but there will probably be more as the anime goes along anyway. I’m kind of expecting a pointless beach or onsen trip to show up at some point.

    The fall season…the fall season is going to be amazing. I go into dream mode just thinking about it. Clannad After Story, Hakushaku to Yosei, and Skip Beat!…awesome.

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