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July 1, 2008 at 7:39 pm | Posted in Site | 5 Comments

I’ve had this blog going for…about a month and half now (I’m not sure of the exact time) and I’ve been posting pretty regularly. But I could do better.

I can always do better.

Since I’m only blogging a couple of shows (and I really only plan to pick up one more for the Summer season), I try to fill a little bit of the gap with articles. And hopefully this new series of articles will help…along with a couple of other additions.

(And if you’re wondering what the image has to do with all of this…the answer is nothing. Absolutely nothing)

So the new series of articles will be called, “Complexity” which as you may have guessed, is the complete opposite of Simplicity. Hopefully, you see where this is going, but let me explain in better detail.

As shown in many of my Anime Girls posts (Mitsuki especially I think), I can spend way too much time thinking about characters and relationships and just…plain ridiculous things. I tend to get a, “I never noticed that! Cool!” reaction from a lot of people, but really…it’s just a product of insomnia and having too much time on my hands.

But if people think it’s cool, I’ll take advantage of it.

So basically, Complexity is just an excuse to over-analyze something. Each topic will be about a series I’m currently blogging, either manga or anime (though I refuse to do anything about Mistress Fortune). So I suppose, that just leaves Special A and Shugo Chara right now.

Right now I have two topics planned for Shugo Chara (but they are a secret until I post them). But any topics you can suggest for Special A or Shugo Chara! (or in the future when I blog new anime) would be appreciated. I’m always looking for new things to spend way too much time analyzing.

And by topics I mean…not just a character or just a relationship or something. That’s too broad. In the past I used to try and figure out when exactly each person in a couple fell in love with the other person. That’s the sort of stuff I’m talking about.

Also, for the record, it does work better with shoujo manga (or CLAMP manga or just…already overly complicated stuff). I can’t over-analyze things that have no depth whatsoever (Shoujo may be shallow sometimes, but there’s plenty of emotions to sift through).

Now, as for other things. I’m planning on blogging more on a few things; music, visual novels, light novels, and movies. All of these things will be listed underneath a category simply titled “reviews.”

Obviously music will most pertain to anime music. I’m not sure what I’ll do my first post on, but when the Black Diamonds single comes out in August, I’ll definitely give that some attention. And…just…whatever grabs my attention I guess. Any Buono! singles for sure (but the next one is also…in August).

Visual Novels is going to be appearing because soon I’ll have money again. And there’s some interesting news about Visual Novels that I found today. I was especially interested because I just started watching Da Capo recently and was wondering about the VN. I was planning on starting off this section with an amateur VN I was playing, but it’s just too crappy for me to continue anyway. Now this one might take longer to appear, but it will probably be worth it (I hope).

Light Novels obviously refers to well…Light Novels. But specifically the ones that have been translated officially into English. I’m not sure when exactly I’ll start with this, but it’ll be soon. Mostly it depends on when I get to the book store next. I am planning a post on Light Novels in general that’ll show up sometime soon as well.

And finally…movies. Referring to both anime movies and the movies based off of anime and manga that they are now making in Hollywood (or, teehee, as a MA resident perhaps I should also mention “Hollywood East” in all of its ridiculous reality). Basically if it was once in theaters, this is the section I’ll review it in.

Sorry for all the messy blog news. It’s probably all unnecessary, but I really just wanted to ask for more topics for Complexity.

About that, if you’re not sure what I’m looking for in a topic, you’ll get an idea…sometime next week.

And as usual…cute little picture for the trouble if anyone bothered to read through this. This time it’s chibi Kyoko. Yay!


  1. This sounds interesting! Good luck as well!

  2. Ah I can’t wait! I love your blog and I can’t wait to see the new articles coming up and nice new name for the blog… though it still is the complete opposite of simplicity which makes me giggle…. Anyway I’m looking forward to it!

  3. Ooo, this caught my interest really quickly and I like your plan cuz I’m a theorywhore xDD;;;.
    Nice to know that you’ll be including music and other things. I rarely do that but I often read other people’s comments about it. Hopefully it’ll be a great chance for me to broaden my knowledge on the anime/manga culture (or however you want to call it). Heh, if I ever plan to publish a manga of my own (oh, that will be the day…) or do something related to it, I’ll need to know.
    Hmm, can’t think of any Complexity topics but I’ll wait for your post to see what you’re looking for first.
    And, OMG! Kyoko~!!! So kawaiiiii~~~!!! <333

  4. Cool! I can’t wait to read your Shugo Chara articles. I don’t have any topic ideas either though, sorry. Good luck!

  5. […] is meant to lead up to that new category for light novels I mentioned before. I’m going to be getting to a bookstore soon, so that’s probably going to start up […]

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