Strike Witches

July 4, 2008 at 1:37 am | Posted in Strike Witches | 14 Comments

Hmm…yeah. I’m going to blog this moe crap. Because as much as I hate Gonzo, I love them too. I have nothing else to really do on Thursdays right now. So this is fine. Besides, I want something to make fun of (SA isn’t being as crappy lately). And Strike Witches is entertaining (for me anyway).

I’ve also wanted an opportunity to jump on board with a legal series for a while. Too bad Gonzo’s anime from last season didn’t interest me at all. But Strike Witches is much more my kind of show…at least more than the others.

I’ll start blogging it regularly next week (summary, thoughts, preview), but it’s really just about my first impression this week.

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