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I am…in shock. Absolute shock.

Readers who have followed me from my LiveJournal may remember that rant way back when about the Shugo Chara! forums on CrunchyRoll. Just you know…all the freakin’ (false) spoilers being thrown around.

It got worse…oh so much worse. I stopped going to CrunchyRoll for anything a while ago, but I decided to check some things out since I might be hanging around watching Strike Witches on CrunchyRoll for a while…but really. Wow.

I…don’t understand how they can believe so much of this stuff. It’s really…wow. Some of them just have to be making it up, right? But the ones that don’t make it up…believe it so easily!

So you can understand what the heck I’m talking about here, I took the liberty of taking a few examples…that I found in the span of two minutes. Two.

Original Link

I…really hope that they know the truth now that the episode has aired. Because…that didn’t happen in episode 38! Agh! Why doesn’t anyone read the manga? *headdesk* Chapter 10!!!! If you guys want to know spoilers, read the manga and read real manga spoilers!

But what really gets me is the next person’s response, “We already knew that…” Ha. Apparently not. Because that didn’t happen.

Original Link

What about that post…isn’t wrong? Okay…there’s a few things but…WTF? Dog!? And by browsing a few other threads, it seems to be a common spoiler in those forums! Agh! But pretty much everthing in there is just…completely made up. Seriously. Even the stuff that has some basis of truth gets all off course.

And this person posts tons of spoilers. Luckily most of them are more correct, but…it’s not like they translated those spoilers themselves. They found them. And made the rest completely up judging by this post! Shugo Chara creation team!? WTF? Do they mean Peach-Pit or what? And the person who tried to tell everyone that the spoilers were wrong got argued with…by someone who doesn’t read the manga!

*headdesk* And people want me stop making fun of noobs.

Original Link

Okay…this one is just pure…WTF? They, or whoever they heard it from, probably just completely made it up.

Really, the worst of this stupidity came from one person and I think all the people on CR should know that everything rozen_sakura says is either a lie, or she’s just sorely mistaken. Though since she seems to think all of this stuff is for the anime (and that the “shower scene” takes place in episode 38 seems to mean she doesn’t even know about the manga).

However, she seems to have a group of “fans” who all believe her…and who don’t realize at all that she either made up her spoilers, got them from the anime, or from usagijen or Hinano. I would say that she got them by lurking in Guardian’s Wish as well, but they locked their forum now (smart move considering the increase in noobtards). And I’d say they probably use wikipedia too.

Basically, this is all occurring to me as a problem right now because I’m going to be getting my first issue for my subscription to Nakayoshi soon and I promised to post some pictures (and offer some discussion). And I’m offering some warnings before I likely add to this spoiler mess by posting a couple of pictures (I’ve already had my run in with something I posted being used CR spoilers, but that person credited).

I know Shugo Chara! fans from CR (and anywhere else) use the mighty power of Google to get their info, it leads them to all sorts of blogs, then they just take the info and run with it. And they post it as if it’s their own. Sometimes on purpose, sometimes by accident. Then everyone who reads their info spreads it around more. And it just continues and continues. And no one credits.

Now, I know they all think, “It’s not like you created it. Why should we credit your for the spoiler?” Because if you post the link to the spoiler instead of the actual spoilers, the spoiler’s in context! You can read everything! You can read about how the person knows what they know and…agh!

Ugh…I guess this is just the results of the “wikipedia generation” showing through. No one needs to know where the information came from anymore.

This just goes to show why I prefer talking with people older than me. Like…at least ten years older than me. Obviously not everyone my age or younger is stupid, but there’s definitely more of them. Because at least I’ve never met a 27-year-old who would easily believe something posted on a random forum without any proof.

Because common sense tells me that most of the people on CR don’t understand Japanese well enough to come up with these spoilers on their own. Because…CR is a site…for subbed anime. So it’s just obvious to me.

This really shouldn’t bother me, but it does. Because I remember when, just a few months ago, the majority of Shugo Chara! fans were intelligent and because almost everyone was intelligent, noobs would get corrected politely and then they’d graduate to real fans. Now noobs just get information from more noobs and girls who could be nice intelligent fans get lost to the waves fo stupidity.

Ugh, this just reminds me. Every so often I get a message from someone on some other site telling me to stop making fun of noobs, or that they’re offended by me making fun of noobs. Why are you offended? Do you consider yourself a noob? Just because you’re new to liking anime. Um…no. Maybe because newbs today haven’t been around on the internet they don’t know that noob was created as a different spelling to specifically refer to stupidity. Even wikipedia knows that. (Wikipedia doesn’t know it anymore, it just redirects to newbie. WTF…)

So…everyone wants me to stop ranting about noobs? Specific dumb fans that act like know-it-all’s even though they’ve liked anime for less than a year. Hmm…yeah. See this is why I had to start specifically using the term, “noobtard” back on my livejournal. But I even got messages back then because I made it more offensive.

Well, guess what? I’m going to make fun of people for being stupid all I want. Because you can’t post something on the internet and not expect to get ridiculed for your stupidity. It’s the internet. I say completely reasonable things in forums and I get flamed for saying, “Stop flaming” to someone being unreasonable. It’s…the…internet.

Ugh…I think we need to come up with a whole new class of noobs for the ones who can’t even use the ultimate newb tool wikipedia to find out what “noob” specifically means. Because I think this is yet another thing they’re all learning from each other.

“What does noob mean?”
“It means someone who’s new to a community!”

Um…no. Just…no. Stop talking to each other.

Well, I’m done. Been a while since I’ve done a rant. Looking forward to someone calling me unreasonable…in a rant. Wow, really?

Ah…the internet.

Now this time let’s make the apology picture be from Shugo Chara! this time…let’s see should I use one of my many cute pictures of Amu or find a picture of Eru? Ah! I know!

Awwww…I officially declare this the cutest chibi picture ever. Though I bet everyone’s seen it already anyway (heck, mirai’s pictures even show up on CrunchyRoll).


  1. wow that sucks what a bunch of idiots
    but sadly a bunch of idiots is what the majority of shugo chara fans are like :(

  2. Dog chara? *shakes head* Ahh…what people can do with stupidity and a computer.

  3. WYFudge really, I just laughed my ass off with the Ikuto dog chara, but gawd… this was worse than I thought :roll:

  4. I have a sudden desire to rant on CR and make fun of them. 0__0.

    ppft. CR has so many noobies. I mean, as someone who’s up to date with the manga, and there’s only two places, well.. three where you can get the scans, i’m thinking some unauthorized distribution is occurring ~_~

    or some over-obsessed fan xD

  5. ehhe. Dog chara… they should think about why Ikuto have a cat chara( because he want’s to be free, in the fewest words and the reason isn’t that he is a perverted cosplayong boy XD :( XD ).
    And yes, you can’t do anything with the girls/boys(?) who did it because… you will be a stupid if you tell them the truth XD I think it’s funny…
    and yes this is the internet, and if you have an opininon, you can ever write it in your blog :)
    and well, I’m an anime fan from the sailor moon, but I had a… hm…5 years break, so, maybe I’m new in it, and I can’t speak japanese ( so much) but I can think about the false and the true things ( hm, well, because I’m 19 ?!).
    But… i don’t relly understand, if rozen_sakura is half japanese, why didn’t she read the manga ? or even…ehh… maybe that’s not true, too XD

  6. OMG. CR really has become a haven for idoits hasn’t it? I’m glad I haven’t been there in a while or else I’d be really ticked off. It’s bad enough when they were bitching about Rima or whining about liencseing, but acting like they know everything about the series. (shakes head sadly). I remember correcting someone, about the fake spoiler that Ikuto asked Amu if she wanted a kiss after Utau kissed him, and they just said snoddily ‘well, in the manga.’

    “shugo chara creation team” lol. I can’t believe she thinks anyone is stupid enough to believe that.

    Oh well. They’re noobs. What can you do?

  7. WTF is wrong with those ppl???
    My goodness, I go to Cr a lot, but never have been in those forums and read such bullshit.
    C’mon!! A dog??! Are you serious??! Ay, Dios Santo!! De dond sale esta gente tan… huecaa!!!??? Aghh!! (…)Manga de mogolicos ¬¬
    Read the freakin’ manga if you wanna talk about spoilers, damn it!!!

    Ok,ok, I’m calm now…

    Anyway, I kinda feel bad, I have a group in CR and gave some links to know spoilers… [Like Hinano’s or Usagijen’s blog]But I never though ppl would be such…[can’t think any words -_-‘]

    “(..)Now noobs just get information from more noobs and girls who could be nice intelligent fans get lost to the waves fo stupidity.”

    Well, actually this is a lil example of the young society nowadays[the LOST one], wow, even in the ‘anime society’ that happens! I’m pretty new in all this, but guess ppl is just ppl, doesn’t matter what kind of things they like or follow or anythin’… I’m ever ‘loster’…

  8. Well… I must confess that I myself had sorta believed the rumours… =/ I know that some of the rumours are true and have happened while some has not happened. I just thought that there is a chance that that might happen. In the future. After all,if Ikuto have a cat chara, well… he might get a dog chara too. You never know. And the rumours proided by Rozen_sakura aren’t that unbelievable either. It seems reseaonable enough to trust.

    I guess we just have to sit back and wait to see what happens next.

    I am not really ticked of by believable rumours, i just get ticked off when ppl twist the truth around and make it…untrue. Now, THAT makes me wanna smack their heads.

    And lastly…well… I am only fourteen, and I have been watching anime for like half a year only, but I dun consider myself a noob, or a noob tard…=/ I guess that some ppl act like the noob there are because they get excited too easily? Have a really really wild imagination? Or they dun read enough…

    I dun blame you for ranting on the noobs, i feel there wacking some of the idiots myself too. I just felt like i should tell you that. :)

  9. Hinano: I know. They really are the majority…and that’s pretty pathetic considering how much smarter everyone used to be. Or at least it seemed that way. I can’t be sure of how long they’ve been stupid, but they’re definitely getting worse.


    steshin: I constantly wish that you had to get an IQ test to get a computer or at least to use the internet. Things would be so much better.


    usagijen: I think it’s worse than everyone thought. Because I thought I’d seen the limit of stupidity back when tons of people thought Yoru came from an X-egg. But now Ikuto’s dog chara seems to be the new limit.


    Shiny: Do it. They need a good kick in the ass. At least they’ll give you stupid comments back and then we can all laugh at them again.

    I saw someone offering links to a Photobucket account that seems to have all the scans (at least back at chapter 30). And there was no password, so that might one of the…”leaks” I suppose. At least it seemed weird to me. No credit to the scanner or anything.


    Dindae: Oh noobs have no common sense. You can’t expect for them to even bother thinking about a character’s personality. They even ignore things stated outright after all.

    It’s like arguing with a five-year-old really. They’ll believe what they want to believe and if you prove them wrong they’ll start yelling at you.

    See, I knew it! The smart ones do exist! And being 19 shouldn’t be a requirement. I know I wasn’t this dumb back when I was thirteen.

    I strongly doubt that’s true. Or if she’s half-Japanese she probably grew up in America or something and was never taught any Japanese. or hey! Maybe she’s just getting a kick out of making fun of noobs like the rest of us and she made up the spoilers on purpose. I don’t know…but I doubt it. Though…it has crossed my mind to make up spoilers just to laugh at everyone possibly believing them.


    warriorhope: Ugh. Their whining about licensing. So annoying. About once a month he Shugo Chara fans go into a panic about it. I’ll return to CR just to laugh at them if it really does happen (especially if it happens before the anime finishes airing).

    “Well in the manga” What a moron. I hope they picked up volume four of the manga in stores. Oh poo…noobs don’t usually buy manga, do they? There goes that moment of victory.

    Then again, they’d still make up an excuse. You can’t win against them, but it’s not like you can lose either. Just enjoy the noobs by laughing at them I guess.


    Reinadelisfraz: I honest don’t know. They’re just dumb as crap sometimes. They piss us all off, but then we all calm down and just laugh at them…then they piss us off again.

    Well, I think it’s okay to give links to spoilers, because then people can just go there and find the spoilers themselves. But I want to hit someone when they take credit or just post spoilers they found for the heck of it. Because from then on it’ll just get twisted and suddenly Ikuto has a dog chara.

    Ah…now that I think about it, it’s true.

    My god…if society as a whole ever became like CR, I think I’d move to my own log cabin in the middle of nowhere in Alaska. I cannot deal with that much stupidity being accepted.


    Starry: Then you’re one of the victims! How awful…the spreading of evil, evil wrong rumors is affecting too many people.

    Hmm…well I guess it’s just because I’ve been a fan for so long. I know not to believe anyone posting in a forum with a very big community. Things posted on Guardian’s Wish are probably believable, but not sites like CR. Because I just know how anime communities go. When they’re small, the ratio of smart to dumb people leans toward smart people, the more they grow, the more idiots invade and the smart people leave because they get annoyed with it, and BAM! The community if overloaded with stupid people you just can’t trust.

    Oh I know what you mean. The Tadamu fans are guilty of that a lot…and so are some Amuto fans. Shippers in general like to twist the truth around to get their side to be better. Pisses me off when it’s the opposite side because they won’t listen to reason, and when it comes from my side it pisses me off because it gives the rest of us a bad name.

    I don’t consider you a noob, so I’d say you’re safe. There’s a difference between being inexperienced and being so dumb you seem like you’re inexperienced. There’s a very big difference.

    Yes! Thank you for not blaming me! Too many people that are newer fans yell at me for ranting about noobs. Unless they specifically are being dumb, they shouldn’t be offended.

  10. sad bunch of idiots. gaahd. i went there i was like. “wtfh!?!” they are so sutpid to easily believe those stuff.

  11. WTF….a dog chara? First of all: Yoru HATES dogs. And if Ikuto got a dog chara, Yoru would probably rip it to shreds.

    2. uh…..the key opens the lock? WELL FREAKIN DUH. But we won’t know that until chapter 31 or 32 in the manga probably.

    3. Ikuto and Amu kiss…we’re still hoping for that. If they do, I probably won’t be able to bash anime characters for a while. unless they are really STUPID anime characters.

    4. Amu goes….to America????? NO FREAKIN WAY…she can’t, you know why? Cause then they’d have to make a second sea-…….HOLY CRAP…MAKE HER GO TO AMERICA!!! SECOND SEASON! SECOND SEASON!!!!

    And yes, Amulet Angel, BEST CHIBI PIC EVA

  12. mizuu: I know. They’re all so gullible. I’m tempted to go to CR and tell them so big stupid lie and see how many of them believe it.


    lol2728: I know! It strictly goes against Ikuto’s personality! I guess they all believed it because of Utau’s angel and devil charas, but still!

    Oh god…I hope we get to find out what happens soon. But they’re so ridiculous, thinking it would happen in episode 38. Haha. No.

    We’re hoping for it, but it hasn’t happened. But really…I hope it happens soon. I’ll have a fangirl heart attack either way though. One from disappointment, the other from over-excitement.

    Ah! Amu going to America would be acceptable then! As long as Ikuto follows her~!

  13. […] I was hoping my first flame might have been from one of the people I made fun of in my rant on the CR morons. Oh but this is much […]

  14. Jeez you shouldnt get mad at people for JUST that.Its kinda stupid…I mean no offense but it just is.

  15. sailorv: Hmm…so you think it’s fine for people to tell lies and make up stuff, pretending that it’s the truth. You think it’s fine for people to trick others and get them excited for nothing?

    Good to know that I’m the stupid one, getting mad at people for spreading lies. Should I spread them too then? Will I be “smart” then?

    Oh and no offense taken. “No offense” just makes everything better. Just like that!!!

    If you really don’t mean to offend. Don’t say it. You should be smarter than that. “This is stupid. lol, no offense” makes a lot of sense to me.

    Also, I know it’s you, TadamuLover3000 (among your many other super secret aliases). Your IP address is the same stupid.

  16. Actually, I thought Ikuto would really get a dog Shugo Chara, and the Ami getting her first Shugo Chara sounds kind of real, but the one on Amu going to America? I don’t think so. Although it might not be relevant, I read one about Tadase and Amu hooking up…

  17. OMG…. I really am shocked!!!!! What is this about Ikuto getting a dog chara? Someone told me that when He character changes, he would get a dog ear and tail!!! That is really unimaginable!

  18. OMG! Dang spreading fake rumors? How stupid!

  19. I’m from CR and saw that a while ago too. These people…. are… urm…? 0-o Dumb!

  20. dog chara?omg..T-T
    It is sad that people post fake spoilers and get others excited over something that won’t even happen..
    Those CR spoilers were funny..some of them were believable but the dog chara thing is hilarious..
    and aww, that is the cutest chibi in the world for sure…*O*

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