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WTF? Did anyone else know about a new opening starting this week? Because it totally came out of nowhere for me. I mean…I try to keep up with news on all the anime I’m watching, but I didn’t hear anything about this. Though I guess it’s only natural considering how much everyone hated Special Days. As soon as they got the chance (mid way through the season) they changed it.

So, due to this surprise, I’ll do my thoughts on the new opening (and ending) first. I really can’t believe I missed the news on this. I messed up I guess. Teehee.



Personally, I like both of these new songs better than both of the last two songs. And the animation that goes along with them too. ANd it goes for every which way you can compare it. The new song with the SA boys is better than the last one, same for the new song for the SA girls. The new opening is better, the new ending is better.

Basically…just better. But it’s still incredibly corny.

That’s it Gonzo (or AIC or whoever is being dumb here), I’m taking away your crayons. You are severely abusing tools meant for five-year-old. Stop it.

So the corniness is still there, but this time it’s more like corniness from Kei’s POV and with summer uniform instead. Oh so corny.

But the song is so much better than Special Days. I’d actually put this one on my winamp playlist. And the boys sound better singing this song than they did for Hidamari no Gate also. I hope the singles come out soon. I want to hear the full version of this song!

So the opening song was good, the animation was typical but…

The ending…god…it was just…way too cute. So many outfits, so much posing. And such an upbeat song! Ah! THis song will be stuck in my head for weeks. But it’s just the sort of catchy song I like (though they tend to annoy the crap out of all my friends) so I don’t really care.

SA discovered my weakness. Upbeat songs, cute poses and outfits, and they even threw in some scenes with pairings! Ending songs and animation are usually so typical and mostly made up of still pictures or something, but stupid SA made me like an ending. I never like endings!!! Stupid Gonzo and AIC…doing an anime-original thing right for once…

With the cute little shapes getting all mad and interacting with eachother…I was torn between going “OMG! CUTE!” and “wtf?” But I settled on cute. Because seriously…everything was cute. I’m still humming that stupid song in my head. I’ll never forgive who made such a cute song. Only Buono! is allowed to sing cute songs!

But this song really is the sort that fits Yuko Goto better. She’s singing with lots of other people and that holding onto a syllable crap is gone. I liked Hibike! High Touch, so I know that people just screwed up with SA.

lol, isn’t this the rabbit that Hikari wears a costume for? Just wanted to point it out because I almost missed it myself. Also, Tadashi moon ruled.



I’m going to be lazy and just give an incredibly brief summary (I spent all my time on the opening and ending).

This episode was pretty much all about Akira. It even sort of went through her POV a lot. Because of the events of episode 11 where Tadashi tried to trick his mother, the whole SA class was punished and forced to go to another school and attend classes with normal students (and the girls had to wear sailor fuku). There Akira met a girl who looked like a friend she used to have who told her that she hated her. This causes Akira to be unable to talk with the girl (Yui). And it all seems to have something to do with Yahiro. Because of how Akira acts towards Yui, everyone thinks she’s a bad person.

But later because of Akira getting all embarassed because of Tadashi saying he likes being hit (lol) and because Kei also “recognizes” Yui and calls her stupid, things go back to normal. And so Akira makes tea for everyone to make everything up to the people in class, especially Yui.

Akira’s story about how when they were little Yahiro wouldn’t let her play with anyone but him and Kei. She wasn’t allowed to be around any girls. But she finally got one friend named Sayo, but because of something Yahiro did, Sayo said she hated Akira.

Then at the end, it seems that Yahiro is keeping track of Yui now.



Damn you SA…pulling out a new opening and ending to reawaken my enthusiasm for this series. Obviously, I was very excited about last week’s episode. But because there was nothing on the horizon to look forward to anymore…I kind of lost that enthusiasm over the week. I didn’t even watch the raw until about 2:30 PM (usually I watch it around 10:00 AM).

Dammit. What did I just say about crayons? Seriously! You guys are getting way too into your crayon-ing. If they didn’t do this crap every episode in those stupid awful colors, I’d actually think this scene looks pretty. But no. This is what happens when you abuse art materials.

Noooo! Yui-chan isn’t cute enough! She’s so cute in the manga! What’s up with the gray hair? Why do her ears look too big? I wouldn’t mind if Yui only showed up in this one episode, but she shows up a lot. And she’s supposed to look cute. Stupid anime.

Sailor fuku~! When I was younger I almost went to a boarding school in another state because their uniforms sort of resembled sailor fuku. I was like…twelve. And my parents said no as soon as I brought it up. I probably wouldn’t have ended up going anyway, but still…I would have liked to have tried on that uniform. But someday…someday I’ll get my sailor fuku (cosplay is always an option after all!).

Poor Kei. Even though he made that big move in the last episode things haven’t progressed at all. he doesn’t even get to be in the same class as Hikari here. And not only that but…

When he does get to see Hikari she pretty much ignores him.

Again…poor Kei (though I will admit that I laughed when watching this scene).

What’s this now? A blushing Akira! Because of something Tadashi said! I really enjoy this but God…why is Tadashi’s and Akira’s relationship developing so much faster than Hikari’s and Kei’s in the anime. Their relationship gets so much less screen time too *sigh*

I couldn’t take a lot of these scenes seriously. I mean…look at that background. Seriously.

Go Kei! I’m so glad to see Hikari blushing, though they cut out that moment in the hallway. I mean, after the big moment in the last episode, they’re not even going to revisit it…at all? Shouldn’t Hikari be really embarassed about it? Dammit…some of the moments with Akira were really dragged out (they panned the classroom for like…ten seconds without anything but music), so I know they could have added it in.

They always have to make me miss at least one moment I was looking forward to, huh?



The next episode looks like it will be combining two chapters. Chapter 19 and chapter 20.

Because I know the motorcycle scene is in chapter 20.

This is really good. Because that means episode 15 is…heh. Date~!

I’ll probably be unenthusiastic about next week though. I like Akira and Tadashi, but…I was never big on those two chapters of the manga. They just feel boring to me. But I’ll still blog it like normal.


  1. Gonzo, I have a bucket of stubby crayons, which I love but never use anymore. I demand you hand over yours so I may add to my collection, since you can’t seem to use them properly.
    Corny… that’s the word I was trying to think up to describe the openings. At least Gorgeous4U sounds okay… I’m not sure I like the new ending song (though it does sound better than Special Days), but the visuals are very cute. ^_^
    This was a nice episode in all and the arc is pretty good with developing Akira and Yahiro, but I was never really interested in those chapters either.

  2. Oh gawds not the crayons again. But I must admit that this time, I didn’t actually mind the crayons. I think they made the scene look a little prettier. Until the old ones were it was f–king UGLY crayons.

    Stupid Hikari, I wanna kick her for not paying attention to Kei! Kei deserves attention!

    OOOOOH?!?! Whats this?!?! A blushing Akira?!?! NO WAI!!!!! She’s finally geting used to the Tadashi thing ;3

  3. I just watched the new OP and ED. The OP was slightly better, the animation was quite good. ^^ But the ED still rocks though. XD I was going, OMGWTF so freaking cute!!!! And the song was nice too. ^^

  4. Kaekyo: THey really should just hand over those crayons to some three-year-old kid who will just eat them. Even that would be a much better use.

    Anything would really sound better than Special Days. But Gorgeous4U is really great, the SA boys all got better at singing together!

    Well, at least it will only last until next week. I’m so glad they decided to combine those two chapters.


    lol2728: They did make the scene look better, but I’m sure they’ll go back to their crappy blue and pink crayoning and ruin some Hikari and Kei scene for me in episode 15.

    That’s what is bothering me most about the anime right now actually. Hikari was supposed to start noticing Kei by now! They’re cutting those scenes out! Stupid!!!!

    And yes, Akira and Tadashi…I’m looking forward to at least one moment next week.


    Starry: I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who had an “OMG CUTE!” reaction to the ending. So…much…cuteness. I can’t take it. Now I love all the SA girls (especially Megumi) just because of the ending.

    The new themes are just overall better.

  5. I was pretty excited with this episode(and the next ones) too since I love Tadakira so much.. plus..

    I love the ED song! >wu<

  6. I love the ED song

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