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Girl number four! Kinomoto Sakura from CardCaptor Sakura!

Now as a shoujo and mahou shoujo fan did anyone really expect this cute little girl to be anywhere but in my top five? Or maybe you all just forgot about her!

Sakura is the young girl who becomes the master of the Clow cards and…well I really feel like I shouldn’t have to say more. She’s Sakura after all. Even all the mech fanboys know exactly who she is.

(Tsubasa Chronicle and CCS Spoilers Below)

Perhaps Sakura should actually have a higher ranking, I’m not sure. But excited love does fade with time. I think I watched CCS almost five years ago (and read the manga shortly after). That being said…it’s pretty amazing that Sakura is still ranked so high. But come on…she’s Sakura.

I think because of the large time gap I’m going to have a harder time talking about Sakura than any of the other girls.

Not to mention the fact that…I don’t know what I can say about Sakura that hasn’t been said a dozen times.

I can’t even just spam this post with cute Sakura pictures because Sakura pictures are absolutely everywhere. Everyone has probably seen every picture I could post.

Now where’s the fun in doing things that have already been done?

*sigh* But I will endure because my love for Sakura-chan is that great!

Besides, there is certain material that is more current that can help facilitate my great love for Sakura…but I’ll get to that later.

I guess…I should start with Sakura’s popularity since it seems to be an easy topic.

If you meet an anime fan who has no idea who Sakura is, I think we all have the urge to walk up to them, smack them in the face, and drag them to the closest computer so they can learn. In fact, I don’t think it’s going to far to say people who don’t know who Sakura is aren’t real anime fans.

Yeah…I said it.

I doubt many people will challenge me on that either.

I mean, here’s some MAL statistics to prove my point:

Score: 8.15
Favorites: 512
Completed: 6,086

Six thousand people who have a MAL account and bother to keep track have watched all of CCS. Ah…I’m one of those six thousand and I feel proud.

Also on MAL, Sakura as a character has been favorited by over 300 people. Wow. I wish there were a ranking for that.

I mean…is Sakura a Mary-Sue? Probably. But if all Mary-Sue’s were as awesome and cute as Sakura we wouldn’t really have a problem with Mary-Sue’s, would we?

And it’s really characters like Sakura that created Mary-Sue’s anyway. Because she’s such a wonderful and cute character everyone else wants to have a heroine as wonderful and cute as her.

Thus…the masses of Mary-Sue’s are born!!!

Actually, I don’t know when the term Mary-Sue became popular and all that, so I can’t say Sakura really preceded it all, but she certainly does stand out from the crowd for some reason.

I think it’s probably a combination of CLAMP’s great storytelling and characterization (and Sakura’s absolute cuteness too!).

I mean…Sakura is so cute and just overall wonderful that she gets to be about a dozen different people’s most important person!

Ah, fine, it’s probably really just Syaoran and Tomoyo by the end of the series, but Sakura was probably second most important to almost everyone in the series.

During all my rambling about ShinKuro, I came to the conclusion (along with my commentors) that Haine was sort of like Tohru from Fruits Basket.

Well poo on that now. Sakura came first and made everyone’s life better first. And she’s only like nine to eleven or something (is she twelve in the second movie? I forget).


I guess I’m beginning to run out of things to say now.

Let’s see…well, I guess the thing that makes me love Sakura so much (aside from the fact that she’s freakin’ adorable) would be the fact that Sakura is just complete and absolute purity.

She’s an innocent little girl who doesn’t dislike anyone and puts friendship and family before anything else.

She has her little sister annoyed with her older brother side…but that’s about it. Besides that she’s just a cute, well-behaved girl who’s as innocent as can be.

“Yukito-san is rejecting me for my brother? A guy? That’s fine as long as they love each other!”


Even the lolicons don’t go near Sakura that much. They like her for being Sakura but they tend to keep their porn drawing hands off of her. At least when you consider the scale of how popular Sakura-chan is. I’ve only stumbled onto…four pictures that made me go, “AGH! I’m going to kill whoever drew this!” of Sakura ever. I think that’s very impressive. Even the pervs don’t want to taint the purity that is Sakura.

And don’t argue with me about the amount of Sakura H stuff out there. I can guaranteee the ratio is higher for lolis like Amu. Since I’ve wanted to gouge my eyes out at least thirty times when searching for images of Amu.

Now, let’s move onto an important subject that is the main source of Sakura-love these days.

Grown-up Sakura.

And no, I’m not referring to Sakura-hime. If I was referring to Sakura-hime I would have just said Sakura-hime. What’s wrong with you? (Yes, I’m stalling a little…giving proper notice of what I’m discussing)

I’m specifically referring to Sakura from CCS and her role in TRC. Because she has a role. Oh yes…she has a role. I knew she would from the beginning. And I sat at my computer and laughed out loud when everyone else was like, “WTF is up with this?”

Because I knew.

(And I’m warning everyone for the last time. Tsubasa spoilers.)

Sakura is “Syaoran’s” mom! (Ah…I guess bold ruins the point of my last warning)

Well, I didn’t know that specifically, but I knew she was in the xxxHolic world and I knew she was important. And I was right. Just like I’m always right about Sakura.

Always. I’m not even joking. Or exaggerating. Every time I’ve said something it’s always gotten proven right. Not in a way I’d expect, but it still counts.

I won’t get into what this and that about Sakura being “Syaoran’s” mom means. I officially picked myself up and left the Tsubasa “you’re always wrong” festival with my 100% Sakura right record a while ago.

But Cardcaptor Sakura in Tsubasa is definitely something that needs to be discussed. So I’ll stay away from the theories, thank you very much.

Ah…I freakin’ loved the last Tokyo Revelations OAD. Everyone was split in about a dozen different theory groups about what ccSakura appearing meant. Lots of people were saying “nothing” but once she appeared in Tokyo Revelations…I knew. Sakura was going to make some sort of cameo or appearance in Yuuko’s shop.

And I was right. Not in a way I expected, but I was right. Because I’m…that’s right, always right.

But the Sakura-mama news was very appreciated. Especially since Sakura is being a kick-ass mom and sending her son off to worlds all by himself! Sakura-chan! I love you!

…god…I’m still all giggly thinking about how she and Syaoran got married~! But this isn’t the place for that fangirling.

I was so happy to hear news of Sakura from Tsubasa, because that was what I wanted from the series all along. And I got it. And anyone who wasn’t happy to hear about Sakura officially hates Sakura now. Everyone pick up your wiffle bats and pummel those people who tried to ruin my buzz by saying, “WTF? This is so unexpected.” It was not unexpected or I wouldn’t have expected it. Dummies.

And CLAMP always leaves clues. Pay attention.

But I’m getting away from the love. So to end it…Sakura-chan~! I hope we see even more of you…especially if we actually get to see you.

And ending it with second movie Sakura. I love this picture. I have a wall scroll of it in my room right now. So pretty~!


  1. Oh yeah! Who knew that Sakura was going to be on here? Erin did, uh-huh!
    Okay, now I just need Amu and Haine. Come on, come on.
    Anyways, she’s so cute! Have you ever had those times when something/someone’s so cute that you kinda just have a squeal attack? Numerous times with me I tell you, numerous times.
    I really like Sakura’s character and when I read the chapter where you find out she’s Syoroan’s mom I was happpy…and kinda weirded out.

  2. xD
    Aww, man. And here I was thinking Sakura was goin’ to be your #1. Haha, I should’ve guessed otherwise.
    Now back on regular schedule: SAKURAAAAAAAAAAA~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <333333333
    Sakura is an all-time favorite. The moe of ALL moe. The epitome of MOE. The moe who is mostly responsible for establishing the word, “moe.” xDDDD;;;
    No anime fan can call themselves one if they have never laid eyes on Sakura. Never heard, I can understand…they’re most likely noobs. : P But never seen a picture of her? Uh, the anime industry would not be where it is today if it weren’t for Sakura/CCS promotion.
    Omg, Mary-Sues…well, since CCS Sakura is just so adorable, she can be forgiven for being partially Mary-Sue. TRC Sakura, on the other hand, …is like Sakura 2 with Mary-Sueness amplified. Second ones are never as great as the first. :/
    Hmm, can we really compare Sakura to Haine and Tohru on healing others? (Ah, but first, feel free to correct me if I’m missing some stuff here or there because I haven’t watched CCS for a while.) I mean, I can see the similarities pretty clearly but it seems to me that Haine and Tohru had to try harder to reach other people’s hearts. Sakura…well, she can do magic and be genki and so cute that you just can’t help it but let her heal you (and she’s not even aware that she’s doing it, lol)! Look at Yue! xDDD;;
    Agreed on the purity and innocence thing (her loli age and appearance just adds to it, lol). Now this is a girl you will never be able to find in reality (and I will be glad to try to prove anyone wrong if he/she thinks he/she found one).
    Ha, lolicons and the rest of the hentai population. Sakura is helping the porno-maniacs save what little decency they have when it comes to this matter. I don’t care what they do cuz it’s their business but I still think it’s sick. And oh god, don’t even mention Amu. *wince*
    I want to see grown-up Sakura with her hubby. *pouts* Cuz that’s the original Sakura I love and she got married to the original Syaoran who I love and had Syaoran Jr. who I also love andandand… why doesn’t Jr. carry a picture of his family with him? Silly boy… his mom is so cute. He needs to take full advantage of his bragging rights. xDDD;;
    I hope one day you’ll say that grown-up Sakura will show up in Yuuko’s shop or some kind of cameo in TRC. I will be waiting for that chapter with a sober smile on my face (heh, that’s a scary thought). xDD;;
    Omg, is that all I have to say about the awesomness of my MOE queen?! *shock* D8 I am so ashamed of myself. I must repent by going out to buy my CCS boxsets. *plans to buy them this Friday* xDD;;; Hmm, but seriously, I’m surprised I didn’t have a squeal fest. Gah, here’s the part where I feel old. *sigh* I want to know Sakura manages to look moe even if she’s 20 and so on. Lol xD;
    And lovely pic of “Sakura-hime.” Hehe x3 That has got to be the best costume Tomoyo has ever designed for her. Ah, Tomoyo, I hope she’s still there, too…with her faithful camcorder and flashy outfits as always. Haha.

  3. I thought Sakura was going to be you’re number 1 too. Oh well.

    There are about six or seven sterotypes shojo manga/anime girls can fall into. One of them is the kind girl who has the ability to bring people together. Sometimes these types of characters are annoying, but not Sakura. It really is impossible to dislike her. ^_^

    Having CSS Sakura be TRC Syaoran mother, does make sense in a werid (but totally awesome)way. I can’t wait until Clamp decides to show grown up CCS Sakura and Syaoran in xxxholic or TRC. (Then again knowing Clamp, we might never see it).

  4. Yup. Sakura is the best! CCS was the first
    anime series I watched from beginning to end and I cried at the end. Which I never do. CRIED! (Actually, TMM was the first, but it wasn’t as good as CCS and CCS was what made me an avid anime/manga addict and fan, so yeah)
    Aw, the sheep hugging picture is adorable!
    Yeah, I’ve printed off several pics of Sakura and friends and stuck ’em on my wall cause it’s SAKURA! I mean, if you can’t find posters, make your own!
    The last picture, it’s goin on my wall. NOW! also, isn’t that the dress she wore in the second film? Oh yeah! you said it was skura from the second film, so yeah… I get it i get it! I’m so slow…
    Yay! Sakura-chan, you are the best! I don’t have a top 10 anime girls list, but she is one of my fav anime girls! (Along with Tohru, Kisa, Kagura and recently, Rima, Yaya and Amu)


  5. Sakura!!!! I shall love her forever and ever and ever more… In fact, I started to watch anime at the end of last year because I was rewatching CCS, and after I have watched the whole show, I started to search for other shows which were like CCS… and there starts my anime fandom…

    Anyway, I am missing the point. Lols.

    I am glad Sakura has mananged to sercure a place in the top 5! Nothing less for our cute heroine. ^^

  6. Erin: Well Sakura is just Sakura, it can’t be helped.

    Amu and Haine…well, we’ll see…

    Oh yes, I have many squeal attacks. Especially for Sakura.

    And her being a mommy made me very happy! And I got a little weirded out too, but later things, but I can ignore it.


    xiao_jie88: Well, she was close, but I don’t have enough fangil excitement for her right now.

    She is the girl most responsible for moe. Stupid wikipedia edited that out the last time I checked them out. More reasons why people who edit wikipedia can suck.

    I think it’s impossible for someone who knows anything about anime to have never seen a picture of Sakura also. Even my friends who just barely know about anime know who Sakura is!

    Well, Sakura is just so little that you really can’t pay attention to her Mary-Sue-ness anyway.

    Hmm…you’re right, Sakura pretty much just heals people by accident. But she still passes Haine and Tohru with her healing skills because she’s able to just do it by accident.

    AH! It’s true! You never will find Sakura in reality. I really, really, really wish she was out there though. So freakin’ cute. I want to adopt her! I’ll be an adult soon!

    Yes, even the lolicons have to draw the line with Sakura. I normally don’t care (especially with lolis made for lolicons), I just wish the line was somewhere in front of Amu. My brain has been melted too many times.

    Not with Sakura, but Syaoran’s showed up in the manga. I was so happy when I saw that~! More fanservice (good kind) for the CCS fans please CLAMP!

    Well, his mom is cute, but only as cute as a girl who he saw everyday for a while so…it’s kind of unnecessary.

    God. I really hope that does happen. But if it did, I doubt we’d see her whole face. Like what they’re doing with Syaoran and what they did back in Chobits with Icchan.

    There are boxsets? I bought all the DVDs in a big fat collection for 100 and something dollars. Less than five dollars a piece if a I remember correctly.

    But this is why Sakura didn’t rank as high as she should have. Fangirl excitement fades with time. In five years I doubt I’ll still be all, “Alright! Cool and Spicy~!!!” for Amu.

    There’s no doubt in my mind that’s the best costume Tomoyo ever designed. And the other one from the second movie is probably the second best (especially since it matches with Syaoran~!).


    warriorhope: If anyone dislikes Sakura I think they should have their humanity revoked. Because it really is impossible for any decent person to dislike such a sweet girl. They don’t have to love her, but they can’t dislike her. It is impossible. Sakura is just such cute perfection.

    They’re just showing half-faces. The CLAMP women are all such teases. I want a picture of grwon-up Sakura and Syaoran!!!


    amuto007_is_mitchan007: Oh I cried at the end too. And again in the second movie!!! CCS is what makes almost everyone and avid anime fan (assuming they aren’t one already).

    I would have done that, but luckily every time I go to the nearest anime store, I come home with some Sakura merchandise. I even have a Sakura pillow. So cute~!

    It is the dress she wore in the second film and the best dress ever! Someday I’d like to do some cosplay in that dress.

    She should be in anyone’s top ten anime girls list. Or just favorite anime girls list.


    Starry: Forever and ever and more. That’s a good way to describe it!

    That makes perfect sense. I always look out for shows that remind me of CCS too. Contributing greatly to my love for Shugo Chara! (though it’s incredibly different, it’s still a little similar.

    There can never be anything less for Sakura!

  7. Kinomoto Sakura is the cutest, moest, and the loli-est character to have ever been drawn!

    If I had a list like this, my list is more on the perverse side…>_>, Sakura would surely be #1. Even after 8 years, I go “hanyan” whenever I see her! ^_^


  8. Yo those pictures are rad, I want some!!!!

  9. Sakura-chan is always the best shoujo heroine in my heart, no one can take over her. Her ‘hoe~’ is always the cutest. She’s cute, yet a strong heroine. Syaoran x Sakura is so cute, its criminal (pun intended). Syaron is also my favourite tsundere (you can apply Tsundere to guys too D;) Even the cool and spicy Amu-chan or Haine can’t take over her.
    I totally agree with the fact that no one can hate Sakura. Even the first the most moe poll on 2chan, Sakura is first. The defination of moe can be applied to Sakura, yet she’s not a helpless little girl.
    I wish they make a new CCS OVA, I would love to see CCS is current day animation. Even clamp in wonderland II looked really good. I can always dream <3

  10. 53RG10: I couldn’t agree more. Sakura is the absolute highest standard for a cute little moe girl ever.

    It’s just too bad that my excitement for her has faded over time. But even if the excitement fades, she’s still absolutely the best anime girl. And the cutest~!


    Blair: I can try to find the sites where I got some of the pictures for you.


    LilaChan: I completely forgot all mention of “hoe~” I’m awful! But yes, Sakura is the cutest shoujo heroine and just the best actually. She’s is absolutely…just perfect.

    No, Amu and Haine can’t take Sakura’s place. Though they give me a little more rambling power because they’re more recent I guess.

    She was, wasn’t she? I totally forgot to mention that when I talked about Sakura’s popularity. She’s so moe, but she’s still a perfectly capable shoujo heroine. And most girls like our shoujo heroines to be strong.

    Oh so would I! Sakura in CLAMP in Wonderland and then in the brief cameo in Tokyo Revelations has spoiled me. I want Sakura animated again! Make a new movie!!!! It can have a ridiculous plot, I just want more Sakura.

  11. Ah, true, true. It is part of Sakura’s charm and her incredible, godly goodness that people are drawn to her. Kya~! She’s so cute! x3333 I wanna adopt her, too! lol And watch as the whole world goes into mass chaos if Sakura were to be found in this world. xD;
    It’s pretty hard to draw a line after Amu…cuz she has perverted thoughts and Shugo Chara!, despite being a children’s series, has been influenced by the now common terms such as hentai, ero, and so on. Hmm, I wish there was still some show like CCS that had more innocence and honest, young fluff than that kind of fanservice. I don’t even know if you can make a series these days without putting something perverted in but maybe I’m not looking hard enough. :/
    Oh, I inwardly squealed when I saw Syaoran~! *squeal* xDDD He’s all grown up…and so serious. My happiness kinda deflated cuz of that…unless Sakura-chan is somehow ill or something (I doubt it), why is he so solemn-looking? Even Kuro-chan’s dad looked more cheerful than he did. *sigh* It must be because he knows he was gonna miss his son. Aww~… xDD
    I would be happy to even see the back of Sakura’s head, hehe. Do you think she might have grown her hair long? x3
    Yea, there are…but it’s bootleg (cuz I can’t find it anywhere else and since it’s right there in front of me, I’ll just get it from there). I forgot how each on cost, tho (there are two), but I think one is $90? I dunno…
    Ah, yea, I get what ya mean. *sigh* Kinda sad to think we’ll fangirl obsessively over another character/pairing later on other than the ones now, huh? This is why CLAMP made TRC. Those women are smart, lol. xD

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