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That’s right. Even though this is Tadase’s episode, Utau gets the spotlight. Take that Tadase! I will never give you the big image spot! Never!

Besides, the Black Diamonds song was so awesome it deserves the spotlight.

Seriously though, thank god for Utau and her awesome new song because that’s all I liked about this episode. Everything else was…well let’s all say it together, “GAY!” Yes…very gay.



(As a warning, I didn’t look up anything in this episode, so my summary is untrustworthy and just an excuse for me to bitch a little really…though I did summarize a little).

Things open with Utau and her clearly awesome new song and ominousness.

Then we cut to shota-Tadase saving another shota from bullying, but he fails. Because he’s Tadase. And then he gets all emo and starts crying because he crushed a flower (say it with me…gaaaaay). Then there’s some old strict lady (grandmother I guess) and Tadase wakes up from his gay childhood memory-dream. After Tadase wakes up he goes to visit his bitch grandma with some flowers. She’s sleeping and possibly sick I guess.

On the way to school Amu’s charas make fun of her yawning. She turns into a drooling fangirl for Tadase. Amu notices that he doesn’t seem to be feeling well but Tadase says he’s his usual self. Then when they go to class everyone’s talking about a new CD that apparently grants wishes (give you three guesses about whose it is). Neither Amu or Tadase know anything about it.

They talk about the CD more in the Garden. Supposedly it’s haunted or cursed or something too (I don’t know, I’m msotly guessing at meanings there). Then Yaya starts freaking Amu out with ghost stuff and Rima scares her too. Then Kairi and Musashi plot a little with the CDs.

Then cut to more Utau awesome singing. Enjoy it! They give the CD out for free to people. Everyone seems entranced by Utau singing or something.

After school Amu looks for Tadase because he wasn’t feeling well (bleh, just go home Amu). Amu’s charas get all involved in her business (including Eru the angel of love), but Amu firmly ignores them this time. Amu finds Tadase in front of the planetarium. Amu brings up the planetarium’s nice caretaker and Tadase starts laughing. Inside the planetarium Amu learns that the caretaker is actually the first king (and we saw just before that he has a copy of the book from the…second episode too).

Tadase talks to Amu a little and says he wanted the CD too (or something). Amu asks what he’d want and he says something about being strong or something. Then there’s a flashback of Tadase crying with that dog of his and his grandma being f’ugly. Tadase explains a little about his grandma who I guess always told him to be strong and stuff. Then Tadase goes on more emo about not being able to find the embryo and some other crap. Then Kiseki gets all ticked at Tadase and talk him out of it or something. Amu joins in too.

Now for a brief interruption. Right here is where there should have been a cute scene with Ikuto and the first king, but no. NO!

Back at Amu’s house, Amu is thinking abotu Tadase and Kiseki, her charas all try to cheer her up. Eru interrupts with Utau love~! She brings up Dia and everyone goes emo again. Emo Amu talks about Dia and stuff (or whatever) and Eru falls asleep.

Back at Tadase’s house Kiseki and Tadase aren’t talking or something because of their fight (was that what that was?). Tadase finds the CD in his bag (put there by Kairi no doubt) and gives it a listen. Kiseki discovers him when he’s already all entranced and crap and Kiseki starts to get forced into his egg. Then zombie Tadase starts walking off somewhere. Kids all over listening to Utau’s awesome song do the same and follow the music to a van.

Meanwhile Kairi is doing the dishes and feeling bad about what he did, putting the CD in Tadase’s bag under his sister’s orders (personally, I think he did us all a favor).

On her balcony, Amu is thinking about Tadase not feeling well (No! The balcony is reserved for Ikuto thinking only!). Amu sees a shooting star and wishes three times for Tadase to feel better. She gets hit in the face by Kiseki, learns all the news about Tadase, transforms into Amulet Heart, and rushes off to save him.

After flying around a bit, Amu sees all the kids and goes to check out what’s up. Then x-eggs start showing up and Kiseki’s egg starts turning into an x-egg. Specifically, as Amu thinks, like Dia.

Elsewhere, Dia has a reaction. Utau asks what’s wrong and Dia talks! She says nothing really, but still, Dia talked!

Amu sees Tadase and he’s all emo about flowers again. Then he sees Amulet Heart and starts to snap out of it. Amu talks about Dia and stuff to him and tries to get him to snap out of it more by telling him to remember about when Kiseki was born (or something). Then we get a flashback of when Kiseki was born, which was apparently caused by the flower gayness.

More, sapping out of it occurs with encouragement from Kiseki. Then the Humpty Lock glows and a super gay transformation ensues. Twirling just like the girls too.

Amu and Tadase team up and heal the eggs (with Tadase’s new attack) and Kairi and Musashi see it (when did they get there anyway?). Utau sees it as well, but she’s unimpressed. Amu does her open heart and bam, everyone’s healed. They see a bright glowing egg among all the healed eggs that quickly bounces away.

Kiseki and Tadase reunite and there’s a small moment with Tadase’s grandma and all seems to be well.

But in Utau’s van, there’s more plotting. The plans about the indie band Black Diamonds is revealed. And Utau takes off her glasses and gets her name said for the first time this episode (like they’re revealing it or something).



I declare this episode, FAIL! Seriously, it’s an episode straight from the manga, but I still couldn’t sit through it all. They added crap about Tadase and took away my scene with Ikuto! Therefore, automatic, FAIL!!!!

Seriously…not just speaking as an Ikuto fangirl, this episode fails anyway. It’s supposed to make me feel bad for Tadase, but it fails. Every time Tadase said or did anything in this episode, I wanted to smack him and go, “When I was a six-year-old girl I was more gar than you! Stop whining!!!”

He “wants to be strong”? That’s it!? That’s freakin’ it!? LAME!

Well…at least Tadase knows he’s a wussy piece of crap.

Yeah fine. I’m done. I’ll do my proper thoughts now.

Oh those Tsukiyomi siblings and their full moon backgrounds. There just aren’t enough full moons in the year for them, are there? At least not such big moons. But it’s okay because they’re so cool they can make a full moon appear all on their own.

More love for Utau’s awesome hat and glasses. Must…have…that hat. I will grow my hair out long again (used to have it down past my waist) just so I can use a hat like that properly.

Seriously…Utau looks so bad-ass. I can almost buy her as a bad guy with this awesome look. Almost. She’s still too tsundere and lovable for me to buy her being bad really.

This wasn’t in the manga. I can’t read that chapter and there’s not many spoilers about it (because no one cares about Tadase), but I know no grandma appears in the raws.

Dammit Satelight! You’re trying to give Tadase’s character depth! Stop it! He’s a shallow little whiney piece of crap who cries about flowers!!! That’s all! The rest of his character history all just comes from Ikuto. He’s a character development leech!

Doesn’t matter though I suppose. I didn’t feel bad for Tadase at all anyway. It just made me dislike him more.

Utau makes an awesome rockstar. Even more than a pop idol. Look how serious she looks. It matches Utau’s determination more to be a rock singer. Though I still like Utau as an idol. I like Utau no matter what she does.

I suppose I’m just biased to love the new song (does anyone know what it’s called by the way?) because I love Nana Mizuki singing a rock-ish song. Never gotten a rock-ish song for Nana-sama before and it just so fits her. Can’t wait for the CD’s release. August sixth from what I’ve read…yet another thing that comes out after my birthday. Dammit!

See right here? Yeah. There was supposed to be an incredibly cute scene with Ikuto sometime after this. Ikuto in kitty mode! Why!? Why would you do this to me Satelight?

My god…it better show up as filler or something because I can’t think of when it would show up in the next couple of episodes easily. Seriously. I will be enraged if I never get to see Ikuto being a playful kitty. The powerful weapons come out for Satelight cutting out one of my favorite scenes…ever! And I really want to know what’s said in that scene too.

This is the only real conversation Amu and Tadase ever have about themselves and its just Tadase being emo. Seriously, can I declare Amuto ultimate OTP forever now? Because if Peach-Pit seriously went with a Tadamu ending…I’d just be like, “WTF!?” because it makes zero sense to me. This pairing could not be any more shallow. No chemistry, no conversations, there’s not even any drama! More fail for this episode!

Aw, Eru’s Utau love cannot be denied. She’s so cute. I love her more than ever. Even though she was about to go into Angel of Love mode for Amu and Tadase. Though I can fully accept it if Eru did it for Amuto. Because it would be really funny too. And it would probably mean I’d get to hear Ikuto laugh again~!

Hey Dia. So glad to see Satelight has remembered to keep having her show up again. Yay!

Aw, Eru is so cute~! I’m finally going to be getting her keychain (I think). It’s an early birthday present! I’ll be so happy when I get one. I’ll find out for sure if it’ll work tomorrow.

WTF? Dia talked! She really did! And she sounds so cute! Does anyone know who Dia’s seiyuu is? I can’t find the info yet. Let me know! Please!

Lame. I heard about this, but I didn’t think it was true. It really was, specifically “Amulet Heart” who snapped Tadase out of it. More reasons why Tadamu should never EVER happen! Come on!

Gay as expected. Look at that pose. And in addition to the winking, Tadase did glowy naked mode (like the girls) and twirled (like the girls). Freakin’ gay. And that pose, he looks like he’s about to do another twirl. So freakin’ gay!!!

Tadase…you officially aren’t even allowed to use “boku” anymore. Be the girl that you are and use “atashi”, ‘kay Tada-chan?

Hey. Embryo. Too bad the anime won’t ever get to it appearing for really reals.

Utau doesn’t just look cool against the moon, dramatic lighting makes her look cool too. Utau is just super coolness. Though I kind of wish she took off her hat like she did in the manga, because she looked cool when she did that.

More Utau in episode 41! Since I doubt we get any in episode 40.



Hey! Rima’s heart Unlock! Finally! Rima’s cuteness takes center stage again. And it seems like her family problems might get solved.

Specifically, she’s going to have to quit the guardians. But of course, I doubt that will happen. Because Rima-tan is strong and stands up for herself.

And in episode 41 we’ll have Kairi’s problems solved judging by this. Then I predict a break in which Ikuto’s kitty scene will hopefully appear. If not we’ll probably get to see Ikuto in episode 41 with Utau and more violin playing. Unless they decide to stretch Kairi’s stuff across a couple of episode, which I can buy. THough, after that it might be a couple of fillers before we head for the end of Dia’s arc.

Huh. There’s only twelve episode of Shugo Chara left. If I wasn’t already thinking that way, now I’d really be doubting the appearance of Ikuto’s arc. Let’s hope episode 51 comes with an announcement about another season of Shugo Chara sometime later. Especially since 51 feels like such an odd number to stop on (why not just go for one more and go for the usual 52…weirdos).


Edit 8/24/08: This post has been comment-locked for only attracting comments from immature fangirls who don’t bother to read more recent Shugo Chara posts or even other comments on this post. Even the Tadase fans are able to poke fun at Tadase. You guys need to grow up. You should also realize that I wrote this right after the episode was aired. Just because you found it today, didn’t mean I wrote it today. And I’m not going to go back and edit it because some new information about Tadase comes out.

The only comments I get are like this or they’re asking me to “take back” what I said about Tadase being “gay”.  If you guys read more recent posts, maybe you would see that I took back what I said about Tadase being gay. Of course, i didn’t. I still think he’s girly. Most importantly, I never even said he was gay in the first place. I said, “Gay” in regards to the way he acts sometimes and his chara-nari. And everything’s just been a joke. You fangirls take this more seriously than a friend I have who actually is gay. You act like being gay would be bad and frankly, I find it offensive. I don’t hate Tadase because I think he’s gay, (I dislike him for not behaving correctly and I just poke fun at him for acting girly).

For once in your life you should step back and think before you start typing and you won’t end up sounding like such an idiot. Maybe the fact that I’m no longer enabling you to type right away will give you that chance.


  1. Yeah, I thought his transformation was gay too. And the way he twirled, like a girl. Can’t wait for next episode, rima love!! And I hope we get to see that shodai King and Ikuto moment soon. Can’t believe they cut that out.

  2. Yup, this episode pretty much shouted GAY! And those frills…urgh. <_<

    And they took the Ikuto part off. Those people in Satelight are mean D<

    Oh, you still don’t know??? Dia’s arc ends in episode 42. After that is still a bit unknown of how the series will continue. Filler ending or Ikuto Arc? Who knows?

  3. Utau awesomeness!!!! Woots! I shall just skip everything and go straight to Utau’s singing first before watching the whole thing…


    OMG, is it possible? Black Diamond CD will be on sale in August?! I must be dreaming!!!!

    Anyway, if his grandma is such a bitch, maybe thats the reason he tries to act nice? Maybe because he actually HATES her being so mean? I would…

    GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY Chara Nari. I took one look at the picture and went “GAAAAAAAAAAY” XD

  5. Please tell me that there is a limit to how gay you can be. It doesn’t matter if it’s fiction, this is highly illegal (I’m on a rampage, please don’t take it seriously).
    I swear, I wanted to bang my head against the wall until I punched a hole through it. If it weren’t for Utau and Black Diamond, I seriously would’ve done so. “Want to become strong” my fuckin’ ass! You can only accomplish that on your own, not by using some egg or whatever object that “grants wishes”. It’s just a false, easy way out! It’s a freakin’ empty lie to comfort yourself! This is why stupid Tadase can never be a decent human being! That good-for-nothing wuss!
    I can’t believe I even considered the thought of forgiving him for his stupidity after reading the summary for chapter 31. Then again, I might change my mind later when I actually see it…but that’s not the point (and I won’t change my mind! *stubborn*). I hate you, Tadase! I hate you! I hate you! I hate you! And I don’t like you right now either, Peach-Pit and Satelight! You just had to make him this hateable, didn’t you?! You just had to give him the worst personality and the gayest transformation in history, didn’t you?! AND WHAT THE F*** DID YOU TAKE THE RIGHTFUL IKUTO SCENE OUT OF THIS EPPY FOR, SATELIGHT BASTARDS?!?!?! *silently fumes*
    …Nana-sama~! <3333 My saviour!
    I’m gonna preorder the Black Diamond right now. It sounds so awesome I want to scream. Nana-sama’s voice…and guitar…and rock…all packed into Utau with her awesome hat having space to spare. xDDD
    Deducting more points from Satelight for doing that lame thing of mentioning Utau’s name at the end. Really, what was the point of that? Stupid heads.
    Eru, honey, you are too sweet. Don’t concern yourself with trivial things like Amu and Tadatard’s “relationship” cuz you’re just too cool for that. x33
    HOMGWTFBBQ, Dia spoke in this episode!!!! O.O …
    And yay! Rima is gonna be ten times more awesome next week! *celebrates* xDDD Kairi, plz come back to the light soon. :/
    I pray that Ikuto will appear next week. I miss him~… T_T
    Wow, I think this is my shortest SC! comment I’ve made. Heh…

  6. First of all, I wanna say that it was pretty good to see the screencap (¿?) of Uti-chan for this ep, bcause if I saw Tadase’s… Aghh ¬`´¬!
    This full me of 2 emotions, let’s sart for the first one:
    Love. Yeah, only Uti-chan could be the responsable! The song is great!! The amazin’ thing, is that I don’t like japanese music. At all. Everytime that suddenly started a japanese song I wanted to turn off the music… Till Uti~!! I couldn’t beleive that I actually enjoy her first song, but I loved this one!! I love u Uti-chan!! [Wow, I’m still in my fangirl mode ’cause bfore watchin’ ep39, I saw the Amuto scene in ep38… again]. If it weren’t for her, I’d hit my head againt the computer for Tadase’s gayness…
    Which takes me to the second emotion:
    The emotion of ‘How gay can you be in only 5 seconds?’
    I think Tadase already answer my question, but still… Tadase, are you f* kiddin’ me?? C’mon!!!!! It wasn’t enough actin’ GAY in the present, you needed to add that it has always been like that, AND, you had to wear that gaaay costume!!
    No. That wasn’t enough either, you also needed to wink in that pose. Aghh!!
    I think that maybe overreacted, but I’m also mad ’cause I didn’t see Ikuto in his playful kitty mode ¬¬ It was great in the manga…!! And Yoru too ♥ I wanted to see it animated [and actually listen to it] so badly!! Damn it.
    Uti-chan coolness or Eru gave me a good moment, but still, this sucks.
    Luckily, we’ll have more Rima-tan in the next episode~! I’m hopin’ a better episode…

  7. Mysterica: Oh I think we all did. Especially with that twirl. Ugh.

    Maybe they’ll randomly insert Ikuto’s visit with the first king in Rima’s episode. Doubt it though.


    ForeverOblivion: I just looked it up about all the rumors of the Dia arc ending in episode 42. It’ll probably actually end in episode 43. The “Last Fight” with Utau will probably stetch across two episodes. Which makes sense since it stretched across more than one chapter too.

    I hope they go for Ikuto’s arc and extend the anime. But I still haven’t heard any news about it. Meh.


    Starry: Utau’s singing is scattered throughout the whole episode and you get to hear it right at the beginning. So it might be better just to watch. It’s fun! Because when I was watching the episode I got to constantly go: “Gay. AWESOME! Gay. Awesome. Gayer. Awesomer! SUPER GAY!!!! Ah…awesome.”


    fuyu_maiden_fan: It is very possible. Because it is! I’m ordering it ASAP…but I won’t get it until a week later probably. Poo.

    Hmm…I doubt that’s the reason since he seems to like his grandmother so much. She didn’t appear in the manga anyway.

    I think we all went Gay. Gay, Gay, Gay.


    xiao_jie88: Apparently there is no limit. Because every time I think Tadase hits his limit, he goes beyond it and gays it up some more.

    Me too. Me too. The gayness was just too much. And Tadase is dumber than ever. Why doesn’t he be like Amu who works for what she wants. Agh!!! Loser. This is why he doesn’t deserve Amu.

    I was about to after hearing about episode 31 too. But the Tadase hate returned with this episode. He’s such an awful, awful character. I can never find anything good about him. He’s a freakin’ Mary-Sue (bad kind). Not even that male whatever name for Mary-Sues. He’s just a Mary-Sue. Dammit! Stupid Tadase.

    And the Ikuto scene! I cannot rant about that enough! They cut out Ikuto being a kitty in episode 33 (but I ignored it because of the Amuto~!) and now…again! AGAIN!!!!

    Doesn’t it? I want to scream too! And the hat~! Oh the hat. I wish the Black Diamonds CD came with that hat. Then I’d never need anything again ever!!!

    Well, to be fair, Peach-Pit did that in the manga too.

    Eru is much too cool for that. She needs to get involved in Amuto instead!

    Oh Kairi will only be gone for one episode…because apparently the Dia arc is ending with episode 43 (OMG! I was wrong about guessing the pacing of a show for once!).

    Ikuto probably won’t appear until episode 41 though. Unless they put my Kitty scene back in. They better!!! Soon!!!


    Reina: Oh I knew. Tadase’s gayness cannot be given center stage. It would make all of the fangirls’ rage worse. Much worse.

    Utau was wonderful! I think her new song might be my favorite Shugo Chara! song, and I’ve loved all of them so far. Nana-sama’s voice combined with Utau’s pure awesomenesss can make anyone love anything.

    Oh yes…we now know the answer, “Infinity Gayness” in five second for Tadase. Seriously.

    The wink overdid it…or maybe it was the twirl…or maybe just freakin’ everything! Agh!

    It is not an overreaction, especially considering the lack of playful Ikuto and Yoru. Dammit. Maybe they’ll just randomly insert that into Ikuto’s arc, even though it would make no sense. Stupid Satelight.

    Next week’s episode will be much better. It better be. Especially since it’s Rima-tan. Though I haven’t even seen the raws for the chapter the next episode corresponds with. Just heard spoilers.

  8. Sorry, for the double comment,but I just realised that Tadase looked gayer in the manga then in the anime. But after the anime added the wink in his pose, it became as gay as how he looked in the manga again…

    Is it just me does anyone get a sinking feeling that says “Tadase is going to fall more and more in love with Amu now…” durin the part when Amulet heart was having a ‘heart to heart’ talk with Tadase?

  9. The best thing of the episode is the new Nana Mizuki’s song…I hope they release the CD soon. I like her ‘black diamond’ clothes too. Shugo Chara costume designs are amazing..BUT Tadase-kun. Oh my…this Chara-nari transformation gives me nightmare…we DO NOT need sparkles for mahou-shounen. The frills and the girly-ness over do things. They could have done it similar to Ikuto or Kukai’s Chara-nari. But I think everyone hates Tadase-kun anyway, Ikuto, Kairi and Kukai are all much better then Tadase-kun.
    We could be getting a new ending next episode, Shugo chara changes ending every 13 episode. I wonder what song would Buono have. I have a strong feeling there’s a 2nd season, I remember reading about anime TV ratings. Shugo chara’s rating was higher then Bleach, and Satelite C team (their A team is working on Macross obviously) haven’t announced any new anime yet. I dont see how could they wrap things up yet. Unless satelite magically is going to animate SDC, if they dont wrap things well enough, I’m going to sue them if they dont do a second season. The manga doesn’t seem like it’s going to end either.

  10. In the world of shugo chara it can now be offically reconqnized that whenever the Tsukiyomi sibs are up to something at night there must be a full moon.

    What five year old boy cries over a flower? Most five year old girls don’t do that. I rather see Ikuto, Rima or Utau as kids than Tadase (only a few more episode for at least two of those).

    I kinda of figured they cut out the scene with Ikuto and first King and put some other episode.

    Eru seems to fit in more with Amu and her charas now. I hope they still show her in the last couple of episodes after the dia arc ends at around episode 43.

    For some reason Tadase and Amu’s interactions remind me of Yanagibia and Momoko from Wedding Peach interactions. Maybe it’s just the pink and blond hair or the sheer shallowness of the moments. Oh well.

    Yep. If Amu had charanari with Miki, Suu or Eru instead it would have never worked.

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen a less manly magical boy transformation. Perfect! The music they played with it fit too.

    Tadase wanting to become stronger is annoying, especially concerting all the things other characters in the series are going through.

    Gasp! The mysterious girl wearing sunglasses and a hat is actually Utau. I would have never guessed.

    Rima episode. ^_^ Kairi looks like a megene character for the first time.

  11. Fuyu-san: Can we arrest him already?
    I know,rite?! Amu, despite being pessimistic, actually knows what her weaknesses are and tries her best to get back on track and make up for it. What does Tadatard do? Sit there, cry, and wait for someone to spoil him. If I was his mom, I’d whip him until he shuts up…only him, tho.
    Tadatard doesn’t even deserve to be labeled as a Mary-Sue. Cuz Mary-Sues are emotionally strong and all that other impossible crap in some way or another. Tadatard is like…a measly insect that just won’t die no matter how many times you step on it. -_-;;
    URMG, I want to strangle them for that! Dx They better put it in the next episode…or the one after that. I don’t care as long as it’s soon! Grr!
    o.O You wouldn’t want Amuto anymore when you get the CD and the hat?! Nuuu~! Say it isn’t so! xDDD;;;
    Omg, if Eru got involved with Amuto…do you think Utau would eventually give in, too, and be super paranoid about any other people interefering? Dude, I would love Utau forever times eternity if that happens though I doubt it would. She’d probably still be saying “My feelings for Ikuto won’t lose to anyone!” even after she’s married to Kukai. lol xDDD;;;;
    I was shocked, too, that they’re ending the Dia arc that fast. o.O; I thought it was going to last till until at least episode 48 or something. But this leaves hope for the Ikuto arc…in 8 episodes…Dammit, that’s not enough! It’s at this time, I hope they do filler for those last few episodes and start a new season with AMUTO~~!!! Or do a movie, or an OVA, or, or something Amuto that I can watch on screen! I dun want an anime original ending leaving the relationships open-ended. T.T

  12. When you think Tadase cannot be any more gay that he already is, he kicks it up a notch. But in this episode, he kicked it up ten notches and just screamed “Im a girl”. Seriuosly, he might as well worn a skirt during this ep(haha, the special).And he cried over a flower!!!!!!!!!!!!WTH!!!!I never cried over a flower that I have killed(and I have killed many flowers acidentally)But it was funny, his charater transoformation. Me and my sister were laughing our heads off when we saw him transform.It was too funny.But it made me mad when he was like amulet heart and stuff. Like its not Amu trying to help him. But whatever.
    Tadase is just gay.GAY.But we already know that:)

    OMG! the new song is awesome!!!!! I love it!!!Utau is so cool!!And so is Eru and Dia!!OMG!!!!!! Dia talked!!!! I had to replay that scene just to make sure she really did talk. when I realized she did, I was excited. So cool!!

    WTH!!!!They cut the Ikuto scene out!!!That is not acceptable!!Thay have to put it in another episode. I was looking forward to that, and when I didn’t see it, I was furious. Stupid Satelight.

    Well,This episode was weird to me. I laughed at Tadase,was mad that Ikuto was not in it,and was excited over Utau,and Dia.So I guess I kinda enjoyed this episode, but not really at all? I don’t know, I guess I’m just weird.

  13. hehe….Tadase looks gayer than ever ^_^

  14. BTW Fuyu-chan, did Nakayoshi arive yet? I wanna see the GOOOOOOOOD stuffs ;3

  15. Ok, I keep commenting, but lemme just say this. I NEVER watched this episode. Because I knew Tadase would like a freakin REEEEEEEETAAAAAAAARD, but even though I never watched it, at this point I kinda feel bad for Kiseki.

    Cause A. Tadase’s Chara Nari, I’d think Kiseki would be f**king embarressed. B. Kiseki almost got turned into an X Egg!! F**king mean, Tadase! Kiseki is cool! Shut the hell up!!

    When a mysterious CD called “Black Diamond” is just LAYING around in your own house, THROW IT F**KING AWAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!! It has an ‘X’ ON IT!!! Maybe Tadase thought ‘Oh, X marks the spot HEH HEH!!!!!”


    For gods sake…..I wouldn’t listen to the CD, because I’m SMART. (But I will listen to it now, since no X Eggs REALLY in it, heh heh YAY!!!!)

  16. I have ONE thing to say about this episode: TADASE IS GAY NO DOUBT. When I saw that transformation and that dress… I was about to throw up, I swear. It was too much for me, TOO MUCH, more than the horror films I hate. And then, crying for a flower!!! Please, Tada-chan, save ourselves from this awful scene. Not even a little girl would, so stop acting wimp (even if you are).
    Well, after this little rage against Tada-chan, I think thath actually I have something more to say.
    First, I hate Satelight because of the cut of the kitty-ikuto scene. I was waiting for that! Why do you cut it again an Ikuto scene? To put 30 second of a disgusting Tadase scene, then! You are a bit (if we can say “a bit”) out of your mind, aren’t you!? (sorry for another rage, but I’m in Ikuto abstinence u.u”)
    Utau is too cool with that hat and the sunglasses! (but Satelight really think that we didn’t know that she actually was Utau? I wish they didn’t, otherwise I’m seriuosly worried about of whose hands are handling my favourite series.
    Then, then… Dia talked! She actuallt did it! And she dèbut in “Wordland” with my favourite Ikuto’s cue: “Betsu ni”. (but if Ikuto says, it looks cool, if Dia says, it looks only cute xD).
    Well, what else was I about to say…?
    How did Amu dare to think about Tadase on the balcony? As you wrote, the balcony is reserved for Ikuto thinking only! (in fact, I expected in vain an Ikuto appareance -.-“)
    As ever, great review. I adore you, do u know? xD
    Well, I think that’s all. I think. And it isn’t a certainty, said from me. xD See ya.

  17. notify: forgive me for the grammar mistakes (I’m Italian and I’m not very good at writing in english, I think) and the smiles. I didn’t intend to put them in the text, they come up from theirselves ;P

  18. Tadase your so gay!Seriously thank god for Utau cause thats all I liked about this ep!Those frills made me want to say Hey Bitch Get over here Im gonna Throw up on your girly face!And They cut ikutos kitty scene.IKUTOS kitty scene.IKUTOS!And for ep 41 I cant wait (=.Ill get to hear ikuto and utau perform together!Cant wait to hear is violin~Ep 40 had Rima cutness and its kawaii (=!But no Ikuto so defo half fail.ST is going to pay for the cut of Ikutos kitty scene one way or another…..and Ikuto in Amus bed in ep 43….<o< damn fillers…..They sucked…


  19. Oh my gawd.
    Tadase was at his gayest in this episode. Strangly, I loved it. The twril, the flower, the wink – I loved it all. And could his transformation have any more frills and bows? I would hate anyone else for this crap, but it just makes me love Tadase more. Maybe I’m crazy.
    Aw. This episode has on of the only deep tadamu moments in the series – everything else is just shallow fangirl moments from Amu. I hope they never get together. Tadase is too much of a pansy – Amu would end up being the seme. Besides, Ikuto is the only character that can get away with practicly stalking a elementary school student – and make is sexy. That alone is enough to make Amuto awesome in my book.
    Utau looked so badass in this episode. She never really apealed to me, but I officially love her after seeing her in that outfit. I’m so shallow. x3
    Yes! Rima gets the spotlight again! And it isn’t (or at least I hope it isn’t) filler crap. I can’t wait.

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