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I was a bad girl. I illegally downloaded the episode. Bad me. I watched the streaming version, but I didn’t take any of my screencaps the first time through. I usually try to go through after and get some images.

But…um…we just got a Wii yesterday. And I think anyone who has a Wii can accept that as a perfectly good excuse. By the time I was done playing, I was too tired to do anything and…tehe. The next morning the stream was gone. Just like it’s supposed to be.

I’m going to have to start remembering about that. At least until I get my own methods of payment to buy the downloads (just 23 more days…).

Now that my confession is out of the way, let’s move on. I will be blogging Strike Witches every Thursday (or Friday if my scheduling gets messed up). I assume making fun of fanservice and cliches will get old after a while, but I can at least give reports on Mio and her awesome laugh every week. It’ll never get old (at least for me).



Yeah…okay. I’m not doing summaries for this show. If I take it too seriously (even enough to summarize it without being sarcastic) it stops being fun. So there. I won’t even pretend anymore.



I think this episode was better than the last one. It came across as having a legitimate (though really common) storyline. And there was almost no fanservice. Amazing.

It could be possible, that I’ll start watching this show just to laugh a little, but actually get a little sucked into the storyline. I know it’s happened to me before. I watch a ridiculous harem comedy, but then actually start caring about what happens. It’s weird.

But it’s still so moe, so I doubt I’ll ever really take it seriously. At least I can always enjoy Mio-sama and her laugh. If there’s ever an episode where she doesn’t laugh, I’ll…have so much less to talk about.

lol. I know what we were supposed to be thinking. Oh I should have known. How could I not expect that going into this? There’s what…11 girls in this show? And pretty much no guys. At least no guys their age. I was already expecting fan pairings, but Gonzo is setting stuff up for us, even if they’ll probably never make any of it canon.

You know when I think I’m right to say a fight scene is entertaining? When it’s hard to get a screencap. Because that means the fighting actually had action. I’m surprised Gonzo. You cut corners in this episode, but you didn’t cut that many.

Lame. I always hate the second episode of any fighting anime where the main character doesn’t like fighting. Because usually, they just get in the way until suddenly they pretty much save the day. It’s pretty lame. And Yoshika was annoying. She’s the sort of moe, I don’t like. But I can tolerate her. Hopefully they’ll make her grow up a bit in the series and I can even grow to like her.

More awesome points for Mio. Magic katana = awesome. How many more awesome things will be revealed about Mio? Does she have a fanclub full of jealous girls? If she does…more awesome points.

You know, if you watch any anime where the anti-fighting character goes through their sudden change, it sounds the same. “There’s nothing I can do. I want to do something.” Boohoo.

But I can at least Yoshika’s sudden disappearance of her anti-war attitude makes sense since this war isn’t even against other people. Though that just makes me remember how stupid her anti-war attitude was in the first place.

And here comes the moe Mary-Sue to save the day. Whoopee. At this point, who was betting that she’d be, “incredibly powerful for a newcomer” or something equally lame?

Incredibly powerful newcomer pretty much saves the day…confirmed. And watch the eyes roll. Let’s bet she faints next.

Oh snap! Didn’t see that one coming! Seriously, I was going through this in my head the first time through.

And to get away from the lame cliches…let’s take a look at a much more entertaining cliche.

Jealous Mio fangirl confirmed! AWESOME! I expect completely ridiculous humor to evolve from this. Don’t disappoint me Gonzo.

And you may have noticed the gap, because up until this point I was enjoying the anime as if everything were just…a legitimate story. It was nice. Yoshika talking about her dad’s bad timing was a nice touch. It actually made me feel bad for Yoshika.

Then they went straight for the histeric crying. I’m sorry. I have never seen anyone cry like that. First you just start…crying…and then you start sobbing. I hate it when someone just starts sobbing. I’ve never seen it happen. It takes at least five seconds to get there.

But the enjoyment returns with Mio and her awesome laugh~! She’s so cool~!



Um…it looks like an episode about one of the other girls who hasn’t even said anything yet. She’s cute. I’ll probably like her. Don’t know her name and didn’t feel like grabbing a screencap. But next week’s episode looks more light-hearted, so I expect fanservice again…and ridiculous humor. Don’t care about the fanservice, but I look forward to ridiculous humor.


  1. Leechfags deserve to die.

  2. Indeed we do, Anonymous from the Light Novels post. Even if we plan to buy it in the future…we should just DIE.

  3. Aside from angry anonymous people, your blogging of Strike Witches fascinates me and gives me a reason to try and watch the series along with you. To not care about the fanservice is quite a feat. I seem to be unable to find a scene without it. *giggles* But I was really excited about this show before it came out. I was all like, “Look at that huge list of great seiyuu! Oh boy oh boy!” And then I watched the first episode and was all like, “So it’s a mecha. Meh I can accept that cuz of the seiyuu. [1 minute later] So it’s also loli… with no pants… and animal ears… *ahem* right then.” I am looking forward to more Sky Kanokon.

  4. Watching this show in no way insult your intelligence? Maybe it’s a guy thing then. I’m slightly offended that GONZO believes the rest of my gender will be all over this because of the multitude of male fantasies.
    Strike Witches is also from the same guy who brought Sky Girls into fruition.

  5. HtoK: People always seem so surprised when I say I don’t mind fanservice. I guess, fanservice doesn’t bother me because…I’m used to it? I’m not really sure what it is, but it makes me laugh more than anything.

    *sigh* It really is such a great list of seiyuu, one of the big reasons I’m going to stick with it. Though the main reason is Mio (and, admittedly, her awesome seiyuu). I kind of wish all these seiyuu were being used on something less…obviously full of fanservice. They could at least pretend that’s not why all the girls don’t have pants…or they could give pants to one of them.


    dingsan: Because I find it funny that it’s stupid I guess. It doesn’t insult my intelligence because I know that I’m better than the people who would really, really enjoy this stuff. It makes me feel superior.

    And it also helps that I’m a girl too. I just don’t care.

    Yeah, I think I heard that. I think it’s kind of weird that he came up with two very similar stories, but whatever.

    I also wonder if he invented the no-pants, or if that’s a gonzo invention…

  6. lol laughing….Mio is really cute o.o She’s TOTALLY gonna have more fangirls XD

  7. MY GOD! I just watched the episode, and Mio’s laugh is AWESOME!!!!! xD

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