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Um…if I call this the best anime-original episode ever will anyone disagree with me?

I was pretty hyped up all week, because I just knew this episode would be great. And I was right.

I think this episode actually surpassed my expectations (which were sky-high). And I was so excited about it that I had to write up my thoughts first and added my summary and the preview later.



The episode starts with Kairi giving a report to his sister about Amu and the Humpty Lock. So Sanjou tells Kairi to steal the lock, and Ikuto and Yoru on the roof behind them happen to hear. Ikuto acts like it has nothing to do with him and like he doesn’t care.

The next day in the Royal Garden it seems they’re all playing Old Maid (or some similar game) and Amu ends up with the Joker. Tadase makes a joke that it must be because she’s the joker and Rima gets mad because it’s a lame joke. Then everyone starts teasing Kairi. A short distance away Kiseki begins a world domination rant, but no one’s listening. Then he gets all mad at Eru because she’s no one’s chara I guess. But Eru points out that she can chara-nari with Amu, but Kiseki just says it’s because of the Humpty Lock and eventually he gets pelted with a baseball (no one gets to bother Eru!).

Later at Amu’s house, Eru asks about the Humpty Lock. Amu explains (through a flashback) and the charas add in that it’s sort of like their bond. But Eru seemingly gets bored by this and goes to sleep.

Then at the Tsukiyomi house the same woman from before comes to check on him in his room, but once again he’s on the roof. Ikuto looks at the dumpty key and thinks about that door opening stuff again.

Kairi is also at home and all worried about having to steal the Humpty Lock. Sanjou calls him up to ask if he has the lock yet and he replies no. She lectures him a little and then returns to what she was doing, involving a recording with Utau.

Then the lame filler scientist (or something) comes skipping along and Sanjou seems as annoyed by him as I am. They talk a little about the current project and then whispers a few things to him that Iru overhears. Kairi wakes up the next morning to find out his sister never came home.

Amu’s watching TV at home and the charas all decide to go out. Eru stops and looks at the Humpty Lock. Kairi decides to call Amu, Ami answers the phone and when Kairi asks to talk to Amu, Ami shouts to Amu that her boyfriend is on the phone. This causes Amu’s dad to just about have a heart attack and another attack when Amu says “Iinchou?” on the phone.

At the Royal Garden, Kiseki’s trying to make everyone train or something, but they’re all playing. And Amu meets up with Kairi and when he asks where the Humpty Lock is, Amu starts looking guilty. Kiseki gets fed up with everyone playing and yells at Eru some more. And Eru shows that she has the Humpty Lock, Eru thinks that they should be able to find the Emrbyo using the lock. She wants to find the embryo so everyone can be happy and she says that she’ll search with everyone else for the Embryo.

Amu explains that she doesn’t have the lock and that her charas probably took it. They make plans to go to the Royal garden to get it back when filler dude can hear them.

On that grassy hill we haven’t seen for a while, Ikuto’s hanging out with Yoru, who wants to play, but gets flicked away for being annoying. So Yoru goes off to play alone. Then Ikuto suddenly senses the Humpty Lock and looks at his key.

The charas are all about to go looking for the Embryo, but Iru shows up and even though Eru is happy to see her, Eru steals the lock. But Yoru steals it from Iru. And as Kairi and Amu arrive all the charas are in a big fight for the lock. Yoru attempts to leave with the lock, but Iru kicks it out of his grip and right into Eru’s. Iru tells her to give the lock to her (for Utau I’m guessing), but Eru knows it’s wrong because it belongs to Amu and refuses. Then they fight over the lock as Kairi appears, Iru knocks Eru out and runs away, but right after Kairi picks the lock up, he says he can’t do it, but filler dude shows up and takes it. Filler dude tells him who he is basically (that he works for Easter also) and leaves. Then Ikuto shows up and says something. Kairi obviously recognizes him and Ikuto basically says good job before leaving.

Ikuto watches filler dude get in a car from behind a tree and as Yoru is asking what they should do, Amu shows up. She thinks he took the lock again, but Yoru tells her where it is. So Ikuto does his chara-nari and chases after the car. Amu attempts to chara-nari with Ran, but of course she doesn’t have her lock do it fails.

Meanwhile, Ikuto catches up to the car and basically slashes the car’s side (and it’s tires). And once filler dude gets out of the car, Ikuto makes him faint from fear with just one threatening look. Ikuto undoes his chara-nari (when we can’t see) and takes the lock.

The lock glows suddenly because Amu arrives. So Ikuto immediately approaches Amu and reaches out for her chest (Amu’s like, “What…wait…” lol) and Ikuto puts the lock back on her chest and Amu starts having her perverted thoughts (like, “This is what a boy’s shampoo smells like…it’s different from mine and my father’s”). Ikuto asks if they should try it and Amu notices that he’s holding the Dumpty Key. Then he adds that it looks small and he wonders if it will fit.

And just as the key is about to go into the lock, it glows and the magical world of Amuto is created. Amu and Ikuto both pretty much wonder wtf is going on. Then they go back to what they were doing and Ikuto gets closer as he tries to put his key in her lock, but just as it’s about to happen Amu shouts, “No I’m scared!” and the key gets pushed back, the background fades and now the key won’t fit in the lock.

Ikuto says that the key hole is plugged. Then he looks at Amu and asks, “Why are you all red, kid?” And Amu says that she isn’t and calls Ikuto a “perverted old man.” Ikuto thinks that it’s not the right time. He tosses the lock back to her and calls her a pervered kid. As he starts to leave Amu asks why he gave it back since he’s supposedly after it. And he replies that it’s under her control (or something, I had trouble with that one). Amu asks what just happened and Ikuto says he doesn’t know and leaves. Now that everything’s over Amu gets mad at her charas for taking it in the first place.

At Easter, filler dude explains that he was attacked by a cat demon or something so he lost the lock. But Sanjou says they don’t lead the lock anymore. Their project is now done.

The first King is in his planetarium and talks about how the lock and key are getting closer again. And that the stars are moving.

At her balcony, Amu is wondering what happened earlier. She thinks that Ikuto felt it too (and adds “that world” or something else). Amu asks if her charas felt it, but since they don’t know what she’s talking about, Amu just says, “no it’s fine. Never mind.” Amu thinks about the Humpty Lock and the Dumpty Key and Her and Ikuto and decides that she wants to know more about Ikuto.

Elsewhere at some warehouse, there’s a band practicing and Utau is the singer with an ominous looking CD in the background.



I went all silly and fangirly just when I was looking at the screencaps on 2chan. That scene was in there and there was some awesome extra filler Amuto as well. And Ikuto transformed and got to be all awesome and actually use that weapon of his for once. Basically, I was so wrapped up in my Amuto that I completely missed all the Utau pictures until I saw the one from the end.

I have nothing bad to say about this episode. We’re just going with blind fangirl love here, okay? Insane blind fangirl love.

(BTW, I really overdid the screencaps)

OMG! It’s an Amuto episode and they’re not just shoving Ikuto into five minutes of a scene with him and Amu. Good. Because I’m sick of that. Utau and Ikuto get treated like secondary characters a lot of the time. Utau might be a secondary character usually, but this is her arc and everything too. And Ikuto…well on all the stuff for Shugo Chara! from Nakayoshi, Ikuto, Amu, and Tadase are always the most main characters so…yeah. Satelight pissing me off.

(BTW, I ordered my subscription to Nakayoshi yesterday~!)

Aw, this is the only time for Rima-tan love today. I wish she had another bucket so she could slam it on Tadase’s head for making a bad joke.

Aww, and Eru love points continue to go up. And now Kiseki love points go down! Stupid chibi king! No one can be even a little mean to my sweet chibi angel! But seriously though…can Eru do or say anything without being incredibly cute?

So, we’re pretty sure this is Ikuto’s mom now, right? Tough things going on at the Tsukiyomi house, huh?

Uh-huh…okay. What’s all this crap about a door? There was that one line from the manga that showed up in episode 28 about how a door can only be opened by a key. So we can just assume this all like…a metaphor or something? It’s wondering about what’s going to happen when the lock and key come together, right? Right…

Aww…poor Kairi. Well, assuming that this season follows the same pattern from last season, I’m guessing his freedom from spying might come soon.

GTFO of my Amuto episode you annoying piece of filler crap. I understand that they have to make all the filler kids morons, but wtf is with this dude?

Heh…I hope someday Amu’s dad gets to find out about Ikuto. Looking forward to that.

I totally forgot that Ikuto can sense the Humpty Lock in the anime. So random. That hasn’t come up since…what? Episode one.

Hey, but maybe that’s how Ikuto’s always able to find Amu (I’ve always wondered about that…how the heck did he find her house?).

More love for Eru~! She’s such a good girl. I love her. So cute~!

lol. This scene made me realize that no one ever meets Ikuto in the manga. Nadehiko and Kukai and…that’s it. I mean, there’s the battles where everyone’s there but…lol.

And also, Ikuto’s pretty much everyone’s enemy, isn’t he? He works against the guardians and whenever he can he works against Easter. Yup. Hope all of that is resolved soon in the manga.

First a smaller Amuto moment where Amu actually surprises Ikuto for once. It’s nice to see a change. She’s only popped in on him like…once. In episode 12. Been a while.

Ikuto transforms a lot more in the anime, doesn’t he? I mean the anime is longer, but it feels like whenever they get the chance the anime just makes Ikuto transform. At least in this episode it made a little more sense though.

Haha. That’s right. No Amulet Heart today. (Though I kind of wonder why Amu can’t transform without the lock…Rima can transform all on her own after all)

Yay! Ikuto actually used that thing for once! Finally…making him transform for a reason Satelight (and lol, I bet filler dude crapped his pants in this scene).

Yes!!! Serious Ikuto! I love my playful kitty boy, but I am so glad that the first thing he did after seeing Amu was go straight for that! Go Ikuto!

Go for it Ikuto~! And Look at Amu. Aha~! This is what I’ve been waiting ages for. Seriously people. This was in volume two! Volume two!!!

Amu’s perverted thoughts. And it’s nice to Amu in a nice calm pure love-love mode with Ikuto. I love my back and forth teasing, but the serious Amuto is so rare that I kind of enjoy it more. And Amu having pretty perverted thoughts too~!

OMG! He said it! He really did. I double-checked every word in both of the dictionaries I use because I wasn’t sure I heard everything right, but he said it. They actually had him say it.

Of course they didn’t have him say it in that certain way of his, but Amu got the underlying meaning, didn’t she?

What the fudge? Anime original? And the return of the Humpty Lock background? A sparkly shoujo Amuto background for Amuto? OHMYGOD! And corny music too?

Ohmygod! I’m a major shoujo fan and I know what all of these things scream! Especially when you add in 3d panning! This is all screaming, “Destined” and “OTP” at me! Does Satelight know something we don’t? I know sometimes manga-ka let the anime companies in on certain secrets. Or does this just mean they’re going for an Amuto ending in the anime? It certainly feels that way. I’m a happy girl either way (just the degree of happiness changes).

Ah, getting closer~! I’m pretty sure all the random shoujo-ness made this scene even better for me because even though I knew how it turned out I was still all dokidoki going, “What’s happening~!?”

Oh, you just know that Amu is so close to realizing what’s going on and getting her true feelings but…

She had to go and remind us she’s still a young girl and shouted to stop because she was scared.

I actually like this too, because it adds to that fan theory that the reason why the Humpty Lock won’t accept Ikuto’s key is because Amu’s scared and can’t accept her own feelings.

And so the magical world of Amuto fades away. Crap.

And things return to normal. Ikuto calls Amu a kid and the back and forth bantering and teasing returns. They both call each other perverts and the Amuto magic is gone. Awww…

Ikuto looks kind of disappointed and his words, (basically something like, “I guess it’s not time yet” if I remembering correctly) adds more to the theory that Amu needs to accept Ikuto and his key. Haha~! Yes~! Maybe that will happen in the manga soon~!

And one more Amuto moment for the road! He looks at her…

…and she looks at him. Still blushing too! And she’s got her shoujo emotional eyes going too! Ah! This episode is completely giving me Amuto overload!!!

And OMG! It’s the image from the pilot video! Nice! Now it’s super-canon! Yes!!!

And we leave off with Amu wanting to know more about Ikuto~! Haha~! Yes…everything is going perfectly.

And finally…Utau~! Though she didn’t even say anything in this episode. And she showed up twice. But it’s okay, because I get to see her awesome over-sized hat (and I like the glasses too). And next week we get to hear what’s on that CD! From the briefness we heard today, it seems like it might have a more rock-ish sound, which I totally love. I don’t have anything with Nana Mizuki singing with an electric guitar or anything.

Now seriously! This episode just screams OTP! It was everything I wanted and more! Because I was not expecting them to give us every single thing that all of us crazy Amuto fans guessed at from that one small scene in the manga.

For today, I am ignoring the manga, and just enjoying the wonderful shoujo background and corny music that tells me I’m shipping the right couple!

Sure this wasn’t as “OMG! HOT!” but I can trade hotness for destiny any day~! Especially when I still get some hotness (Ikuto actually said it!!!).

Ah…Satelight. I fucking love you today.

Also, on a purely selfish note, I had an easier time understanding this episode today! Yes!



Hey! It’s a return to the plot!

Yes! We get to hear the Black Diamond single, don’t we? Don’t we? Ah! I’m looking forward to it! Does anyone know when the actual single will be released in Japan?

And we get…

Oh my god. Gay.

Every time I think I’m used to Tadase being gay, he gays it up some more. Seriously. He’s winking. He’s winking in a cheerful way like Amulet Heart. If doing something a girl wearing pink does isn’t gay, I don’t know what is.

And also…his background isn’t pink. I’ll be sure to fix that in photoshop next week. The music better be pretty gay though. And the transformation sequence better be gay as well.


  1. I’m trying to remember why I dropped this and I can’t.

    Ikuto is 100% hotness voiced by You-kyan. Why the HELL did I drop something with You-kyan in it?! -runs of to watch-

  2. OMFG! I was waiting so impatiently for episode 38. And then by chance of fate I decide to check your blog and BOOM! THERE IT IS! OMG! Thank you so much! AMUTO! SO MUCH! I giggled so much during this that I almost hyperventilated. My boyfriend was staring at me like I was crazy. Of course I spoiled everything for myself, but oh well! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

    *Runs away to heave some more*

  3. Ok, so I just watched it and it’s AMAZING. BUT…I got the jist of what Ikuto “Said” But could you do me a favor and send me a translation?!?!?! CAUSE IF IT’S WHAT I THINK IT IS THAN OH MY GOD!!

  4. nyaaaaaa. I mean. That was a really great episode and thanks for you that thougths^^
    But I’m eally coriuos… what will be the endof this?!in 11 episodes.. I don’t think that they can adapt the manga’s end ( and does anybody know how many volumes will there be??)… but I has to be good >.<
    anyway, I loved this episode and I want more… *fangirling scream XD*

  5. KYAA! I love your reviews! I randomly checked your blog well waiting on the episode and then BOOM you had your thoughts up! HELL YES! ALL OF THE AMUTO-NESS! *Heaves* Anyhow, I’ve watched it and it very nearly made me hyperventilate from all the giggling and shrieking! Thanks….

    How do I subscribe to your page?


    I think I nearly died. And what exactly was Amu thinking???

    Ikuto!!! You are so… I can’t think of a word worthy enough to describe you in one sentence! I love you!

    Yes! Amuto scene… KYAA!!!!

    WTH? Sparkly background world?? I though it was just to add emphasis to the moment, but when Ikuto looked around, (as did Amu) I was surprised to find out the world really HAD gone all shojo manga sparkly! I was like… “… YAY!”

    Ikuto’s suprised “WTH is this world?” face was cute!

  7. After I’ll see the episode subbed, maybe I’ll understand more. Loved the chasing scene. I’m glad that they had some sort of intimate sequence. Why does he always tease her? Still, the romance moments between Tadase and Amu are so boring, it’s more exciting when Ikuto gets in the picture.

  8. (well, since my family decided not to go away for the long weekend, I got to see this episode. So happy!)

    Yes Fuyu, this was the best filler episode ever.

    Anytime a heroine ends up in a sparkly background with someone, it guardnees that she’ll end up with that guy pretty much.

    Oh well teasing and calling each other perverts is all part of Amuto too.

    The way they looked at each other during that entire scene though! I was in fangirl mode when I saw the screen caps last night, and when I actually saw it in motion this morning I was in super fangirl mode.

    It’s nice to know that your favorite couple might be both the anime and manga’s otp.

  9. í’m a little disapointed because the key didn’t got into the lock, but that i understand…
    But i dont now why Amu didn’t kiss with Ikuto!!!

  10. but there is 1 thing i dont understand, so the key is stolen from Tadase by Ikuto. So the key is ore is Not of Ikuto??
    But i did read that Tadase had the key but Ikuto stole it because it was actualy his. OKE that i believe, its true.
    Last Question: If Tadase had the key, Ikuto stole it, It was ACTUALY Ikuto’s,So who GAVE TADASE THE HUMPTY LOCK?????????

  11. Amuto!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally!!!!!! My needs are satisfied~!! ;) [Well, just for now… x)]

    First, my no Amuto comments:
    •Poor Kairi, if I haven’t read the manga I’d feel worse for him, but I apreciatte the phone call and Ami for callin’ him Amu’s boyfriend, lol xD I want Amu’s dad sees Ikuto so badly! But, well, at least her mom saw them! [Oops, ended up talkin’ about Amuto!]
    •Eru is soo cute!! I just wannna a plush of her! She’s just adorable.
    •I wanna hear Uti-chan’s new single!!! And I’m a Rock lover, so if it’s ‘rock-ish’, better!

    Eh, back to the anime!! After lot of weeks, I have my super-cute Amuto moment!! That’s damn good; was great when I read the part that Amu is smellin’ Ikuto’s hair or seein’ her blush face, but watchin’ it animated is other thing[Ah, I guess the wait was worth…! But still took long time ¬¬] And I’m not even a lil mad bcause of the fillers!! Ususally I am ’cause I a manga follower and stupid fillers piss me off, but this wasn’t stupid at all! [Well, except that crappy filler guy, I just wanted to remove him from the screen] More metaphors about the key and the lock, which I think are messages, that wanna communicate us we’ll get our happy Amuto endin’! Yay! xDD Haha…
    Besides, this epi is so good for takin’ pics! [or screenscaps, not know pretty good how to call them] I’m just full of my fangirl mode!
    And I finally see Ikuto again in a extended time, not only 1 short scene!! His serious way, his perv way, his transformation, always hot, all I needed!!

    Ah, I’m happy ^_^

    And the preview…
    Hahaha, your comment is so true and funny!
    Hey Tadase, you already look so manly with the ribbons, those short tight pants, that pose, was it necesary the wink?
    Maybe he likes Amulet Heart in a way he wants to be/look like her. GAY!!! And we still have to see him cryin’, but that much later…

  12. I dunno if anyone else has noticed this, but has Amu gotten taller or what? Cause at the VERY first pic on the review, she’s like just BARLEY an inch shorter than him @_@ Beats the shit outta me.

    Anyway, I just recently watched this on Veoh, and HOT DAMN Ikuto DOES get hotter after every episode.

    And wow, I had TOTALLY forgotten about the “senseing the lock” thing O_O just totally slipped my mind.

    Anyway, the part where Ikuto used that claw thing, AWESOME. I would crap my pants too if Ikuto just suddenly showed up and had that “you’re gonna die” look on his face. But then again, Ikuto’s hot……whatever.

    A while ago, when only episode 36 or 37 was up, I recommended this show to my friend. After only watching the first few episodes, she TOTALLY fell in love with Ikuot, and totally hates Tadase’s guts. WOW, we’re like sisters already :D

    Anyway, keep doing good on YouTube and the reviews.

    ALSO! I’m gonna make an Amuto video, so please watch it on YouTube when it is uploaded.

    My YouTube account is: KairiandSora2728

    Thank you, FuyuMaiden!!!!

  13. did you notice that utau’s and ikuto’s charas have that RU ending in their name???XP

    this is the best episode! though to me the last ones ending was awfully hilar. ami is soo cute when she’s just standing there.

    i love what utau’s wearing! :D
    the next episode prolly comes out as, tadase becomes addicted to the new song which actually causes people to go crazy and their heart eggs to become x eggs and that happens to tadase and ….yeah. :D

  14. OMG!!! I love your blog. Thanks for the summary. This episode made me so HAPPY. I wish they stop doing fillers and continue on the story. On some other shugo chara website, I saw a picture of a black egg that look like it belong to Amu but the egg has the cross pattern of Ikuto’s. Maybe when the key opens the lock the egg will form!!! I love Amuto!!!!!!!

  15. I’ve been waiting for this episode since I read the 2nd volume… I thought: “why did they cut this scene?”. I must say you are right, even if I knew what was going to happen I didn’t really know i… how can I explain… maybe I wished that something else would happen… hmm…
    And then… isn’t Amu a little (if we can say “little” xD) taller in the “amuto scene”? Wasn’t she about 30cm shorter then Ikuto? Or was she floating in air? xD xD
    What else… today I’ve just realized that Ikuto’s personality doesn’t change when he do the Chara Change or Chara Nari… in the 1st episode he says something like “I haven’t reached my limit yet” when Yoru asks him, but I’m a bit surprised… how could Ikuto be in “Cat-Mode”? xD Would he play with a ball of thread? xD
    Anyway, great review^^

  16. Oh MY God. Thats what I said through like the entire episode. Seriously.
    Poor Kairi. I feel so bad for him. That’s who I want Amu to pair up with if Ikuto and Amu do not happen. But this episode like proved that Amuto is forever.
    Eru was so cute in this episode. Awwwwww. she is always cute. I love her. and she stook up for Amu. Too cute.
    Who wanted to kill the freakin filler dude? I sure did. when he first showed up and started being annoyning, I wanted him to die. Stupid filler guy.
    And now…..AMUTO! *FANGIRL SCREAM* OH MY GOD!I was like close to hyperventiling(sp?). Ikuto was hot as usaul.and we got to see him a lot this time.And how he scared the crap out of the filler dude!ROFL! Your rock Ikuto!and the Amuto moment. OMG!Amu’s perverted thoughts, Ikuto being hot, sparkly world of Amuto, Amu and Ikuto=THEY ARE DESTINED TO BE TOGTHER.That episode proved it!!!!!!!!Sadly, that moment had to end. But when Amu was thinking of Ikuto, i was like”yes Amu!think about him!”and they used the clip from the pilot video!Yes!This episode proved it all!Amuto is forever!!*Fangirl Screams*Im still super excited from the episode.
    And next week’s episode,time to laugh at Tadase! I can’t wait. He looked so gay in the preview. He is the definition of gay.
    Oh My God. Im still saying it after I watched the episode. I think I’m going to watch the episode again.No, I am going to watch it.*goes and watches it and fangirl screams*

  17. Okay. now I understand a bit more.
    Yay! we get more Utau next week!
    I’m going to edit Tadase’s pic on photoshop… hehe… and the weird guy…

    BTW, this will sound really stupid, but what does OTP stand for? I’m REALLY slow…

    Thanks for summarizing and hooray for Fuyu-maiden!!

  18. saimaisama: I’m willing to bet that you dropped it because of the fillers and the lack of “You-kyan” in said fillers. Ugh…brutal. It’s always so many weeks at a time without Ikuto!


    Hikari-neechan: I got on my posting super quick this time (determined to beat out my super fast record for episode 33). I watched such an awful raw too. But even then…I pretty much hyperventilated as well!

    Ha. Spoiling yourself is pretty much an official part of watching or reading Shugo Chara! these days.

    I updated this post with a summary and I translated almost all of the Amuto lines so that one is in there! *giggle* I love that line.


    Dindae: Well, for the manga there’s definitely going to be more than seven volumes because volume seven comes out next month I think. And the manga still isn’t really showing signs of slowing down. We’re in the middle of Ikuto’s arc and lots of things still need to resolved.


    amayalee: Thank you. I’m glad that I’m spreading the wonderful Amuto news so quickly through the internet. And you’re welcome I guess.

    And subscribing…well it depends on what you would use to subscribe. if you have an account on Anime Nana you just find my blog and hit subscribe. But if you use a blog reader, the feed link for my blog is at the bottom of any page.


    amuto007_is_mitchan007: I’m used to and love shoujo backgrounds, but the magical Amuto world surprassed anything I’d ever seen before. Awesomes~!

    Ikuto’s always so cute when he gets confused (it hardly ever happens though!!!).

    Oh! If you edit Tadase’s picture, you have to show me the finished product!

    And OTP just stands for One True Pair(ing). It gets used a lot in ‘shipping.


    Roxy: That might take a while (the sub) both groups have slowed down again…

    He teases her because he’s being a cute tsundere (or whatever the term we use for guys is) boy and hiding his feelings for her~! Or not. Mostly I’d say he probably teases her because she’s fun to tease (she always gets so embarrassed or mad…or both. He probably has fun getting those reactions out of her).

    It’s much more exciting when Ikuto is in the picture. He’s the one that Amu says makes her all flustered after all.


    warriorhope: Yay! You didn’t miss the best filler episode ever then!!! Though with all the lock and key stuff I wonder if it’s okay for us to call it filler anyway.

    I knew it! OTP status confirmed!!!!

    *sigh* This episode was just so great. I loved the screencaps, but when i saw my super pan I pretty much rolled over onto the ground and started giggling like mad (though that’s a small exaggeration).


    Amu+Ikuto=Love!!: Well, they do have to save something for later in the series after all.

    The key does belong to Ikuto I’m sure. Tadase was in charge of keeping track of the Humpty Lock for Amu, so you can just assume that the key was in his possession for a while as well. But I find it more likely that it belongs to Ikuto. The Humpty Lock only works for Amu, and the Dumpty Key works for Ikuto, so you could assume the key works the same way and would only work for Ikuto…I guess.

    It’s all very confusing. But neither Tadase or Ikuto really lie, and for Tadase’s side of things it could just be that he’s mistaken thinking the key belonged to him or something. And he obviously refused to listen to Ikuto’s side of things anyway.


    Reinadelisfraz: I know poor Kairi. It’s also kind of too bad there’s no Shugo Chara girl left to pair him with (Yaya is the only one paired up, but they’d be an awful couple).

    Yes! Eru plushie~! Why won’t they make one! I want one so badly!!!

    Me too. Rock-ish is definitely better.

    It really did take a long time, but they adapted it in the best way they could. I don’t think any lines were cut out at all.

    We better get our happy Amuto ending. I’m putting way too much of my shipping power into this pairing, if they don’t end up together, I’d have to lock myself up in my closet for a week just to get some of my fangirl power back (…that sounds so stupid).

    Yes! There was so much of Ikuto! And he talked a lot too! It’s not just them making Ikuto show up without saying much (I hate that…they did that so much in the first season).

    God…Tadase is just so gay. There’s really nothing else I can add to that. Just…gay (especially when he’s looking all emo! At least when Ikuto has his emo going he still looks like a guy!!! A hot guy too!)


    lol2728: I think that’s a combination of bad art and perspective. Once they answered the shoujo sparkle world, the depth perception disappeared. I think Amu’s supposed to be closer to the “camera” and Ikuto’s farther back so they look like they’re closer in height once you put them in a background. You can kind of tell when they start the whoosh~ change of perspective (sorry for the strange explanation).

    He gets hotter with every chapter of the manga too (chapter 30 was just so…wow.)

    If she ended up liking Tadase you should have cut off your friendship (ah, so harsh, I’m kidding). But your friend has excellent taste. Just like the rest of us!

    Ooo. I’ll look forward to it and subscribe right now so I don’t miss it.


    annaberry: Yeah I had noticed. It’s the same character in katakana and everything too. Except they’re supposed to be spelt differently. Eru and Iru are actually supposed to be spelled El and Il (their names come from angEl and DevIl).

    Yes, Ami is so cute. I love her sometimes.

    Heh. Only Tadase would be so easily controlled by a CD (though actually a lot of other kids get controlled by it too).


    Amuto4ever: Hmm…I hear that theory a lot, but I think that egg was just created to be a fifth egg for the Flow cards. Though I wouldn’t be surprised if that egg did end up appearing.


    Kimberly Anne: They had to cut it out because they messed with the order I guess. But I’m just glad it’s appearing now. It breaks up the amuto-less episodes pretty well.

    I think that was a problem with the perspective really, because all the background disappeared in the shoujo pink world.

    Ha. As far as Ikuto’s cat mode goes…heh, I think you’ll enjoy the next episode then (as long as they don’t cut out the scene). Utau is a lot like that too though (her personality doesn’t really change either).


    Lo-Lo: I wanted Nagihiko and Amu after Amuto, but since Nagihiko is officially Rima property I agree with you now. Kamuri is the number two Amu pairing. But really, I’m sure it’s just Ikuto or Tadase anyway (So definitely Ikuto!!!!).

    Yes~! Eru is so cute~! She likes Amu a lot now.

    I wanted to kill him too. But I am satisfied by Ikuto scaring the crap out of him.

    Yes the Amuto! It was all just so wonderful and screamed “DESTINED!!!!” Amu should think about Ikuto a lot more from now on I think. She worries about him more after certain events in the manga.

    If someone made a dictionary with anime pictures used for the definition…there would be no excuse. Tadase would have to be used for Gay. Even more than some BL image.

    I’ve watched it five times now. And I’ve rewatched the Amuto scene even more times.

  19. I have lost what little od Tadase love I had the moment I saw that ghey transformation. *Shudders*

    Now that aside…


  20. I never actually watched this episode through. I got bored because I was so hyped up about the Amuto that I just skipped to the Amuto scene. Since it’s only through reading this blog to understand the plot, then getting the gist of what they’re saying from the body language and the 5 or so sentences(none of which ever seem to come up in anime) and not many more words that I actually understand, it’s really not worth me watching a boring episode until the subs come out. =P
    I’m very happy with myself though. I understood something this week and a whole sentence last week. That’s some kind of progress from at the beginning when I was all like ‘wtf’, right?

    So… next week is Platinum Royale, correct?

  21. FUYU-SAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNN!!!!! TAT I just faced one of the worst ordeals an Amuto fan can EVER go through! *in the hospital recovering from severe brain crash due to lack of Amuto*
    Plane delayed, traffic, and INTERNET. WAS. DEAD!!!! I swear, do not take Delta airlines or Verizon! Worst service on the face of this planet. I nearly had a seizure. Dx
    My dilemma aside for now…
    Omg…Amuto…*melts into a puddle*
    Minor things outta the way:
    Rima & Eru – What can I say? They make almost every non-Amuto moment worth it (if they’re involved, that is).
    Ami & Amu-papa – I love families like this…it’s very cliche but it makes me laugh. Can’t wait to see how Amu-papa will react when it’s for real. Amu needs to stop being a dummy and Ikuto has to get over his emo period so they can be together already. I want my cliches! RAWR!
    Kairi – Iinchou knows how to angst guud~! xDD But quite a far stretch from how Ikuto angsts (he’s such a sex god, I swear. lmao).
    Utau – *steals the cd…and the hat…and her entire wardrobe* xDDDD;;;
    Shouko (garh, I can’t help but think of Shouka every time I read her name. And they’re both such tragic women. *sigh*) – Who is her VA? I’m curious to know. Shouko sounds pretty regretful and sad (I’m starting to like her) so it can probably mean she still cares about Ikuto and Utau. At the very least, I don’t think she’s broken or anything. :/
    Filler guy – DIE!!!! *shoots him*
    Now AMUTOOOOO~~~!!! <33333 Ikuto was like…major win throughout the whole entire eppy. I mean, he always is, but this one was UBEREPIC win! xDD Only topped by the confession…and the shower scene. lol
    WAHHHH~~~! And points to Satelight for the art consistency (namely Ikuto)! Best episode so far…and it’s a friggin’ filler! *legasp* We just broke history or something. 8DDDD
    I loled when Ikuto shot up due to the lock. Finally, some surprise! And then it’s Amu. Ohemgee, yay~! *squeals with delight*
    Black Lynx makes too many appearances. It’s not as bad as Amulet Heart but still…Satelight abuses the Chara-nari option too much (then again, it’s shoujo). Ah, but no complaints in this eppy. Cuz Ikuto slashed that idiot’s car with his awesome Wolverine cosplay claws! xDDD;;;
    Hmm, about Amu not being able to transform on her own as oppose to Rima (and I suppose, maybe Utau, too), is it possible that this can one of her major weaknesses? I can’t pinpoint exactly what it is but my wild guess is her “dependency”, if you get what I mean (not exactly the word I’m shooting for but I’ll use it for now). Rima and Utau both have something in common. They both appeared aloof and strong in their own respective ways while trying to push away or ignore their huge emotional weaknesses. And it leads to my guess that they don’t have much qualms about being alone and would rather be independent (at least, in the beginning before Amu changed their minds) as long it benefits themselves (or their goals, w/e). Now isn’t this some kind of classic, over-used trait for cold characters? “I don’t need anybody. Myself is enough.” kind of thing? Yea, independent girls like that are pretty strong even with their weaknesses. I don’t see Amu fitting into that category as well as Rima and Utau do. She puts up a front but she doesn’t want people to see her like that. She wants to have friends and do what normal girls do. Basically, it’s pretty awful for her when she’s excluded (see how excited she was when she’s hanging around with the Guardians for the first time?). Hmm, not that that’s a bad thing or anything but I guess she’s relying too much on others occasionally when at those times, she should know herself is enough. Argh, but she did show us she’s capable of that. *stumped* Great, I contradicted myself and now I’m confused. If anyone has a better theory, please enlighten me. All I know is Amu does not have that certain distinct “trait” that Rima and Utau has.
    Well, back to Amuto…OMG, the closeness! Why couldn’t they just hug? Is that too much to ask, Satelight?! xD; And whoa…way to sexualize the scenes, you pervs at the studio. Lol But it’s all good. Because when a girl’s in love with/attracted to a man, he has to make her feel like a woman (not a squealing, annoying fangirl) whenever he looks at her. I forgot where I got that from but it was a good quote, haha. You can’t expect Tadadumb to ever do that. : P
    Ah, but Amu is still a lil’ girl (darn, lol) so there are still limits. Heh, I know I’m not the only one who was having dirty thoughts during this, right? *smirk* I mean, holy crud, Satelight didn’t tone this scene down. It’s more like they added to it. xDD;;
    Well, w/e…Ikuto and Amu shared that look. Yes, that look. It’s the look. *squee!* It means CANON, baby, CANON~! xDDD;;;
    Argh, I hate how they put those announcements on the screen when Amu is thinking “I want to know more about Ikuto”. Ruins such good AMV footage. Grr…
    Ugh, and they just had to end it with the king of gayness that is Tadadumb. Utau and Black Diamond is all I’m looking forward to (Nana-sama + guitar = epic love xD ). Otherwise, I just want to fling something at the screen when that stupid, gay little prince shows up. I hope he tiptoes and does a twirly during his transformation (all in perfect sequence with the music). -_-;;
    I hope this post gets through before my internet crashes again.

  22. steshin: I lost any…not dislike (I can’t even say like for that brat) when he acted like a bitch to Ikuto. But heh…that’s just me taking another opportunity to bash Tadase. Sorry about that. His transformation is indeed gay though.


    Kura-chan: You missed all the build up then! But I really understand why you did it. I wanted to also!

    That’s how it works. All of a sudden you start realizing that you can recognize sentences and stuff. About seven months ago I translated my first sentence and it’s been getting easier ever since!!!

    Yes, next week is gay, gay Platinum Royale.


    xiao_jie88: You poor thing! This is why we need plushie! They help when everything goes wrong and you need something to fill the Shugo Chara void and cuddle.

    And what an awful time for so much to go wrong! You have to watch it at least twenty times to make yourself feel better!

    Rima and Eru are great~! Yes~! No matter how much I talk about those two, it’s never enough. So much cuteness.

    I want the fluffy cliches too! But this next chapter is more drama (with another drama cliffhanger) *emo* But I’ll keep my manga emo-ing aside until I get my issue of Nakayoshi. For now…focusing on manga-fluff.

    Ikuto is the best anime boy ever. He wins at everything. Cuteness (chibi Ikuto~!), hotness, angsting, and teasing for sure~! Though Kairi’s a very cute anime boy too!

    Ah! Utau’s CD doesn’t come out until August (after my birthday too, so I can’t even ask for it!). I’m going to be getting my sewing machine out soon though…so I’m going to make that hat. It’ll satisfy me until I get the CD (sort of anyway).

    I know. Shouko and Shouka…tragic women with similar sounding names. So confusing. But I don’t know who her VA is…she sounds familiar anyway. And I think she still cares about Ikuto and Utau too, but Ikuto’s probably mad at her anyway (I can’t really blame him though, but I can’t blame Ikuto for anything).

    Shower scene…oh. The shower scene. *drifts into memory land* I really hope they extend the anime because we now know Satelight is so willing to go there when they need to.

    The art is even more consistent in this episode than it was in 26 (which had plenty of awful points) which wasn’t filler. Silly Satelight. I’m hoping that if they extend Shugo Chara, that there will be a nice break in between so the art will be like it was back in the first 13 episodes (so pretty…).

    But Black Lynx is so hot! I will never complain about Ikuto’s chara-nari showing up too much (just like how the fanboys don’t complain about Amulet Heart…).

    That’s a really good theory. I can believe that. Rima, Utau, and Amu all have their stubborn sides, but Amu’s the only one who purposely gets help from others. Rima and Utau always try to do everything on their own. So it makes a lot of sense.

    We’ll get our hug if they ever decide to animate Ikuto’s arc. I can wait for the hug in bed. Because…so cute~!

    Yes! That’s exactly it! I’ve been trying to figure out the way to put it forever. A good guy makes a girl feel like a woman. That’s the perfect way to describe it. It’s a very good quote.

    Oh everyone is having their dirty thoughts. And I am so glad Satelight didn’t tone it down (though I bet they told Yuichi Nakamura to specifically not use his super sexy voice when he said that because if I didn’t know what Ikuto was saying I would have thought that the scene from episode four was even more…intense.

    Oh the look. And the panning. My canon OTP anime status is pretty much confirmed. I am satisfied with the anime! Even if they chose their own ending, it’s probably going to be Amuto, right? RIGHT!!!! Because they gave us too many OTP moments now so if I get anything but Amuto…there will be Hell!!!

    I pretty much lost all of my excitement when looking at the screencaps the first time through when I saw the stupid announcement crap. But at least it didn’t do it at the end when Amu was specifically talking about how she wanted to know more about Ikuto (that’s the most important clip).

    Oh! Quickly about Nana-sama, did you hear about this yet? I want this game. And, of course, the CD.

    I can’t wait to hear the Black Diamond song! So looking forward to it!

    Whatever Tadase does…it better be gay. I was already disappointed by a green and yellow background (if it was just yellow that at least would have been better). But I’m pretty sure the transformation itself will be gay. It’s hard for a guy to not like gay during a transformation scene (they were able to dodge it with Ikuto because he’s just so darn hot and the moon was a nice touch back then), but Tadase is going to look gaaaay.

  23. I am so plushie-less and cuddle-less…and it’s all the toy companies’ fault! I demand penance from them as well! In the meantime, yes, I will rewatch eppy 28 till my brain rots but Amuto will save meh so no worries. xDD;;
    I want drama with a good arc conclusion. That will be enough to temporarily satisfy me. And who said Ikuto was gonna die?! Nuh-uh, not in a shoujo magazine, he isn’t (I will have Peach-Pit revive him even if they are allowed to and decide to kill him off *doesn’t make sense anymore*)! *sigh*
    Yesh~, Ikuto will always have a special place in our hearts because he is just that awesome. <3
    Hmm, two months wait. I think I’ll go get Sony Vegas and try to make AMVs to kill time. xD; And oooo! Make me one, too?! xDDDD;;;
    It’s really hard to blame him. Even when you want to and you have decent backing, the new stuff that comes always proves that you just can’t. Ain’t it awesome? Lol And I’m sure he’ll learn to forgive her…cuz Amu will forgive him and that’s when the cycle of forgiving starts and never ends. xD
    Satelight will extend it……what? I didn’t do anything…yet… xD;
    I know, right?
    Kaah~! I take back what I said about Black Lynx. *just rewatched that part* Cuz it’s Ikuto after all and anything with Ikuto is wonderful. *gives self a slap on the wrist for thinking otherwise*
    Yea…come to think of it (sorry, I’m shooting off on another tangent kinda), Amu’s not really confident and pessimistic a lot. Maybe that could be one, too. Just thought that up when thinking back to Dia’s lecture in chapter 26 (or was it 25?).
    It will be even better cuz it’s in COLOR! 8D (I wish I had rainbow effects right now, lol)
    Yay! Now we have something more to shove into the Tadamu fans’ faces. *evil laugh*
    Omg, I would have had a heavy nosebleed if he did that. xD; But either way, Yuichi Nakamura’s voice sounds sexy even if he’s not trying (at least in Ikuto’s case, it does). Hell, even in the drama CD, he made dorky sound sexy. Lmao
    Of course it’s gonna be an Amuto ending…or their heads in jars. Hmm, yep, do not mess with fangirls’ dreams. It’s serious business.
    *gasp* I am so getting a Wii. O.O Thanx for telling me! xD If I can’t get the game, I’ll wait. But I’m definitely getting my hands on that CD!
    Me two! Me two! X3333
    Tadadumb will evolve to Tadatard after the transformation. You can count on it since the gayness (and the extra gayness when you see it) is guaranteed. -_-;;

  24. Filler guy is so annoying. It’s like they took all the annoying parts of Nikdou-sensei without any of the unannoying parts.

    Kairi and Ikuto interaction! >__<. Like I said it’s mostly likely a rumor though

  25. Something went wrong with my comment. Please ignore the last sentence.

    So cool. He never does interact with the guardians besides Amu and Tadase. Nagihiko and Kukai don’t really count because he never really had a conversation with either of them.

    Eru. ^_^ She’s a good girl (chara?). Even though she loves Utau so much, she still wasn’t willing to give Iru the h-lock to give to Utau.

    Maho animes tend to make characters transform more than they do in the mangas. Rima transforms a lot more than she usually does to.

    I hope they make Tadase’s transformation as girly as possible. It’s the big thing I’m looking forward to this week.

    btw, I think episode 42 is suppose to be the end of the Dia arc. (probably just a rumor though). So that means that…THE IKUTO ARC MIGHT BE ANIMATED!!!!>_<. Like I said it’s mostly likely a rumor though

  26. xiao_jie88: It’s tragic. I know. We need more plushies. But keep rewatching episode 38. I’ll have to watch it again after episode 39 to help me recover from gay overload.

    Revived in that special magical world of Amuto and OTP-ness. Revival is possible! Though I doubt it’s necessary.

    Sony Vegas…want it so badly. If I had Sony Vegas I’d actually enter AMV competitions. And I’d lose because the lame narutards and mainstream crapheads who got to conventions don’t watch Shugo Chara.

    I know~! It is awesome! The forgiving that just makes things wodneful too (because the best part of relationships can be forgiving because making up is always so fluffy! Case in point (even though it was skipped in the anime), Amu singing along to Ikuto playing his violin. Fluff~!

    Good! If you didn’t take it back I would have needed to spam your e-mail with dozens of hot pictures of Black Lynx (even though I promised not to use e-mails in such a way).

    Right Dia’s lecture…Amu’s really is a pessimistic little girl. So unusual in shoujo manga.

    I always wish I had rainbow effects. Oh but I do with Photoshop! (that was random)

    That’s true. At least when he’s voicing Ikuto every single thing he says sounds sexy. EVen when he’s talking about Neko Rangers (I will never ever stop laughing about that).

    It’s very serious business. It’s “smack you in the face with a spiked club” serious…and other violent methods.

    Me too! The CD~! Which reminds me…I need to preorder the Black Diamonds CD from some website. Too bad it comes out after my birthday (Unfair! Everything comes out after my birthday! Even the awesome Code Geass boxset comes out ONE DAY after my birthday!!!).

    Tadatard, I like that. It expresses his stupidity even better. It bunches him together with all the internet ‘tards, doesn’t it?


    warriorhope: That’s eexactly what they did! They even added in new annoying parts. Nikaidou never did freakin’ wiggle-walking!

    You’re right. There are no conversations. Nagihiko and Kukai are really just witnesses to Ikuto’s advances (on-purpose or accidental) on Amu.

    Eru is a very good girl. She always has to do what’s right. And it’s to Utau’s benefit anyway. Because Eru won’t let Utau be bad!!!

    Yeah, it’s all because of the fillers in Mahou Shoujo. Fillers are mostly made up of, “Need to do this!” and it requires action and stuff. They can’t add in fake development after all.

    It can’t be the big thing you’re looking forward to! What about Ikuto’s kitty-mode with the first king? That’s supposed to show up this week.

    But I’m sure it will be girly. It’s impossible to not have a girly transformation with frills. It’s just impossible. And we already have the wink anyway.

    Episode 42? Isn’t that really soon? I mean, I can imagine Kairi’s smaller arc just coming to an end with episode 42. It’s…probably a rumor I’d say. Though it would be nice to have the Ikuto arc (though it still wouldn’t end by the time the anime ends).

  27. Hehe I am such a lazy fan…thanks for watching and blogging all the Shugo Chara episodes so I know when to catch up with the good episodes!

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