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Meh. I’m not really that entertained. I knew I wouldn’t be. Akira and Tadashi are great side characters, but I don’t know. They lack the ability to bring out the, “*squee* Look at that!” reaction from me. They’re too much of a functional couple I guess. I like my *squee* couples to be dysfunctional…or something. I don’t know.

Basically, to sum up how I feel about this episode: I’m looking forward to next week with the return to Kei and Hikari. And if they follow the manga, that will be a fun episode with a fun new character.



That’s right. As soon as you saw the word, “meh” you should have known I wouldn’t have even bothered with a summary.

So…I’m going to be completely honest right now. I did not watch the episode. I fast-forwarded the whole thing. I just stopped to grab a screencap or if I saw something that looked like it might be new or entertaining. No Kei and Hikari means no incredible fangirl power to make me want to either rant or…fangirl.

Besides, I have better things to do. I went to the bookstore today and picked up a light novel. I’ll review it soon. And the sooner I get through this, the sooner I can get back to reading.

Haha. Okay speaking of light novels, this scene was extra lol for me. Because the novel I picked up was Strawberry Panic…and my god. It’s like Akira is purposely trying to act out the opening scene. Anyone who knows anything about Strawberry Panic knows what I’m talking about, right?

Oh so Yui-chan can look cute. I guess that’s just the effect of pigtails. Too bad all the pictures of her with pigtails are of her looking scared. Not cute.

Ha. Even Akira and Tadashi’s S&M relationship is enough to make all the other weirdos in the SA uneasy.

Okay. I totally watched this scene. I don’t read these chapters of the manga very much, but is this scene from the manga? Well, if it is, it’s more memorable for me in the anime (since I obviously don’t remember). This is a great scene. But it kind of makes me want to hit my head against something because Akira and Tadashi get one episode and look what happens? Agh!

Oh. As if on cue. Here come the crayons to ruin everything. And still all weirdly half-crayoned too.

Oh! And suddenly Hikari is freakin’ smart about romance and knows not to intrude! Agh! Stupid Hikari! Kei didn’t even make a move for you to ignore today and I still want to throw a brick at your dense brick head.

Yui actually looks cute here too (despite looking kind of scared again). Alright. They aren’t allowed to draw Yui with her hair down anymore. No.

Added for no reason. I just like Hikari in her sailor fuku. Yeah.

One more cute Yui screencap to make up for me calling her uncute last week.

I like Yahiro. I always feel bad for him. He’s a pretty warped guy, but most of it is an act. Let’s just hope the anime makes it seem that way from now on too.

Ah. This is totally what I wanted. Yes…do the math Akira. That is what I look forward to next week. TO some extent. At the risk of spoiling something for anime-only viewers…Kei doesn’t match his move from episode 12, but it’s still a good chapter.



Heh, heh, heh. This is why I was looking forward to episode 12 so much. There was the actual kiss in episode 12, but there’s also all the stuff that follows it. I absolutely loved this scene in the manga. Anime-only viewers should definitely take a look at it (unless they want to be avoiding spoilers). Heh. Go Kei.

But of course we manga-viewers know what follows after. But it’s okay. As long as Hikari is blushing anyway.

Which she totally is. Finally.

Oh yeah. And Sakura too. Didn’t get many good pictures of her, but I’m not unhappy or anything with her character design. I can say that much.

Anyway, next week looks like it will cover chapter 21 and chapter 22 which means we’re still breezing right along. Maybe we’ll get to the story where Hikari is sick after all. That’s so cute. I really doubted they’d get there until now, but their pacing is pretty good right now. Who knows? Though I still doubt it.


  1. YAY!!!! Yahiro!!! and Kei too, YAY!!!!! OOOOOOH, some Akira x Tadashi development?! YAY!!!!!

    BTW, I just noticed in the Hawaii episode….THEY TOOK IT OUT!!!! They took out the ‘Chitose is spending ALOT of time with Hikari’ STUFF!!!!

    WAAAAAAAH!!!!!! Stupid animaters T_T

  2. Haha, you picked up Strawberry Panic. I love that anime, and the manga is good too! I wonder what you’ll think of it. :P Can’t wait for next episode! Thanks for your review!

  3. The motorcycle moment was awesome, when Akira is screaming at Tadashi’s reckless driving skills. ^_^ I’m glad they kept that in.
    I’m a little concerned with how they’re going to combine two chapters next week though, since the first half will have to be the pseudo-date between Hikari and Kei and the rest will have to do with the introduction of Sakura.

  4. lol2728:Ah, well I pretty much expect them to take stuff out at this point anyway. But agreed on the development! Yay. Just too bad that Akira and Tadashi are officially farther along than Hikari and Kei (with less screen time).


    amayalee: Oh I did. I still have to finish the anime and pick up the manga. I just wanted to get the light novel to see if it was worth it. And it is. So much fun.


    kaekyo: Ah, that was one of the things I fast-forwarded through. I should watch this again with subs later.

    I’m sure they can do it. A couple of things might get cut out (But please! Not Hikari’s shoujo manga dresss!), but hopefully it means less really lame filler. Hopefully.

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