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Now at girl number three on my list of the top ten anime girls, here’s Hoshina Utau (I bet everyone knew she was on here).

Utau is a fourteen year old idol forced to work for Easter for the sake of “saving” Ikuto. She has her devilish Iru side and her sweet inner angel side which produces the cutest chara ever (Eru).

(Obvious spoiler warning because any discussion involving Utau includes spoilers…but I’ll keep it strictly anime)

Ah…I bet everyone knew Utau would be on this list, huh? But I bet she ranked higher than most people guessed she would.

Oh, do not doubt how high an anime girl can be ranked just by the fact that she’s voiced by Nana Mizuki. Though oddly enough Utau is the only Nana-sama girl on here (unless she voices a certain someone in a possible adaptation).

Utau also gets to win on good looks alone. I mean, I spent more time on her graphic than any of the other girls. About two hours. Though…granted…that’s because there are no good picture of Utau so I had to super-edit pixelated screencaps. But still. And it still looks pretty crummy anyway (I got lazy)…so let’s move on.

But I was interested in Utau from the very beginning. When I first saw her in the opening with Ikuto my automatic reaction was, “Oh god. These are the two coolest characters in this series.” Amu-chan is great, but she’s not nearly as cool as Utau…even if she’s Cool and Spicy. But I’ll get into Amu later (why bother denying that?).

Utau ultimately won me over long before I found out about her bro-con (though that ensured she would forever be a memorable character for me). She won me over the very instant she went, “Ikuto no negai wa Utau ga kanairu” (forgive me if my romajii is as awful as it usually is). I won’t translate it because the translation gets no reaction from me. It just got a crazy reaction out of me, where I was overcome by Utau’s…cuteness doesn’t seem right, so let’s just go with moe.

Because tsundere, twin-tailed, bro-con Utau is most certainly moe. There is no denying it. And she’s the good moe! She’s the moe that makes all of us fangirls wonder why there aren’t more Utau fanboys!

Seriously…where are you guys? If all of you boys can look at every picture of super pretty Utau and never have any reaction, I’ll stop believing that anime fanboys with taste exist! Because if I were a guy, I’d have posters of Utau plastered all over my wall. But I’m a girl…and I still have one (though Amu is in it too).

Really, it’s like Utau has almost everything about being a girl that I have loved since I was five-years-old. She sings, has twin-tailed blonde hair, awesome clothes, hot devil-ness, super cute angel-ness…freakin’ everything! She even has lavender eyes which have been my favorite eye color in anime ever since…I first started watching anime!

Then there are all of her little flaws. Tsundere-ness that makes lots of people hate her. Her bratty, “I’m never wrong” attitude. And of course, that tiny little problem she has with discerning the line between family and romance (*cough* brother complex *cough*). But, once again, all those flaws make me love her more.

Damn it Utau! Stop being so imperfectly perfect!

But she can’t help it. She’s a wounded character with a tough past, so she’s got a warped personality. Which just makes me love her more. That protective thing comes out in me. Though, for Utau it’s less of my “big sister” instinct and more like how I always try to help my friends from making the crappy choices in their lives. It’s the friendship instinct instead I suppose.

And since so many people don’t understand Utau, and hate her for her entertaining and rather cute imperfections, I love her more. I love misunderstood characters. I can’t help myself.

And to make this all quick (and non-spoilery, if it was spoilery, there’d be a lot more), I’ll get to what I love most about her. Utau has the one trait that none of the other anime girls have that I admire above all things.


So much confidence. She’s overflowing with it. Obviously, she had to get knocked down a few pegs because she had so much confidence. No one gets away with saying, “I don’t need Eru”. No one! Not even Utau.

Heh, and of course, since Eru came up, let me just add quickly, that the absolute cuteness of Eru can only add to love for Utau since she is Utau’s chara!

But back to the confidence thing. It’s a trait I’ve always admired, but never quite had. I don’t really care what people think about me unless I respect them myself…but I lack courage and confidence so I’m still shy as all heck.

Lots of girls dislike themselves to some extent. It’s normal. Average. And Utau is just so unaverage, so why should this be any different? Really, I think lots of girls are just dislike Utau because she reminds them of someone they know in real life that they’re just jealous of. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

And I’m sorry to all the fans that are up-to-date with the spoilers. But with Utau’s arc coming to a close so soon (episode 43 apparently), I just can’t bare to spoil anything about her to anyone. Even if it’s something I saw coming.

But anyway, to make up for this let’s have an image spam, kay?

Tsukiyomi Utau, because you just can’t be a Tsukiyomi unless you have a really cool image of an abnormally large full moon behind you.

Idol Utau, brimming with the sort of confidence I envy.

Rocker Utau, even better than Idol Utau because of even more confidence.

Determined Utau, I just love my stubborn girls. More points for Utau.

Bro-Con Utau, it’s too entertaining for me to even dwell on any creepiness.

Hurt Utau, so rare and therefore so much more awwww-inspiring when we see it.

Tsundere Utau, giving inifinity+ points for Utau being the best ever twin-tailed tsunderekko. I’m serious.

Oh my…is it just me, or is each image more moe than the last? Can I just got ahead and declare Utau one of the most moe girls ever in shoujo manga?

Heck. Let me just call her one of the the prettiest girls in shoujo manga too!

(Agh, it really is too bad I’m not writing this up after episode 43. I’ll go on about Utau in that episode more!)


  1. Utau-chan! ^_^ Looks like another memeber of the stubborness trio made your list.

    ah stubborn, stubborn Utau. I knew about her bro-con going into the series thanks to spoilers, so I didn’t like her that much at the start, but I like her alot more now thanks to her interactions with Amu and the other characters.

    It’s hard not to admire her. She’s had a hard life, yet she’s still able to get up and face everyday, without having much emo fests like some other characters with less complicated lives( coughtadasecough). She feels gulitly about what does as an employee of Easter, yet she’s still willing to do it to protect and help someone important to her.

    I think her bro-con has a lot to do with the fact that Ikuto has been the only stable thing she’s had in her life. Her father ran off to god knows where and her mother got remarried to such an evil person. So I thi nk her bro-con is a misguided attempt to try to keep Ikuto close to her, even though it has an opposite effect.

    I love the friendship that starting between her and Amu too. Amu needs a friend who’s able to tell her when she’s being an idoit, which Utau would be very good. Besides a friendship between two stubborn girls is so cute!

    Utau’s probably the prettest girl in SC, since Yaya, Rima and Amu are cute rather then pretty, and Nadeshiko can no longer be counted as a girl.

  2. I KNEW IT!!!! xDDD;;;
    Actually, it’s not that hard to tell. Just one spot off by Sakura being the 4th favorite but anyways…
    U-TA-U ish awesome~!!! Awesomeawesomeawesome!!!
    Little side-tracked here but if anyone doesn’t have a girl who is voiced by Nana-sama on their list, then what kind of anime are they watching?
    Aish, I sometimes get so pissed at Satelight for sometimes giving her the worst shots in the anime when she’s so pretty! Jeez, you idiots, prioritze the real, important lookers, why don’t cha? Dx
    Same here about liking Utau instantly at first glance (ha, she oh-so-conviently happened to be in a shot with Ikuto). I went “Ooo, she looks cool…and bitchy, too! I like her!” xDDD;;
    Adding to that, I’m pretty sure Peach-Pit was just aiming her to be moe from the very start. Her basic character is literally moe, IMO. She’s so chock full of moe it makes me squeal and squinch up my face at the same time because on one hand, “Yay! I get MOE!” and on the other hand, “Ok, this is almost overkill.” Kind of complicated feeling…but I love her more because she can make that happen (contradicting feelings for a character are great for me, I don’t know why…).
    Haha, she is the imperfect perfection, isn’t she? Just like our Komaki-chan~! lol Only less oujo-sama and more tsundere idol. x3
    We still haven’t found her fanboys yet? D: Where the hell are they?
    Hmm…for me, if Utau was my friend, I’d just sit back, relax and let her do her thing (bu-but I have reason!). I guess it’s because with characters like her, I know she’s going to come back on the right path eventually. She’ll get hurt along the way but that’s part of the maturing and acceptance process, something I don’t want to interfere/be in the way of. Also, she’s pretty strong and can take care of herself so I wouldn’t be that worried…I guess it’s more of motherly instinct (wait, that doesn’t mean I’ll make a bad mother, does it?! xD; ) or that of sibling one, w/e.
    Seconded, ditto-ed, agreed, YES! on the confidence factor. Now that is really rare. I think people might say otherwise and start pointing out other girls who would fit that category but here are my counter questions to that: Have they always been confident from the very start? If they are, did they always like the guy they are now after from the very start and was not shy and/or afraid to show her feelings? Was that certain guy her own brother? *shot* xD; Yea…I’d add more to that but this is getting off-topic. Basically, she just screams huge pride whenever you look at her but she also has that sense of fairness over competition that you just absolutely have to notice. Which brings me to the misunderstandings. Seriously, people are so busy being pissed off at her that they never take the time to look at the other traits that make her an admirable character. Yes, she is clingy and annoying when she’s around Ikuto. But have you ever seen such deep devotion from a girl to a person she loves on that level (especially when he’s her own brother)? I’ll state this again, love is never wrong no matter who it is you’re in love with! Affections-wise as of now in both the anime and the manga, I’m sure her feelings for Ikuto still greatly surpass Amu’s feelings for him even when we finally get to see Amu realize her true feelings. And she has the damn right to say “My feelings still won’t lose!” when that happens. (Heh, going off a little here, on how SC! and CCS have its similarities and parallelism, Utau would be SC!’s Meilin, yea?)
    Also, even though Utau is arrogant, she doesn’t underestimate her enemies or call them silly, spiteful little names behind their backs like other girls would do. Name one time in either the anime or the manga that she has done that to Amu. Almost to none, right? She even acknowledged Amu as her rival in love (quote: “Ikuto has never been interested in any other girl before”) and went about in legitimate ways to confront her (and take the Humpty Lock). She won’t sink so low as to take the lock when Amu’s not looking and sticks to her own sense of honor. So she’s really not despicable at all. But she works for Easter and is sucking eggs out of kids’ hearts! Unwillingly and for Ikuto. Yea, she regrets it but then why is she still doing it when she knows she can’t forgive that kind of thing? Again, Ikuto (god, he’s the biggest reason and I can’t think of anything else because of it, grr!) and perhaps since she’s so desperate to show that she can defeat Amu, who is apparently “so superior” because she has 4 eggs and the lock. :P
    *sigh* I could go on forever about Utau (heh…) but I’ll shut up now. Damn, that was a long rant. And as an Utau fangirl, I’m so proud of it! Lol xD;
    Thank youzzz for the picture spam! Cuz Utau is so cool, it’d be wrong to not spam her pictures. Lol

    Oh! And I ordered Black Diamond today! Yay~! xDDD *so excited* I also got Nana-sama’s latest CD. Argh, but shipping is so friggin’ expensive I want to hit somebody! -_-;;
    I hope the CD plays on my CD player (they do, right?) or I will throw a fit.


    warriorhope: Ooo, you make a very, very good point on Ikuto. I never thought about it that way…it makes me love Utau more cuz we get to see her cute, weak side! Haha ^^
    Agreed on the new friendship between Amu and Utau. Heh, I can see Utau being the one to literally slapping Amu to her senses when the times call for it. Nobody else would do it which just makes Utau an awesome friend. xD;
    Amu, Rima, and Yaya are still lolis so maybe in a few more years, that might change (ha, but then Utau would be a lady and not a girl).

  3. i like utau. shes like the best grl in sc. amu and the others r too cute to be cool. i got a question: we never see utau go to school but she wears a school uniform. when in world does she go to school?! cuz she also sings at school hours.

  4. Hey, Fuyu-chan! I’m currently thinking about making my Amuto video (still unsure about which song to use >.<)

    I’m NOW gonna make an Utau video too!! XD Because, well…the song I’m gonna use just matches her PERFECTLY!!!!!!

  5. I was waitin’ the Uti article!! xDD
    I love her ♥ She would be in my top 3 of anime girls if I made a list too; the funny thing, is that at the begginin’ I didn’t like Utau.
    Ok,ok, I admit it… I’ve always loved her looks and havin’ pics of her(I dennied it, yeah! But my album was full of pics of her.) but she’s soo beautiful! I’ve never seen a manga/anime girl as pretty as Utau. The way she looks is amazing, in some pages she appeared I stayed watchin’ the way of drawin’ and I was facinated. And she’s so cool, not only pretty, the way she dresses, performs at stage, her singin’, everything! [And that’s only the physical part, there is more] She’s cool but not in the “oh, she’s a cool idol” way, she’s cool in the Utau way. Yeah, was only matter of time I started lovin’ her.

    My biggest problem was her Brother-complex. It’s true that if she wasn’t her sis it’d be a very bad thing, ’cause that would mean that she actually would have a real chance with Ikuto. And let’s face it Amuto fans: If Uti “didn’t get in the way of Amu”[as some ppl say], it woudn’t be so interesting! Besides, Amu started thinkin’ in her feelings toward Ikuto thanx to Uti~! Even if the kiss between siblings was absolutely creepy, that made Ikuto hug Amu and make her jealous. And there r a lot more of examples! So for the stupids that say they hate Uti-chan ’cause she “gets on Amu’s way”, shut the hell up!! Let’s be grateful to Uti!
    But still, I have a big brother and thinkin’ in someone that falls in love with her own brother… puaj, it’s just wrong, doesn’t matter the situation. Sorry, lil sister opinion!
    But the manga plot has advanced a lot, and developed her character a lot too, so if I still denied the fact I like Uti, I’d be such a jerk. I just couldn’t help it, bcause even when “myself was talkin’ to me about her brother complex”, her coolness, hotness, cuteness, stuborness[lol, I love that!], (etc.ness), just won over me. One day I woke up and had to face up the fact that I was already an Uti fan. Was an internal fight. Maybe that’s one of the reasons she’s one of my fav character, she’s not someone u overlook just like that.
    And I have to agree with you, confidence is one of the things I like the most and Uti totally has it. And she’s also strong. I actually admire her in a way. Her dreams of bein’ a singer were so screwed up by Eater, her family situation, the things she has to do… And still can with all that. That makes her act as she were mean and even said that about Eru, but I think all against what she really feels in order to adapt herself with the situation. She needed a lil help from Amu, but she got wriggle out of all that!
    Uti, you’re just too awsome.
    And btw, I did read the ‘Moe’ definition in Wikipedia [Spanish and English], and I understand better the concept, but not as good as usin’ it, so I’m not gonna talk about the opinion of Utau bein’ Moe, but what I can say is that I do beleive Uti is the prettiest girl in shoujo manga ever! [Even though I haven’t read that much, I don’t think I need to do it to beleive that. I’m not gonna change my mind]
    Since I’m a SC manga follower, sometimes I get mad at the anime for makin’ Uti not as pretty as she should, or the way she sometimes doesn’t appear much. The good thing, I can hear her sing~! And Uti is a way too fabulous idol and singer to only appear in a manga. It was necesary an anime. For her transformations too~! But I don’t like much her Lunatic Charm in the anime: Don’t know if it is bcause of the color, the material, but it doesn’t look good. Luckily, Uti is super hot, so it’s ok anyway. Dark jewel was great, I think is my fav transformation in the whole anime [with Black Lynx] and I can’t wait to see Seraphic Charm! Uti+Eru= Awsome chara nari.
    In the end, Uti is an awsome character and Peach-pit a genius for makin’ her.

  6. OMG UTAU!!!!!!!!! And she is in one of the top 3 too~!!! Seeing ur post, I have decided that I am so going to rush off and start writing my own Utau review. :D

    I am not ure when i started to idolise Utau-chan. It happened all of a sudden. I din’t really care about Utau in the past, she was kind of a side character to me, and I wasn’t really interested in her. But around episode 12? During her concert, I think that it was then, when I suddenly being a fangirl of Utau. >.<

    I think that it was also partly because I am sick of chasing after all the main characters and fangirling over them, like Amu. Amu’s cool, sweet and has her funny moments, but she doesn’t really need caring after because she is, after all, the main character. So we can safely assume that she will be happy ending. However, Utau is not a main character, so she might not get what she wants. Taking Ikuto has an example, she ‘loves’ Ikuto and idolises him. She will do anything to protect and safe him. She will make sacrifices for him even if it goes against her moral. Isn’t it just the most noble thing to do in the world?

    However, as I have mentioned before, Utau is not the main character so her dream of being with Ikuto is never going come true. I believe we all know that. And, I tink that, somewhere deep in Utau’s heart, she knows that too. If not, why will she be so angsty over Amu? If she thought that Amu is not a competition, she wouldn’t have bothered Amu that much. This come back to her strength again. She is strong, and nobody can oppose that. Even though she has been faced with setbacks after setback, she still perservere on, and even learned from them. What’s not to like about such a wonderful character?

    Some people dun like her because of her brattiness. But her brattiness is also her strength. She as been faced with numerous life shattering setbacks in her life, with her father abondoning them, her mother remarrying and Ikuto’s plight. In this sort of sutuiation, I believe that most of us would have cracked and will be crying our hearts out about all the misfortune in our lifes, but not Utau. She took it in her stride, and dealt with it her own way: with the ‘I won’t lose/give up attitude’.

    Compared to what she could have done, I believe that the way she dealt with it was incredible. It must have taken her a great deal of will power to do that. . . . . .

    Her strength is wat I admire most in her. (Not counting her awesome voice (and voice actress) and awesome figure.) :D

  7. warriorhope: Yes, only one more member left to go (no point in even trying to deny it).

    I knew it after watching episode…eight or something. So at least I saw Utau before finding out. But that made it so much fun for me to be like, “lol…possessive.”

    Utau is a great girl. She tries so hard and doesn’t give up until the very end. Then when it turns out there’s really nothing else she can do. It takes until she’s absolutely run out options. Obviously, she was misguided, but she was doing the wrong things for the right reason. She’s great~! I love her!

    I agree. Utau just loves Ikuto the most because he’s the only one who’s really be in her life. And she wants him to stay with her. But now that’s she’s become friends with Amu, you can kind of notice how she’s beginning to let go bit by bit. And I’m loving their friendship too. It’s having a good effect on both of them.

    Oh she is. Rima might be a little competition when she’s older, but even then I think Utau will just be even prettier. When things start she’s just fourteen. Imagine how she looks when she turns seventeen. Bishoujo overload…


    xiao_jie88: It’s just shameful not to have anyone voiced by Nana-sama. But even for me, I can only have Utau. But absolutely! Nana-sama needs to voice an Arina Tanemura character someday!!!!

    Well, prettier characters are harder to animate, so that might be on purpose.

    The first time I saw a picture of Utau I had a, “Cool girl” overload, because by then I was already over my stage of not liking anime girls that could be bitchy. Now I know…once they reveal their secret sweet side, they are the best!!!!

    Oh they must have been. She’s so moe that it is overload, but I love it because…not annoying. So many moe girls are annoying, but not Utau~! Because she’s just the exact right combination of moe traits.

    That reminds me…Komaki really should be voiced by Nana-sama…if it becomes impossible (for some reason) for Nana-sama to voice Haine anyway. I want a Nana-sama ojou-sama~!

    Well, if the Utau fanboys were hiding in the same place as the dumbass Tadase and Tadamu fangirls were, they should be appearing here soon. (I got three really funny flames from the same person on my episode 39 review, I’m deciding if I should approve their comment or make fun of them in a post, because that’s just so much fun)

    Heh. I automatically lack the ability to sit back, even if it is to their benefit. If you knew my friends, you’d understand why. One of them seriously was going to move to China after they graduated from High School…just because it seemed fun. *headdesk*

    They haven’t been confident from the very start. At least not any shoujo manga girls or moe girls. Ah! That’s why Utau being so moe isn’t annoying! Because she doesn’t need to be taken care of!

    Ah, the fairness. I loved how when she wanted to take the Humpty Lock from Amu, she purposely didn’t attack until Amu was going to fight her (even though she did a few attacks to make sure Amu would fight her). Even when she’s being a bad guy she’s still a good girl (Eru influence~!).

    Oh yes, Utau loves him more…for now. She needs to give some of that love to Kukai now~!

    Well, Utau hates people who do things underhandedly. She even went against Easter because of Nikaidou’s way of doing things. She’s such a good girl. Everytime she does something “sneaky” it’s because Sanjou mentions Ikuto. Unfair!!!

    You should be proud of it! Let’s make Utau t-shirts! And Amuto ones as well while we’re at it (off-topic, but if we make Utau t-shirts, Amuto t-shirts must be made).

    Ah! You ordered it. I don’t know when my copy is getting ordered. But I’m getting Meikyuu Butterfly (didn’t end up getting it the first time around because of shipping) with it. For my birthday~!


    utaufangrl: Oh she is most certainly the coolest. Just one look at Utau when she’s singing her new song is proof of that.

    That…is a good question. Well, she hasn’t been wearing it as much lately. They had her wearing it more when she wasn’t doing as much idol stuff. But…she probably doesn’t sing every day.


    lol2728: Ooo! I wanna see both of them! I’m not making my Utau video until after episode 43 (and maybe 44), but I look forward to seeing yours!!!!


    Reina: Oh most people didn’t. The only people who still dislike are just caught up on silly stuff and I demand they be kicked out of anime!!!

    Oh I collect every image of Utau that I can find! So pretty~! Even if unofficial art!

    The Utau way. I know what you mean. We need a term to describe her, just like we have “Cool and Spicy” for Amu. Someone invent a new term for Utau! Or just Utau-ness could be enough.

    If they weren’t related (or at least childhood friends), I’d probably be ticked if Ikuto didn’t pay any attention to Utau. Because that’s just unrealistic. But since they’re related it’s fine. And her getting in Amu’s way is very good. Because in the anime it causes quite a few “Amu’s jealous~!” moments that I love. Be thankful for Utau you haters!!!

    Oh me too. I have an older brother (and just an older brother), so I definitely see the weirdness in it. I just keep in mind that it’s fiction. And I also keep in mind that the circumstances in Utau’s family are extreme (basically, she never thought of Ikuto as her brother, even when they were little she called him, “Ikuto” and not “onii-chan” or anything).

    Utau wins against everyone in the end (except Amu, I suppose, lol). She’s very strong. She tried so hard for such a long time, that I felt bad for her when she failed, even though she was doing the wrong thing.

    Once you see moe used enough, you’ll end up using it, even if you don’t think you know how to. It just sort of comes naturally.

    I think it’s impossible to make an anime character as pretty as Utau is in the manga. But the singing is the good point! And I kind of agree with Lunatic Charm, but I am so looking forward to Seraphic Charm. So pretty~! And Black Lynx is the best right now. Without a doubt.


    Starry: Yes! More love for Utau~!

    Episode 12 is where she took center-stage and ultimately became one of my favorite characters too. Up until then, I liked her (because I was reading the manga mostly), but the fangirl love definitely came during episode 12.

    My love for Amu kind of faded as well, because we get to see her so much. Every time we get to see Utau it’s like a treat, and it just increases my love for her.

    But no, Utau won’t get everything she wants, though I bet she’ll still be a proper idol (and hopefully find comfort with a certain other guy~!).

    Utau’s a smart girl, when she actually sits down and thinks about it, she probably realizes it. She’s just never let go of the childish impulse to hog Ikuto all to herself I guess. But she’s growing up now. And I’ll just love her more when she completely lets go of Ikuto (because she’ll get the chance to be so cute and heartbroken~!)

    Either confidence and strength coupled with brattiness, or weakness coupled with being naive and nice. I chose Utau brattiess over weakness. No contest. And she deserves to be a brat with everything she goes through. And that’s a good point on why she’s like that.

    Her strength is definitely the most admirable thing. But aside from occasional brattiness and bro-con, Utau is pretty admirable altogether.

  8. We should start kickin’ out those ppl!! lol
    Haha, yeah, me too, specially if she’s in her chibi mode, she looks so cute but in her cool way~! Someday I’ll make a fan art of Uti. Someday…!
    I think Uti-ness is enough, is only her way and that’s it. I love the ‘Cool and Spicy’ thing, the first time I saw it I started laughin’, but the funny thing is that that’s an anime stuff, ’cause in the manga they say it I think once.
    Oh, of course, I always keep in mind that is only a manga[If I didn’t I would propably be searchin’ for the embryo or for a guy as hot a Ikuto…], but still was strange. Yeah, and when she was little and argued with Tadase ’cause “Ikuto’s first priority is going on a date with Utau” I think that was incredible cute ♥ The bro-con didn’t matter. xP
    [Haha, Amu’s the main character, so I guess] Yeah, when I started lovin’ her I felt bad too… I just wanna see the chapter 26 animated!! There’s when the fight for the X eggs, the Uti-Easter stuff and Seraphic Charm and Amulet Diamond happen!! I hope they keep it as in the manga. If they do, I’ll be great.
    Yes, the only thing better than Ikuto is Ikuto in a transformation with Yoru. So hot and cool ♥

  9. blimey! there are a lot of comments! and I love Utau! she is a great character, sometimes I think the fact that she is supposedly ‘a bad person, on the bad side’ makes her an even greater character!
    I know what you mean about confidence. I’m exactly the same… until I go hyper talking about… certain things. (*cough* Amuto *cough*) (Ep. 33 and 38 included!) then I’m brimming with ‘confidence’ which I scold later for making me make a fool of myself!
    You edited some of these pics?! I can’t tell, I really can’t!
    Oh yeah! on an editing note, I made an edit pic of Amuto (Ep. 38 ) and my friend did Tadase (An older ep.) but I don’t know how to get it up, cause I wanted to show them to you.
    Anyway, Love Utau and the post and great job on… everything! Hooray for FUyu-Maiden!

  10. I suspected as much. ^_^

    Yep. Amu is a good for Utau too. She needs to expand her world and have be around people besides Sanjou and Ikuto. That’s why her hanging out with Amu, and Utakai is so fun to see. I can’t wait until she meets Rima and they both get pocessive over Amu.

    Yeah, I can see Rima becoming a pretty girl when she grows up. Yaya is probably doomed to be a loli forever like Hanni and Momji, and Amu has to stay cute because shojo manga heroines should be cute instead of pretty. I agree about Utau too. She will get even prettier. It’s the Tsukiyomi genes because Ikuto has gotten hotter during the series.

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  12. those pics are really cool i just love manga and anime hwn it comes to manga :D i love naruto, d_n_angel_,oh my goddess,and crimson hero

  13. i’m one of the utau fans too. i get crazy when i see her. Not only is she pretty but she sings well too. i have her songs ^.^

  14. Utau-chan one of the MOST Tsundere girls ever!

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