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So, in week number 6, girl number 5 is Koyama Mitsuki from Full Moon wo Sagashite (MANGA ONLY!).

Mitsuki became an orphan the very same day she was born and blames herself for the deaths of everyone around her. She tries to hide her grief and goes toward her dream of being a singer to fulfill a promise with her childhood love. Despite her own incredibly problems, Mitsuki is able to heal the hearts of others. She is only twelve, but her trials and wisdom make it easy to forget.

Full Moon anime and manga spoilers beyond this point.

Well…I’m assuming some people saw the all-caps MANGA ONLY! added on to Mitsuki’s introduction. So allow me to explain, the anime version of Mitsuki is just too different from manga Mitsuki and she’s nowhere near the top ten. I still like Mitsuki in the anime, but the kid-ified version just didn’t have the same effect for me.

Because anime Mitsuki is moe. And not the good kind that makes me as crazy as harem fanboys. The kind that’s so unrealistic and ridiculous that it just makes you roll your eyes.

And shoujo girls shouldn’t be moe anyway.

I don’t think Mitsuki’s supposed to be moe in the anime, I think she’s just supposed to be a girl that they thought would be a better character for a kid’s anime. But she’s way too unrealistic.

In the anime, Mitsuki acts like an eight-year-old sometimes. Her friends too. When you’re 12 you’re just one year away from being a teenager. And if anyone else is similar to me at all you know a lot more than any adult thinks you do. So Mitsuki in the anime just came off as ridiculous and moe to me. Bleh. I don’t like moe below the age of fourteen for some reason.

I guess because when it’s a teenager you know it’s ridiculous, but when they’re a pre-teen or child, people think they’re are actually like that.

For some who are wondering, “how the heck is anime Mitsuki moe?” allow me to explain.

She’s cheerful, bright, and does her best despite failing a lot. She’s incredibly optimistic. Then…tragedy strikes! She becomes completely emotionally unstable, like a doll, for oh…a month. Then she gets talked out of it in the course of one night. Then she’s pretty much back to her normal self.

If someone described that to me and I didn’t know the anime, I’d think it was straight out of a bishoujo visual novel or something. Then add in that it all takes place in the snow too! Agh! Just shove Mitsuki right in Kanon now!

But I have to put aside anime Mitsuki now so I can return to what these posts exist for anyway….love~!

At the beginning of the manga, Mitsuki is very optimistic and bright and happy. But as we find out later, this was all an act so that no one would find out her secret.

She is a very kind and caring person (part of the reason why she’s on this list), but if you make her cuteness and warmth her only trait, you’re missing out on a really great and well-developed character.

To say it simply, I love Mitsuki because Arina Tanemura did a wonderful job developing her character. Mitsuki is a realistic shoujo heroine (*gasp* who knew they could exist?).

I’ll give my argument for this point as best as I can. Now then, I hope you’re all familiar with the five stages of grief, but if you aren’t I’ll just state them out for you anyway.

Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and Acceptance.

They don’t necessarily have to go in order (in fact it’s more common that they don’t) so I’m sure fans of the manga can already remember scenes where each of these stages popped up.

In the anime they go straight for Depression and Acceptance. Because that’s totally normal. When someone dies you just automatically give up on everything and then a month later you just suddenly accept it.

However, in the manga, Mitsuki goes through every stage. At the start, she’s in denial and bargaining. She acts like Eichi is alive and that everything she’s doing will lead her to find him. She lives her life like she would if Eichi had never died.

She makes many “bargains” during the course of the story. Her journey to become a singer is one, she made a “deal” with Eichi that she has to live for her mother’s sake, but she doesn’t mind dying.

Then later on after everyone finds out the truth, when Takuto confronts her about it, she gets angry with him and takes out all the frustrations she’d been holding in for two years out on him.

And after that she becomes depressed for a while and slowly moves toward acceptance. Finally reaching the final stage when she says, “I think I’ve found a place where I can shine.” and she decides that it’s all right for her to live with everyone else.

Also, because I can see this response coming, I’ll answer it for myself, “But isn’t it unrealistic for her to be stuck in one stage of grief for so long?” Maybe…but you have to remember that soon after Mitsuki found all this out, she went to live with her grandmother in a completely new environment. She let everyone think she was happy and that Eichi was alive. No one knew better, so no one thought anything was wrong and Mitsuki was able to live in denial for two years.

Though, I will admit that in reality someone probably wouldn’t last that long in denial. Especially without ever shedding a tear.

But I still think that Mitsuki deals with grief in the most realistic way seen in any anime or manga. Often when a character dies all we get to see is depression and anger from their friends (and eventually acceptance). It’s ridiculous and silly.

Even if it’s anime (or manga) I always believe that at least the characters’ emotions should be realistic. How else am I supposed to sympathize with them?

Hmm…if I ever got the chance to talk to Arina Tanemura, I think I’d have to ask her if she purposely made Mitsuki go through each stage or if it just happened naturally. Because either way, it’s amazing that Arina-sensei was able to have the emotions come across so realistically.

I know I said before I don’t cry when reading manga, but that’s a lie. When Mitsuki finally accepted everything, I got very teary-eyed.

But realistic characterization aside, there must be more reasons why she’s number five on this list. Well, considering I want to be a writer and one of my greatest joys is analyzing books, it’s still probably the main reason. But not to worry, I do have my shallow reasons as usual!

First of all, I tend to love a character more when they’re bashed by others. Mitsuki gets plenty of that from the anime fans. I guess real grief is too much for them. Whatever. I’ll never understand fans who just want cute girls and romance from their manga. If I did, I’d like any number of manga-ka more than Arina Tanemura.

Mitsuki’s problems are also a reason why I like her. It gets that older sister reaction from me. Granted, I’m not actually an older sister, but there’s a cute little girl who’s declared herself my little sister and I think of her as a sister anyway, so it counts, right? Of course.

But anyway, Mitsuki brings that reaction out in me. It makes me sad that she didn’t have anyone helping her for so long so I want to be able to help her (but luckily she has Ta-kun, so I don’t have to feel bad).

Also…Mitsuki is really cute. Ah I love her cute little pigtails!

Here’s a little secret, when my hair’s long enough I can do the Mitsuki pigtails without doing anything special to my hair. Someday, when I finally have bangs, I’ll cosplay as her just to brag about my bouncy hair (but lol, I can’t do anything else useful with my hair…).

Also…I think Mitsuki’s a little like Haine. You know, how she helped everyone around her despite her own problems. Mitsuki probably earns some love for that as well.


  1. I can rant for ages about how much I wanted to punch the lights out of Anime Mitsuki. The TEN frikken episodes of her depression were the longest episodes of my life.
    I never really noticed how Mitsuki went through all stages of grief. But I did love how realistic here character was. I was Mitsuki’s age when I first read Full Moon and I always did forget she was 12. I found Mitsuki slightly annoying during the first volume. I only grew to love her over when I learned about all the grief she was keeping inside. It’s really something to keep all that inside you for such a long time.
    (Volume four of Full Moon is still the only volume of any manga that’s managed to make me shed a tear. -praises Arina-)

  2. To me, the full moon anime was as bad as the tsukihime anime: bad enough for everyone to forget it ever existed. I didn’t like Mitsuki’s voice and just about everything in the beginning was a filler. But, I absolutely LOVE the manga. I cry a lot when I read manga (especially when I have them in my hand, scans are just different) and full moon really is one of the best tear jerking series out there.

  3. saimaisama: So much hate for anime Mitsuki. Though I fully agree with the depression being absolutely awful. The anime ruined Mitsuki.

    I knew I couldn’t be the only one who thought she was realistic! I wasn’t too into her either, until the end of volume 3. I started to love her when we first found out that Eichi was dead. Then I was like, “OMG! Poor Mitsuki!” and my older sister instincts took over. Even now I feel so bad for Mitsuki…if I ever met a girl like her I think I’d do whatever it took to make her feel better (it’s just so sad).

    Volume 4 made me tear up a little too, but I had to hold it in because I first read that volume in a bookstore.


    Choux: *sigh* If only that were true. I’ve met people who actually prefer the Full Moon anime to the manga (ugh, want to hit them). I like myco, but she really wasn’t a good choice for Mitsuki.

    Actually, I haven’t met many people who say they didn’t cry when reading Full Moon. I’d say it’s the best tear jerking series, but that’s just my personal bias showing through.

  4. Ah, Mitsuki. Can’t say she’s a favorite of mine but I do like her.
    And wow, your analyzation of her character (including anime Mitsuki) just left me speechless. o.O That’s pretty cool. ^^
    I get your point on anime Mitsuki. She does seem unrealistic. And I never pictured her as moe before until you said so (actually, I didn’t even know what moe was back then but w/e). Actually, I think it’s my dislike of the anime version of her that I just didn’t care. I guess anime Mitsuki doesn’t have manga Mitsuki’s… “charm” or something? I dunno, but it just annoyed me that there was something missing (her knowing about Eichi’s death the entire time and all). And as much as I like some of myco’s songs, Mitsuki’s voice was horrible. Ugh. And anime Mitsuki kept the same hairstyle like through almost every friggin’ episode. Dx Her pigtails weren’t cute anymore. Meh.
    Anyways, the failed anime aside, I loved and was so annoyed by manga Mitsuki. But I wasn’t annoyed of her too long. Just the fact that she hasn’t told anyone about Eichi until Takuto and company came. I mean, I admire her that she could keep all turmoil inside for so long (two years, oh my god!) and I understand why she would want to keep herself in denial. She doesn’t want to forget him so she wants to keep the pain with her (aww, that’s so bittersweet). And she’s not even afraid to die because she wants to see him (wow). But that’s where my pity ends.
    I felt like yelling “God, Mitsuki, you’re so stupid!” But very sympathetically stupid. For one thing, I don’t think Eichi would want Mitsuki to die even if it’s to see him. Unless it can’t be helped and her condition was beyond medical assistance, I’m sure he would have wanted her to live and truly accomplish her dream, something that he couldn’t do. I think that’s my only reason for being mad at her. Afterwards, I wanted to hug her because she was so emo cute. x3
    Strangely enough, I didn’t feel anything while reading her angry spiel to Takuto about Eichi. I guess I was more glad that she finally got it all out then sad about her dilemma.
    *sigh* Woo…depressing stuff over with, Mitsuki is adorable (her pigtails are so cute~). Hehe And so mature for a 12-year old, it’s kinda freaky. o.O;
    And I like how she is able to heal all those around her (like Haine, but on a lower level. No one can beat Haine in my mind. Heh.) and the fact that she let them heal her, even though she was very reluctant about it as first.
    Oh, and her interactions with Takuto are amusing. Haha xD I liked how she denied her feelings at first (her love for Eichi is also very admirable) but she accepted his feelings in the end, even though at that time, I’m sure she still didn’t know how answer him. Well, she had a good what? 2 years to think about it? Lol
    Yea, Mitsuki was a pretty wonderful character. ^^
    Oh, and uh, I predict #4 to be Utau. xD

  5. Mitsuki is very cute and she goes though a lot in the manga and stays strong i love that type of character

  6. Well, actually I’ve never seen the anime, so good to know this is only for the manga Miki-chan~!!
    [Btw… What is ‘moe’?]
    Well, I’ve seen the 2 firsts epis, but when I saw that already the 2nd was a filler and she reacted as Eichi was alive, I stoped watchin’. Besides, comparin’ with the art of the manga, I don’t like the design of the anime at all!

    I have to agree with you: I felt the emotions totally realistic and that was one of the things I like the most in the manga. When I read the parts Mitsuki was thinkin’, refletin’ or talkin’ about her feelings or thoughs sometimes I forgot I was in front of my comp. And the endin’ was soo good, is such a touchin’ manga![But no, I didn’t cry. I’m cold]
    Oh, Full Moon happended so fast to me!! Really enjoyed it T.T
    Comin’ back to Mitzuki, I do think she’s similar to Haine-chan, pretendin’ to be all cheerful, but when in reality there’re a lot of thing to be sad about; havin’ the ability of make some ppl better (and atractin’ some in the way…). I think Arina T. made a great job with Mitzuki and all around her. I also love the way she was so attached to Eichi, but at the same time developin’ feelings for Takuto; then when I read the part that Eichi-kun died, I just couldn’t beleive it, and though in all the time Mitsuki was talkin’ and thinkin’ about Eichi as he was alive!! I just feel so bad for her, I really wanted to hugged her.
    Haha, you’re right about the big sis mode!! And I’m the youngest too!

  7. xiao_jie88: Heh…you mean my over-analyzation. This is the sort of stuff I used to do when I should have been doing my homework. Ah…memories.

    I didn’t know what moe was back then either, then all of a sudden one day I had a picture of Mitsuki with her blank eyes then I switched to a picture of Nayuki from Kanon with her emo look going (because I was looking for winter pictures) and I was like, “…WTF!?” And it all began to make sense after that.

    I like myco, but I agree a better voice should have been chosen for Mitsuki. i think she got better as things went along, but she never would have worked for Manga Mitsuki anyway. And the pigtails really did stop being cute.

    I know that annoyed me too, but like with the things about Maron that annoyed me, I understand why she did it. If she was living with no one around knowing about Eichi, she’d never be able to tell them herself that Eichi is dead. Someone had to confront her. But, it really was bittersweet that she was trying to keep “the last bond” between her and Eichi. God! I fhtat had been a line in the anime I would have been crying my eyes out!

    Mitsuki’s a stupid girl sometimes, but I really think it’s all dependent on how she grew up. After all, when she was three her teacher blamed her for her parents’ death and so she basically always thought that she shouldn’t be alive. It’s awful. I hope someone beat that teacher up good.

    Eh? You didn’t feel anything? Didn’t you even go, “Awww” when Ta-kun confessed to Mitsuki?

    You’re right, no one can beat Haine (except for maybe one girl I’m thinking of, but I’ll get to that at a later date).

    Ah, Ta-kun and Mitsuki were always great together. I like couples that fight and yell at each other! And their reunion in the last chapter…oh that was great.

    Hmm…#4…maybe. But that’s still a secret!


    Anime Babes: Yes, I completely agree.


    Reinadelisfraz: Well, manga Mitsuki is the best.

    Uh…moe is…well here’s the wikipedia page. It’s used in about a dozen different ways though, so it’s a little hard to explain.

    I should have stopped watching there as well, but I just started hopping around and skipping fillers my first time through instead.

    That happened to me too. I was sitting in a bookstore when I was first reading a lot of the series and I forgot where I was entirely.

    Ah, that doesn’t mean you’re cold. It’s really hard to cry for a manga. I’ve only done it about twice…maybe three times.

    Yes, they’re really similar in that way too. Pretending to be cheerful, Haine did that a lot too.

    There was some really great romantic conflict with Takuto, Mitsuki, and Eichi. But it turned out with a very happy ending despite all the drama preceding it.

    Big sis mode is just something we can’t help I guess! It’s in all girls!

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