Strike Witches – Episode 02

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I was a bad girl. I illegally downloaded the episode. Bad me. I watched the streaming version, but I didn’t take any of my screencaps the first time through. I usually try to go through after and get some images.

But…um…we just got a Wii yesterday. And I think anyone who has a Wii can accept that as a perfectly good excuse. By the time I was done playing, I was too tired to do anything and…tehe. The next morning the stream was gone. Just like it’s supposed to be.

I’m going to have to start remembering about that. At least until I get my own methods of payment to buy the downloads (just 23 more days…).

Now that my confession is out of the way, let’s move on. I will be blogging Strike Witches every Thursday (or Friday if my scheduling gets messed up). I assume making fun of fanservice and cliches will get old after a while, but I can at least give reports on Mio and her awesome laugh every week. It’ll never get old (at least for me).

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Failure to Defend the Nekkid Girl Glow

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And again, I must stop being a nice girl and go into rant mode again. Even though I’m not really angry. I’m more amused than anything. However, for those who like to see me being mean and sarcastic, my Rants category is the place to go. So for that purpose, this is a rant. But keep in mind, I am incredibly happy and entertained.

I just found some good news. The stupidest of the Shugo Chara! fans are the ones I already think lack judgment (and therefore, I don’t care about them). I got my first flame from a stupid Shugo Chara! fan. I was hoping my first flame might have been from one of the people I made fun of in my rant on the CR morons. Oh but this is much better.

It’s a Tadase and Tadamu fan.

Unfortunately, because of this fan’s amusing, but inappropriate dialogue. I don’t want to approve their comment. I know a fan that is ten who watches Shugo Chara and comes to my blog. And despite the occasional f-word when I’m excited, I try to keep out the unnecessary swears. Also, as much as I knew as a child, I’d still have found this crude, and possibly upsetting. Though it’s incredibly amusing to me now.

So before proceeding, here’s a warning about improper language (and awful spelling and grammar too).

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