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Hmm…yeah. I’m going to blog this moe crap. Because as much as I hate Gonzo, I love them too. I have nothing else to really do on Thursdays right now. So this is fine. Besides, I want something to make fun of (SA isn’t being as crappy lately). And Strike Witches is entertaining (for me anyway).

I’ve also wanted an opportunity to jump on board with a legal series for a while. Too bad Gonzo’s anime from last season didn’t interest me at all. But Strike Witches is much more my kind of show…at least more than the others.

I’ll start blogging it regularly next week (summary, thoughts, preview), but it’s really just about my first impression this week.


First Impression

My first, first impression from the narration at the beginning and the opening sequence was kind of, “Magical Girl Nanoha meets Tokyo Mew Mew” but obviously, the Tokyo Mew Mew crap just comes from the random animal ears (very random). The idea of Nanoha comes from serious war-fighting with magic. Heck, even the magic circles they use remind me of Nanoha.

Oh and by the way, for a random insert…Nanoha DVDs are back baby!

Everyone else seems to be thinking Sky Girls, but I never saw that so…meh.

But really, I guess the initial impression of Nanoha that I got is what they’re going for anyway. Moe magical girl anime. The first episode is titled Magical Girl after all.



This show is so stupid. But I’m watching it anyway. I always enjoy a Gonzo anime because I love them for being the stupid ‘tards that they are.

Just…you know…not when they adapt shoujo manga. Because people who so clearly excel at random fanservice suck at trying any shoujo.

Oh yeah, and the caps are crappy, because I just didn’t download the good version. I’m broke right now anyway so it’ll be like that for a while. At least until my birthday next month. But! Just as long as it’s legal it’s fine!!!

This plot is so lame. I love it. I love it when the premise for a fighting anime is just enough to get the fights going. Though, the idea of a fighting anime would be better if it weren’t the greatest lazy animators of all time behind the wheel. But I will take action that’s not just crummy shounen wherever I can get it.

Heh…”No one knows where they’re from or why they’re here.” I bet that will be revealed later very hastily. Hmm…yes I already have my theories going.

None…of them have pants. None. There’s one girl who has a skirt, but really…look how many of them have no covering on their legs whatsoever. I bet the lolicons are into this anime.

I counted. They did close-ups on the girls’ “no pants” at least 12 times during this action sequence. It was so excessive that it was funny.

It’s…their uniform. When I was watching the previews I thought for sure it was either a gym uniform or just for the military. But no. They have the lolis at school walk around…like this. Wow. Any chance of realism just got thrown out the window.

Wow, not only is it an incredibly lame cliche plot, but they introduced it in such a lame way. Like Yoshika’s (the main girl btw) friend didn’t know all of this. They made this explanation even lamer than when the people on CSI explain forensics to each other.

And she’s anti-war, made a pinky promise. So many cliches.

Obvious out-of-nowhere plot twist. Now I know that it sounds like I keep bashing this show. But I’m really loving all of this obviousness.

Hey…hey…in case you haven’t heard Gonzo, Britannia is a country (actually America, and not Britain) that uses giant robots, not flying girls and is run by a guy named Charlie. No wait…excuse me. That would be the Holy Empire of Britannia. My mistake. Please continue trying to sound impressive by using the name Britannia. Roman crap just sounds so cool.

I say the sole reason why I’m enthusiastic enough about Strike Witches to blog about it would be Mio Sakamoto and her wonderful laugh. The awesome eyepatch (with the awesome eye magic) and the fact that she’s voiced by Saeko Chiba help too.

Oh…how nice it is to hear Saeko-san voice someone who’s not just crazy. I’ve missed that since Nagihiko said bye-bye in Shugo Chara!

She’s making proud declarations about her anti-war sentiments while pouting! It’s like moe-ified Gundam, isn’t it?

Until this point I was figuring…okay maybe it’s just hot where Yoshika lives and that’s why her uniform is like that. And all the girls fight in their underwear (or bloomers, but I swear that one loli just has undies on) because those plane things have to go on their legs (they’re called Striker Units, right?). But no. Random kitchen girl tells me to stop using logic. It’s just fanservice and for the random bloomer moe.

Yes, I have met guys (only two) who just like bloomers…for non-fanservice reasons (though they could be lying to me of course…sneaky boys).

lol. Obvious Gonzo CG. I was surprised that until this moment all the CG seemed to be acceptable (meaning, not totally unnecessary).

Bloomers aren’t enough, huh? The big-boobed girl and the loli with no shame (the one that’s just wearing her undies all the time) had to hang around in their bathing suits. Ah…what can you do?

A month? Wow…I could have sworn it just took a week or something. More montage time in the future Gonzo. Everything you guys showed could have taken place in a day! You know, in fanservice-filled anime…

And why is Yoshika blushing…yet again? They’re trying to make her so moe that she’ll annoy even the most dedicated fanboys.

The Neuroi look so lame. And they apparently suck at aiming too. Why haven’t a bunch of witches been able to beat them yet? Yeah girls…try real broomsticks next time!!!

Well…Even I thought this was too obvious to laugh at the first time through but since I pointed out almost every other obvious thing. lol…unnecessary moe cat-dog ears (even Grandma is moe!).

Oh? Anti-war sentiment gone already? Well…well…this is why you’re not my favorite Yoshika. No conviction and no awesome laugh, unlike Mio who has both. Or as I am already affectionately calling her, Eyepatch-sama! Because “-chan” just doesn’t fit her, does it? Ah, maybe Mio-sama alone is enough.

As for the OP and ED really quickly, nothing special. I expect that everything in the opening will appear in the anime at some point if Gonzo can get away with it (hey, it’s what they do). And both songs are pretty typical. Meh. I liked the ending a bit more. I think it’s all the seiyuu singing which includes some favorites of mine like Rie Tanaka, Sakura Nogawa, Ami Koshizumi, and (obviously) Saeko Chiba.

But I totally enjoyed this episode. And it’s legal anime (OMGYAY!), so I’m totally watching it.


  1. I’m a lolicon, and Strike Witches is the only show I’m watching this season. (via Bost)

  2. The drawings look extremely cute, so this is why I’m checking this show out soon!

  3. I liked it, despite throwing my hands in the air in disbelief every few seconds wondering why nobody was wearing pants.

    Seriously, I would like that question answered.

    One good thing is the lack of ugly words running across the screen during the opening and ending segments. I freaking hate that fansub karaoke crap.

  4. No pants…? LOLS. I guess some of the guys will like this then… =/

  5. Good spot on Yoshika’s explanation about her dad. It’s a classic example of bad writing. They could (and as far as I’m concerned, should) have cut directly to the flashback after her friend’s question. And slimmed the flashback down, too.

    But then I suspect this is not a show which I or anyone else is going to watch for the scintillating dialogue.

  6. Lol the animation/art looks cute. But this is totally lolicon. Meh might as well check out the first episode anyway.

  7. Anonymous: I knew it! My guesses about what the various boys in the fandom want are always right! Though this one was pretty obvious.


    blissmo: That’s the only reason why I bothered checking out this show. Cute drawings.


    Esme: That’s pretty much how I feel about it. Likable, despite my disbelief that no one wears pants. And that question will never be answered.

    That’s one of the best things. I’ll find out what they’re saying by looking up the lyrics and I can hear the Japanese just find anyways. Don’t need it spelled out for me.


    Starry: The verdict already seems to be in from what I’ve seen. The boys very much like the lack of pants (at least the ones that are willing to admit it say so).


    The Animanachronism: Personally I think bad writing is easy to catch. It would have been much better if they had cut right to the flashback, but it’s Gonzo. They like to make sure all the idiots watching catch everything. And Gonzo lacks subtlety anyway (I think all the no-pants close-ups are proof of that).

    No, I’d say everyone is watching it for the no-pants, animal ears, and fighting. Scintillating dialogue would just get in the way.


    kiki-chan: Without a doubt it is lolicon. Too bad most of the cute art is. Though, I expect the internet to be flooded with images of the girls looking even more loli-ish. Might be hard to do with Yoshika though.

  8. From the PV it does look very loli, it does remind me of Sky Girls. But Sky Girls doesn’t have lolis running around in pantsu, Sky Girl’s loli-ness is bearable. They wear normal clothes most of the time, there’s no one that wears swimsuit either. (thanks to J.C Staff not using their Zero no Tsukaima team for sky girls.) But Gonzo’s fanservice is always panty shots…like Rosario+Vampire (I only watched it because of the godly Nana-san), they dont seem to like boob joke much.
    Bad writing sometimes can be entertaining, you can laugh at all the cliche-ness and fan service. But WHY Britiania…I think every anime fan is going to think Code Geass, Britiania is almost copyrighted to Code Geass in the anime world. They really could use another name…since everyone would just be reminded of Code Geass.
    I think I’ll check it out, character designs look cute enough, I want to support Gonzo’s internation release of their anime and it might be those shows that is terrible but funny.
    I like Gonzo for their new idea of releasing anime and thats’ thats’.

  9. They…have…no pants…….oh god…

    BTW this is fuyu_maiden_fan! I have a blog now! HEHEHEHEH!!!!!

    Well, I’d rather see half-naked girls than having to relive seeing the picture of Tadase’s Chara Nari -sob-

  10. LilaChan: Ha. Swimsuit. That probably gave me the real *eyeroll* reaction. Finding out that not only was Yoshika not wearing pants like the rest of them, but was wearing a school swimsuit. Wow.

    Gonzo is so uncreative with their fanservice, it makes me laugh. I didn’t even bother watching Rosario+Vampire (I just listened to the Nana-sama song born from it, Dancing in the Velvet Moon was…amazing), but from what I know it’s just panty shots during fights. Much like Strike Witches.

    Haha, well in their defense, Britannia is a pretty easy name to come up with. But they should have at least not have used the name while Code Geass is still airing.

    Me too. I love Gonzo for actually trying something that we all want. That’s the main part of the “love” side of my love/hate relationship with them.


    lol2728: Ah! I’ll check out your blog soon then!

    Oh me too. Me too. Anything is better than that gayness.

  11. Rosario + Vampire was more pantyshots during everything rather than just pantyshots during fighting. It was as though the animators had been instructed never to draw a shot from an above-the-waist position, and it didn’t really work. Presumably removing trousers entirely is the logical next step.

  12. Well…all things aside, they did a really good job in regard with the Carrier, it’s based on the real WWII IJN Carriers and the flaks shots are all spot on. Even the uniforms are based on real designs, the Japanese Navy does have uniforms like that and the various witches are designed based on WWII-era uniforms. In terms of the weapon they also stay close to the WWII era design. And the Cat Ear no Pants things, well it’s from the design by the original artist so it would be Weird if they hadn’t added that. He worked on PVC Figures and well, the panties are pretty much the basics trend so that’s probably why. The character design pretty much hit every single one of fetish type one could imagine so I am a very happy man.

    Afterall…a lot of us have no problem with these kind of stuff, at least I don’t…and my personal belief is that the character are not so much Loli-focused then it is dictated by the type of arts itself.

    As for the story-device, well I didn’t really watch for these, but you are probably write in terms of delivering it, but we probably won’t see Yoshika’s friend again anyway.

  13. The character design for both Sky Girls and Strike Witches is done by Humikane SHIMADA. Which is where the similarities will sprout from. I have a good feeling about this one. There is a pretty big cast of girls in this which means along with the fun, tragedy may ensue and with it some growth for the characters as a whole and alot more action. keeping my finger crossed for this one. &

  14. HA HA HA

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